NASA Discovers the Most Powerful Energy Burst So Far

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the detection of the most powerful Gamma Ray Burst detected to date, recently analyzed by Hubble.

More info from Hubble:


  1. saruiya

    Anton do you know the music used as the background?

  2. Ulrich Enevoldsen

    Thumbnail looks like Thor’s hammer

  3. John H

    We could die but don’t worry about it now. So reassuring but………’s ok

  4. Dean Mav

    I have seen star explosion and is something amazing ,you feel the radiation on your skin the earth is not able to keep out all this radiation

  5. Malcolm Canning

    Swear On the Bible you went to the moon….owww that hurt..

  6. FenderSidekick


  7. MySpaceTimeSauce Goog

    Wow. From this video I’m going to remember that the universe is a powerful dangerous place; yet don’t panic, be that wonderful person and above all enjoy the ride. ( also I’m trying to do da math on how the kinetic energy of a mosquito translates to a death ray when applied to every atomic/ subatomic particle in a zone??)

  8. Susan W

    Betelgeuse could do this when it super novas?

  9. Daniel Ashley

    Meh, just a mosquito

  10. InFamousNFX

    next an anti matter explosion between an anti star and a star that collapses whole portions of the universe which caused the various voids in the cosmos….. obviously a joke… hopefully…

  11. Pinkie Love

    I eat GammaRay burst for dinner ,,,, wouldn’t harm me

  12. SkyGeorge

    oh cool, just in time!

  13. MC's Creations

    Really, really interesting!!!

  14. Ebon Collins

    Hello wonderful person
    I’m glad you are back.
    So how does the eclipse’s shadow travel the same direction as the earths supposed spin in the last eclipse?
    The earth is not spinning, is my conclusion.
    Up is simply up
    Level is simply level
    The earth is simply stretched out
    God our Father rules through Jesus Christ.

  15. Eduxxxful

    Thank you wonderful Anton, your videos are just great !

  16. Out Smoked

    Grab a solid spaceship, install a giant solar sail, find yourself a nearby gamma ray burst…ride the ray to distant galaxies, that’s the fastest way of travelling in known universe for intelligence

  17. Ian Wilkinson

    Imagine what it may be like in the future when and if we start to explore the galaxy, all these super dangerous space anomalies we will have to avoid, not a very forgiving environment :-) BUT if someone offered me a one way trip to deep space i would go!.

  18. Stanley Reading

    New gravitational waves discovered today as well

  19. RobertMStahl

    I hate to keep on bringing up the easy peasy stuff that only makes sense when you consider 85 orders of magnitude of closed form equations, but, hydrino in its last incarnation at ever increasing speeds by the electron approaching the speed of light in 27.2 eV increments falling into the positive center and, *never,* allowed to be that fast while matter, could be expanding spacetime itself, in some act that cannot throw off the negative/positive 1st law of universal balance of net neutrality, in the subatomic concatenation of all mass and energy lining up in the process, albeit the proton is destroyed too, likely, 4 the polarity that is *as* axially oriented as the day is long.👋 😁

  20. Fruit Dealer

    I wonder what new elements are made even by a fraction of a second in these explosions

  21. A O

    Oh Anton! you make my heart go pitter patter …

  22. arno kosterman

    Jahoe😍🤗🌞 you see💟
    Beautiful now see that there has to be a reseaver to atrect at the same time 😍
    This is how our cels operate en our souls to 😍💟
    Beautiful dear felow soul😍💟

  23. drunkalfuzzyness

    We need to build bunkers!!!

  24. Tore Lund

    Hubble got a few dead pixels from this?

  25. djbrianc

    Well. Given enough time it’s going to happen someday. Someday could be today!

  26. ReolSPro

    somehow this GRB has a North and a Southpole

  27. Tom Kennedy

    Thanks Anton, I always appreciate how you help me to understand what is happening in our extraordinary universe!

  28. Zamasu Black

    Actually I think it was that mortal Goku!

  29. OmegaWolf747

    Maybe we can come up with some kind of shield for our planet in the mean time?

  30. Jan Gadze

    Compton scattering…. I feel like there must be a good gangstarapjoke but i cant think of it :/


    Thank you Anton you always provide us with incredible information.

  32. kelly6739

    Thank god we are billions of miles away from these explosions.

  33. Snippy Cutwell

    It wasn’t aliens, it was me.

  34. Trevor Mendez

    Let’s hope there is no Sesame Street in the view of site🤣🤣🤣

  35. Fernando Abdalla

    Nasa?? Nasa = hollywood. Only cgi. Earth is flat

  36. Isaak

    That’s weak compared to me ejaculating.

  37. RDC Tarantula

    the US House of representatives could use a good deadly dose from a gamma ray burst.

  38. Kris Nicholson

    And here’s me worrying that I might die in 100,000 years from a GRB.. Phew, that was close!

  39. Micah van Everdingen

    Technically if an Event like this is pointed at our planet, by the time it reaches here it would miss, as the earth and sun would have moved.. :P
    Sorry couldn’t stop myself

  40. Kwabena Asare

    How we’re still in existence buffles me…any day guys, any day 🙃

  41. Barbara Lerner Spectre

    Mass extinction? Who cares lmao

  42. stabojert

    Can you make the intro sound a bit less loud? Hurts my ears

  43. Q T

    we need to make our atmosphere thicker with oxygen, IMPLEMENT OCEAN SEEDING NAOW

  44. Steve Smith

    Good thing other countries launch these satellites, because NASA will never get ours off the ground!
    As always, great video Anton!

  45. All-Seeing

    All those people in the credits worked on this video? Dayum

  46. Diesel 84

    Funny how many big thing’s are discovered by accident, Kepler started kicking ass only after it had failed lol

  47. Apryl Van Ryn

    I need this. Just watched claudia albers. I need a what the math reality slap.

  48. Osmosis Jones

    If there any civilazations that mastered interstellar travel. There probably be those on staff to clear out the space around the Centeral Blackhole keeping it from going Quasars

  49. Jarl Einarr

    You should of seen the spot i popped on my chin when i was 15, cracked the mirror.

  50. Steven James

    I heard the next free energy involves reverberated magnets. I am not an engineer but if you are I am interested in working on an ideas.

  51. Xspot box

    Eh, it doesn’t have to be a black hole, there might be some plasma balls bursting at poles, like you would squish a lemon.

  52. Stephen Goddard

    Gamma rays turn us into incredible hulks.

  53. Mark Fischer

    Putin said Russia is building one … for defense only.

  54. Aurinkohirvi

    It’s amazing that a star 7 500 light years away, could be harmful for us.
    The nearest star to us is a bit over 4 light years away, and the distance to our galactic center is about 25 000 light years.

  55. Bruce Smith

    This reminds me of the 1980’s SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) program by the US Government dubbed “Star Wars” and one of the principle weapons being featured was an X-ray LASER capable of shooting down missiles.

  56. Icefyre Dragon

    Always perfect presentation and explanation, universe sandbox makes huge visual impact, love it

  57. Marc Bali

    Thank you for these lovely videos Anton! I really love watching them and learning more astrophysics. You’re doing an awesome job with your channel 👍

  58. Ammaar Mufti

    “Welcome to OUR math”!

  59. Deon Persaud

    Hello wonderful hair on Anton.

  60. thecount25

    Woah that’s a lot of mosquitoes!

  61. AtomiC Cat

    I hope that someday Anton gets to go to Mars…. :)

  62. Mista Whïsskerz

    Yo Anton what’s up in the skies rn, there appears to be a star rapidly dimming and brightening.
    Would love some answers.

  63. Rick Bretado

    Anton, you know what we saw there was disrupter weapons being fired by Klingons.

  64. iron tarkus

    No starquakes from a magnaton star vaporizes everything in 50k light-years of the star.

  65. Arsène Ntibushitse

    When the are f are they lauchin James Webb???

  66. Doug G


  67. Ulfhedinn Norsk

    And we “KNOW” all this how???

  68. Buckshot H

    Ha! He says “in a nutshell” as I’m cracking walnuts for lunch😄

  69. Edie Pevec

    Always scares me with “halo wonderful person”, but I like the guy.

  70. BoogiePete Photography

    “space out” :)

  71. Hunam

    I just had the biggest explosion in my underpants.

  72. john lawrence

    Arrrrgh we’re all gonna die, now where’s my drink and deck chair so I can sit, relax and watch the show.

  73. John Johansen

    Also neutron star collisions emit gamma rays.

  74. derdagian1

    He has command of the research stack, and his computer toys!!! You kick a$$, Anton!!!!!

  75. Gsup7s

    Yeah those gamma-ray bursts. Almost started world war 3.
    I thought one such Galaxy was pointed right at us actually.
    Gamma ray burst can last for years.
    There you go you wolf something.
    But whenever I think of wolf in space. I think of Wolf 359. lol Do you think they are related.

  76. Chris Hopkins

    Should find a way to make a Gamma Ray Busrt Shield. Just in case.

  77. Tarlok Mann

    Anton is troubling me with these damned gamma Ray bursts!

  78. Osmosis Jones

    75 thousand years for earth to be affected.. can we put an artificial black hole or maybe something to block the Light like dust over distance

  79. aurélien sitolle

    Isn’t the whole observable universe a huge explosion of matter that hasn’t finished his course yet?

  80. Rowen van Dooren

    Well, this gon be [REDACTED] and CLASSIFIED

  81. James Jackman

    Looks like we have found the real life death star, only it’s not made by human hands.

  82. Anoobis 117

    It was the Covenant using their latest glassing beam

  83. Andre Jones

    Hello amazing person. Love this channel

  84. cryptkeeper08

    Our test of the Deathgalaxy is complete, the universe will shake in terror at the empire’s might.

  85. Scott Taber

    Universe: The Eye of Sauron knows your location.
    Me: Oh f**k.

  86. zztop3000

    If something like this hits us it will shut down the internet 0_0

  87. Daniel Padilla

    I love it when Anton tells me that I’m a wonderful person. Thank you, Anton.

  88. yahya gaming time

    hi Anton u have an amazing utube channel and i began watching u from my childhood like bro ur videos r LIT and i got to loving space and the universe becuz of ur videos so man i LOVE UR VIDS and thanks for making them

  89. MrMattumbo

    Silly Anton, clearly someone activated the Halo rings in a distant galaxy.

  90. ElmwoodParkHulk

    Star fart 💨

  91. Damian4802

    That’s just the Empire testing the Death Star it’s ok y’all

  92. neil adlington

    The animation was well done; scared the piss out of me.

  93. Ken Kir

    When an eldritch being watches hentai for the first time.

  94. Jynx Draxxin

    Star decides it’s had enough, implodes upon it’s self… “Burp.”

  95. Jimbeaux

    Uncontrolled spinning death ray.

  96. Jenna Syde

    Can’t be more powerful than the burst of energy I felt when I saw this video pop up

  97. John Brodt

    “Most likely its never going to happen” Famous last words….

  98. Pilot Omaha

    I’ll never think of a mosquito in the same way ever again.

  99. Poes Law

    1TeV hits your car
    me: turns on wiper blades and curse when I realize I’m out of wiper fluid.

  100. Cody Volpe

    we always finding some new even bigger explosion to top the last lol space is horrifying

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