NASA Discovers How a Lightning Strike Leads to Mind Blowing Events

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery in regard to the insane amount of things happening when a lightning strikes on Earth.

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  1. FishMcFly

    The Bremsstrahlung part killed me haha. <3 from germany.

  2. Terry Endicott

    I will resist the temptation to put in puns like ‘that was a shocking discovery about lightning’. So please do not bolt. Here is the question: If I remember correctly, Jupiter has very powerful and frequent lighting storms. Is the physics and chemistry of these storms the same or different from the ones on Earth? The atmospheres are different, the strength of th magnetic fields are different, etc.

  3. Luke Mighty

    Nice video but I’m pretty sure lightning strikes earth more than 500 times a day. I remember hearing that it strikes hundreds of times per second.

  4. The B's Nest 2

    Great,now lighting causes cancer lol

  5. A Mayjah Music

    Why would anyone downvote my boy Anton here over lightning? Yall trippen.

  6. Richard Benoit

    Thanks for the post.

  7. jbelme1

    I will be struck by lightning one day.

  8. Bendy Bruce

    If only we could harness the power of Lightning, just think of the possibilities. Right now though, only Emperor Palpatine knows that secret.

  9. Paul the Audacious Bradfo

    500 bolts of lightning times 1.21 gigawatts of energy every day. If we had enough bell towers we would never need to burn fossil fuels.

    Great Scott!!

  10. ProdTheRs

    What is the name of the song that plays during the last part of your videos?

  11. Paul Forester

    I always found lightning fascinating. After hearing about sprites, I felt that, there was a lot we still don’t know about lightning. It looks like we have another tool for science discovery, found out by accident, like when two guys had to clean out bird poop, too try to eliminate noise, from their receivers. Science can be messy with some demeaning work, from what I have seen, but what do I know, I went to public school, with very outdated text books on science. Imagine getting a better grade for being wrong? A teacher warned the class about the outdated text books. Most Americans don’t have a basic understanding on science, to even debate it. Where I am living now, it’s hard to find someone to talk to on any science topic. People love what technology can do for them, but hate to know the details, where I live. I love the content of this channel. I suppose, I better stop being a lazy American, and like and subscribe, so I could become a wonderful person.

  12. Robert Roskopf

    I wonder if a Van Degraaf generator would also have all the same phenomena on a smaller scale(?)

  13. Marc

    Dear Anton, a littlr off topic but have you seen the new pictures from big galaxies with very few stars and a galaxy without dark matter? This is actually so interesting! Cheers from The Netherlands

  14. Cana

    Brämsstralulung… quite close xD German is hard to speak but a nice language ;)

  15. docpayce

    Oh god, I laughed so hard at your … lets call it INTERPRETATION of Bremsstrahlung! XD
    Great videos, great work, keep it up, mate! BR from Germany, love your content.

  16. Matkat Music

    4:28 Note that he said “ridiculous speeds”, but not “ludicrous speeds”. we are safe for now..

  17. Gen. Ripper

    Do ordinary electrical arcs also produce gamma rays?

  18. Marc Bali


  19. GoldyLuck

    Lightning is a crack in spacetime. If you could analyze what’s inside the lightning bolt, you could peer into the end of the universe.


  20. Tchagg Bruin

    so now we know what to look for when searching for Earth-like planets

  21. R S

    I just loved your lightning video. Do you think sprites look a bit like black hole jets?

  22. Rajhai Haynes

    Im early :) the last time that happened the plague was still killing hundreds of millions

  23. FallingGreen

    That thumbnail is incredibly disingenuous. I expected better.

  24. Kwnwrestler

    Lol and I just got done watching lightning strikes hitting Chicago as tornado sirens were going off

  25. runs naked through the fo

    my man, you have been hiding it, your love for plasma physics, Synchrotron radiation.. gamma..

  26. Sage the Phoenix

    So my big question(s) still:
    How does this all get initiated?
    What is it that makes the first gamma ray glow before the strike?
    And how does it then go from that glow to the actual strike?
    What decides the ion channel pathway the bolt goes down?
    How does that ion channel suddenly “appear” when there wasn’t one before?
    And does the initial gamma ray glow (and subsequent processes) also happen with upward lightning instead of downward lightning?

  27. christy estep

    Thank you for your programs

  28. Jimmy nuzum

    In clean air. To on EARTH

  29. Boss 420

    Bout time ppl start looking in to lightning shit is crazy !!!

  30. Lord Dice X

    Almost half million subscribers Anton! Great channel

  31. Osmosis Jones

    This has nothing to do with space . but it got me 🤯 the major risk factor in COVIT19 is blood pressure. .
    The receptors the virus leeches on to are The circuits cells use to mejore water pressure. Areas like the lungs nose feet heart have the most ACE receiptors.
    Men often have more blood pressure as well as race.
    . Lowering blood pressure might reduce expression of ACE genes.
    I find robe around pressure points on my legs and feet.
    And if Dogs or cats have more Chromosomes over all how they don’t live longer then humans

  32. Eduardo Gutierrez

    Just *Brems radiation.* Thank you very much.

  33. HK Guitar

    Fascinating. Kind of makes you wonder what was happening with Roy Cleveland Sullivan, he was struck by lightning on seven (7) different occasions!
    What was it about Mr. Sullivan that caused lighting to favor striking him?

  34. WR

    What happened to your hair? It looks so uniform and neat.

  35. Pontus Gajzler

    Yo what happened with those epic thumbnails you did for a few videos a little while ago? They were the best!

  36. Eric

    Am I the only one curious to know what happens when we scale this up to whatever is going on in Jupiter’s lightning storms, which are orders of magnitude more powerful than the ones on Earth?

  37. Chang Noi

    500 a day? Like 20+ per hour? Every 3 mins.?

  38. Keith Douglass

    👽🌏 very interesting Anton. you have great videos. Keith Australia

  39. Keith Douglass

    👽👽 might explain why some ufo are near volcanoes. lightning thunderstorms. to get energy. Keith Australia

  40. Park Walker

    Brems (Break) Strahlung (Rays)

  41. LinkxUSMC87

    Very fascinating! So wild the things we can do today. Makes one wonder how long before we figure out the technology for interstellar travel.

  42. Adymn Sani

    thanks for sharing…one of these fine days we will learn more

  43. Justin Justin

    Great channel! There’s this channel called You Better Chatter and they’re giving out money like it’s candy!🤯

  44. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if lightning. Had anything to do with origion of life

  45. Kyle Kissack

    Thanks as always Anton your my favorite and only news source screw tv.

  46. Retroactive Causality

    1.21 Gigawatts?! :o

  47. Rohan Satram

    Hey Anton could you make a video about comet SWAN and it’s origin? And just talk about comets in general, that’d be great

  48. Kevin R. Fitzgerald

    I agree with you Anton about lightning being one of the coolest things except i think IT IS THE coolest thing on earth :) I love your videos bro and keep up the good work, and God bless you!

  49. RedemptionSoS

    “there are 500 lightning strikes per day around the world”
    More like 8,000,000:per day

  50. Ravi Waghela

    Спасибо большое для видео..👍🏻

  51. Sage the Phoenix

    easiest way to pronounce it would be Brem-straw-lung

  52. Evan Harris

    I believe Nikola Tesla was impressed greatly by lightning

  53. Louix Griego

    You are awesome. I’ve learned more from you than any science teacher in school.

  54. Hovercraftltd

    Wow – Elecrical current of lightening does so much (magnetic field/anti matter/molecular alteration) and only discovered in last few years makes you realise what there is to discover about what electric currents do in space!

  55. Harry Robson

    You, are the wonderful person. Thanks for these videos

  56. Jonas

    Brems stra lung. Deceleration radiation!

  57. Addicted to timelapse

    You put together a tight knit, informative presentation. Great work. I enjoy all your vids and have finally commented.

  58. Andry Sqverill

    Lightning also creates Ozone, right?

  59. Sigurður óskarsson

    Intresting. Good jop. Love the channel msn :)

  60. StarGate Atlantis11

    I’ve had many encounters with spectacular lightening storms, living in the southwestern US. If we were to harness this power (as Nicola Tesla had indented) all our power needs would be achieved. We need to work with the Earth and against it.

  61. aadz93

    4:55 Bremstral-lung would the the phonetic in written in English

  62. Jay St. Clair

    Which one of my fellow RT’s are going to be the first to put a developing plate outside during a lightning event? If you used a large FOV plate like a chest film outside and it caught a lightning strike you would for sure capture those ionizing particles
    Anton, I would not assume that the level of gamma radiation you can get from being near a lightning strike is low, as in what you would get traveling on a plane. I disagree. Ionizing radiation such as gamma rays do not simply travel in one direction (you indicated up through the atmosphere) they travel in all directions and interact with other ionizing particles to achieve the Bremstralung (sp) radiation effect that NASA has discovered from these observations. I would be shocked if anyone being struck by or near lightning when it strikes to achieve a high dose especially in the lens and thyroid. Obviously, they need to study this much more but I would not be surprised to hear that you could get a yearly and possibly a lifetime dose of radiation exposure with the kind of energy you are talking about in a lightning strike.

  63. Carlos Santos

    Thats a theme that I love!! Lightnings!

  64. Chris Griffith

    As much energy that goes thru one bolt of lighting, I am not surprised, its pretty amazing!

  65. evans haller

    In the picture that ASIM on the ISS is kind of rough-looking.

  66. Vitrificado 2

    Thank you. I always love lightning.

  67. rodgersericv

    I’ve always known this, but I’ve never bothered to run one of my geiger counters during a thunderstorm to detect increased counts.

  68. Mr L0wK3y

    Love the video and most importantly dir, I love the entire channel. Thank You for all your hard work and the same big thanks goes to anyone and everyone behind the scenes or not that helps out with the channel. Much love and respect from Indiana sir.

  69. willis4

    BRO! 500k subs! Congratulations Sir Petrov!

    Im so happy for you my man, i knew this channel would take off 😎

  70. MaskHero Zo

    Well duh lighting kick started life.

  71. Hal Asimov

    How do you find such game changing and mind blowing stuff ALL the time!!! As soon as I pick my mind up you blow it again

  72. samanthabirdx

    Thanks for your continued content, Anton 🙏🏻

  73. 1solocat

    Hey Anton, could you make a video about what kind of “theoretical” telescope it would take to see direct images of exoplanets thats more detailed then just a blob of light? Like how hubble can kind of see our outermost planets directly even though its blurry its more then just a blob of light. Interesting topic I think, and thank you for posting such interesting topics daily, fascinating science discussions!

  74. Nate

    Pretty sure there is more like 6-10 million lightning strikes per day

  75. Kristof Fridrih

    That Sprite looks suspiciously like singlett oxygen moving into triplett state.

  76. Micha Grill

    Bremsstrahlung lmao you got me there 😂 greetings from germany 👋😄

  77. Greg b

    Hey Anton , you know what blows my mind more than Gama rays is that that you gotta sic hair cut durring these troubling times of corona??? Dude I’m liveing like a 70’s hockey player!🤔

  78. Arizona Metamorph

    Fascinating! We have HUGE lightning bolts here in Arizona that are referred to as positive lightning. They are about 10X more powerful than “normal” lightning. I wonder if their dynamics are any different? Hopefully we’ll see more research. Love your videos!!!!!

  79. Mike Home

    It sounds to me like if there is antimatter generated that might be connected to ball lighting

  80. Brother Human

    Love this channel. Thanks for all your dedication to bringing these great videos to us.

  81. 09Ateam

    Kind of shocking EVERYBODY doesnt get cancer!

  82. tubetib

    When I was a kid, I wanted to learn more about lightning and thunder. I was expecting to easily find an explanation about what is going on, but I found almost nothing. I am very happy to see that we are truly beginning to know a lot more about the phenomena.

  83. C Wel

    Lightning storms are my first memories. I grew up as a baby next to the ocean in FL. My dream as a boy was to bottle it.


    I call thunder and lightning storms
    “Light Shows”

  85. Frizzle84

    It’s always interesting when new research is released about lightning. I saw red lightning one night when I was a kid and have been fascinated ever since!

  86. Joel Traten

    1.21 Gigawatts! How am I going to generate that kind of power?

  87. Mick Taylor

    Anton my wonderful friend you seem to be years behind on this . The Global Electric Circuit. The more powerful the lighting , the higher the GRB. Cascade effect. Plasma discharge into the ionosphere. To complete the circuit. Watch the stuff by DR Anthony Paratt . Los Alamos plasma physicist .

  88. Mikhail Linyski

    A shame that energy isn’t being harnessed. We should be able to find a way.

  89. qdllc

    I would expect that being struck by a lightning bolt would blow one’s mind.

  90. Beskamir

    Me: Wow, lighting is awesome if it’s creating gamma rays but that’s probably as cool as it gets.
    Anton: “Including antimatter”
    Me: Never mind, it’s even cooler.

  91. Yadda News

    Love all of y’all what a great CHANNEL!!

  92. Mike Laffoon

    Imagine what humanity could accomplish, if we harness the power of lightning. Humankind’s annual energy needs in a nanosecond. One day, perhaps.

  93. Koeter Rasse

    4:52 I had to listen to this over and over again. So much fun! Greetings from Germany!

  94. Dindunuthingwrong

    Antimatter is pretty cool.

  95. Plasma Vortex

    I know that you all will laugh about it, but I still gonna leave that here ;) Just a tiny correlation:

    “The plasma universe model of GMBs (Gamma ray bursts) is that of a large-voltage, high-temperature plasma pinch discharge mechanism, based on the observation of Alfven that many of the explosive events observed in cosmic physics are produced by disruptive discharges of electric double layers in current cables”

  96. John Walker

    Bremsstrahlung is very simple, it means rubber on the road. 😂

  97. TheDark Dragon

    Also Anton “nothing to see here, these gammarays won’t hurt you”

    Jokes aside, it’s intersting how the dosage of such a simple thing can change everything

  98. Premed1981

    i cant believe you are uploading such quality content DAILY
    I mean..
    how is this possible?

  99. Stephen

    You missed one, Super Charged Creepers

  100. Mikiness Analog

    Anton, this is a first. I must correct you on one statement you made. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred in my country on 2011-03-11, not in 2013.
    Love your videos by the way

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