Mountains on Pluto Have Snow-caps, But For a Completely Different Reason

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent discovery of how Pluto forms its unusual mountain snow.

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  1. Dr Deuteron

    Adiabatic cooling (and heating) is reversible (isentropic)…Joule-Thompson expansion is not, and is isothermal for an idea gas…but in the long run, rising gas parcels cool as they expand and falling parcels heat as they compress.

  2. SDaniel

    Nice findings Anton… But… We have no time to go to Pluto, because of the upcoming micro nova, which will burn the Earth on one side and devastate the other regions with (mud) floods! Humans need to shut down all dangerous machines and installations, like nuclear power plants, before it’s too late and no life can be possible for millions of years…

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    I have a question:

    Is there a possibility that life cud evolve faster than on earth? I mean faster if the conditions are better?

    Life evolved like 3bilion years ago on eath

    So is there a possibility?? Cuz i have this question every time i watch like these videos about earth or space.

  7. James

    Pluto: Being a planet is not Me-thane

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    Do you want to make a methane Snowman?

  9. Sam Harper

    It’s interesting to think about how all these other planets have been changing for billions of years–weather changes, geological changes, etc.–but nobody was around to experience any of it. It’s taken us a long time to figure out the geological history of the earth, and it has change drastically in the last few billion years, but now we’re just barely understanding the planets in the present even though they, too, had billions of years to change and evolve.

  10. SilverSage

    I wonder how many different disciplines had to be tapped to determine the mechanism(s) behind snowcap formation on Pluto. For starters, I’d guess physical chemistry, organic chemistry, meteorology, astronomy, physics, and I don’t know what else. Anyone else?

  11. MEME123Insanity

    Pluto is pretty much a gigantic refrigerator lol

  12. Vladimir Olegovich

    I thought the reason was different: water already at some heights where it condensed and cooled, all you need is some cold object for crystallization, mountain or airplane.

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    Imagine someone would throw a match down there….

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    Pluto needs an orbiter. No more fly bys, thanks

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    How did those mountain forms on Pluto? It’s not like Pluto has any tectonic activity.

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    Hi it can also be water has well just to let you know!!!!

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    I wonder if the methane might be generated within the mountains, since mountains tend to be points of high energy transfer (like lightning rods), maybe allowing chemistry within it. It is very interesting, to say the least.

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    I was looking up at the milky way tonight (yes, I am one of those fortunate enough to be able to see it) and explaining the rotation of the earth to guests ( although intelligent, they really had no idea), and I thought: if only my “beautiful person ” mugs had arrived, I could offer them as a parting gift from me and Anton… it’s gonny be my Air BnB thang, I think.

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    Its crazy how on other planets that are cold enough, methane is like a substitute for water. Makes you think. If there is other life out there, maybe it relies on methane in the same way we do water

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    “This object” – An object that looks an awful lot like a PLANET!

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    Wonderful Plutonian snow capped mountains

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    Nice camera improvement.


    What is the temperature of empty space?

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    How can you have air motion without an atmosphere!

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    Pluto is high on Meth!

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    Inaudible to my poor german ears. Maybe someone can help.

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    I still can’t wrap my head around Plutos classification. It is only slightly smaller than Mercury, and if it was in the inner solar system, it would’ve cleared its orbit and be considered a plant! 🤬

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  52. Craig Carmichael

    A most intriguing world! I was born in 1955 two years before Sputnik started the space age. I never dreamed when I was young that we would be exploring all the known worlds in our solar system within my lifetime!
    Does the methane snow down on top of the the fluffy polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which contain energized or “stretched” CO2 (as determined partly by diurnal temperature investigations in the 1980s/1990s of Ganymede and Callisto (“fluffy” – and “sunlight must penetrate the thin fluffy layer”), and the Galileo’s spectral readings of those same worlds, plus on Iapetus in the Cassini’s only flyby anywhere near it, casually called “tholins” as if we understood what they are?
    Or do the tholins, as seen on (at least) Iapetus seem to grow to cover the brighter material, and seemingly resurface it in “at most 100,000 years” (and probably much less) after a meteor strike exposes bright, icy material again? Is the methane and water ice at some peaks too pure or too impenetrable to support whatever process the tholins use – is it “poor soil”?
    Also… Some surface features such as the “toothpaste from a tube” seen all over in at least one region resemble water ice extrusions common on many airless worlds orbiting Jupiter and Saturn. On those worlds they seem to form near craters where heat has melted the water. In the vacuum a skin would quickly form over the pool/crater. Then as the water starts to freeze it expands, bursting through the ice cover as tall, thin mountains, “horns” on crater rims, “toothpaste squeezed from a tube”, and such like. (On Callisto “flows” of liquid are apparent extending into or even half way across crater floors, also doubtless during their formation after a meteor impact.)
    On Pluto the widespread region(s) of it may relate to heat from energies released in the formation of Pluto, which I believe was via tidal disruption of a once larger planet by Neptune (part of which then remained in orbit around Neptune as Triton, with the Pluto system pieces achieving an orbit tidally resonant with Neptune, thus avoiding further disruption).

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    Boyles law of thermodynamics is pv=k
    P is pressure
    V is volume
    K is temperature

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    Anton: If a spacecraft using methane as fuel came out as far as Pluto, could the methane be used to refuel it?

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    Outer solar system is a really mysterious place. It would really increase our understanding if we could send a river there.

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    Some say that Pluto could’ve been our moon’s twin or just an asteroid, never a planet.

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    There are cows on Pluto!

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    Pluto’s moon Charon, has an effect on Pluto’s atmosphere in a not to dissimilar way as our moon has on our oceans.
    Since the sun doesn’t effect Pluto’s atmosphere like it does here on Earth, Charon’s gravity tugs on the atmosphere creating tidal currents in the air.
    The strength of this “tugging” is yet to be determined.

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