Most Unexpected Black Hole Collision Detected – Should This Even Exist?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the recent discovery of an unusual black hole collision that defies modern physics.
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    I really like this event. I think it puts a few chips in the black hole evolution theories. And a few chips into the post gravity theories.

  4. NastySasquatch

    I really like this event. I think it puts a few chips in the black hole evolution theories. And a few chips into the post gravity theories.

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    So would it be possible to say their might be places!!! that could be stellar black hole nursery’s ? Were smaller black holes fight and grow to become intermediate or larger Black Holes?

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    Could the collision spit out pieces of the accretion disc which would form bubbles of gravity, or even slower areas of time relative to us ?

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    @6:24 you say the black hole (BH) collision is 17 billion light years away from us. How is it possible for us to observe this since the universe is only 13.8 billion years old?

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    from what I understand, the chirp is a result of the black holes when they start orbiting each other exponentially faster, thus creating a corresponding pattern of gravitational waves. The “thud” could be the black holes orbiting in an elliptical orbit and then smashing directly into each other on their last orbit.

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    Would gravitational energy have any cause or effect on dark matter the may allow it to be quantified?

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    Could this explain the thud sound?
    Considering the size of these objects, they would approach c while still being quite far from each other. The frequency would not change very much as they got closer to each other as they could not actually accelerate much more.
    I realize that we should probably have seen a prolonged chirp instead, but that might not be possible due to the range of frequencies that LIGO can detect. Maybe we just saw the very last bit of the chirp.

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