Most Realistic Planetary Collision Reveals a Few Surprises

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  1. Everyone is a know it all

    Ya ok, sounds good.

  2. Lars Bødtger

    I wonder if earth orbit changed when hit…but i guess we would have a more eliptical orbit in that case.

  3. Sephzy1

    The colllisions as of surface grids are AWFUL. Like, why tf does it get cold?

  4. De Apenhoofd

    The main difference between Venus and the Earth is that Venus has several times more nitrogen in her atmosphere. The amount of carbon dioxide stored in the oceans and continents on Earth is similar to the amount of carbon dioxide in the Venusian atmosphere. Moreover, Venus may very likely have had a similar impact as well. As she’s closer to the Sun, her orbital speed is higher, so the impacts would have been more violent as well, but maybe she just got lucky.

  5. jumbonium

    planets do not collide, like nothing in the universe does
    planets merge

  6. Peter Morris

    That is why our distant descendants need to play solar billiards and collide Mercury with Venus. Hit it at the right angle and BAM! Second Earth. Easy peasy.

  7. cmilkau

    Who else was immediately thinking “great filter”?

  8. Ryan Rosay

    Hello wonderful tubers!

  9. JazzyFizzleDrummers

    Looks like the anthropic principle is ready to join the party.

  10. Jeska

    This brings me to wondering if someday we’ll be able to alter the orbits of celestial bodies to create very specific collisions as a massive type of initial terraforming.

  11. Zolton The Magnificent

    Did earth’s impact impact our orbit, bringing it closer or further out from the sun? Has anybody studied that?

  12. R Johnson

    Great video, dude!

  13. mrcatfish2100

    Any new discoveries lately?

  14. christian teijeiro

    mars has brain damage

  15. stealthballer

    It’s so dumb but just visualizing the earth being struck with a massive objects give me so much trepidation.

  16. Brett Grose

    Weird that mars has too little atmosphere and Venus too much. It’s really goldy locks.

  17. Lift Pizzas

    I would think it’s not really the impact itself, but the ratios of various elements in a planet that’s important. So I don’t see how “impacts are necessary to form Earth-like planets” is a likely conclusion. (Yes the presence of a moon is probably important, but having a moon does not require a big collision either.)

  18. Yezpahr

    We don’t know how much atmosphere Thea had…. Maybe it also contributed to our current atmosphere.

  19. tom jensen

    The Earth did indeed have a large collition too. It created the Pacific ocean and the varery half of the Earth.

  20. Borge Bashington


  21. Thomas Farr

    When Worlds Collide… (Cool old movie…)

  22. Osmosis Jones

    Did you know the DNA if one of the cells in a 6fooy man is as long as he is . that’s some cell density that can be saved .
    If the planet is more maybe the DNA of cells are lot leas compacted

  23. Colonel Panic

    Should be able to “fix” Mars by pelting it with large comets. Lots of water and other gases to refill its atmosphere.

  24. Trippy Bruh

    This is like what Universe Samdbox has on there road map but way way more simplified.

  25. AvangionQ

    Two impacts!!

  26. j s

    Who’s to say it was a fully-formed asteroid it may have just been in the ice ball or a common comet and that may have created the oceans and then enough to separate the Earth at that point from some of its Elemental particles for elements

  27. Michael Kaliski

    So if we find a very large icy asteroid and arrange a grazing collision with Mars, that will effectively terraform the planet for human habitation.

  28. Stuart Holliday

    Everything is linear on a log-log scale.

  29. Onno T

    Hi Anton, can planets regain atmosfeer?

  30. MAZZI100

    Amazing. Awesome discovery.

  31. Luís Fernando Carvalho Ca

    If current simulations and theories are corrects, Copernican principle would need an update from Rare Earth hypothesis…

  32. Herne Webber

    But Anton, if Venus received less dramatic collisions than Earth did, what about the hypothesis that Venus is spinning backwards and extremely slowly because of such a dramatic collision? I know there is a hypothesis that superfluid carbon may have once flowed on its surface, slowing it down, but that does not explain it rotating the opposite direction of every other planet in this system. Only a collision at one of the poles, perhaps a glancing blow, might explain this, where perhaps it flipped the planet over, and the planet may actually have flipped over a few times before settling into its current state. And then, of course, we have to think of Uranus’ deep, 97° tilt, and yet it clearly has a thick atmosphere. What gives?

  33. sc0or

    Someone investigates how big wings must be to make elephant fly, but someone simulates how much atmosphere Mars lost.

  34. Jay Ellzey

    Anton!!!!! GOD in heaven bless U!!!!!

  35. G.A. C.

    Anton- It would have been good to explain that Theia also had an iron core, so Earth actually has 1.5 cores…and that’s why we still have a strong magnetosphere, and an atmosphere. Mars has a small non-spinning dead core.

  36. madseh de

    Who determines that the simulations are very accurate?

  37. mrscootervids

    I wonder if fluid mechanics would help calculations? 🤔

  38. Jason Ross

    Mars must have gone though a bad divorce…. ( lost everything it use to have )

  39. CharlesM1957

    OK, now we’re getting somewhere . Searching for those planets with earth-like attributes we need for survival of life is important and understanding their history is crucial . One of the things which perplexes me is the size and composition of earth’s core. It seems to be rare that so much iron and heavy metals were available in this location during earth’s formation. I have always suspected a secondary earlier process might’ve contributed to that factor. There isn’t enough space here to deliver my full hypothesis on this subject but I would encourage studies into the possibilities of earlier collisions of a possible binary star with our sun.

  40. Anderson Galvao

    There’s no such a thing as coincidence. Just saying folks

  41. Avengers Newbie

    watches the video and forget about it the next day

  42. X Archive

    *Scientists simulated December 2020*

  43. Gospel of Thomas 77th Pea

    Are you trying to tell us something 🥺

  44. Andrew Cannon

    Weird. I was talking about this topic yesterday.

  45. robert caldwell

    Ummm… How do they know it’s realistic, if they’ve never been observed? Wouldn’t best guess,be a better description? Don’t mean to be a nit picker,but until I see something, it’s an opinion. I dig the channel, but sometimes I have questions, especially when someone makes an emphatic statement about an unproven theory. Sorry….

  46. John Johansen

    Another strong argument for the rare Earth theory.

  47. FistPower

    This is how universe sandbox would look like in the future

    Believe me they are developing this physics

  48. TheYgeth

    I didn’t know that earth is basically a ball of liquid 🤣

  49. Malroth00Returns

    put Venus in Mars’ usual orbit and see how much it cools down at that distance

  50. James Aron

    Wonderful giant planetary impact simulation

  51. MG MG

    Very informative. As an aside from Earths past collision to partially keep it’s atmosphere and form the moon, did the moon help in the formation of our plate tectonics? Does Mars have tectonic plates because of it’s moons, while Venus doesn’t? A bit of a segue I know. Does anyone know? Just putting it out there. Thanks :)

  52. Mike Dunigan

    Gonna laugh my ass off when the aliens show up and point out they made the world habitable for them, and didn’t expect us to develop here.

  53. Марат Юсупов

    Anton, what do you think about the expanding Earth theory?

  54. maxing must

    Interesting! Just goes to show that the richest people building underground shelters have wasted their money lol

  55. 3800Tech

    I heard that USB2 is getting a fluid simulation model being worked on for collisions, basically a lower res version on the ones in this video.

  56. Mikael Lövqvist

    Now I get curious if a big tangential collision might help with forming a stronger magnetic field. Though I know nothing about planetary magnetic fields, just a curious thought.

  57. Jeff Allen

    “Extremely accurately”… even though we have never actually witnessed a collision before.


  58. darthex0

    Does the glancing blow predicted for the Earth to retain an atmosphere also provide for a moon like mass being the result?

  59. Max Warren

    This is a very interesting piece information regarding the rare earth hypothesis.

  60. Duane Dibbley

    i wonder if this is why we had a super continent, as you watch the simulation you see a big blob fall into one spot maybe forming what would eventually be the super continent.

  61. Oikku Oek

    Seems like Mars has an entry hole on the southern side. Could the killing impact happen there, and the northern side be the exit hole?

  62. Gregg Weber

    I know that the video can’t show everything. Consider as the volume increases continental plates will try to float and their edges dip down until cracks form.

  63. Kartez Drake

    The moon is an interstellar ship. 😄

  64. lynne ackegan

    You are a big help to my understanding of the world, space, stars etc. etc. I just wanted to say please keep the info coming and of course thank you for sharing and all it is you do.

  65. Mark Sargent-Bennett

    Earth is a miracle planet and the moon is what fostered a special and life filled planet

  66. Derian Vandalsen

    So, could we try to backtrack plate tectonics to get an idea how exactly Theia collided with Earth? Thus determining if one jumpstarted the other.

  67. Magnus B

    One could argue that everything that has happened to Earth in its history is “lucky/ unique”. After all, it did happend, and here we are. That is called historical bias.

  68. Emmet Ray

    Love the way it depicts the bodies more as a liquid. When you’ve experienced an earthquake you you gain a sense that tells you that earth not really solid, not even the crust.

  69. Thomas Vanhille

    I don’t know why. I absolutely hate intro’s like ‘Helllooooooo guys’. It bugs me. Content is good nonetheless :)

  70. John Gleeman

    I’m sure the Moon has saved the Earth from a few nasty impacts over the last billion years.

  71. Pace7 Gaming

    Wake, bake, Anton. 😂

  72. Nails077

    So all we need to do to terraform Venus and make surface conditions more hospitable for humans, is to smash another planet into it?

    Yo, Mercury! Get over here!

  73. ElmwoodParkHulk

    Just wondering why you never mentioned comet Neowise while it was passing through ?

  74. Lord Thanksalot

    “in other words”

  75. TheWeeaboo

    Very interesting as always and surely I am missing some key points here but it seems like the assumptions being made aren’t that straight forward to me. I simply don’t see why we can draw any hard conclusions when we haven’t found a single perfect earth yet. Not 1 planet that has been found so far actually orbits their star at the exact same distances under the same conditions while also being actually the same size of Earth. They are pretty much always larger than Earth or they don’t actually orbit a yellow star which just completely changes the whole perspective. And even then we obviously have no idea what the planets are actually like.

    Venus is an interesting case indeed but it also closer to the sun than Earth. We just don’t know how well a planet would do without a moon with all the other conditions being identical to that of Earth.
    Mars for example is just a bad case that we can’t really draw too much from. How important is it really to be a large enough planet to maintain a magnetosphere? Mars is just too small to even consider as a true candidate for a planet that should harbour life.

    I also hardly believe the scientists have considered every single scenario under which Earth and Theia collided. How conclusive was this study really? In the end we still have a very limited understanding of how star systems truly form anyway. So it’s almost guaranteed that the scenarios displayed by this super computer are not a perfect representation of what actually happened. Just in this very video it is admitted that the formation of the moon might be 80 millions later. Pretty substantial time gap even by cosmic standards, it’s not very far from 1% of the total age of the universe which in my books is a vast amount of time. :)

    At anyrate the moon and Earth seem to be quite a rare companionship but sometimes it seems scientists are going overboard with their conclusion when we have yet to even find a planet the size of Earth. (outside of actually Venus lol, which makes me sad for Venus)

  76. Solus White

    So if the collision was the reason for Earths formation into a life planet… a natural Earthlike planet is even rarer… great 😑

  77. Raymond Luxury-Yacht

    Anton, you must feel like Ming the Merciless when you get to destroy all these planets!

  78. G'Hammer

    That’s really cool. Hope to see a part two for this in a couple of months when more results come out.

  79. Lexy Thomas

    👍 Anton is always on point and up to date lol love it!!

  80. Zachary Fluke

    If anything happened differently to the young Earth, there’s probably no way we’d be here. And these (incredible) supercomputer simulations just hammer that home even further. I look forward to seeing more about what this team finds out.

    And as always, thank you wonderful Anton!

  81. GUTOM

    “Hello, Wonderful Person!”

  82. TheElectricOrigins

    Simulations and Models are simple Science FIction (pseudo – experiments)

  83. Amir Safari

    Imagine you lived on earth on that time,you see a giant planet that’s getting closer and then an earthquake happens and then you vaporized

  84. Alexander Keith

    There’s another check in that rare earth hypothesis!

  85. Raghu Parandhaman

    This head-on collision, is it at all possible among these “floaters” around the Sun? After all they all revolve around the Sun generally in the same direction.

  86. MC's Creations

    So… How about colliding Mars and Venus? 🤔

  87. Mike oliver

    I wonder if we have plate tectonics because of the collision with another planet.

  88. Java Man

    It only took 40 years for supercomputers to go from filling a room to fitting in your pocket. You just need to wait another 40 years.

  89. Oskar Olszewski

    We all love you Anton, thanks man, your work is very appreciated by many!

  90. Jimbeaux

    Last communication between the inhabitants of the two planets. “Get out of the way. We’re coming in hot!”

  91. Max R

    I’m curious how much relative time elapsed in the simulations.

  92. Curtis DeCoste

    It only SEEMS lucky because we’re trying to end up with a specific result. I mean maybe glancing collisions are most common? Look at Uranus. . . . Ok literally no pun intended 😂

  93. Terry Owens

    This makes me think earth may have been more like venus, minus the impact.
    Maybe the impact, the perfect distance of the moon, even the area earth settled in, were just amazing coincidences that all aligned for us to be here today.

  94. Heikki991

    That looks like a rubber duck at 0:15 and I can’t unsee it

  95. John Johansen

    9:05 And at the right time.

  96. And

    Let’s take some atmosphere from Venus and give it to Mars.

  97. Pat Pat

    what a great breakdown of theia’s kiss. solid video.

  98. iambiggus

    I can’t express enough how much I want this collision program 😂.

  99. Tom Van Giessen

    I know this has little to do with this video, but Anton… You, as both a content creator and most importantly a wonderful person, make me happy even in the most sad days I have. Science makes me forget the daily burdens that life with depression gives me and you bring it so wonderfully and you genuinely make me a little less sad when you upload a video. Don’t forget that you distribute not only helpful and meaningful content but also as a person make people happier. Without you science is less fun! <3

  100. The Exoplanets Channel

    For some reason, those collisions are very pleasant to watch.

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