Most Earth Like Planet Discovered In Old Kepler Data

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery of the most Earth like planet using old data from Kepler telescope.
Kepler data:
Object name KEPLER 11176166

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    Anton, how did you get a haircut during lockdown?

  2. RudeAlert

    What I find really amazing about this is how close it is to us. If a planet with characteristics so similar to Earth’s can be found so close to us, that would suggest that Earth-like planets must be pretty common after all.

  3. Osmosis Jones

    Are there hot Jupiters and supper Earth in the same system

  4. David Hyde

    I think it’s a mathematical inevitability that we find habitable planets in our galaxy. I’m still very excited to learn more about Proxima Centauri b.

  5. jeff casto

    Great stuff

  6. Stephen Thomas

    I suppose that even if teleportation were possible it would still take 300 years to teleport someone or something 300 lightyears away.

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    Cool! 😀

  8. mrmega

    Aren’t you scared that when we arrive in the star system of the planet, approaching the planet and we see it’s just like venus…

  9. Kimo Savage

    Is there a 1649a?

  10. GADCL4

    “Earth-like”…. BUT:
    – no knowledge as to whether there is any form of water
    – no knowledge as to whether there is any form of atmosphere
    – no knowledge as to whether there is any molten rotating magnetic core blocking harmful radiation and high speed particles which strip away atmosphere
    i.e. the greatest probability is that it’s a slightly larger Mars – sterile and totally uninhabitable.

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    Was the surface of the planets in the thumbnail made with Donjon’s fractal world generator?

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    love the content….but it annoys me that almost all of his face cam videos are just slightly out of focus…..

  14. Rob Bleeker

    Do you think that scientists on a distance planet will react the same when they are going over their data and confirm that our Earth looks a lot like their planet??

  15. Here There

    Thanks for new video!


    James Webb telescope might solve a lot of these questions. But I wonder if it ever will be launched. This is by far the most dangerous time for Webb. Wonderful

  17. Lystic

    What happened to Kepler-1649a?

  18. BuildingCenter

    Kepler refuses to quit. Damned gem!

  19. HappoApina

    With the current rate of finding these potentially habitable planets, I really think we are going to confirm e.t. life within this century. What an exciting time to be alive!

  20. Kristofer BLACKWELL

    In order to be habitable, would an earth like planet need a moon similar in mass and proportion to our own?

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    Slick, a new method of detecting exoplanets! 😄

  25. Divino da Guia

    There we go again. Another “earth like” planet. AS ALWAYS, in few years “new evidences” are going to show that is just another hell-planet hotter than the sun.

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    Hey, where did you get a haircut ?

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    Hello, Anton. I’m Wonderful Person :)

  28. KevanGuy

    I helped find planet K2-284b in the Keller data! A young sub-neptune.

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    8 seconds?

  30. Majic Lamp

    Interesting, but speculative until we can detect magnetic fields, atmospheric data, and if it has moons to stabilize it’s rotation and axial tilt.

  31. Mike Dunigan

    My favorite part about learning of some potential new home world is realizing it is so far away the star it is orbiting will die before we can get there.

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    Y do u wear the same shirt in every vid lol

  33. MrSkinnyWhale

    Update: huge space mirror found instead

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  35. Razor Back

    Discovered Earth like planets usually seem to be tidally locked and around a red dwarf. Is it harder to investigate stars like our own sun ?

  36. cosmic throes

    “We are currently about 300 light years away from planet Earth” huh 😳

  37. Luis Soto

    It is a litle cooler than venus ” aha ” after corona virus im am going there , the evidence is not extra ordinarire . We need pictures.

  38. David Lanham

    Let’s say you find a PERFECT Earth, it’s only 1,000 light years away, and you figure out how to travel 10% the speed of light and start heading there. It will take you 10,000 years. After 100 years, the people on Earth have figured out all sorts of new technology and they radio you about it, so you get those messages 110 years after you left. But you don’t have any equipment to do anything with the new technology. So for 1000’s of years you will be hearing updates of stuff that you can’t do anything about. Boy, will you feel stupid.

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    300 ly is far? My Krait Mk II can cover this distance in less than half an hour!

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    I hope that when a middle planet is discovered you will do another video. Good stuff.

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    Interesting stuff i just wish we were able view these Earth like planets in much more detail one can only imagine what is on their surfaces.

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    Next week: We seem to have lost another planet
    Your great Anton

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    I’ve been planning to do a mini stream on showing how anyone can access the old Kepler data and start looking for planets there as well. It might be a bit more technically involved, but I think would make for a good 500k celebratory stream. There are definitely still a lot of planets hiding in the data, so you never know, you might even find one yourself!

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