Most Distant Galaxies Found Show How Universe Became Transparent

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about newly discovered distant galaxies that prove the theory behind re-ionization of the universe.
NASA announcement:

  1. SolarizeYourLife

    Like all repuklicans, I have put on blinds on my head, the view of the universe is quite clear…
    Show me opaque hydrogen!!! You saying hydrogen was black, once???🙊🙉🙈
    Beginning of time, everything (hydrogen) was frozen, no movement hense, black hydrogen…

  2. Gregory Da Damario

    380,000 years ago, or 380,000 years after the big whup?

  3. gary proffitt

    Woo hes very grand & swish with person Petrov ~ Fantasy is never new for children 🎳🎮🎸

  4. ktjoarby

    Anton, what music have you been using in your videos? It’s beautiful!

  5. Leonardo Andersson

    Thank you Anton for making these videos. I enjoy them very much, please keep making them.

  6. Chris Mason

    Respectfully Anton, not 380,000 years ago, 380,000 years after the Bang. Keep up the good work. Peace.

  7. Graeme Brumfitt

    Love the NASA simulation Anton. TFS, G :)

  8. awesomefacepalm

    Now I really feel small

  9. MaxMisterC

    …..Run that by me again….?

  10. miguelpancho45

    Far Out!

  11. Λογος

    Best YT channel ever.

  12. Fyrah

    Those galaxies gotta be have intelligent life on them

  13. The Most Expensive Smirk Ever Grace The Earth

    Yes! Another evidence to make the big bang deniers’ blood boils.

  14. darrick steele

    1.5K : 8 love you Anton!

  15. John Corrigan

    So then Bootes void isn’t a void at all. It is like a dark age of space time that is covered in neutral hydrogen that is currently impossible for us to see though giving the appearance of a void ? And as it is beginning to be ionized by vast numbers of 1st generation stars we begin to be able to see the first re ionized bubbles like in the nasa simulation.?
    If this is the case then where would that place Bootes Void relative to the big bang.?

  16. rwarren58

    How old are the galaxies? Will we see them disappear from our Cosmic Horizon?

  17. hazeluzzell

    These ‘pie slice pictures make it difficult to remember that the so called big bang happened everywhere and the universe has no centre.

  18. Deniss

    Wonder what more discoveries I can make from looking at Bootes.

  19. Vilas Fasage

    Hi Antov , how do you find every day something ?

  20. 09Ateam

    Anton, love your content. I wonder if you could do updates on your videos? Some of the papers concerning Dark Energy have been brought into question for instance. Just a suggestion.

  21. Heeze Worthy

    Good show!

  22. LadyLucidity

    Anton I really enjoy your channel. You have one of the best, most informative science channels on YT. Thank You for all the work you do to keep us Scienced!

  23. Ken Lee

    @Anton Petrov YOU WILL LOVE Undoomed’s newest documentary ~Mars – Is There Life?

  24. Dan T

    Cant wait for the web telescope to show an extremely red shifted spiral galaxy 20b light years away and blow the big bang theory out of science.

  25. MC's Creations

    Fantastic! Pretty interesting!!! 😃

  26. Volcanic Ash Advisories Daily Updates

    This is all mathematical conjecture, fantasy, based on standard cosmological, atomistic thinking. A more logical idea is that the universe is infinite and eternal, the one force is magnetism, and everything else is actually an effect of that one force.

  27. Iskhandar

    The heavens burned.

  28. Fran Gandara

    Thanks, this was great! Did hydrogen change states by self-made radiation the same way as ice water changes to liquid water by non self-made radiation? sorry if this question is dumb

  29. Lewis Sives

    I saw an article on this but it didnt make too much sense and there was alot of ads. Thank you so much, i understand it now :)

  30. Justin

    Honesly, who always dislike his videos? 9 year olds that dont understand a thumbs up is good? toxic world we live in.

  31. augustus plebeian

    Anton. Do you know what the greatest mystery is? How you remain so consistent with no need for explaination. 👏 👏 👏 you are a madlad.
    What happened to you bro? Tell me. Tell us. We love you.

  32. Jade Sea


  33. Christian Speight

    Love your channel Anton. I really like how you explain these concepts. Keep it up.

  34. Aurinkohirvi

    So… within our observable universe, one can see so old galaxies they are just a few million (or less!) years after the Big Bang.
    Aren’t we lucky!

  35. Kenneth Armpriest

    Space fairy tales. You believe this crap you will continue to live on your knees….

  36. Julian wibrajo

    This is a particularly interesting subject. You should do a long version (like Isaac Arthur), maybe once a month or once every three months. 10 mins for this does it some injustice, perhaps…

  37. Auriël

    Hello Wonderful Anton

  38. Gary Olmstead

    I like your intro. I would buy some merch if it said “Hello Wonderful Person”. It is what you actually say, and I would feel better wearing it. I don’t want to seem pretentious by declaring myself as a wonderful person.

  39. Boris Be loud us

    How fast would we have to hurl Sagittarius A at Earth to keep it in tact as time slows to zero?

  40. Hex Byte

    Anton, is the universe Ionozed now?

  41. Rick Ledford

    Theoretically if you use these galaxies as guideposts could you guesstimate where in the universe the big bang actually took place????? Just saying

  42. Marcus Tempus Aurelius


  43. Aharon Konforti

    “380,000 years ago” after 00:03:28. Anton, you know your stuff, you need to go easier, man… ; )

  44. David Levesque

    Some one should put, in Bootes, some duct tape over that hole. Poor person must have such cold feet.

  45. Robert Natiello

    If you are saying that the Universe may have had a beginning then my speculation is that there is something else outside the Universe like there is outside the solar system and outside galaxies yet to be discovered and categorized.

  46. Banana

    This is soo exciting!
    Thanks for sharing this anton 🙏

  47. Clair Pahlavi

    Can’t just start with ions?
    Opacity hypothesized because?
    Who observed this?

  48. Dalton Faulk

    He has the tesseract

  49. Sandra Grace

    2:49. Let there be Light

  50. tom black

    It’s a a shame capitalism is destroying r planet aka r future perfect

  51. Leaf, Flower, Bud

    You’re a great speaker, I’m a bit addicted to your videos.

  52. 750 kV

    The cubic simulation dates way back tho. 2009. 11 years back. Wow.
    Credits: M. Alvarez, R. Kaehler and T. Abel (2009)

  53. wildflower

    I want to see a circular, 3D model of the observable universe, with the big bang in the middle and our timeline in the outer surface

  54. Random Dude

    The visuals in this video are wonderful.

  55. NeedForMemes

    hello wonderful anton, this is person

  56. derdagian1

    Petrov Rocks
    See, Anton: I ran down thread and cleaned the clocks of retractors.
    My math says that You’re obligated to spill yer guts about the vast conspiracy.
    Kermit doesn’t have the tools to Troll Punk me this thoroughly. Google is the culpable entity.

  57. Eli Jacob Schbergfeldmanstein

    Hello wonderful person. This is Anton and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  58. belstar

    So much gas in the universe back then never ending gas.

  59. Ollie Master

    So could this mean that the universe isnt expanding but instead revealing itself from the fog being lifted? (Just a hypothetical)

  60. GCM

    3:00 beautiful simulation


    If the hydrogen creates waves in the ultraviolet it would be luminescent.

  62. Phillip Gonzales

    1:23 Just for anyone who cares, I’m sure he meant to say 380,000 years after the big bang, not years ago

  63. 100K before 2021!!!

    Who else loves *Anton*
    Im trying to hit 100K, any help is appreciated

  64. Jadian Radiator

    Anton Petrov,
    I hope you know that you said “380 thousand years _ago_ “

  65. Vorcan Vorcan

    “First generation stars actually no longer exist anywhere in the universe anymore.”
    So.., we’re done then? We’re now an all-knowing species?
    We know what’s beyond the observable universe?
    We know all the different kinds of situations that could arise in the lifetime of any kind of star?
    We seriously investigated ALL the possibilities? AND found clear answers that were 100% objectively the truth, without a shadow of a doubt?!
    Huh, I thought that would take longer.
    All jokes aside, love your videos. But I still do not comprehend how humanity can be somewhat intelligent while at the same time be so….yeah.

  66. Rob Falgiano

    This is fascinating. At 4:30 when you show the light becoming visible, it’s just like the ultra-slow motion photography of light. Check out The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube. Their video of light in motion being photographed is just like this – blobby cloudy bulbous purple blue shapes moving across the screen.

  67. Colin Kerr

    I think I lived through the hazy ages

  68. Ralf Halfar

    1:28 you say :”380.000 years ago”. But you mean : 380.000 years after beginning of the universe?

  69. Gerald

    Hello Anton, this is wonderful person.

  70. Shade of Arrows Gaming

    Anton, could further study of these reionized zones finally begin to illuminate dark matter or increase our understanding of it?

  71. Ray Ray

    ”around 380 000 years ago”…. lol..
    He mean ”after the big bang”

  72. Uncle Jesse

    I’m a atheist to space. I lack belief in your space santa. There is no space.

  73. Ervin Krauss

    With the launch of JWST, we’ll be able to look further back in time and find artifacts of a younger universe.

  74. Mit Yelsob

    Maybe today’s galaxies are pushing out the dark matter just like the theory said.

  75. Vikash Kotteeswaran

    6:30 so wat do u say is that hydrogen present in empty space around us is still ionised. Is that correct?

  76. Mike X

    ´can’t wait for JWST.

  77. Glenn Ratcliffe

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  78. sleekweasel

    The light was always behind the reionised wavefront – because of inflation?

  79. Walt F.

    I must have my Anton fix every day! LOL

  80. spookysama

    i dont know enough to know if what he saying is even true

  81. Matthew Bittle

    My science itch has been scratched thanks to this

  82. Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride

    Wow, this supports a really important part of the big bang theory

  83. allan pulp

    and let there be light

  84. Joshua A Martin

    when the density was low enough lights interaction produced more electrons

  85. Casy Leer

    Lolol,, I will never stop laughing at space junkies,, Take a hint from Jim Carrey he knows it’s all a fish story and your buying it….

  86. 793Force

    And james webb isn’t even up yet. Holy moly the things it’s gonna discover.. I can’t wait!!!

  87. AJ

    have you ever wondered where dose the universe exist could it be just like a galaxy in the universe

  88. 2Glock 30s

    At 2:28-3:15, what an excellent visual. I can’t describe how perfect that shows what happened. That could not have been shown or told any better.

  89. Tamás Gulyás

    every time anyone says out loud “James Webb telescope” it gets delayed by a month.

  90. Appalling68

    2:40 Looks like the start of the Borg cube. LOL!

  91. Apryl Van Ryn

    Every time I learn something from anton it makes me realize how much I don’t know. So, even though I’m smarter for it, I feel dumber afterwards.

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  93. Martin -

    Hi Anton, just found you recently and started binge watching you. I love how you bring all that content across.
    Just for curiosity: is there a way to ask you some questions, test some hypothesis with you?


    small mistake “380 000 ago”. He ment “380 000 years after”

  95. Mr. Greenjeans

    When we someday see back to the beginning of the universe, we’ll see ourselves sitting at a computer.

  96. Ammaar Mufti

    It’s getting better: “And welcome to other math”

  97. bdazzler1

    The cosmic microwave pizza slice. Mmm

  98. clasifi1

    Anton “In other words” Petrov.

  99. John Eskins

    The two “o’s” in Bootes are pronounced separately: Boo-oo-tez
    The word is related to English bovine, as in cow.

  100. memespace

    Me: *crosses fingers that everything goes well with the James Webb telescope*.

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