Most Detailed X Ray Map of Milky Way Uncovers a Few Surprises

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a newly created X-Ray map of the entire night skies that will help us learn more about the universe.
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    Can you imagine future FTL travelling?

    Working out your location could be determined not just by what stars you see, but by comparing maps of every frequency like x-rays.

    Mind boggling amounts of information and possibilities!

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    To clarify, R in Spectre-RG stands for Röntgen (Roentgen), who discovered Röntgen radiation, AKA X-ray.

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    “This is how it looks in the X-ray spectrum”. No! This is an interpretation of X-ray radiation adapted to make an impression using visible light. Pedantic? Maybe. Scientifically accurate? Yes. Potentially misleading? No.

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    May be wrong video for my comment, but here goes…
    Theory: when two magnetars or pulsars merge or collide…a tear or rip ensues in that area of the universe…maybe that’s why we have or see voids. I believe energy or certain particles may escape to outer universe.

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    i would guess most think it’s real time, and we are so far away from that.

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