Missing Link Brown Dwarf Has Earth Like Temperatures But Could It Host Life?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery coming from one of the newly discovered brown dwarfs similar in temperature to planet Earth!
Papers: https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.12829
Planet 9 search: https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/marckuchner/backyard-worlds-planet-9

  1. Greg Hamilton

    Wouldn’t gravity drag everything heavier than a couple of atoms down to the centre…?

  2. Gregory Kitchens

    What I take from brown dwarfs is that they arent stars at all, they are planets that are still in the early stages of development. Once upon a time earth was nothing more than a giant blob of molten ouch too, with a weird atmosphere and no real solid surface. As it cooled down it became what it is today, perhaps what were classifying as brown dwarfs we should instead be thinking of them like that, or at least considering it a possibility. We could also be totally wrong about what most of them look like, we cant see them closely enough to know for sure.

  3. erik nelson

    Last I heard we found solar system around a brown dwarf in which three of the seven planets could support life the exact details may not be accurate because I found it in a video about 2-3 years ago

  4. Malkevin

    Wouldn’t a brown dwarf be more radiologically active than jupiter?
    Or it jupiter’s radiation mostly captured stuff ejected from the Sun, trapped in its magnetic field?

  5. Antonio Gonzalez

    Why can’t we use the Hubble Telescope to find planet 9?

  6. The Fall

    Could brown dwarves and other unseen bodies like the asteroids and dust be what dark matter is actually composed of?

  7. William Carter

    Im 100% sure we are aliens who are not native to earth we have just been here so long we forgot we came from another planet.

  8. Woochinatchika Kokillibol

    Problem is, these efforts always cost me time and processing and costs them nothing. After over 30 years of involving myself with these time/effort donation efforts I won’t be signing up any more.

  9. Logical Musicman

    If there is the possibility if bacteria on Venus, why are we focusing on Mars?!

  10. Xspot box

    It is very hard to understand how this channel can exist and modern science fiction media became so poor at same time.
    Who can say all planets are created equal, some might start as droplets of sun plasma, others coalesced from material debris and doesn’t have failing star inside.

  11. Jayaraman Ganapathi

    If Venus has chances for life, then why go 6 light years away. We (NASA) should spend more time understanding about Venus. However information about brown dwarfs are welcome.

  12. Mister Hand

    Is it Mexican?

  13. eliman Designs

    So it’s like a planet with its own power source, cool.

  14. Nicholas Mills

    Potentially wonderful life everywhere. Around red dwarfs, potentially on brown dwarfs, tidal locked moons like Europa, Venus, ancient mars et al.
    The probability of life increases all the time. Although conditions for life around brown dwarf could have a very narrow window of opportunity. Fermi paradox is a pain though.

  15. Cooper Cooper

    Dude,,,,,every size,every temperature, every everything exists out there!

  16. mike jones

    could this mean that planets are just really small cold stars? and thats how you get rocks, maybe planets didnt form by clumping of dust, but are actually formed by gas too?

  17. shlooky

    there is a theory that a brown dwarf resides at the edge of our solar system. Anton is this true?

  18. mpetersen6

    This universe is not strange,it is stranger than we can imagine
    What we imagine as incredibly rare is most likely common as dirt

  19. erik nelson

    From my understanding rouge planets are planets typically between the masses of Jupiter and the smallest brown dwarfs that for whatever reason get ejected from their solar system

  20. Jarl of Swot

    Shouldn’t Magenta dwarves be in the galaxy of Transylvania?

  21. Jim Carter

    I fill like brown dwarfs are the beginning of a world.

  22. zztop3000

    How can a brown dwarf, a collapsed star, have the same temperature as earth?!? There’s something wrong here.

  23. Kobus Downey

    No-one gonna mention the incredibly high pressures in the atmosphere of a white brown dwarf?

  24. who likes spaghetti?

    the hypothesis in one of your recent videos says bacterial like organism survived in different chemical environments hence life on jupiter like planets is possible
    let me remind you in accord witj the study only the chemical composition has been “simulated”
    different planets have different temperatures, pressures, gravitation, orbital periods and mainly different e-magnetic fields and all of this was not incorporated in the study so basically the study and this video as well have both zero relevancy

  25. Osmosis Jones

    Examples of fission

  26. Birger Johansson

    The convection will make any parcel of atmosphere move from the very hot depths up to freezing cold upper layers. No life can survive that.

  27. will2see

    And they are extremely dense with a huge gravitational acceleration on their surface, probably very fast spinning with extremely strong magnetic fields and everything related to it…, so when it comes to your “supporting conditions” (for a form of life that you do not specify, but implicitly assume to be biological in nature), don’t fool yourself and your viewers with the 300K warm temperature…

  28. Stephen Thomas

    That’s no star, it’s a space station.

  29. Steven Pilling

    I suppose that a definition of a brown dwarf would be an object massive enough to fuse lithium and/or deuterium, but not raw hydrogen.

  30. DYLwat100

    Could you theoretically have terrain floating on the surface of a brown dwarf? Whats the buoyancy like?

  31. Laffing Disease

    what a wonderful plan…sta…person. What a wonderful brown dwarf person.

  32. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    So much news about brown dwarves lately
    It seems to me we’ ll breaking them down into a couple more categories. Maybe the colder ones won’t be called Brown Dwarves at all I hope we find some with planets close to us.

    Planets orbiting BDs that we might deem habitable would have to be close to the dwarf and would be very much subject to a lot of gravitational forces but that wouldn’t make them uninhabitable but just difficult day to day with lots of earth quakes I guess.

  33. Eric Storm

    A floating castle inhabited by vaporous sentients.

  34. Lennel Arnold

    Imagine hydrogen air born whales or giant jellyfish floating in atmospheres of brown dwarfs and Jupiterlike planets with Earthlike temperatures whether they are in the habitable zones of their stars or they just have comfortable heat.

  35. Hunam

    I discovered my brown dwarf too…


    Where’s Nibiru?

  37. Marco Roepers

    Abraham Loeb? Haven’t I heard of him before?

  38. Liam Donald

    How about life in the metallic hydrogen layer? Superconducting biochemistry?

  39. Mushroom Hatters Adventer

    sounds like planet x

  40. Bro Gaming Channel

    Yess New video

  41. W1se0ldg33zer

    I can remember a time when people would look towards Mars and say ‘almost no way you can see it’.
    I have faith in our observational skills that one day we’ll be looking at those like they’re across the street.

  42. mortenpg100

    super content, but you could do with better focus from your camera on you

  43. belstar

    James Webb hype

  44. Kenny Carter

    There are theories of one day, frozen stars could form. With water ice clouds possible above the star, tidal heating can heat brown dwarf moons

  45. facetube youbook

    You need to make a video about the new discovery in detectors in Antarctica that more than confirmed the particle that was detected could have only come from a parrell universe or mirror universe.

  46. BigCat


  47. Omnis Imperator

    Is there a method to determine accurately if there is life on a planet that distant?

  48. Sepheryn

    Hi wonderful Anton

  49. aaroniouse

    exciting and mundane are the same thing

  50. Zumzifero

    Radiations would be crazy high in that biosphere… Like Jupiter x100

  51. Joe Causey

    Humans living on a star. Who would have thought it?

  52. mike bon

    What about planet 10…lol.

  53. factinator33

    Wonder how much RADIATION is present on a BROWN DWARF…

  54. Osmosis Jones

    Our sun could have been flong out from a larger star Custer.
    Could explain how our solar system form. How do solar systems from around binary stars systems

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    Violet dwarfs is great: someone will misspell it, at some point, as violent dwarf. *ba dum tsssss*

  57. Kris Grauel

    Brown dwarfs are very interesting objects. I look forward to a cascade of interesting discoveries about them in the coming years. Great content as always.

  58. MC's Creations

    Violent Dwarfs. 😬

  59. Black Hole Generator

    Enceladus, Mars and Europa look very promising from what i have heard.

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    Holy crap that is close!! Only 6.5 light years away?!

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    Kirk: and they really have underfloor heating for free?

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    This is fascinating, stars with life…

    or the possibility thereof!

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    Hydrogen Bacteria in Stars!

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    Wait a second, I thought we could only just *barely* detect their light, how do we know what they look like? Is there a link you could provide that explains how we know?

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