Milky Way Halo Is 1000 Times Hotter Than Sun’s Surface

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new research that discovered that the halo of the milky way galaxy is ridiculously hot.
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  1. David Rucker

    I hear the chicks love the Milky Way’s central bulge

  2. cyanidejunkie

    Hello plasma…
    Goodbye dark matter.

  3. fred wood

    I wonder how this is going to affect high speed space travel where particle compression will become a factor? At ten percent light speed, will those odd atoms become white hot bullets against the ship’s bow wave?

  4. MightyZx

    If you’re sooo smart… can you turn yourself into a pickle?

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    So Trek (TOS) actually predicted this? Wow!

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  8. Peter Larsen

    IF the energy of a zone of space is to be contained in very few particles they have to vibrate very fast. A view angle that calls for a new value, energy per volume unit.

  9. Black Hole Generator

  10. Mokuto Media

    So what you are saying is, tyranids are a non issue. Sweet!

  11. sinisterLMN

    Star Trek was right again!

  12. joaquin vega

    Its to keep those damn tyranids away

  13. Kenny Carter

    Has he heard any new news about how likely the big rip is based on latest news/discoveries

  14. IuliusPsicofactum

    How much more gravity the galaxy has because of the energy in its halo?

  15. Besaid Knight

    Star Trek’s ‘Galactic Barrier’ is REAL?
    Come On Holodeck!! I’m rooting for you to be real next…!!!

  16. billiondollardan

    Glad Anton explained the temperature deal.

  17. Coolcat AMAPro

    What type of material can withstand that kind of heat and you just answered what questions I might of had commented to soon

  18. benhur2069

    So that’s where hell is!

  19. Iaman Empoweredone

    So why doesn’t some heat signature / frequency emanate from it?

  20. Joshua Rodriguez

    They have to be hot from explosions long time ago

  21. DixieMaddog

    It’s Dark Heat.

  22. Ken Schauer


  23. Daniel Pirela

    I know that Halo women are hot, even Cortana is hotter than the Sun…

    HOLD ON!

    I thought we were talking about Halo, not the Galatic Halo. Well, we shall see the video.

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  24. stinky pinky

    What it do my guy, the wonderful person Anton?

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    Is that a sausage in your galaxy or are you just happy to see me?

  26. Haim Ben Avraham

    A Gaia sausage sizzling on the Milky Way frying pan!

  27. Lessons - Reiser Music St

    This one has me completely dumbfounded. That’s crazy! It feels like any day now we’re going to stumble on some crazy fact that changes all of physics.

  28. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    Damn there’s some weird stuff going on out there

  29. Troll Master

    So, the Gaia sausage penetrated the Milky Way’s black hole 🕳🤪

  30. karas stig

    Fantastic video. I love the analogy you used to explained heat exchange, very cleaver.

  31. Real Courte

    Home sweet home solar system. :) Quiet home!

  32. Dos Postmann

    Anton thanks for continuing to be yourself… Its a crazy world right now and your videos about space bring me back to earth. Especially if i watch too much “news”

  33. Ann Sidbrant

    Interesting as always, Anton. Thanks.

  34. eddiebrown192

    The high tempature is caused by the gravitational interaction of negative mass particles (dark energy/matter) with positive mass particles .

  35. jrfi orn

    Fabulously informative episode Anton, thank you!!

  36. The Futurist Tom

    Ive been watching this channel for a while. I enjoyed its content! As such, I made my own sci-fi/futurist channel!!

  37. Rob Hendrikx

    Degrees Kelvin??? Come on!

  38. Tbolt_TechnoRabbit

    in space engine i Searched a supergiant THEN SPACE ENGINE I PLAYED IT AGAIN JUST COVERED SCREEN BLACK.

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    Yay! Another upload from my favorite nerd👍😁🇦🇺

  40. sinephase

    the atoms are probably so far separated that they can’t lose much of their heat

  41. J M

    I watch these videos as I find Anton very hot!

  42. Robert Sparkman

    I live in Ohio and I can tell you that stars have been very rare lately. Mostly just clouds and rain.

  43. Anik Samiur Rahman

    5:12 in scientific understanding temperature is the indication of thermal equilibrium. When two substance is in thermal equilibrium, there will be no net heat transfer between them. This is called the Zeroth law of thermodynamics.

  44. Steve Hughes

    Wow, thanks Anton…I just learned what the temperature really means. Makes sense. Love your analogies. And here I thought I was going to burn up during my next visit to the outer rim!

  45. A D

    I didn’t realize there was a halo. I thought it was a game only


    Thankyou wonderful person ! 👊👍

  47. Mrpunxs SEaZar

    Today ive discovered how temperature works

  48. Deadman

    Am dead…

  49. Ryan Solomon

    The heat probably comes from the friction cause from the expansion moving at or near the speed of light.

  50. Brian Swindall

    Consistent with the Voyager discovery of high temps in the interstellar medium

  51. Greg O'Neil

    Thanks for the very informative video. And thanks for clarifying the temperature vs vacuum issue. I was trying to reconcile high temperatures with virtually no particles, now I understand. Keep up the good work.

  52. Osmosis Jones

    Is it possible that not any the mass of Exoplanets include moons but also the dips in light also include any moons orbits

  53. Valentin Reimer

    Damn the example with water and air was really good, simple but super easy to understand.

  54. Dr Gunsmith

    Great to know my spaceship is not going to melt phew thanks, wonderful person Anton 😎

  55. proven22x

    It makes sense in a conversation of energy way, thanks people for answering my question

  56. Joshua Godinek

    I love how when Anton says the name of the galaxy that the MilkyWay may have collided with, he goes “yeah, it’s pretty hilarious” with the most dead serious face ever!🤣😂 Never change Anton

  57. UselessCompanion

    maybe we could use the heat for power or sth. else in future space travel!

  58. David Campos

    Don’t tell me let me guess. They are going to try to do Hoag’s object with magnetism and be done with it.

  59. Peter Qureini

    Thanks for clarifying that info about heat… I didn’t understand it before.

  60. Colin Clark

    I love that you said “the Ohio State University”. They really insist on that article.

  61. michael ferrins

    Thank you for the explanation of temperature, it was interesting and fascinating.


    I’ve always found Andromeda very attractive….but I am married to the Pinwheel galaxy. Yes I am a Galactosexual 😊

  63. 日本人Marcin

    Now I know why Will Smith said the well memed ‘Aaaah, that’s hot’ words after looking through the binoculars XD

  64. Ron B

    The earth’s thermosphere is similarly very high temperature (can be 3000 degrees F) but likewise doesn’t feel hot because there isn’t enough there to hold the heat.

  65. Pat

    Anton, are you ever going to a video on Proxima Centauri c? It’s been confirmed as an exoplanet.

  66. Scott Cole

    “Icarus! Don’t get too close to the edge of the galaxy! “Whaaa? ::whooomph:: Burn and Die!

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    “Is a puzzlement.” King Mongkut,

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    Anton, you are a cyborg: do you even sleep in between the videos? ;-)

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    once again thank you for expanding our minds

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    girls find AntonP’s wispy bangs
    ridiculously hot,
    much much hotter than imagined

  71. Varanasi Walks

    5:30 “even though the temperature here is practically in millions of degrees, you’re not actually going to suddenly burn into a crisp when you enter this area”

    but you WILL drop out of Hyperspace // your Warp Drive will fail, depending on your tech.

  72. sdfg jajaja

    hi anton, this is person


    Don’t fly through it unless you want some bitchin psychic powers.

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    When you care at this level, everything else is not worth the energy. Thank you Wonderful Persons

  75. tore springare

    how little we know..we are toddlers trying to open the book of the universe….but we are learning for better or worse…

  76. irock ireckon

    The milky way has a fever it has the virus lol 😂 I thought that the outer space was cold it just shows that we don’t know anything about our universe yet 😂

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    New camera? Production quality took a giant leap ;-) Content amazing as ever. Can still not believe you put out a video every day!!!

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    Who else loves his cheesy smile at the end.?😁👍

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    Well… I guess that explains a particular episode of Star Trek… 🤔

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    50 Celsius air? You’ve been to Arizona too?

  81. Marc Carle

    Could that energy be part of the “DARK ENERGY”?

  82. Barbara DeGrand

    Thanks for explaining about the scientific concept of temperature, and the effect of density, Anton.
    That clears some things up for me!! You are truly a wonderful teacher. Thanks for making so many science topics so understandable and enjoyable to learn about. I always look forward to your presentations.

  83. yomogami

    remember the energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy in star trek: the original series? just saying folks
    seriously how does the temperatures affect ir telescopes and satellites? or does the lesser density prevent it from affecting them?

  84. Candide Schmyles

    Oh dear. The “Electric Universe Evangelists ” are gona ❤ this.

  85. James Guenes

    1:01 EM, yes it must be, or you must have been trying to mix the surface of the sun with your finger! Maybe you were trying to pull a secret job on our sun! I’m going to talk to my mom to hinder your mixing the sun’s surface, let’s see that my retirement age matters anymore!

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    Best sausage galaxy comment today:
    Is that a sausage in your galaxy or are you just happy to see me?

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    It’s still not as hot as Anton Petrov 😍🔥👨‍🚒

  88. Anders Juel Jensen

    That was a really nice perspective. Even though I’m fairly proficient is physics and chemistry it never occurred to me that high temperatures in a near vacuum still have the heat exchange capabilities… of a near vacuum… Dooh! >_<

  89. Justin Case

    “We all gonna die!”

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    You heard him Star Trek fans!! Go around the Nebulas in your Starships.😁 This will be in the Star Fleet Academy exam!!!🌎

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    “I don’t think the shields will hold, Captain.”
    “Scotty, We Need More Power.”

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    Wow, and the James webb telescope just got delayed again, sad.

  93. Steve Dolesch

    Gaia Sausge: Most original name for an ancient galaxy :)

  94. Efx245 Goodrich

    I’m glad you added that explanation because I was thinking this was kind of like a natural barrier or protective layer be difficult to enter another galaxy each one had this kind of halo.

  95. Alan Tennant

    presumably high enough temperatures start looking like radiation, especially at low pressures

  96. Denis Tyrant

    This is an exciting news. Every news about our galaxy makes me smile for some reason. :)

  97. james taube

    I love Anton. “It might change in a few years but that’s what we think now. ” the best answer in science

  98. Brenda May Fuller

    “Does this Halo make my Central Bulge look big? ” the Milky Way looking over at Andromeda.

  99. Phill M156

    It’s the barrier around our galaxy Kirk had to go through to find the missing starship.

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    milky way: pheeew, I’m so hot….sooooo hot
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