Massive Black Hole Heartbeat Phenomenon Found Again – Still Makes no Sense

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a supermassive black hole that pulsates as if it has a heart beat and the mystery behind so-called QPO – Quasi Periodic Oscillations.

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    We made atomic clocks. Aliens made black hole clocks. :D

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    Toroidal 3D Capacitor, not a mass loss.

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    Another dark matter mistery?

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    Its the heartbeat of all the souls sucked into the black hole 💓

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    Wonderful Quasiperiodic Oscillations

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    @Anton Petrov Do black holes contain dark matter??

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    Are there any active studies investigating what is causing the “cosmic rays” being emitted from Antarctica?

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    Blacks Holes – ever the wonder … Thanks Anton!
    … One day I’ll have to check your catalog for previous vids on ours – the center of the Milky Way …

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    Ok so unexplained phenomenon that doesn’t appear natural. Are we not even going to mention aliens? 😆

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    The new simulation Anton talks about look like an atoms S and P orbitals

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    So, precession would explain the change in period too, no?

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    Maybe it is more like an “Acretion Cruller”. Mmmmmmmmm…cruller

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    Gonna be super honest here. I have had dreams of this rhythmic shape for years. Two circles morphing like water into one and back again at a low frequency. I dont know what it is but it looks exactly like the blackhole heartbeat and I am thoroughly weirded out now.

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    Have we seen 2 black holes orbiting one another and how the accretions spheres are colliding with each other? 🤔

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    Thought it would have been obvious that it would be a broken up planet (dust cloud) in a fairly stable orbit.

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    The ancient astrologers knew that stars were the hearts of their systems, earth receives its vital energy from the sun via the north pole and the energy returns via the south pole

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    Anton, or the explanation is this is the way it happens regardless of our understanding, thats it. I love the mystery and your narration, your insight, keep it up….good stuff.!

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    Do collisions of orbiting objects in a sense “cancel” out any of the chaos of the natural unperturbed orbit of an object around a spinning black hole?

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    The guy produces documentary level videos about space, everyday. From using universe sandbox to other visual tools, we are so spoiled. Thank you Anton for everything! Keep doing your best!

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    Hey Anton, I heard that black holes are emitting vibrations that when measured translate to B-flat. They say it’s 56 octaves below middle C on a piano. Is this true? If so does it apply to all black holes?

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    When the Lord talks about the universe being rolled op like a scroll n passing away I always think of black holes. The alarming thing is, that people will be around to see it. Hebrews 1vs 10 thro 12. Quoting psalm 102vs 25 thro 27. Bible explains a lot.

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  79. Alpha Momentum

    You can apply a tauroid field (like the one around you’re own heart) to solar systems and galaxies (and even atoms) they seem to fit very well. It also fits very well into the electric universe theory.

    The fact hearts have the same field and black holes beat seems too coincidental to me.

    Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of stellar consciousness also springs to mind.

    source; primer fields series. Thunderbolts project.

  80. Baleur

    3:00 no, ALL black holes are spinning, everything in the universe is spinning. Thats how motion in zero G works.
    You cannot have something suspended in space that does NOT spin, at some rate, no matter how slow.
    Only in theoretical math, not in the real universe.

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    I bet its alien power plant – after watching last Anton’s video, they are regularly throwing objects to extract rotational energy from blackhole

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    so the universe has hearts… lots of hearts I see
    this is just supporting my speculative theory that says there is a connection between the speed of expansion of the universe and number of black holes
    since in space the number of black holes varies from region to another region the expansion of the universe is not the same in matter of velocity in all directions (this got recently confirmed)
    black holes are producing dark energy, the dark flow…black holes ain’t a bug but a sophisticated system that stores the information and makes the dark energy flow

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