Massive Black Hole Explosion Lit Up The Skies of Ancient Earth

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery suggesting a powerful explosion in the milky way a few millions years ago.

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  1. Alissa

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  2. Peter Shearer

    Hey, wait a minute, Anton. I just had a look at the video stopping it at time mark 3 seconds. There is no way that’s a Fermi bubble. It is obviously a giant peanut! You can even see the giant dimples on its surface. Bottom line, that’s no plasma shell. It’s a peanut shell. Final tally Peanut 1 Fermi 0

  3. José Barreiro


  4. BigNewGames

    The Fermi bubbles were not produced by an explosion from the black hole. The particles that make up the Fermi bubbles are produced slowly over time by pair production, IE m=E/c². The hot particles then emit X-rays and gamma rays continuously because the energy that is absorbed into them increase in energy while the wavelength of the light shortens, similar to how sound converts into heat and light with sonoluminescence experiments. The suspended hydrogen gas when excited by visible light produces either X-rays or gamma rays. Hot X-rays and gamma rays was detected coming from hydrogen gas inside our own solar system. Why would it not be any different inside the Fermi bubbles?

  5. Famous people Doing it

    Lol I’m 11 and I love ur vids!

  6. Ufuk Soysuz

    Love your Videos much!!

  7. FSDraconis

    Giving the distance it takes for light to travel versus time. Wouldn’t we see different effects happening at long periods of time afterwards? Our Supermassive black hole is over 26 thousand light years away. So that should in theory mean it would take at least that many years before the direct light would reach Earth from the center of the galaxy. How far out would those radiating effects take to reach here? It would be interesting to see a visual representation of the map versus time of arrival.

  8. Plasma Vortex

    What do you think of Pierre-Marie Robitaille’s latest videos about the anisotropy map? Big Bang of standard cosmology is imminent! Be prepared! Stay safe. No fear.

  9. TheElectricOrigins

    Anytime you talk about a PAST TIME OR A REMOTE PLACE you are making HUGE SUPPOSITIONS AND SPECULATING. You DID MAKE NO EXPERIMENT IN THE PAST or IN A REMOTE PLACE FAR FAR AWAY, Thus IT IS NOT SCIENCE. Believing that DIVINE LAWS worked the same in the past or work the same way far far away is making your “Laws” = Gods (Infinite-Eternal-Immutable).

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    What I don’t get is why youtube is blotting out people like Anton in favor of ‘PBS’. In fact youtube is favoring mainstream broadcasters over independent youtubers throughout the entire offering. Even though most go online to avoid mainstream programming.

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    Our galaxy is currently quiet…..too guiet! Honey, go upstairs and see what that rascal is up to!

  12. Mike Laffoon

    We (America) need people like Anton. In fact, I’d vote for him for President. The two old senile men running don’t impress me.

  13. John Henson

    Truly, in the scheme of things, we are but microbes living on the edge, ecking out our survival.

  14. Plasma Vortex

    Bridges of Birkeland currents…

  15. trololospaghetto

    two neanderthals 10 million years ago
    hey what’s that? such a bright light..
    oh, don’t mind it, it’s just sagittarius a having consumed a big molecular cloud, guess there is gonna be two huge fermi bubbles in the centre of our galaxy, again

  16. Vlad Dracoson

    And so… your saying there is a massive electrical current flowing through the galaxies, each of which are strung in line like lights in a holiday string. The Electric Universe Theory of the Birkeland Currents, and similar to the double helix you have on your intro video.

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  18. peter sisco

    Imagine if that’s what triggered our evolution 🤔 I don’t think the world could handle such knowledge sadly 😔 ( for the record I do believe there’s a God but I also have always had an opened enough mind to ponder tough questions )

  19. Jester J

    Speaking of supermassive black holes……

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  21. Di&Ce

    Something big fell into the central black hole.

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    Stay safe

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    Sir, I like the your videos a lot. So don’t take this the wrong way, but what happens to your voice? It breaks a lot.

  25. RoseNZieg

    it’s nice to know that not just our sun likes to randomly spit out massive materials. apparently the galaxy does it too. setting great example of course.

  26. Joseph Paul Duffey

    Hi, Anton, many of the “all sky maps” of the galaxy are using a wrap around map which is still presented as an oblong oval/sphere, as in this video. The maps are not being notated as such and look just like a true, IRL equatorial perspective centered on the core. I cannot tell without looking it up every time. Can you please clarify if this is a wrap around depiction?

  27. Edward John

    It would be awesome if we could observe this currently happening in another galaxy

  28. america1776awesome

    Your videos are always great

  29. DomingosCJM

    Ionized gaz = Plasma.

  30. Kettenhund31

    Would this be akin to a Carrington Event?

  31. Tom Greaves

    An astronomer walks into the Milky Way…she looks around…”I don’t like it…”she says…”it’s quiet…..too quiet”

  32. Anik Samiur Rahman

    Damn, how come writing invented so late? But how about cave painting? Unfortunately, they contain no night sky :(

  33. LordKellthe1st

    It looks like a peanut:)

  34. ToolforOffice

    Hoping someone here can tell me what I saw Sunday night at 9:42 pm eastern. I saw something massive moving very fast toward the earth. Burning bright orange and blues and white. It moved as fast as a shooting star but was a hundred times bigger than any shooting star I’ve ever seen. It also came down at an angle like it was hitting and not passing by if that makes sense? I have never seen anything like that. I’ve looked on the internet and haven’t seen a thing about it that night. I was awestruck
    Don’t know if this matters but I was near the Virginia panhandle and it was in a northwesterly direction

  35. moed al garny

    so…out galaxy is gonna blow up..2020 is hitting us hard 😰

  36. Bob Edge

    3:30 Anantonton

  37. nyckhusan

    It happened about 2.6 million years ago, indeed. There are a lot of proofs here on Earth.

  38. RDE Lutherie

    Lucy and her friends saw some night sky’s way more beautiful than what we get to see these days!

  39. Tim's Witan

    So, any civilization that is 3-5 million light years away will see our galaxy as active. Wow..So we need to go to another active galaxy and by the time we get there it would have settled down and allowed life to evolve!! Simple!

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    Wonderful molecular clouds

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    Thank you Anton

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    I was thinking today about how much better nuclear powered lawn tools would be.

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    Another proof the Universe is actively trying to kill every life in it !

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    When they launch.the jwt it.will be out of date

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    Well done

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    I thought it would have been an “F for flare”??

  47. VTC1984

    Can you cover the discovery of Kepler-160d?

  48. EyeDreamMellowDees

    AntonP’s wispy bangs
    are like the night sky
    changing but too slow to notice…

  49. Triki Mees

    Have found an Earth like exoplanet, about same distance from sun-like star Kepler 160 System – KOI-456.04

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    Kubriks ”2001” anyone?

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    Always missing the good stuff

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    Despite the viral pandemic I have to think that with all the changes throughout the history of planet Earth and all the galactic sized events in the universe; we are very lucky to live in such elatively calm and stable times. 🙏

    Do good. Enjoy life. And count your blessings.

  53. MC's Creations

    Well… I guess our beloved Sagittarius A* ate too much back then. 😬

  54. demian o'connor

    Electric Universe, ancient sky. Look it up. Thunderbolts Project

  55. Association Of Metaphysic

    In ancieny egypt myth the “body of nuit” is a star stream across the night sky, that is detailed in description to this event you describe.

  56. Greg Goodenough

    Why no awesome stuff happens in the sky in our lifetime? T_T
    Even Betelgeuse is cancelled! I had very high hopes for her since i was 8. I’m so sad now =|

  57. TheGordo1996

    So, if it’s an explosion, why isn’t it going the same in all directions instead of only magnetic north and south?

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    I like the new intro style. It’s a bit more professional

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    I love Anton. I
    Love space and science and math. And hey let’s face it. I am also A wonderful person

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    It’s like stretching a chewing gum :)

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    That fermi bubble had a happy face inside!
    I’m thinking that it had evolved intelligence, like the primordial gum that created Princess Bubblegum.

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    Oh my numero uno! Wonderful!

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    So we live in a quiet galaxy, orbiting a quiet sun, on a perfect planet.
    No wonder life is rare

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    bet those clouds are “alive”

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    I like a way new vids start. Good job Anton!

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    There are so many things that I learned in this presentation….absolutely fascinating.
    I can’t get enough of this stuff.

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    Dude. I love your videos but for christ’s sake… with all the conspiracy theorist, science denying nut jobs out there, NEVER start one of these videos with “once upon a time”

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    Thanks Anton, your videos are a repository of knowledge.

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    I get the distinct feeling that the best place for man to colonize in the future would be a nice planet with a single stable star floating out in the vast emptiness all alone…

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    Honestly, the video on this channel are absolutely awesome.
    Really really quiet in the center, you say…

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    Even Black holes fart. When someone tells me nothing can escape from a black hole, I know it’s a lie.

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    Anton. You are a wondeful person too my friend. Thanks for making these fascinating vids. 🙂

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    7.06 staring at the light, this is my reaction astrophysics, i need to crawl back to my trigonomtetry cave!

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    I can think of a couple astronomy jokes involving hot tubs and Fermi bubbles.

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    You know, seeing as how life on Earth survived at least one of these before, I think we’re going to be alright.

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    I like how wonderful person shows us few days after actual news that comes out with his emulator!

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    6:00 So Anton are these bursts of energy Gama Rays?

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    I wish to see one of those explosions in my life time.

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    Milky way feeding frenzy -> New Mutants

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    Hey Anton! Just wanted to let you know that, lately, the YouTube ads have been landing right on your WONDERFUL outro. I don’t know if you have any control over that but just thought I’d let you know 👍

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    Legends were born surrounding mysterious lights
    Seen in the sky
    – J. Tull

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    What a fascinating video. Thanks again wonderful Anton.

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    “Red sky at night” indeed.

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    When a blackhole eats to much and gas builds up igniting into a black hole burp. Petition to rename these bubbles to “Anton bubbles”.

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    Antons favorite word is always GAS. Glad I am not in his carpool.

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    You know it’s serious when the video doesn’t star right away with ‘hello wonderful person’

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    Wonder if Dying galaxies more habitable then ours. Older red dwarfs don’t even flare that much. Habitable zones are lead planets to bring tidlly locked so can’t generate magnetic fields but thicker atmosphere water vapor or ice in upper atmosphere would akso be good radiation protection.
    And Venus is practically tidlly locked temperature is consistent

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    0:16 you know its an important video with hot news when he delays his Hello Wonderful Person

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    Whenever Anton says “the scientists” I always imagine the same 3 guys in labcoats, hunched over a table in a science lab. Every time. Keep up the great work Anton, your output is amazing :)

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    I hope the US survives long enough to launch the James Webb Telescope. Imagine what we will be able to see.

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    I feel like all of Anton’s videos could be the basis of awesome sci-fi movies.

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    ANTON, considering the timing of when this would have been visible, with regard to our ancestral species, I actually do believe that, whether they had any kind of an emotional involvement with the night sky, without a doubt, it would have made the nights brighter everywhere, affecting the evolution of every organism on Earth during that period. It is quite possible that some of the adaptations that we developed that actually were important for eventually making us human occurred **because of** this unique phenomenon. It would be fascinating if there would be some correlation studies that could be done to try to figure something like this out.

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    I had always assumed the LMC and SMC were remnants of a galactic collision.

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