Major Physics Discoveries of 2021 That Transformed Our Understanding – Video Compilation

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Hello and welcome! I’m away for a week moving recording studio to a new location, so here is a compilation video about major physics discoveries from the last few months!

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  1. zack black

    What happened to the Carbon computer, now that Nanotubes can be fabricated?

  2. Sad boy Solly

    The reason why physics won’t evolve to be functional is because we almost exclusively refuse to acknowledge the exceptions in the standard models but we keep ignoring it even though it keeps creating constant divinations

  3. Casey Scott

    Browning motion scaled into charging capacitor


    To be clear, the Higgs Boson experiments were somewhat ambivalent regarding the standard model – it raised as many questions as it answers.

  5. Steve Reagon

    maybe the people that need to use the graphene should ask the people who make vaccines where they get their supply

  6. A Tsylor

    I just found this guys channel and I subscribed about 10-15 mins in to this video. I like listening to him just as much as Neil Degrass Tyson.

  7. oskar recon

    lol,,, thank you Anton Petrov,, i am a wonderful person,, how nice of you to notice . you are wonderful too..

  8. M1K3 Droid

    I dont know why you think the production of graphene is so small. Gratomic, for instance, is mass producing graphene in bulk for use in tires, replacing the lamplblack so tires last ten times longer and are more grippy.

  9. X etrius

    [53:10] Might want to look at from two different perspectives could be that the gold is an internal reflection while the silver is an external reflection as seems to be the case when I try to understand the two different mirages, convex and concave.

  10. Glowing Oak

    Anton, how is your moving to the new place going?

  11. ViCT0RiA6

    Your voice is so calming and I’m so thankful for these videos 🙏

  12. The Ultimate Reductionist

    1:48:40 Mice panicked for ONLY the FIRST FEW HOURS? That is a HELL of a long time for ANY creature to panic!
    Do not experiment on nonconsenting sentient being! Run the experiment on a flat-earther.

  13. Purforme

    I suspect it won’t be scientists that find the answer to these questions, it will be one of our future overlords, I mean an AI.

  14. Calvin


  15. Motvalls

    Saw your image on nutrinos in a mine
    and it look simular too images on our
    Sun at sunrises.
    I know the green waves in the ozon
    layer are gone and it creates White.
    That is what i have thought as a reason.
    Now i got to read in on nutrinos…
    Interesting anyway 👍👍👍

  16. Ace Undead

    scientists need to think outside the box more often, i think they just get a little frightened when it comes to physics because of how much might change from one tiny discovery.

  17. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  18. John Greenlee


  19. Joseph Anaya


  20. Dr. Obvious

    Since I love Tolkien, my favorites are the Odd Radio Circles. Finally! Some real Orcs!

  21. ahmet mutlu

    hm.. using black holes or extreemely giand stars as transmitter seems like going to work :D but will cost lot more then entire planet can pay the bills :P anyway for listening itll not cost that much.

  22. Mr. Mon Key

    The greatest discovery of the last 50 y:
    We found out that there might be some kind of particles we don’t understand OR otherwise we don’t understand shit.

  23. 2xKTfc

    It’s only October, that means that 1/6th of all top discoveries in 2021 aren’t even known yet. I get that you want to do year in review-videos, but come on, October is too early.

  24. Joseph Knurek

    Incredible video, loved it.

  25. alexis mullan

    We love you Anton, thank you. It’s so obvious you are in it for the science and that level of purity is so hard to find these days

  26. Shane Ruetz

    Anton overload! haha I love it. Great refresher on things while I game.

  27. Ed Reusser

    There was also a better than 6 sigma significance discovery related to the sterile neutrino. I was hoping you would cover that.

  28. Ed Reusser

    I would bet that since this anomalous magnetic moment can be detected in a muon, it will eventually also be detected in an electron. Its just really small compared to the Muon.

  29. Ed Reusser

    It kinda looks scary. You have my heart forever sir.

  30. Surendran Mk


  31. slamRN

    Thanks for putting these out – I hope the move is going well.

  32. Emmanuel Weinman

    “completely unrelated, although maybe somewhat related” 😂 basically sums up our relationship with the universe.

  33. White Thumb

    Antonservations: Antons observations

  34. Michael Martin

    These are fascinating

  35. Faterial

    thanks for uploading these, I typically am looking for something to listen to the audio of during my 12 hour shift..

  36. Frank Blangeard

    Can this be edited down to about six minutes for typical YouTube viewers?

  37. Sonar Bangla

    Anyons even if they exist, we will need to know the algorithm of finite gate quantum circuit (Susskind) enabling us to fabricate the finite gate QC function. It seems to be long way away. Quantum coherence seems to be the key target.

  38. Francisco Pagan

    Thanks for the video Anton: 😃I want your answer to a topical question. How possible is it that the volcano 🌋 in Cumbrevieja on La Palma Island, in the Canary Islands 🇮🇨, could collapse part of the island 🏝 and cause a mega-sunami?🌊

  39. shawn mckernan

    I could listen to Anton say quarks bosons and gluons all day.


    One discovery not mentioned was that seedless red grapes and peppermint patties taste awesome together.

  41. Jonathan Riggs

    I would like to see a compilation of all the things you’ve done on water.

  42. Steven Woods

    Whoa thank you sir, I’ll be watching this over a few days but so fat its reallly interesting!

  43. Bsbuster Bsbuster

    Since you started your lengthy compilations, I’ve missed my daily routine of watching your videos before going to bed. Your content is always interesting, but 3 hours is a lot!

    Impatiently waiting for you to go back to the usual.

  44. Exspiravit

    I love these multi hour long videos. I’d rather watch this over t.v any day <3

  45. David Jordan

    Excellent presentation Anton.

  46. Australien

    Now there’s a suprise “something is going on that we don’t understand “.
    Just when I thought we knew it all about everything 😏

  47. Manpreet Singh

    hey Anton thanks a ton my man … got someone as uncultered as me your videos add perspective to my imagination and reality.


    thank you Anton

  49. Deus Salis!

    Hey guys let’s pay even more taxes to save the earth

  50. Zrebbesh

    In the last hundred thousand years or so humanity has learned a lot of important things by banging rocks together. Recently, we’ve been using smaller and smaller rocks, and we’ve had to figure out ways to bang them really, really hard.

  51. Nobody Knows

    QCD? Is that like OCD for Q-Anoners?

  52. Osmosis Jones

    I theorized that neutrinos accounted dark matter and noe mainstream physics have fund a type of neutrino with mass

  53. Van dan

    Poor kid I feel bad he thinks USA went to the Moon everybody knows was filmed in studio

  54. Philip Varner

    Absolutely love these videos Anton! So much content! You have inspired a love of astronomy in me, a lamen, with your clear observations of these complicated reports! Thank you wonderful person!

  55. Prison Planet Earth Compl


  56. Stadtpark90

    1:06:37 Water – A tale of Ice and Ice and Ice and Ice and Ice and Ice… and Water and Water and Water and Water….

  57. Nova

    Petrov, why do you look like a very smart puppy, I don’t know what this means but thank you

  58. Adam Larson

    It’s barely into October…your doing these to fast…slow down…

  59. Nazmanæbbbz

    Just casually gonna drop a video longer than the movie Titanic…k

  60. DevGooD

    No matter how bad this year would be, it brought a lot of scientific discoveries 💥

  61. Dax Jacobson

    A muon @2:57 should be called a fat electron, instead of making up a new word that does not tell you anything.

  62. Gregor Samsa

    almost 4 hours ?

  63. Fenta Null

    I like these long forms

  64. Boskimiszcz007

    4 hours O.o that going to take a while…

  65. David Tuneström

    Haha the spinning background is too much :)

  66. Cliffordlonghead

    Awesome Video Anton

  67. Cliffordlonghead

    Last Video until he come back

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