Major Fast Radio Burst Update – 157 Day Pattern Found!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new analysis of the FRB 121102 whose pattern has just been found!
Image Credit: Kristi Mickaliger

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  1. Cool Breeze

    We don’t know that it’s not aliens.

  2. Big Mac

    Ok, I’m just gonna say it. ALIENS!

  3. Ильдар Бикбаев


  4. Stuart Graham

    I’m not one to jump to conclusions but it’s most definitely maybe aliens

  5. MC's Creations

    Fantastic, they believed it!
    Bean me up, Scotty! 😬

  6. Chris Myers

    Galactic Empire

  7. Steven Martinez

    Of course it’s a a message

  8. Haim Ben Avraham

    We know Aliens. But, it’s not them.

  9. Phaze 254

    For all we know it could be our future trying to contact us. Just never know 🤷🏻‍♂️😬

  10. Imperial Dovahkiin

    Could it be aliens telling us to stop blaring our loud radio and TV stations onto their peaceful planet?


    It’s Tom Cruise’s Scientology ship, reminding him he’s late for dinner and to get his spacefaring ass back to Andromeda, ASAP! Fun time in his human receptacle is over.

  12. Iain Harrison

    I wonder if a highly elliptical orbit between a larger and smaller body may explain some of the regular bursts. Don’t quote me on that though, I’m just an interested amateur! We’ve observed a small black hole orbiting around a larger one, dipping in and out of the larger hole’s accretion disc, but I can’t recall if there was an FRB associated with it.

  13. D H

    Anton serious talk try dmt ask ur chemist buddies to hook you up., Your brain produces it, plants are the key to unlocking a different form of temporary consciousness, then tell us about your experience, maybe you can see the universe the way Giordano Bruno did

  14. Rose Diddy No Relation


  15. watermelons

    Now I’m not saying it is aliens but it is definitely intelligent extraterrestrial life

  16. Lock Zilla

    very probably magnetars. they are 2nd to black holes. their fields so strong just getting close your atoms gets striped away from you

  17. Nick DeSaint

    Can an FRB piggyback on a magnetic wave or light? And does an FRB have a thermalspectrum signature?

  18. The Lab of No Return

    If this was me I’m sorry

  19. The B's Nest movies

    I got a.i.d.s…. alien intelligence distress signal

  20. Merl Jan

    Hello Wonderful Anton,Howdy from Johannesburg, South Africa, My 1st time commenting on any of your Videos and I’ve watched a ton 🙃🤪🤫 , Thank you so much for the enlightening content . I’ve learnt so much and wonderful people like you help wonderful persons like me 😁 to indulge in thoughts and theories that would only ever exist in my head. You make it all real ☺. Onwards and Upwards. MJ

  21. DMT Donuts

    Okay well theres another planet with iphones

  22. antwan1357

    Too many , possibilities .

  23. thepeff

    Damn. Anyone else hoping it was aliens?

  24. Oat lord

    Dammit, just once I want it to be “aliens”.

  25. Nigon Kouk

    6.5 gigahertz for only 50 milliseconds doesn’t seem that interesting, sounds like some kind of interference or side effect of something natural like an exploding planet or similar.

  26. Sammy Smith

    Wow, 157 days, what a lazy aliens

  27. Evan Clayson

    Anton, glad you’re covering this.
    But we really don’t ‘know’ much of anything about the cosmos, one way or the other. We’ve barely left the solar system, and solar orbiters are currently rewriting what we thought we knew about the star right next to us. Astronomy is a highly intelligent, extremely complex guessing game. Until we’re able to validate our hypotheses through direct observation, we won’t really know whether what we think we know is accurate.

  28. Ninjas Be Like

    Its aliens, for sure.

  29. Ron Rachowicz

    It is aliens, trying to contact us using Spacebook…

  30. Torben Nielsen

    I bet its a deathstar firing its main weapon

  31. Whited Out

    if there are repetitions, it’s a natural law, or ĄŁĮƏѧ

  32. Amanda Marshall

    If its aliens it’s so far in the past they might be extinct anyway.

  33. Giltr0y

    That’s borderline clickbait

  34. SassePhoto

    Radio astronomers will tell you that most signals are a complete mystery to decipher – we have no clue

  35. Roger Wilco

    I hope the Aliens bring back Elvis

  36. shivan30


  37. Bilbo Baggins

    radio waves are the most inefficient way to to shoot messages thousands upons thousands of light years away.

  38. MAGI CLAW!

    Also shake a drunk and he will see the vibrations as his eyes wobble.

  39. tskcthulhu

    You lost me when you said not aliens…

  40. magicsinglez

    Aliens can’t hear our radio signals. .no way. . . If they were looking at us, all they could detect would be the radiation emanating from our sun and the planets in our system. . And we can’t hear their signals. . . .but if we built a really powerful receiver. . .say. . . 200 times more powerful and accurate than the ones we are using now. . . It’s possible we could detect alien radio signals broadcast light years away.

  41. rev.c.russell

    The minute FRB were found to be repeating the prime candidates were collapsing magnetic fields.

  42. Dave Hebert

    What I’d like to know is if the FRB is a cyclic event from the same source? That’s what I’d be searching for, personally.

  43. Sagittarius A *

    Why aliens?
    Light moves at…light speed. Just what would they be communicating over these distances?

  44. Retro86

    I think its Aliens and there sending some kind of signals out to see if there is anything out there.

  45. wpherigo1

    I’m just waiting for you to make joke videos that are actually “scientific discoveries” that part of the plots of movies.

  46. Hoots

    I am Canadian (live about 10 hour drive from the observatory) you said CHIME correctly. Chime like the bell chime.

  47. Pat Bluetree

    Hello wonderful Aliens!

  48. B

    I’m sold on the manscaped lawnmower trimmer

  49. Bluebuthappy182

    A repeating signal :-) … is it Alie oh OK it’s not Aliens :-(

  50. 2nd_place

    Definitely aliens.

  51. coinringsuk

    FRB videos always make me think aliens just like when you something shiny and it is not a coin

  52. Manas Mondal

    It’s not alien but we don’t know what causing them.
    Aliens: all hard work goes in vain

  53. Metaldetecting tube world

    If i was an more evolved specie …
    I would make a powerplant of it .
    A dyson generator 😉.
    Encasing it with a copperwire , and voila endless ENERGY.
    Grtz johny geerts

  54. theNuclearNixons

    “Magnetar.” Sounds like a pokemon.

  55. Locust Valley

    Your content is amazing

  56. Berry Bestfarmer

    Hello wonderful Anton. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  57. 0pyrophosphate0

    In addition to all the bad news 2020 has brought us, there has also been a whole lotta important discoveries in astronomy. Not aliens yet, though.

  58. crAZy American

    We believe in looking for alien artifacts around our solar system, but we don’t believe in aliens,wtf,lmao.. cA

  59. That's a Toilet

    Bro they’re trying to speak to us… :-|

  60. Unpopular Popular Opinion

    Georgio Tsuokalos is having a conniption right now.

  61. Deadric

    Sorry I clicked off the video as soon as I heard ” its not aliens” still love the channel though keep the videos coming.

  62. Locust Valley

    Anton would you potentially please make a video exploring UAP/UFO phenomenon?

  63. UnKleFreaKy

    Thank you, Alien.. I mean.. Anton.

  64. Imagine A World

    What stRs are the most likely to become a visible supernova from earth?
    In orher words, if we are to witness a nova what stRs would they most likely be?

  65. L A

    Thanks and keep it up! Lookin forward to learning what it really it is

  66. Vikingteez

    I just want it to be aliens looking for us friends🤗

  67. Hotrod Sonu London

    Keep on scratching the surface, Anton I love your videos 😍 thanks.

  68. cream cheese

    Is it true you can send signals through hydrogen? If so, is there any technology available to do that?

  69. BlueRooster76

    Thank you for the videos Anton! I’ve been following for some time now and learn more about our universe than I ever could have expected! I will become a patreon subscriber soon enough to show my support! Thanks again!

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  71. KSP-Crafter

    ” … today we know that it’s definitely not aliens … ”
    Sorry Anton, but that conclusion is really unscientific as long as we don’t know the cause at all! 😎

  72. Science Fellow

    Weldone Anton for uploading daily 👍 Being a YouTuber myself, I know how difficult this task is 👍

  73. F D

    As always súper interesting Anton. Thank you. One question: Could the magnetar emission fall back at the giant companion, feeding itself again?

  74. Mephistahpheles

    Alien 1: I’ve tried getting through to customer service EVERY day!
    Alien 2: They were outsourced to Earth
    Alien 1: *

  75. Anceru

    we need that delicious alien technology. infinite lifespan, instant teleportation, mind upload and dyson sphere pls

  76. John D

    IMHO; the best content on youtube!! Wonderful youtuber :D Thanks for this awesome channel!

  77. Pup314

    FRB = FuRBies!

  78. moed al garny

    its the alien in area 51 friends 🤦‍♂️ goddamitt they found us and they gonna kick our butts

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  80. Htos 1av

    Plasma based electromagnetic effects similar to how we build x-ray emitters for science/medicine.

  81. Danny Boyo

    Dont answer it…it came from Samus…

  82. Nate D.

    “We know it’s not aliens….” yeah, but it’s aliens….lol

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    Me every time: Is it aliens? Tell me it’s aliens!

  84. Sergio T

    As soon as I heard “Not Aliens” I lost interest 🤣

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  86. Kyle Kissack

    Wow weee…Reeeee well back to the endless calculations and observation thanks Anton!

  87. John Irby

    Reruns of “Get Smart”.

  88. jonathan bell

    It’s Spock

  89. Silas Dense

    I look forward to future research on this.
    Thank you, again for taking the time to entertain & educate.

  90. The Vanilla Godzilla

    Anton – you are a wonderful person. You make me feel smart.🌠🌐🌜

  91. BattonFive

    Is it possible that it is like a capacitor that charges to a peak level then releases the fast burst to take 16 days to recharge to emit again? it kinda seems as probable for that to occur as it is probable the object is being obscured…does anyone know if math says both are possible?

  92. Rich Mitch

    How’s your hydro lettuce?

  93. Sam Harper

    Can’t it just be aliens?

  94. Unpopular Popular Opinion

    “Definitely not Aliens”….me: welp, no need to finish watching.

  95. Carmine Gangemi

    Can’t we just say that it’s aliens…. Like really big aliens that live far, far away.

  96. Scott Cole

    You all are cracking me up with the “Just say it’s Aliens!” Comments 🤣🤣🤣

  97. Hortensia delosSantos

    I agree, sorry it’s not ET calling. But, are you sure? Can’t we still hope? Thanks, Anton.

  98. Vinay N

    The pattern is Morse code for “Hello Anton wonderful person” : I think you must have many non human subscribers.

  99. Nick Diamond

    The famous “wow” signal of 1977 would be the “wtf” signal in today’s world.

  100. Margaret Hart

    It’s not Aliens but we have no idea what’s causing them”

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