Magnetic Reception in Cells Filmed, Seems to be Quantum in Nature

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an interesting study that investigates the idea of magnetoreception in animals
Main press release:
Main paper:
Papers and images used:!divAbstract

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  1. Unreal Realist

    And again, on today’s episode of: Science finds out stuff esoterics knew for millennia

  2. matyourin

    Since 30 years I know that when I am travelling and sleep in a foreign bed, I can close my eyes, concentrate and know how I should be oriented if I were home. And since I know that my bed home heads east, I can always tell where east is. With some practice I am even able to do this anytime, just close my eyes and imagine to be in bed and I feel where my head should be – and that is east.

  3. Kenneth Rivenes

    This explains all the magnets on my fridge.

  4. illLuision

    These Bacteria remind me of the Star Wars Medichlorians.

  5. Kevin Byrne

    2:26 — The Earth’s magnetic field reverses polarity roughly every 200,000 years.

  6. rocklobster1976

    Right on
    I still feel its cry4 signals being processed right at the optic chasm, like how bright light is while your sleeping . But much like the pigeons, I’d be both surprised and not so surprised to hear bacteria triggered the cry 4.

  7. Jeremy Taylor

    I thought i.had a magnetic personality. But it was just a Quantum Interference pattern.

  8. Andrew Berger

    one of my friends from highschool could tell without fail which way was north within a couple degrees, he claims its a family trait that runs in his metis family.

  9. oldschoolman 144

    Well that explains my magnetic personality. =)

  10. Emmanuel Weinman

    okay, you’ve called me a wonderful person enough to get me to subscribe. love your videos, and i would love talking science and life with you ❤️

  11. 1488SIG

    I’ve been testing my dog if he shits to the south and north

  12. Michael Charles

    I feel the magnetic field of the Galactic Core.

  13. Karla

    1:35. stray dogs keep pooping and pissing on my car. my car is magnetic. Wow 😅

  14. Pranjal

    There’s so much bullshit on internet, sometimes its hard to find what’s true. I give you a figure of confidence of 0.52 at 99th percentile its bullshit.

  15. Jason Gary Brits

    I wonder if scientists will ever find mediclorians🤔

  16. Ray Parker

    I always wondered how ducks and geese knew what way to fly in fall and spring.

  17. Ray Parker

    Thank you, I enjoy this channel, you answer questions and explain in a way a common man like me can understand. Thank you. Ray

  18. Darrell Turner

    No wonder when I’ve wondered off into dense Australian bush I’ve always found my way out.
    The magnetic pull of a sandwich.

  19. Mr Ape

    The discoveries in quantum biology in recent years are fascinating. Maybe one day quantum links to the nature of intelligence and consciousness will be found, making the human mind even more special.

  20. Brian Pan

    Karen: “Thus Anton Petrov proves that 5G causes Covid!”

  21. Zachary Hutchison

    For some reason your voice in this video is rattling the hell out of my TV

  22. TheBludgutz

    Midichlorians confirmed, I knew I was a Jedi!!!

  23. Daryl Brown

    Imagine being lost and hungry in a very large forest in the park all day, then all of a sudden 1 of your magnetoelectric senses tells you smmmm ahhhh ,BBQ and beers, follow that scent!!!!!

  24. SteamyEngine

    Do you want to feel the magnetic fields?
    Me: looking at all the electronics around me ….

  25. Digi ViChi

    We are all that that is or ever was and shall be.
    Finally, They said i was crazy !

  26. Otpyrc Ralph Pierre

    I can always find Anton’s video’s because he has such a Magnetic Personality.
    Now I know why.
    Oh, and subscribing helps, too…..

  27. George s

    That fluorescence time lapse looks like there is a lot of photobleaching which makes the intensity decrease over time.

  28. Nemencio Ras

    I just wonder how many people sence directions in terms of east-north-west-south, instead of left-right-forward-backward.

  29. Killercow Man

    I wonder if MRI side effects are related to this

  30. Morty Sanchez

    Um, actually
    Humans have more than 5 senses
    So the phrase “6th sense” is misleading

  31. Scott Ranger

    I know humans possess this ability because I’ve been in places where magnetic fields are displaced and felt directional disoriented

  32. Andrew Mayo

    Aparently foxes align their pounces with the magnetic field

  33. Lucas Siccardi

    This is the most interesting video I ever seen on this channel and one of the most interesting in my experience in general.

  34. David Clare

    Thank you for the rotating the earth not on its axis and with Africa “upside-down” at the end of the video. This is another example of how this channel teaches us to questions the way way think!

  35. Daniel Downs

    So if we can slow molecular break down with intense magnetic fields that would mean we could live longer? Or would this be considered time travel?

  36. Bruce Tutty

    Now i understand why i spend so much time orbiting inside the supermarket. Overloaded ancient hunting sense.

  37. chemical mike

    The “quantum food field”.., PMSLROTFLMAO!! Sorry Anton, but watching you describe such a thing with a straight face makes it all the more amusing! XD!!

  38. M Frusciante

    Em sensitive bacteria huh. That’s interesting. Human body relies heavily on bacteria, specifically in the gut, which some call the second brain.

  39. Wayne Harrison

    In outback Australia, this phenomenon is known as the pub finder effect.🍺🧲😋

  40. SiGNe

    There is a lot of iron in blood, shouldn’t that have some effect too?

  41. Capt Trinity

    According to Anton everything is wonderful. I’ve come to agreement with this

  42. Chubby Moth

    That was enlightening. Thanks Anton!

  43. Rik

    The press release that you provided includes “Earth’s very weak magnetic field could still have a biologically important influence due to a phenomenon known as the low field effect. Although strong magnetic fields make it difficult for radical pairs to switch between states in which the two electron spins are the same and states in which they are different, weak magnetic fields can have the opposite effect and make the switch easier than when there is no magnetic field.”

  44. Bildgesmythe

    So this explains the human instinct to apply fridge magnets, it’s to find our food in the dark. 😃

  45. Baleur

    I promise you 100% that our brains and very conciousness has a quantum nature as well.

  46. R Carmisin

    It don’t matter how many episodes i watch, that smile in the end always makes me chuckle. You can’t fight it.

  47. Feral Cyborg Gaming

    Sounds like midichlorians. Use the force to find the sandwich!

  48. Jared Boyes

    Here’s the big question: What direction would a dog face if it pooped on Mars? Would it just spin in circles?
    I seriously want to know.

  49. AppNasty

    The magnetosphere pulled me to this channel.

  50. Nunna Beeznes

    I just use my GPS when I’m hungry. More reliable than magnetic fields

  51. Frisbieinstein

    5% isn’t “much slower.” Also, slowing down a reaction doesn’t give you the direction of the field so it would be useless.

  52. Kento

    There is nothing cuter than Anton saying “pooping.”

  53. David Kempton

    “Pigeons – some love ’em, some hate ’em, I’m kinda in the middle.
    The I KNOW what you’re covered in, dude!🙈🙉🙊

  54. Daniel Keene

    Pigeons are flying rats with an incredible sense of direction.

  55. Vermin Killah

    Here is something weird. For as long as I can remember, I always have sleep with my head north and feet pointing south.

  56. pebbleoverpond

    I’m leaning on iron in the blood cells aligning with the earths magnetic field much like the alignments in core samples taken away from the mid Atlantic ridge

  57. Timothy Henderson

    I like to think of cymatics, the study of visualizing sound, and compare those principles to the world around me. How sound structures matter. There’s an unbelievable amount of forces that come together to make things work. Nikola Tesla’s famous words “if you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” not a direct quote but, you know.
    Energy comes in many forms and is the driving force behind movement, frequency meaning the ability to control and manipulate that energy and vibration that causes changes like thermodynamics, cooling and heating of particles of matter and even changing the density of matter. The things we could do with simple machines if we really understood how these forces work and interact with each other.
    I believe something like the great pyramids could have been possible with a device used to vibrate giant blocks of stone to a certain frequency making them in tune with the force of gravity to make the stone virtual weightless.

  58. Erik Mikkelsaar

    So its basically akin to the ability of ‘the pilgrams’ from the movie “Wing Commander”, able to locate and navigate quasar travel haha

  59. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    You could hypothetically release a pigeon anywhere on Earth and it will crap on my car.

  60. there is no place 4 u in

    Scarab finds it’s den walking backwards with it’s head on the ground. With very high precision. Extreme precision even. Mega extreme precision.

  61. artkaboom

    Well, that explains everything.

  62. Carl Barrett

    I can find snacks using a magnetic field, no problem! 😋

  63. maria pappas

    I have the power to find a sandwich by going to my refrigerator

  64. Simon Sozzi

    Talk about a “gut feeling”! 🤔🤯

  65. sanjuansteve

    The natural first (Occam’s) assumption to explain how or why a particle like a photon (or electron, etc) might behave as an uncertain location particle while also like a polarizable axial or helical wave “packet”, given that everything in the universe from electrons to solar systems are in orbit with something else pulling them into polarizable axial or helical apparent waves depending on the orientation of their orbits as they travel thru space, and given that we know we’re in a sea of undetectable dark matter but don’t know where it’s disbursed, is that they’re in orbit with an undetectable dark matter particle pulling them into polarizable axial or helical apparent waves as they travel where the speed of their orbit determines the wavelength and the diameter is the amplitude which would explain the double slit, uncertainty, etc.

  66. Financial Interferometry

    “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter” Master Yoda. If you want to put this to the test get carless with electricity like I did and wind up on the receiving end of CPR.

  67. Bob in the West

    How does the magnetic field know where his sandwich is?

  68. Joe Blunts

    Anton.. you’re the best my favorite space channel thank you so much

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    Gotta poop with a compass just to see how it feels.

  70. Duncan Taylor

    Now I know however drunk you are, you always get home!

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    Imagine being so salty that you can’t feel the EM field that you dislike this wonderful person’s wonderful video.

  72. Zachary Fingliss

    Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained Anton!

  73. Benjamin Richard

    Wow there is still so much we don’t know

  74. Vcat417 one word

    Such a wonderful view on love to pigeons – “I’m somewhere in the middle” ;-)

  75. James

    Anton, thank you so much for informing the world about all the amazing sciences and discoveries happening in our lifetime. It is truly a wonderful time to be alive. It’s obvious you are working hard. Stay strong and carry on.

  76. DeKrampus 11111

    I wonder if this explains why I puke my guts out, when I get an MRI?

    Silly me….That’s just the thought of the cost of the upcoming lab bill.

  77. Erick Rodriguez

    “A hungry person was able to find the location sandwich using the clues of nothing else but the magnetic field” wow 👏🏽 😂 sounds like a superpower to me!

  78. Shaun Lee

    wonders what that creepy feeling was in the dark. just magnetism. rerouting to fridge

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    Cricky, this is beautiful. I bet Sir Roger Penrose is pumped with the indications here for quantum activity in human physiology.

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    This is MIND BLOWING!!! 🤯 Love your videos and for keeping us up to date in a way anyone can understand. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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