Magnetic Field Of Earth Weakened Even More And We Don’t Know Why

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the new discovery that suggests the magnetic field of our planet has weakened quite a lot over the last few years.
Press release and the study:

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    Hello wonderful Anton this is person :) I recently found your channel and I love it. Keep it up

  2. Vox Deus

    Seems like a good experiment. Some powerful magnets at a LaGrange point are in order.

  3. Scott West

    Isn’t the sun going into a solar minimum tho

  4. B F

    CNN Breaking News: “Earth’s magnetic field weakening, humanity is doomed. Orange Man Bad at fault.”

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    2020 are your fricking serious?!

  6. Nathan M.

    NASA had satellites measuring earth’s magnetic field 200 years ago?! Color me impressed!

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    It’s great to live right under the huge dark blue spot hahaha

  8. W Riches

    “Global Warming” says Gore ᛃ

  9. jadegecko

    Uh, what? It’s caused by the Earth’s magnetic field being slightly off center. The SAA is where the center of the field is furthest from the Earth’s surface, so the field’s a bit weaker there. Certainly interesting, but hardly a mystery

  10. Manj Sher

    Happy to say my compass never wonders… Ever!

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    First thing that I Thought of is over the last 50 years.the deforestation, and burning over this exact location..something to think about

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    Oh boy skin cancer yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!

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    I though it was because we are in such a low solar minimum right now

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    5:25 This is pretty , looks like an all seeing eye

  15. Oikku Oek

    When you combine the maps of destroyed Rain Forests, melted ice caps, the ozone layer, and the magnetic field, you should see a pattern emerging.

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    I was waiting so much for a video on this topic from you

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    perfect timing. ecosphere collapse, magnetosphere collapse, spacex … time to leave this loser planet

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    As if 2020 wasnt a bad enough year now we got this

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    Always good stuff and great explanations. Thank you Anton!

  20. ethograb

    Alright everybody it’s time for stellar engineering! Big thermo nuclear electro-magnet at the Lagrange point (if it’s possible)!

  21. galaxy

    if we wanted to replace waning magnetic field, theoretically how much energy it takes to create protective artificial magnetic field

  22. deee dawwwggg

    they should put on a magnetic field tax similar to co2 tax. this will help mitigate the problem.

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    there are too many things happening this year

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    Thankfully life should remain as usual 😅 I live in Rio de Janeiro, so I was watching this video with my eyes peeled

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    5g interference, human technology is having an effect on the magnetic field of the planet, its the theory that came first to my mind, are we causing this ??? Probably

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    To All those who have posted in here with Humour of various kinds Thank You 🙏 you have renewed my faith in humanity that when the shit hits the fan we can still crack a few gags and laugh about it. Reading the comments in here is as entertaining as watching my missus trying to start the lawnmower 😜

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    4:10 Nice to hear it , I live right in the middle of that area

  31. Bill Crawford

    Geologists have 165 million years of magnetic records. Paleomagnetist use the patterns of reversals and excursions to place in time core samples which were taken from the sea floor. Very interesting use of the cryogenic magnetometer.

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    I love u brother you got this! Keep your dreams alive! We got u!

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    Thanks Anton. This was really interesting

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    I just will have a hard time adjusting to maps when they’re flipped.

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    Thank you for pointing out the fact that it is not settled science.

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    More cosmic rays!
    Mutant gene alterations coming in.
    I can feel In my bones.
    Trex man mutant here come! 🐲

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    Great video!♥️ I love your content!

  38. Holden Robbins

    The Suspicious0bserver channel has covered the why on this for years. The solar cycles and the Earths field are connected. Sun is going into a super minimum, and possibly also in the process of starting to be affected by the galactic wave. The cycle occurs roughly every 12,000 years coinciding with major geological/valcanic events.

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    Good vid and not stretched to reach the 10min mark. Good job !

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    Earth magnetic field with all the ‘mini’ poles is exactly how we see spots on the sun, we have earthspots

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    2020: this isn’t even my final form!

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    Anton at the end of the Universe: Well, that’s pretty much it.

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    You have a fantastic ability to bring interesting and technical education in an understandable format.
    More power to you.

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    My question : do we have a scenario of such kind of anomaly in any other part except In reverse

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    Shaking off the fleas.

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    I’m hedging my bets, gonna start collecting acorns in case of another ice age and digging an underground bunker in case of solar radiation and decreased atmospheric protection 😂👍🏽

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    What weather effects can happen and could it effect ocean currents

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    2019 was the best year of my life, 2020? Still in progress

  50. MC's Creations

    I guess my experiments with the infinity stones should be the reason for this weakening over South America. Sorry. 😬

  51. H D

    Maybe the sun is stripping away some elements that form the magnetic field… maybe it’s just a normal phase of the planet’s fluid metal core fluctuating in shape…

  52. Frank Pitts

    If I can’t immediately change or effect something, I just don’t worry about it. It’s wasted energy and time to fret over something you can’t do anything about. We live, we die, it’s a natural cycle. I spend my time and energy on the things I can change and work on. This is definitely not one of them.

  53. Waify

    The galactic magnetic sheet is reeking havoc on our magnetosphere and academia’s consistent refusal to accept evidence leads to this

  54. TheElectricOrigins

    South Atlantic magnetic anomaly – a mysterious place above the Earth where the Earths magnetic field acts strangely.
    Also, according to geology and astronomy this is due to something very strange in our planet or in its core. Because it could not be caused by anything else?
    A new study to Earths magnetic field measurements stored in the remains of huts burned over the last 1000 years in South Africa has revealed that the Earths magnetic field under the South Atlantic anomaly has been doing strange things.
    Or does it have nothing to do with Earths magnetic reversals, as geology and science is desperately looking for any mechanism that might explain this bizarre phenomenon?
    Could the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly and Earths magnetic reversals be due to the Earths electric environment in an Electric Universe?
    If electromagnetic stuff is going the other way at the South Atlantic anomaly then is this another part of the electromagnetic circuit of our solar system and the Sun?

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    Who knows. Perhaps thie pandemic was supposed to prepare us for being homebound during a period of a pole ” flip “.

    Thanks Anton ( I think 😬 )

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    Then raise a few more clips,
    When the magnetosphere dips,
    And the North Pole flips…

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    Oh, I know this one… the magnetic field caught a cough and is currently self-isolating.

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    Interesting that this is coinciding with the occurance of the grand solar minimum. I wonder if they are connected in some way?

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    The Magnetic pole reversal may be what is happening..

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    As the Magnetosphere moves, so moves the Van Allen Belt. Thus protection from radiation. Hopefully a Solar Flare won’t hit us with our guard down.

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    _Earth’s magnetic field returns to full strength_

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    It was neat how this was found. Low level orbit unshielded satellites loosing connectivity.

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    Don’t know why? Ever heard of solar cycles and the grand solar minimum we’re in? Y’all better get ready for some earth changes.

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    There’s an easy way to create an artificial magnetic field – simply run a bundle of cables throughout the surface of the planet and electrify them like a big electromagnet. Problem is it’s stupidly expensive, would require global cooperation (good luck EVER getting that to happen), and would require a perfectly reliable power source. So it’s not in any way realistic despite being the easiest way to do this.

    So, if it were ever to come down to this, we are royally fucked.

  90. wms72

    Thanks for being honest enough to admit, “We don’t know how the magnetic field is formed in the Earth. These theories are just our best guesses.”

  91. MrKillswitch88

    What does make me wonder how well our regular everyday tech would hold up should there be a reversal much less any other affects. I know that satellites are likely to fail due to currents being induced as what Hubble experienced.

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