Magnetic Cataclysm 42000 Years Ago May Have Caused Extinction

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery that suggests 42000 years ago the magnetic field of Earth may have caused a major extinction event
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Image credit: Finlay et al., Earth, Planets and Space volume 72, 156 (2020), NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Paul Pettitt, Gobierno de Cantabria
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  1. Andy Man

    magnetic excursion wipes out Neanderthals, but leaves Koalas intact – yeah, right, sure thing, whatever you say

  2. Ken Van de Burgt

    42 in binary is lololo. Douglas Adam’s Computer is having a belly laugh.

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    I want to know if the penguins swim to the other pole when it flips!

  4. The Kiosk

    We actually do have an idea what causes these excursion events. I retract my first comment.

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    Good to see mainstream science finally acknowledging the magnetic extinction cycles.

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    How do you make a magnetic field..? Electric Currents.

  10. jbelme1

    The ancient Indians here in Louisiana used red ochre(hematite) pigment. I love finding bits of ochre and sometimes we find the course stone they ground it on, still covered in red. The site was out of use 2500 years ago.

  11. Rick Farwell

    Climate change, but not our fault, it might explain current conditions.

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    Well, since Australia was in the crosshairs last time, hopefully the next time we’ll be fine…we hope 🤞🏼🤞🏼

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    50nt dipole at SEL1, FTW!

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    Have you heard about phantom DNA? Check it out.

  15. BSB333

    Everyone should read up on all of the research regarding Neanderthal dna and covid-19. It is very interesting for a couple of reasons.

  16. Matthew Krimes

    Wouldn’t we see radiation effects in the bones of the Neanderthal bodies found???

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    Invest in ocean liner stocks.

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    Anton Petrov in what city do you live?

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    If it happened today I think our politicians will drop dead.

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    Thanks for another great vid, Great Person

  21. Lisa Rand

    Yes, this happened.I see more scientific people being interested in this event and giving it more attention.

  22. Richard Orsulich

    The extinction of the mega fauna in NZ is directly related to the arrival of maori

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    I would like to see some of those 42k year old trees…

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    Really scary stuff.

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    I’ve been saying this for years. Since we discovered the old flip in pottery

  34. Alex Bowman

    The Neanderthals may have had less babies in hard times, just like lions do now, whereas Sapiens had babies anytimes hence more babies and eventually outbred them.

  35. Keto•tic

    Excursion event you say? Ok, then I shall go ahead and add it to my 2021 Bingo card. It will be between Asteroid Impact and Civil War, just below Supervolcano Eruption and right above Hostile Alien Contact. Cheers!

  36. Acecharly ishere

    Maybe something very magnetic passed close by and it warped the magnetic field for a short while.

  37. THX 1138

    Makes sense…The Earth’s magnetic field went haywire and the Neanderthals all starved to death when they couldn’t find their sandwiches :(

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    so that how they become cavemen

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    P l a n e t a r y
    S h i e l d i n g

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    Anton’s channel has gone the way of the ‘science section’ of the National Inquirer in the past few weeks.

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    I wondered when you would reference this seriously. I feel it has started. & it’s down by more than 10%… The South American anomaly is down by 30% & more..

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    This is cool, all the humans are gonna die :-)

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    Artificial magnetic field? Can’t wait to find out more.

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    Very educational.

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    Thank you for your research : so informative and fascinating. On apparr with Ravin Mohan !!! Wonderful

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    Hi Anton, I love your Tshirt. I used to fly one of those. Where can I get one just like yours please?

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    I have to say Anton that this flies in the face of the ‘gradualism’ theory we’re all taught…doesn’t it?

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    Brian Forester would love to see this video

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    lol trying to shoe-horn 2021 “science” into older studies.

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    I’m glad that a scientific phenomenon is named after Douglas Adams. Even if it is cataclysmic.

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    Wonders if there has been a magnetic anomaly around Bermuda?

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    Tinfoil on the head is not just for alien invasions

  55. Wtf! Am I actually right?

    13:46 lol. 😕 😆

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    That means we already survived magnetic excursion event 40000 years ago

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    With some people being sensitive to magnetic fields, it’s going to become planet of the apes out there.

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    Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.

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    The south will rise again! ☠️😳☠️

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    Thank you Wonderful Person. ps: Maybe exposure to severe radiation during Excursion Event turned Neanderthals into Yeti??? Ha ha joking.

  61. Leon

    I have a theory that magnetic shifts happen from the spinning heavy metal lava in the core that are affected by solar storm radiation that encourages the spinning of the core.

  62. pheno hunter

    It Fry’s our DNA makes our life span shorter

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    Artificial magnetic field. Thanks guys

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    this could wreck electronic devices on land also destroy agriculture? if so, it would be an apocalyptic scenario in the modern era, billions of deaths

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    Thanks for easing my anxiety at the end there you’re the best Anton.

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    I’m 43 now and I can definitely attest to 42 being a doozy!

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    Wouldn’t the major effect of the UV be strongest in the tropics?

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    Yes we do know Anton…
    SuspiciousObservers on YouTube explains it well… Take a look…

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    Neanderthals also used red ochre as body paints and for “religious” purposes and in burrials.

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    Anton I need the video about creating artificial magnetic fields. Thanks👍🏽

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    Events like this should really drive home how insignificant we are, to me it shows how life is just another universal system that can be taken away as it develops.

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    The Neanderthals left the planet riding dolphins at that time……singing “So long and thanks for all the fish”.

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    Other recent research seems to imply Neanderthals remained well into the last iceage, even to 10000yrs ago.

  93. Jack Savage

    So the whole planet is walking the green mile I take it.

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    Kali Yuga, nature’s way. The red paint used to mark the spiraling magnetic field that would be visible with matter in motion along the flux lines.

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    We still got a bit of Neanderthal’s DNA, so… I hope we don’t get extinct soon. 😬

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    Everyone knows it was the Engineers who realised that they’d made a mistake and they dropped some alien goo on Earth to correct it.

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