Luyten’s Planet Might Be Habitable, Radio Signal Sent, ETA 2042

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent analysis of a planet called Luyten’s b located very close to our solar system and the signal we sent there.
Sonar Calling event:

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  1. Hephen Stawking

    What kind of life might evolve on a tidally locked “eyeball” water world? No circadian rhythms? Would they sleep at all? What weather and climate patterns would they need to cope with? How far into the icy dark side would life penetrate?

  2. Hohmann Transfer Window W

    No, you’re wonderful!
    A great vid, as always!

    Oh, and as a sidenote – that’s another Youtuber who legit looks like he has a twin brother that works at our company. We got a security officer who’s a spitting image of Joerg Sprave, and now we got a guy in the kitchens who looks like Anton’s twin)) NOICE!

  3. Dianaranda123

    If no reply, time to send a colony ship :P

  4. miriam

    Yours is one of the few channels, where I put a thumbs up as soon as I click on a video! Because I just know it’ll be awesome and exciting

  5. Visual_Vexing

    I wanted to know what the message in the signal was.

  6. ArroCoda

    Wait I’ve seen this movie


    Anton I need some contact information for you and tr3b please reply immediately

  8. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    Actually I used to live there…look guys place is a dump s nothing to do just stay away trust me !

    Ok but seriously wouldn’t it be cool if we found a “Friendly” curious civilization that was similar in tech level to us ? We would communicate in 25 year cycles. We ask them a question and it takes almost 25 years for the answer to come back to us. I think it would be amazing to grow with another civilization.

  9. DR.NEGA

    you need to watch the expanse from amazon prime…it has star citizen vibe

  10. Naamã dos Santos Silva

    I hope they sent “Hey,where the green women at?”.

  11. Jeffrey Golish

    Could there be any land on the ocean side?

  12. Aura oD

    How do you find time too upload so much don’t get me wrong I love it but I don’t want you to drain urself out and not enjoy urself ❤️

  13. tsopmocful

    Unfortunately, the highly advanced trilobites there are still in the stone age.

  14. Alex Pan

    at this point, when there is a habitable planet with life on it, we will never know

  15. JohnF76


    Alien: “OK BOOMER”

  16. TheMSS1977

    That planet is Madness!!

  17. Kebra des Bois

    How comes it is not a matter of public choice when it comes to send such message, no matter how low are the chances of intelligence life up there…

  18. CCCP sat1

    What i worry about the most is the morals of alien life. What if they’re extremly hostile and just really inteligent predators?

  19. AretusAlen Are

    It’s fun and all until you find out that we haven’t even landed on Mars.

  20. Michael18599

    In 2043 we will pick up a signal: “We have analyzed your planet and detected the presence of oil. Prepare to be liberated.”

  21. Richard Sleep

    That’s really interesting and well presented, great stuff, thanks Anton.

  22. Silverfirefly1

    It’s usually the herbivores that rise to sentience, look for a planet with an atmosphere that is mostly flatulence.

  23. BerkeleyX

    Another question for Anton: Humans have invented the term “dark matter” to account for all that mass that we cannot detect in the “observable universe.” How does the recent discovery of a preponderance of brown dwarfs (now detectable throughout the universe) change that equation? Better question: from today’s perspective, can you just bring us through the arithmetic of the total mass of the universe?

  24. sssneaky

    This world might be like the one from The Fifth Element when they go on holiday!

  25. Robo Dobo

    I love you Antwon. And as always:🦸‍♂️ Thank you for your work🙌🤟👍👌

  26. TheMSS1977

    Anton is the ‘Cosmic Bomb!’

  27. shkunk1

    Does anybody else think that it’s a really bad idea to give away our position by broadcasting a powerful directional radio signal?

  28. Chief Jericho

    Even if there is someone living on that planet willing to communicate with us it is extremely unlikely to be an immediate reply since they have to translate an alien language sufficiently enough not just to understand what’s in it but to formulate a reply.

  29. The DORUK

    We all what this means fellow Stellaris enthusiasts!

    *Lets Be Xenophobic*

  30. DR.NEGA

    by doing so…conseratives gonna flee to mars …not my concern they flee..good riddance for them

  31. Chris Montgomery

    They’re already here.

  32. D.E.Sorvin.

    Just a guess but wont radieo signals degrade in the diffrent radiation regions in space eg the plazma field around the sol system ect.

  33. dillon shane

    SPACE WAR IN 2044

  34. mike mc

    Imagine for some unknown reason the radio waves turned into Death Ray’s and fried all life on that planet.. oops

  35. I’m already Sans Undertal

    What to eat?

  36. Raptor302

    Humans: It might be habitable! Waiting for a reply. 😊

    Alien T-Rex:

  37. Mark Ross

    Professor Farnsworth: Good news everyone!

  38. boboss top shelf

    Watch the borg show up 😆

  39. Peet Lelieveld

    Earth: “hello”
    Aliens: “Wasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup”

  40. Docta Osiris

    Or, more likely, nobody stupid enough to reply back to us 🤣
    “oh no, not those damned Terrans again, I thought we unfollowed and blocked them?” 😲 🤣 🤦‍♂️💥

  41. Tom

    So, anybody/thing living on a planet there will have eyes bigger than my head so they can see well enough to tie their shoes !

  42. Kyle Fraid

    2043 year promises to be an interesting one

  43. Terry Endicott

    Return message – “Silly Earthlings aliens do not exist!”

  44. Martyn Notman

    I read something today about slowly spinning stars may last a very long time.
    Lets hope theres nobody real estate! Even if it is terrifying eyeball shaped.


    @Anton Petrov. why do we always assume that all life in the universe is similar to our own and live in similar conditions as us?

  46. Joe Arnold

    Did I miss it?
    What was the message?

    Google says a message was sent there back in 2017

  47. Mr hairy palm

    I’ll come back when it does then.

  48. Gretas RAGE

    I love how Anton skips the “the” before the sun and the moon. It’s just Sun or Moon.

  49. everton zp

    Hi Anton. Watching your videos practically everyday, I find 8 minutes + reminders to be the optimal time length. Anything beyond 9 starts to get “less attention”. Hope this little feedback helps. Thanks for your awesome work!

  50. Klunke

    Aliens looking at earth:

    We found this exo planet but its star is unstable but its liveable

  51. DR.NEGA

    hope by then our country like every nations will dissolve into UN of Earth and Luna…we can’t have aliens coming here now with humanity is so in a huge mess right now…easy for alien conquere earth in matter days when people just made is easy for them

  52. P C

    Clearly they didn’t read the Three Body problem before they sent that message…’s a dark forest out there

  53. Tom Donnelly

    With a mass that high (3x that of Earth) might there be the possibility of it holding on to too much Hydrogen to be habitable?

  54. Alfred Sutton

    Thank you Anton for another excellent presentation. This is one of the best.

  55. Black Hole Generator

    Love when they call these second earth planets nearby ^^

  56. U4EA2007

    I love and believe in science but all this willy nilly sending signals to deep space is going to get us colonised one day 😂

  57. peter

    By my logic there is no great danger in sending signals to other worlds (any hostile world with the ability to hurt us would already have colonised the galaxy and know about us) but I thought the wisdom of sending a signal was still being debated?

  58. Noah McLeod

    I love this guy. Hope you’re having a wonderful day/night, Anton.

  59. Vincent Cleaver

    Hello, wonderful Anton!

  60. The DORUK

    What if the indeginous species are in a victorian era at Best?

  61. PaulGreen11

    When they zap back a Tractor Beam we’ll be happy.

  62. erik nelson

    That’s a brilliant idea send a signal to planets that may or may not support any intelligent life that may or may not friendly what they would view as aliens aka us! The fact that Steven Hawking predicted that if we ever encountered a spacefaring civilization that could reach us from distances over 20 light years most of the likely outcomes would be disastrous for us as species! Doing this now of all times during escalating tensions between the United States and China, that’s like playing Russian roulette with only one empty chamber instead of the opposite way around! Until we can either can unite as a species or our superpowers can construct military fleet of spacecraft we should only monitor planets with potential intelligent life but not attempt to communicate.

  63. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting! 😃
    Damn, I would love to visit places like that…

  64. Chris Montgomery

    It’s not odd you said how long stars live. Hmm living universe…

  65. Osmosis Jones

    How do they know hasn’t developed radio yet or past radio maybe they use quantum entanglement

  66. Bruce H.

    It’s going to get very exciting as more of these type of planets are discovered. Hope space travel can support these distances in the future.

  67. Bogdan Daniel Sabau

    I swear Anton has the most clickable titles ever. And then he delivers too! 💪😎

  68. Henchman Twenty1

    “The voice mailbox for… Luyten’s Planet… is full and cannot accept any messages at this time. Goodbye.” [Click – Dial Tone]

  69. John Smith

    12.3 light years. Yes, just a hop and a skip away.

  70. Roger Kreil

    What if the ocean is around the habitable zone?

  71. Tymko C

    What if there’s life there? It would be one of the greatest achievements in human civilization’s history if we could find another habitable planet. Planet B, where all those covid free could go and start a new life on, or before global warming wipes us out, or an asteroid, or another world war…

  72. Silas Dense

    Never heard of this system.
    Exciting to find such a stable star.
    Thanks Anton.

  73. V

    I love how mankind exploits not only the planet, but their own species. But we seem to think that benevolent creatures live on other planets.

    How about we discuss WHY we should announce our existence?

  74. arson338

    A bunch of god damn ravers are going to get us annihilated

  75. Osmosis Jones

    If the. Trapist planets have dust could that protect against radiation

  76. Costa Liberta

    please make a follow-up!!
    – what sort of message did we send?
    – why just twice?
    – does the probability of an eyeball reduce the chance of it reaching the right side?
    – why don’t we try messaging other planets in the same fashion?

    thank u wonderful anton!

  77. Jimbeaux

    2043: Greetings Earthlings!
    On an unrelated note, can you all begin soaking in a marinade?

  78. O.o LOL

    Scientist: ‘We recieved a message. Gather round! We are to reveal it!”

    *Excitement builds in the room*
    *Opens file*

    Alien: K.

  79. Peter Toth

    So, we sent an unsolicited message to a civilization we know nothing about. Sheesh! We just became the galaxies spammers!

  80. Peter Rabbit

    Sometime in the future…

    ALIEN MESSAGE: “Didn’t your mother teach you not to talk to strangers?”

  81. Cyber Womble

    I would’ve liked to have had a vote on sending a message – what if it’s very rude in their culture and they end up blocking us?

  82. carolyn

    Let’s hope they are more advanced than us ,ohhh that’s ages away I wish I was born in the future

  83. Three Dogs and a Camper

    We are the Borg………you called?

  84. Wayne Shirey

    In the unlikely event that I am alive in 2043 I’ll be 97 and probably senile. I still can hope for a response, s’il leur plait.

  85. The Exoplanets Channel

    Time to start *_packing the suitcase_*

  86. Litivious Spartus

    Signal received 2043: Dont even think about coming here PINK SKIN!

  87. SkyTech RTS

    “Signal Received!” Aliens exist! let’s find out what they said:

    “Go away”


  88. me and me

    It would be great if they sent back a ‘Delivery failure to sender’ message. ‘Please check the address’. Lol 🤣

  89. N Shea

    Message received 2043 “Primitive Earthlings, thanks for the heads up. Unlike other planets we have conquered, we will not enslave you. See you soon”

  90. Ulfhedinn Tyr

    Assuming they listen to radio frequency

  91. TheSeventyFour

    2030 in an early 20th-century level lab around Luyten’s Star.
    Scientist: “We’ll be able to examine Stars more fully with this new radio telescope.”
    Journalist: “What are the chances we’ll find alien’s”
    Scientist: “It’s never alie…”
    Monitoring equipment lights up as Solar Message arrives
    Scientist: <<"Oscar Foxtrot Mike">>

    2050-2060 Earth on whatever platform is popular at the time.
    Anton: “Hello wonderful people, well we should have heard back from Luyten if they wanted to…”
    Anton receives an update showing the reply from Luyten.
    Anton: “Well fu…” (Edited)

  92. William Cox

    As you point out, the most terrestrial of the planets [1.2 M(earth)] seems to be too close. The second one out has an 8 day orbital period, which suggests it’s still wayyyy too close.

  93. Nomitaka Aiko

    How did I find out this giant eyeball scary 😂😳

  94. C-S featured

    The day ends very well when Anton uploads at 2300 an exoplanet video.

  95. John D

    When “wonderful person” face mask in merchandise – id like one please 🤘🏼👍🏾

  96. chrisbayridge1

    If they have been watching our Broadcast News they’ll know better and NOT REPLY

  97. Conspiracy Theory

    If aliens are ever discovered

    Anton: “Welcome to WTF”!!!

  98. christosvoskresye

    Ah, yes, Disney’s least popular attraction: It’s a Habitable World After All.

  99. Kris Grauel

    I love exoplanet studies, particularly the ones around nearby red dwarfs.

  100. Travis Flesher

    so what you’re saying is that luyten’s star is much much more stable than the sun, has a trillion year life expectancy with low flares and low magnetosphere, with planets orbiting, particularly a planet 3 times the size of earth that is within the habitaible zone; and signals have been sent; and if organisms aren’t there yet, they likely will be at some point in the future. this is amazing news! you’re the man petrov!

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