Lunar Discovery Suggests Major Cataclysm Transformed Ancient Earth

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that suggests a major collision 720 million years ago may have transformed our planet quite dramatically.

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  1. LLlap

    If it freezes over again, can we nuke it to melt it?

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    Cool video

  3. Whitey Ward

    Why are moon craters the same depth?

  4. Grant Jarvis

    If educated speculation about craters is right then it remains speculation.

  5. Joshua Rodriguez

    This proves that humanity didn’t cause global warming but might of speed it up

  6. Pastmasterdan

    I wonder if the moon used to rotate?

  7. The First Oregonism

    Scorcher 6 World

  8. Steven Homan

    you guys have to make up your minds and get your stories straight. the moon has a sufficient atmosphere to allow our landers to contaminate the entire moon for months from a single landing. which means that future exploration of ice at the poles will be contaminated by retro rocket fumes.

  9. Bryan Charles

    The Younger Dryas period 12,900-11,700 years ago shows evidence of a major impact and cataclysmic flooding (no religion implied or endorsed) here on earth.

  10. Sparky

    So, in other words, the Asteroid was actually a spaceship containing humanoid type intelligent creatures, who built the Pyramids in Egypt.

  11. David PT

    This is super fascinating

  12. BonfireJoe

    Very on topic to do a cold open

  13. Thank You

    Hey Anton what do you think of the evidence suggesting that the moon might be somewhat hollow?



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    Solar false flare……… oh yeah its coming. We just have not fired it yet.

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    I like the part where he does math

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  20. R. H.

    What if all of the comet fragments from Shoemaker-Levy-9 hit Earth in sequence. The first impact alone left a hole the radius of Earth in Jupiter’s atmosphere, but that was gas and not a solid impact like Earth would provide, so it wouldn’t leave that big of an impact on our planet. When the largest of the 21 Shoemaker Levy fragments hit Jupiter, it generated a release of energy equal to approximately 6000 gigatons of TNT (600 times our planet’s nuclear arsenal), with several of the fragments being similar in size impacting before and after. That would be doom for most of the surface life on Earth, probably not all of it though. The parent comet was only a little more than a mile in diameter, a fraction of the size of the comet that ended the Cretaceous era on Earth, so it would be horrible but not a total E.L.E. I wonder if we would be able to stop or mitigate it somehow if we had a fair bit of time to prepare.

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    Just once I’d like to see Anton in a bad mood, and he’s like, ah it’s the camera again. Here’s an f’in planet or star cluster or some sht. Gd it I’m tired of this stuff. SIGH. :)

  23. Roberto Wences

    Oll existand creations is subject to change including us but will be the time
    That our moon won’t be the same if we give next step and we not entering
    In conflict and destroy our self , then we will be awake to understand that we are made to create and transformate our environment . more than we doing it now . will be the time that we will transportate water from diferen
    Places in the universe and create the water. Just like our creator we are we are made to. Costroy cities artificial any were we wand to Becouse wh
    we have here we got it out in space, we are creator and made to chage. But some peoples forgeting. We are cuantiums and subject to that Law
    That we breath from trees that we eat from light that we live from the sun and the looking body from diferent forces so our planet , that our creation been coming from many years in the time universe nowleage , we are made
    To mutate if its nesesary under diferent circustances . and create , some big big big big projects , but on the other side of the coin . we are behind
    In our love feelings and you will say who care about my feeling , I will tell you for sure feeling is more dangerous that the atomic bomb whay Becouse. Wars in the past star with our ambition feelings and if you don’t. Now ask Salvador country and onduras start war for football game. Mexico
    And France the war of cakes. My wife and her sister for washing dishes etc etc etc. But it’s just our next step to control our feeling. Emotional feeling
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    From our own body our body it’s parts are made to keep going we don’t have our face in our back to walk the other side no no no the parts of your body are made to keep going and the only tool you get in your back is the sheet . with oll respect. Your friend chilli bean.

  24. kyol

    it would be dumb to assume that there isn’t a huge missing puzzle piece in our understanding of how ancient people viewed the earth/sky. probably science practices never yet heard of

  25. Doug Shaw

    Pre Cambrian, eh?

  26. ian forde

    Hello wonderful Anton. Superb video as usual .



  28. chris siemers

    Not disparaging your fine channel but scientists not funded by colleges or governments have been saying this for years. Yet mainstream science ridiculed them. Randall Carlson is just one of many who are being proven correct everyday.

  29. Time End

    Ok can we look into the black hat troops that went in a cave and found bullet proof lizard like inhabitants that live underground but the man who survived said thier are civilians that look like us but more lizard attributes that when you get close to them they have a way to change your skin to more snake like scaled.

  30. Richard McGowan

    Whatever hit Mars and caused it to lose some of its mass and f’d it up went into a degrading orbit (or what was left of it) around the sun, and then hit Earth and the moon. Could explain it being all broken up. As Mars wasn’t able to hold onto the leftover pieces as Earth did to the young moon.

  31. Angel Jaimes

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  32. Helder Almeida

    That’s a massive discovery and it does make a lot of sense

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    3:12 – some people have strange dating preferences…

  34. David Burgin

    It was a methamphetamine comet. It sped up evolution.

  35. Mahadev Parmekar

    The event that caused explosion of biodiversity was evolution of eukaryotic life. It happened around 750-720 MYA

    The mitochondria in eurokaryotes is actually an aerobic bacterium which got ingested and somehow avoided phagocytosis. Eventually developing a symbiotic relationship. This allowed cells access to tremendous amounts of energy(oxidative phosphorylation) and increase in complexity.

    This event is a completely chance event and has happened only once. I don’t think an asteroid can trigger such a specific event.

    Without it, there would be no complex life, and no humans. Asteroid might have created harsh conditions, but I don’t think the evolution of complex life can be attributed to it. It was pure co incidence.

  36. Cory ryder

    they recentlky found a huge crater under the ice in greenland

  37. M P

    A little off subject, but I have wondered with regard to snowball Earth. Where did all the water come from to create ice around the earth a half mile to a mile high. I read that if you took all the water out of the atmosphere it would be something like an inch water around the Earth.

  38. Chris Montgomery

    700 million year old earth with lights, that’s basically how the mahabharata explains our history. Puma punku looks like a city that was dealt with some glacial activity. Just sayin

  39. Justas399

    Wow. We’re to believe a chaotic collusion created a cell.

  40. Whole Nuts And Donuts

    So why did asteroids create a snowball earth? They would’ve heated the atmosphere drastically at the moment. Did they throw up dust into the atmosphere? Something else?

  41. Alexey Mightle

    Антон, а возможно предположить что the Moon had this collision with the Earth, as a fact the Moon is getting away from earth every year by some distance… could you please make a module in your sandbox for us??? Thank you!

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    Very interesting, Anton. A sort of Late Heavy Bombardment Lite perhaps?

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    Hello Anton you wonderful person. Hey, I heard a story the other day about a proposed project to put a series of “telescopes” out at a distance of like 500 AU and use our Sun as a gravitational lens. The story said that scientists involved believe that we may actually be able to view exoplanets in extreme detail using this method. i.e. be able to see land masses and potential oceans. I did not catch the name of the team making this proposal but would love to see a vid from you going over the details. Thank you for your vids, I will NEVER be too old to learn and you are a great teacher.

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    So it happened around the time when Venus turned into hell?

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    I have read that the event that made Venus the hot cloudy ball of magma that it is, happened around the same time. Do you think these events are related?

  53. CavemanFromTheFuture

    Love all your info man.
    Could you (or anyone) please link me the video where you talk about the cambrian explosion? You mentioned in another video that you have a vid about that, but I can’t find it :(
    You have too many videos to find it, which is great though, I have so much to watch and learn :)

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    And THIS happened…twelve to thirteen thousand years ago! As far as I’m concerned anyway.

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  58. any one of us

    I’ve heard something about this, they said a 100 km wide minor planet (dwarf planet) was destroyed in a collision and it’s dust blocked out the sun and rained meteors and asteroids down on earth. they even found fossilized meteors (Yes, fossilized meteors) in rocks when they broke them open from this period of time!

  59. Confector Tyrannis

    Space rocks do strange stuff over time. ~The Universe

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    Ancient earth lives matter

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  64. Steve

    I assume the earth rock that was supposedly found on the moon is BS if Anton did not make a video of it yet.

  65. Barton Campbell

    If all these asteroids, meteorites and space dust are impacting the Earth, wouldn’t their mass have to be added to mass of the Earth? Meaning that the Earth must be slowly growing.

  66. Premed1981

    of course the Japanese named the moon mission Kaguya.
    And of course it never came back

  67. MrKillswitch88

    One has to notice how the period of 750 million to a billion years ago keeps coming up with planetary disasters be it Earth or Mars much less Venus leading to significant changes.

  68. Osmosis Jones

    What do would a binary system but the distance between stars is the equivalent of our sun to Plot . Would that solar system be like would their be 2 habitable zones.
    Would rocky planets form can astronomers check on at systems like this

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    “Every now and then, I’d tell my daughter the story of the night some years ago, a night when the sky was radiant with shooting stars.”

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  73. Robert Jardine

    @AntonPetrov: what are your thoughts on when and how our moon was created? And, your views on which was created first, our planet, or our moon?

  74. grodhagen

    There are a great many of these one-off events in Earth’s history, each improbable, but impacting life and/or its origin. There is little to indicate that life quietly and easily begins only to progress to high complexity.
    Taking these events together, I think the Drake equation is far, far too optimistic and highly technical life extremely rare.

  75. dave tahchawwickah

    The intelligent life that engineered life on earth calculated the collision and forced an ice barrier to protect the primordial amoeba

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    Imagine being around dinosaurs and explaining this to them

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    Question: are most of these lunar impacts hitting the surface at 90°?

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    Given that the event that caused Venus to heat up happened around the same time could there have been a wider ranging meteor swam that hit both planets?

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    I heard that asteroids carry gold in them. Is there any chance the moon had gold deposits.

    Might be a good way to fund a trip out there.

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    Anton, do you know when the Ryuga mission will be completed and the results released?

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    they also found amino acids in meteorites…maybe the asteroids gave some carbon based compound needed for higher life ?!

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    Pretty interesting. It’s around that time when sex first appeared as well. Lots of things happening at the same period.

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    Or as the Russians like to call it: Shirt & shorts weather.

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