Long Stretched Gas Cloud Found Right Next to the Solar System

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery of a strange stretched cloud not far from the solar system.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2101.06048.pdf
CSIRO radio map: https://www.atnf.csiro.au/research/RACS/RACStour/index.html

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    Its almost like suspicious observers is right again lol

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    I wonder if solar wind reaches beyond a stars gravity well creating a bow wave in an otherwise diffuse media.

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    Would like you to make a video on this question:
    How did scientists know that there was missing baryonic matter TO BEGIN WITH?

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    Super cool. Makes sense that, as hydrogen coalesced into stars and heavier elements, much of the starting hydrogen would have been left diffused between concentrations of matter. Statistically, wouldn’t it make sense that this was about a 50/50 split?

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    Wonderful intergalactic frozen hydrogen ice missing baryonic matter potential

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    Mr Anton, there is no such thing as “dark energy” please dig deeper into what is really happening in our universe and bring us the truth about things.

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    Does this mean that Omuamua being a hydrogen iceberg is more plausible?

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    That dark matter circular graph looks just like the picture anomaly on the South Pole ? PAC Man shape!

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    I had been telling you for years dark matter doesnt exist! Its just gas.

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    could dark matter be some potential of matter not yet materialized from higg’s boson? (I probably understand everything wrong)

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    Scintillating Ecliptic Pathway Through The Heavens !!!

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    It’s our Earth , Leaving a Chemical Trail of Pollution !!!

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    actually dark energy and dark matter are theories and not facts, this is science remember.

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    I have left longer gas streams leaving tacobell.

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    I would also like to say that waves, frequencies vibrations are also detentions so the waters of the sun are the solar system Devine one and our souls are in the magnetic waves of the earth. The ancients were smarter than we give them credit for. I love you people thank you…

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    1:25 It looks so much like a brain or nervous system… kind of freaky

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    It’s an exit worm hole for the soals in our solar system!

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    69% dark matter
    420 light years away

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    It’s Scylla from Wing Commander.

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    0:48 dark energy is 69% niccccce

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    That helps reduce the amount of the dark matter by a smidge 👍

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    I wonder if sometime in the future, a spacecraft could be invented that would suck up those particles/sub-atomic particles found throughout space and use it to power the craft or use it for other purposes on board.

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    or it could mean remote orbit of big planet that looses a lot of gas along it’s way , smtn like Nibiru ?

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    Very cool gas hanging out as filaments between stars waiting for a light to shine on it. Sounds plausible. Thanks for the highlight.

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    im just here for jokes about gas close to uranus…

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    It is between Pisces and Andromeda (22-28 deg. 1h.), close to the ecliptic plane though not parallel to that.


    Actually I find that really interesting.

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