Lonely Rogue Planet Similar to Earth Found Traveling In Our Galaxy

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of a rogue planet that seems to possess similar mass to our own planet Earth.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2009.12377.pdf

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    It’s been theorised that during the birth of our Solar System, Jupiter ejected a planet.

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    Excellent vid! Although, how do we know it’s actually rouge and not orbiting something we can’t see (like a black hole or some other dark object) and having an extremely far orbit, like Pluto?

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    Gravity is crazy to think about, like what is it you know, like what does the consequence we can observe as gravity actually derive from, what is the medium made out of. Gravity has to be the result of something, like how if a big enough ship sinks the turbulence that is caused by its motion through the water can pull things that arent attached to them deep under the water and pretty much drag it to the bottom. Gravity causes many different consequences we can observe through other mediums, so what is the true nature of it and what is it a consequence of.

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    This is kind of creepy I’ve always said I bet there is a earth sized planet is out there roaming around and hearing that it could be that size is creepy.

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    Could venus have previously been a rogue planet?

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    could you explain us how the quasar map from voyager plaque would help a civilization find us, how long it would work ?

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    Could the combined mass of rogue planets account for the mass that we expect to see and don’t? What is currently assumed to be Dark Matter.

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    Scientists: The galaxy might be packed full of trillions of rogue planets
    Also scientists: The galaxies have a lot of invisible matter that gavitationally influences the orbits. Who knows what it could be, let’s call it “dark matter”.

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    Thanks for another great video Anton! I have a question. Isnt there almost always something behind if you just have a good enough telescope, as shown by the Hubble deep field images? To take it further, wouldnt it even in theory be possible to see this lensing effect on the CMB? Whats stopping us from doing that?

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    So if we have a rogue planet in our galaxy for nearly each planet there is around stars..how much lower an amount of dark matter is there than. We were missing lots of mass so we invented the idea of dark matter. Maybe we don’t need as much now.

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    Very cool! We knew they had to be out there, but it’s so interesting that we managed to finally find one!

    Anton, I admire how much you do for the advancement of STEM every single day. Too many forces are trying to push anti-science agendas, so every voice we have supporting science is a definite plus!

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