Known Times In History People Got Hit by Meteorites+2021 Event From Canada

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the recent event that occurred in Canada with a woman almost being hit by a meteorite.
Summary of other collisions:

Meteorite related pictures – copyright of Ruth Hamilton (Fair Use)
Ann Hodges pictures – University of Alabama (Fair Use)

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  1. Andrew Johnson

    The topic of why we don’t hear about this more brings up how we ignore and deny just how many people, especially older people, live and die completely and utterly alone.

  2. L H

    I totally forgot- one time I was driving in a suburb around 11pm, clear sky, and a chunk of ice like hail clipped and cracked my windshield. I thought it was plane debris, no idea.

  3. Apeman Commeth

    As I lay in bed I lay here wondering, is this when the meteor comes crashing through!

  4. ranjaxwolf

    “It won’t happen again” ah I see Anton likes to taunt the Gods

  5. Space Lemur

    “where she was a moment before”
    It makes perfect sense to me. Don’t most people change position periodically when they sleep?

  6. Daniel Madar

    Thank you. In developed countries, ~90% of the people spend ~90% of their time indoors. This reduces the chance of being hit by a meteorite by a factor of a hundred, compared to a person that spends all of his/her time outside. In developing countries, the awareness to meteorites is much lower.
    Maybe that’s the reason for the discrepancy you have mentioned.

  7. 2nd_place

    “Free of charge” haha, I take it you’ve never owned a home, Anton? Ever hear of a deductible? Not to mention all the money paid on the policy over time.

  8. 2nd_place

    It’s possible that the rock was partially jammed into the ceiling, and then took a moment to fall as the sheetrock crumbled and bounced onto the bed. That would explain her story and seems reasonably plausible.

  9. scrubjay93

    I have always been fascinated by bolides. In one of the background videos, a bolide is headed to my exact location here at the bottom of the Puget Sound in the Pacific NW. Hopefully that was fake news :)

  10. pxzallen

    After seeing the SciAm article I realized that there was a “Golden” opportunity for alternate titles for the article: “Golden Hotbed for Meteorite Discovery”, “Small Town Woman Beds Shooting Star”…

  11. AceSpadeThePikachu

    Thank you Anton for your daily dose of existential dread. Climate change, pandemics, nuclear war, and now meteorites that can crash through roofs at any time without warning.

  12. Doron Smulian

    🤣 @ 4:31 I love that you count “major fatalities”, wonder how you count “minor fatalities”….
    Just kidding 😂, Love all your work man. 👍👍👍

  13. Geoffrey Stevens

    It really is a wonder that there are not more similar incidents reported. Well done again Anton!

  14. bryant Necessary

    would it not be hot enough to burn the bed when it landed? no scorch marks or burned bed?

  15. Drago Pac

    @Anton un bonjour du Quebec! Continue ton bon travail!

  16. Arcana Octonus

    “Scientists not happy with the bible.”
    Is like saying a fox isn’t happy in a trap.

  17. MemoryThief

    I’ve always had a desire to be showered by a meteor, a decent way to go out in my book… glad to know statistics is favorably understanding. Also a deadon hit would be a hassle to report, plus everyone would blame the pot/shrooms despite any lack of indulgence…

  18. Jon Stern

    4:28 “Yet surprisingly no actual reports of major fatalities, or injuries were reported”. Yes, but what about all the minor fatalities? 😜

  19. BeardedBarley1

    But the “rock” looks as though it has a right angle.

  20. Musikur

    My old physics professor claimed that he knew someone who heard a large bang, and then some weeks later found a “large pebble” sized rock in his cupboard with a series of holes leading up outside. No idea if the story is true or not though

  21. Art Vandelay

    Putin doesn’t miss often, but when he does, we know Anton will talk about it.

  22. Voice of Reason

    A few years ago, while traveling home from work, I was traveling over the St. Catharines City Skyway, no cars in sight on either side of the highway (clear blue sky), and a black rock the size of a piece of gravel came out of the sky (I actually saw it coming), hit my car just above the windshield and put a dent in it, taking a big chunk of paint off ricocheted over the side of the highway and presumably into the canal. It was an odd day because I came home late, and missed rush hour traffic, so there wasn’t much around. I’d hate to think what would have happened if it had hit half an inch forward into my windshield.

  23. nemlehet kurvopica

    the meteorit was just too tired from travelling the vaste distances in space so he wanted to take a nap…whats wrong on that ?

  24. Stephen Thomas

    I think my brother saw a bolide once. I guess that means he’s safe from being being by one.

  25. Preston Spinks

    Hello Anton. How much mass does the earth gain, each year, from Meteorites? Also, how often do they strike satellites? Thanks

  26. Walter Sistrunk

    I have a story to tell of an experience I had in 1980. I was driving on a hot day with my window down because I had no air conditioning. It was on my anniversary, August 12. I had just stopped for a traffic light. Then I heard something hit the roof of my car and I felt a sudden sting on my neck. I thought I had been stung by a wasp. I tried to brush it away and I found pieces of hot ash in my hand. I thought maybe the car next to me had a backfire but I hadn’t heard it. As I thought about the event I realized that the Persied meteor shower comes each year on August 12, my anniversary, and I considered the possibility of maybe having been struck by the hot ash of a metior from this encounter. I put the black crumbs I had gathered from my neck into an envelope I had in hopes of finding someone to give me an opinion. But I lost the envelope.

  27. DNTME

    And a moment after the meteorite landed, a booming voice could be heard coming from the sky saying “Damn! Missed again.”

  28. Firefly

    A couple decades ago during a meteor shower, my now ex boyfriend and I were on his roof watching ‘shooting stars’ burn out across the sky. We suddenly heard this strange sound. It reminded me of the sound gunpowder makes when its burning up. That rapid ignition sound before it finally all goes up in smoke. Or something similar to that. We looked up, and we could see this ball of fire heading towards where we were sitting. I just remember being frozen as I watched it, completely in awe. It didn’t last long before it had burned itself out and vanished. I will forever remember that experience. It was incredible. This happened in Eugene, OR.

  29. Brian Cohen-Doherty

    Was waiting for this!

  30. Luck

    Literally one of my most irrational fears haha

  31. MG1

    I remember seeing one while watching Apollo 13 at a drive in. Then hearing that it hit a trailer or something. Somewhere in Ontario I believe.

  32. Craig Dillon

    The same day the Great Chicago Fire occurred, there was a massive forest fire in Wisconsin.
    One theory says the both fires were caused by a meteor or comet impact that started both fires.
    Otherwise, how likely is that two massive fires would occur at the same time, so close together??
    Have you heard of this??
    What do you think?

  33. Joshua Wells

    Extremely interesting as always. Makes you wonder how many descriptions of ancient catastrophes that were attributed to wrathful gods were actually due to cosmic events.

  34. Caoimhin Tew

    More events: There are many more observers than there were 100 years ago, so there will be many more observations.

  35. racebiketuner

    Anybody know if Pliny the Elder wrote anything about this?

  36. djfrank68

    I saw a documentary years ago that speculated the great Chicago fire might have been started by a meteor shower.

  37. H Grace

    Thanks wonderful Anton. These are alarming events

  38. Wayne Harrison

    Younger brothers and the universe. Let’s throw rocks at our sisters!🌠🙅‍♀️

  39. joshua smith-holley

    Almost happened to me in New Zealand. Was going for a run and heard a funny noise over my headphones. Looked around and seen a funny smoke trial above me. There was also a really bad smell but I couldn’t find where it landed. Maby it burned up before hitting the trees

  40. Gerry K

    When the Universe throws a rock at you,It is clearly trying to get your attention and Tell you something 🤣✌️

  41. James Aron

    Wonderful mystery of missing historical air bolides

  42. Krazee Canuck

    Greetings from beautiful Georgian Bay, Ontario.

  43. Martin Oriz

    Interesting how quickly the rock cooled down as it was entering the house…otherwise the pillow would have caught fire…

  44. Nathan Fuelling

    Think of all those people wrongfully imprisoned for murder.

    “It wasn’t me it was the one air bolide”

  45. Science Troll

    Odd that it didn’t scorch the pillow, but I guess if it traveled long enough through the cold upper atmosphere it might have had time to cool down. Plausible.

  46. Commander Gomorragh

    Actually, i loved the mentioning of the insurance in these situations, especially investigating if additional was needed, most people seem so separate from thier videos because they dont do just this.

  47. Dr Gamma D

    A meteor that size will lose all hypersonic velocity and land after the shock wave arrives

  48. OldMech

    01:02 The meteorite went subsonic to terminal speed before hitting the bed which allowed the sonic boom to reach the ground before the rock. That woke up the lady first. Makes sense

  49. Illya Leonov AKA Morgan F

    So… if a meteor hits you before reaching the ground, were you hit by a meteor or a meteorite?

  50. lil spagbol

    Hope the move went well, glad to have ya back, make sure u look after yourself and enjoy the new set up n place. Love your videos very informative and enjoyable science stuff 👍 keep doin wot u love
    coz we love watching 👀 🤯

  51. Phred Phlintstoner

    “Back home in Canada” I didn’t know you were a Canadian. Honestly I had guessed you were Russian. No offense meant by that. I just thought your accent was Russian anyway… You speak English better than I do. (I’m from the upper peninsula of Michigan. We are known for thick yooper accents. Lol) so is your first language French then?

  52. Cole Bishoff

    I totally seen this thing go over my city that night!

  53. Wayup North

    I live in the mountains and have all my life. I have seen the Northern Lights dozens of times, and along with 3 of my friends, saw a legitimate UFO. It’s good to live in an area that you see the stars on every clear night. Of course that means I see so many falling stars/meteorites. Its easy to see why you say there should be more fatal incidents. Great video sir!

  54. Joel Patterson

    Few years ago I saw a very brilliant green fast moving streak in the western sky (western Oregon) almost perpendicular to the ground as I stepped outside from work at night. I thought for sure it would be a news item but never saw anything about it online or in the local news.

  55. m m

    i initially thought it was amazing that of all the range of velocities the rock had in its was reduced to just enough to pierce the roof and land on (but not obliterate) the bed and sheets. but then i thought..maybe because it’s small, its speed leveled off to a reasonable terminal velocity through the lower atmosphere. enough to punch through the roof but not hurt a pillow :D

  56. Kevin Luo

    Maybe some cases in less developed countries just never gets reported to the news.

  57. wjd

    How was it not blistering hot? Thing lit up the sky going god knows how fast but comes in through the roof of grandma’s house landing on a cloth pillow and doesnt start a fire? Same with the lady who got trickshotted off the radio. No burns? Are these rocks cooling down that fast or what? I suppose they slow down a lot as it hits the atmosphere but it must be getting air cooled during that final portion of the decent. I would still expect it to be a bit warm at the least right?

  58. Ron Conte

    The air bolide exploded, with the noise causing her to move, and then a piece of the bolide fell through her roof.

  59. Domino Diamond

    I found one of them meteorites one time. Hauled it around all the way around into town on my wagon.

    Took it into a specialist and found out it was just a frozen chunk of blue poopy.

  60. Trevor Lybbert

    The first shot of the big rock flying toward my house certainly got my attention lol

  61. Mary Ann Bittle

    Well, Anton, people DO roll over while sleeping, so one would assume that she simply rolled over onto her side, or her tummy, a few minutes before. So that’s at least plausible.

    Great collection of historical impacts, too! Thanks, Anton – heading straight to the description, now, to peruse the papers and other links involved!

  62. Dark Rain Bro!

    It turns out that the 2.8-pound space rock, about the size of a small cabbage, was part of a meteor shower as identified by Alan Hildebrand, an expert in interstellar flying vegetables.

  63. usmale 49

    Very fascinating and informative. You have a great “narration voice”! Thank you for sharing this great video.

  64. Alexandre Sk

    Chicago museum of natural history has a incredible collection of meteorites. Inclusing parts of a house where a meteorite hit.

  65. Ascension Industries

    I’ve been hit by a car, walked out numerous wrecks, hit by lightning in one car, and almost died from swine flu. Still haven’t been hit by a meteor…Yet.

  66. Barry Hornby

    Perhaps you should start selling repurposed Skylab helmets on your site? 🙂

  67. Terry Endicott

    On mountainous roads on often see signs – “Watch for Falling Rock”. Maybe we should put them up in our homes.

  68. David Carvell

    My grandmother got hit on the arm by a tiny rock fragment. She took it to a professor at the college she attended. He told her it was a meteorite fragment. He told her if it had been the size of a pea, it would have killed her.

  69. bustin nuts

    Must be some damn good sheets if it can go through the roof with no issues but not even scratch the sheets

  70. Kaarli Makela

    “Never ask me the odds, Kid!” – Captain Han Solo

  71. VinnyIs Neo

    had a green flare to it when it was coming down if I remember correctly

  72. Kevin Shea

    Is it possible the rocks simply tend to break up more than expected by the time they get to the ground?

  73. Kaarli Makela

    Ruth had rolled over from left side of bed to the right side when the meteor hit.
    This is my first guess, if I want the story to fit the evidence.
    In the book The World According to Garp, Garp bought a house that an airplane crashed into as he was about to tour the property.
    Garp thought, the ODDS are that this isn’t going to happen twice in the same spot. 😊

  74. Jim Curtis

    Wonderful as always anton ☺️👍

  75. Ellison Hamilton

    Ruth! Excellent last name!

    It’s been over 30 years, but an elderly neighbor of mine had just gotten home from grocery shopping and was carrying several sacks of groceries into the house when he heard a terrible crash. He dashed back outside to find a baseball size hole in the roof of his car.
    A meteorite had crashed moments after he stepped out. Bad news for his car. Thankfully he had good insurance AND after some scientific examination of the rock, he sold it for thousands of dollars.
    He was happy. Between the insurance payment and the sale proceeds he had more than enough to buy a new truck.

    Meteorites fetch SERIOUSLY BIG money.

  76. star. Watcher Steven

    That cow in Australia got clocked by a piece of the Skylab

  77. Chris Ose

    A story that finally gets put to rest🤣

  78. FreezerBurn

    I always get a crazy view of “shooting stars” as i drive my big rig from Toronto to Ottawa every week. Amazing views from midnight on.

  79. Rikimaru Ninja Master

    We just had one in southern New Hampshire last Sunday. Everyone heard a large explosion and some saw a bright flash in the early morning sky all over southern NH.

  80. Brian Steele

    A few years ago i was outside watching a blue jay that i feed from time to time. It was on a roof top and something struck behind it. Squawk! The blue jay startled flew off. A small rock landed on the drive way 10 foot from me, It was a small meteorite. I still have it. I was 15 feet from were it struck the roof. Close call.

  81. M Frusciante

    One time I was driving on a dirt road basically in the middle of nowhere in Texas, and a baseball sized clump of ice landed on the road in front of me. It was a party cloudy but mostly sunnny beautiful summer day. I stopped, got out to look, and was just dumbfounded. I looked around to see if someone had thrown it lol, but nope, then I thought to myself did this come off of a plane, how in the heck. Years later I learned that this is a thing, I forget what it’s called but big chunks of ice can just fall from non storm clouds, and sometimes they’re pretty big.

  82. Sir Derty ✓

    Interesting story anyone could find amazing on this planet.
    Cheers for sharing this, its incredible the things we do not hear at all on major news stations that is truth.

  83. Andy Lee Robinson

    I found a small meteorite on my roof about 3cm in size, but only because I could recognize it. They are more common than people realize.
    If you drag a magnet through your rain gutters, chances are you’ll also find some meteorite particles or dust containing iron or nickel.

  84. Robert Williamson

    Ruth just came into a lot of money. That meteorite will be pretty valuable in the meteorite collector market.

  85. Stefan Franke

    If you’re living near a river it is easier to get an insurance against meteorites then against floods, I guess.

  86. Lucid stream

    I was lucky to witness a large air bolide above my city earlier this year. I was in fact watching Antons video about the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs when my living room became bright as the day and in the corner of my eye I saw this green and red fireball in the sky. I went on my balcony slightly confused and didn’t see any thunder clouds so I thought it must have been a meteorite. And I look up and I see a thin yellow streak and smoke in the night sky. After about a minute I hear a huge explosion. Like a thunder but way deeper and longer. I got a bit scared but it was an awesome experience!

  87. jouhannaud jean françois

    i have once seen what i am almost certain is a bolid at around 1km from my bedroom, i was not injured or in any danger, but it was awesome… Oh, and i live in Canada… do i qualify?

  88. BreezyDunneGod

    He deserves a million subs(: come on everyone let’s help him.

  89. Shadowofchaos 89

    Most valuable mailbox in the world is the only verified meteorite strike of a USPS mailbox. Value: $83k

  90. Ratzfourtyfour

    I’m fine with the unexplainably low number of bigger impacts tbh.

  91. KrakEN DragonSlayer

    Huge appreciation on how properly you managed to read “Pułtusk”.

  92. MC's Creations

    Actually… I remember reading about someone who was hit in the back of the head by a meteorite and died… Not a long ago… 🤔
    But I don’t know, maybe it was debunked already?

  93. W S Tavis

    If it has happened at least 9 times, I never want to be anywhere near that woman!

  94. C¤§m¤naμt

    Enlightening and interesting as always. Thank you Mr. Petrov.

  95. Garry Sekelli

    Definitely beats being struck by lightning.

  96. RokenIsDodelijkOfzo

    That’s some ancient sniping right there

  97. Filiolus

    This kind of stuff has always been incredible to me whenever i read about it, the chances are mind boggling.


    Isn’t that Meteorite worth a LOT OF MONEY!!! … not exactly a tragedy, rather a gift !

  99. Lumpum Goolawsh

    I thought I was going to die yesterday oct 16th from what looked like a large meteor from our perspective. In south west Texas early about 8:23 am, it seemed like it got really close and my heart sank. My dad saw it 100 miles north of where I was and another guy at my work saw it about 150 miles in the opposite direction. Craziest one I’ve seen.

  100. Tjaša Helbl

    Thank you for your hard work Anton cant tell you how happy i am to get to learn something new everyday in your videos

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