ISS Canadarm Hit by Space Debris – Are We Close to Kessler Syndrome?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new piece of debris that struck the International Space Station and the idea of Kessler Syndrome
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  1. Stephanie Somer

    Kesslers syndrome is one read I’ve kept my dvd, cds, and old tech.

  2. leet complex

    Polluting the Earth just wasn’t enough, we had to go and pollute space as well.

  3. Petro Paolo Aguilar

    You think these will turn into Saturn-like rings millions of years after humans go extinct?

  4. Jane Fonda

    we need space traffic control that covers every launcher on the planet.

  5. ShepherdSaint

    You know youre a nerd when you see a picture of the ISS and focus on what part of the planet is in the background.

  6. Bob Kaminski

    Reminds me of the scene from the movie WALL-E that showed all those satellites.

  7. lazylillies

    “canadarm” always makes me laugh

  8. Tim Hackett

    Once collisions become more common I’m sure they’ll find the money

  9. Aman Az

    This is one of my worst fear 😭😭

  10. Sameer Mo

    ⓂHi Anton ..thanx for the reply
    What an awesome time to be able to see all that we do from space and tc 👍💓👋

  11. Rhodian Deetlefs

    Thanks, Anton, I always enjoy your videos and presentations!

  12. Einsty

    Likely they’ll just start launching armored satellites.

  13. WillShackAttack

    I can already imagine the news media saying something like:
    “Kessler Syndrome begins with a frighteningly high 0.1 percent of satellites getting hit by microparticles every year!”

  14. Valentin Rafael

    Sending your videos to my friends. I hope you’ll get to 1M this year. Much love. For science and society!

  15. Marshall Tucker

    I miss being a wonderful person 😪

  16. Jack Daniels

    They should use a degradable polymer or composite for the main construction and use a metal shell which is fired off into the inner solar system leaving the satellite.

  17. Cthulhu Fhtagn Cthulhu R'

    We need a Force Shield to get through the clouds of debris! Definitely.

  18. Mr Nobody

    Do you realize this entire subject is essentially a lecture in Practical Entropy?

  19. wolvolad25

    Being absolutely gorgeous aswell as clever mmm

  20. A. Randomjack

    Ah yes, another SEP: “Someone Else’s Problem” #42

  21. Folkenstal

    I can recommend a movie Called Space Sweepers.
    It’s a Korean movie and the crew in that story cleans the space.

  22. Stem Artin

    I think maybe we could use the emerging laser technology to help rid the skies of this debris?

  23. Lord of Sadness

    Oh man I wish they would make the newer sats deorbit, like starlink and clean high velocity space mess.

  24. Joshua Bruno

    Spoiler alert: Anton smiles at the end of the video

  25. Bertie Blob

    Well, at least you have a solution for the Fermi paradox…

  26. Harshal Raut

    This reminds me of the image of the earth in wall-E

  27. Nicko G.

    Like Planet Krikkit covered in the dust cloud.

  28. shazk21

    Until there’s so much debris in space that launches and orbiting becomes impossible without collisions nothing will be done

  29. Jason Ivea

    I’m being serious, why don’t we start a movement to push for funding for space clean up? Can we please band together and make an effort at the least?

  30. ShooterFPS

    I wish if there’s a Superman who can bring all those space debris back to earth for free 🤔😒

  31. sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ

    “Where there’s muck there’s brass” – sh*t hitting the fan is the sound of music to someone… which explains a lot about that musical…

  32. Peter Weaver

    I admire the work you out into your videos. I’d like to have access to the information the way you do. Thanks

  33. PhunkBustA

    i had a random thought, but could it be that debris was the head of an explosive bolt?
    probably not but who knows 😅

  34. John at the Falls

    Anton, you need to look at some of the calculations for the orbits and maneuvering required to chase down space trash. It is not a simple matter energy wise.

  35. drblitzzz

    “Pride of my Country”
    I had no idea Anton was a fellow Canadian! That’s awesome!

  36. JZ's Best Friend

    50s generals: “Nuke the place clean.”

  37. effexon

    Sadly, lol, we might get back into “stoneage”, medieval like age, where satellites are out of question, due to littering in space.

  38. Squirrel ASMR

    Were you actually writing about Kesler syndrome? Is that a crazy coincidence or are you a cosmic force of the universe?

  39. Pup314

    The shuttle had Canadarm, and the ISS has Canadarm II.

  40. Setlik3 Gaming

    Excellent Vid!👍🙌

  41. Miles Dufourny

    DEVO was right when they wrote the song “Space Junk” back in the late Seventies.

  42. learrus

    I made a flash cartoon on Newgrounds years ago about space junk hitting an astronaut and him exploding to Moonlight Sonata

  43. Kenny from Philly


  44. Louie Smith

    Put a few of those glue traps in areas you’ve seen debris. They’ll catch it for you.

  45. Mildros

    Best Case Scenario we can live in a WALL-E world

  46. Paul Hurst

    Even if humanity goes extinct, we will still have a glorious halo of space junk around the Earth for millions of years.

  47. jacob kobald

    I didn’t know Anton was Canadian…effin eh bud

  48. Dexter Douglas

    America: goes to space.

    Canada: hold up, take this robot arm.

  49. jason morgan

    This is one of those times you need a retired Drywall Finisher just hangin around. NASA id only charge 3million a board yo!🙄

  50. I got MikePence

    Had no clue you were Canadian, makes sense now.

  51. Christopher Johnson

    I think Anton just solved the Fermi paradox.

  52. Stephen Fritz

    Imagine having to go to space in a project orion with 50 m/yards of armor/steel so the debris will either bounce off or be absorbed… ugh.. cool!?

  53. Borienqueneer,

    Brother thank you for sharing this story. 2019 the Robotic arm was pulled from the Iss, Snapped off completely. I got lucky to have caught it. Thanks for sharing nice work.

  54. Fizzywhistle

    Every satellite should be equipped with 10 kilos of raw gold.

  55. Space Cowboy

    It’s a miracle that this doesn’t happen more often.

  56. allen everhart

    Anton, I have the solution … since space is a vacuum we can just Hoover-up all the debris!

  57. Lester Gillis

    Yes. I recall the Chi-comm test.
    The Soviets afterward called it an act of “hooliganism”. I must agree.

  58. Guy North

    Anton, you’re Ca-na-di-an, Eh! Good Day Mate, (I’m just fond of Lake Superior).

  59. Colonel1233

    Aliens passing by our solar system, looking at Earth thinking ”daaamn these humans are so nasty, there is trash all around their planet” ”Okay Carl buckle up, we are out of here… engaging FTL Drive” ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIP.

  60. Pieper Dawn

    Wow, that blits paper was fascinating! Thanks for the link. You are smart enough ☺️ and wonderful.

  61. John O

    Anton has to be the hardest working YouTuber out there, how he writes such quality scripts every day just boggles the mind.

  62. Paul Gingras

    Hey! A whole new space endeavor — space junk recycling. I like it. Where do I donate? 🤔

  63. Jaerogoth

    When I saw the news about the arm getting hit, the first thing I thought was ‘is a crash chain reaction a thing’. Glad to know there is yet another problem facing humanity’s future.

  64. Orion Simerl

    When there is commercial value to remove space debries that is when government will use public funds to solve a private problem.

  65. Blackcloud288

    If anyone’s interested in a fictional take on how space agencies could theoretically grapple with this issue in the future, I highly recommend the show Planetes, it’s really neat.

  66. morninboy

    An international treaty wherein decommissioning should be integral to a launch seems to be a good start

  67. sibyl

    Such an important topic. Thanks for talking about this Anton! Also this is the first time I’ve heard you say you live here in Canada 🇨🇦🥰

  68. Cy Starkman

    and now we know why we will invent advanced shielding and energy weapons.

  69. Sony Santos

    “Stars of heaven shall fall”

  70. Shawn

    Grab ’em, point ’em at the moon and pile ’em there. Maybe the could recycle ’em for moonbases.

  71. Jason Ross

    Hear that people ! The wonderful person is a Canadian !! Go leafs go !

  72. JT Laser

    Canadarm is a wonder: and THEN you add Dextre! That there is some cool technology.
    AND apparently bulletproof!

  73. Marth667

    I reckon we will start looking at doing something when someone loses their life. Be it a astronaut or a space liner all of a sudden we will start to do something about it. The human species always, ALWAYS is reactive, never proactive.

  74. _

    Basically, the cost of renunciation of sending a satellite into space is actually higher than actual relative price, and the rest will be paid later by all. Hmm, this sounds familiar.

  75. Hitscan Failure

    couldnt it be possible to make large matrices of low-density orbit sponges to catch small pieces of debris?

  76. Teddy Franklin

    Canada, strong and free.

    And I know we have to get rid of all the space junk, but we don’t know how, yet!

  77. Tony Cristmas

    Kind of scary knowing that we are just waiting for a big one it’s gonna happen just when

  78. Righteous Agitator

    …cleaning someone’s junk in space…
    Moahahaaa! crazy oddball, our dear Anton!😆

  79. Observing System

    Very well said, I agree, Anton, the billionaires should help clean up the mess. Maybe they could even recycle it again.

  80. David Hall

    The Canada Arm was designed after the arm of the average Canadian, which can survive meteorite impacts and still function normally.

  81. Graeme Crowther

    This say’s so much about Human Beings.

  82. Derrick Miles

    Once it becomes a problem for private industry, they’ll start dealing with the issue.

  83. the legendary rcn

    a variation of the vacuum cleaner transformer maid bot from spaceballs could work.

  84. BB

    Excellent content as always.
    Thank you wonderful Person 👍🇦🇺

  85. RiteMo LawBks

    Canadarm is so much more than just HJs.

  86. Mitchell Keenan

    +1 like for Canadian :) otherwise perfect channel

  87. Mark Maki

    LOL NO – when a major corporation loses enough money, they beg a government to fund stuff to prevent them from losing more money.

  88. Melody Scamman

    You’re a wonderful person Anton…

  89. snafutube

    One day there will be a junkyard in space (or possibly on or around the moon?) for old spacecraft, where they will be broken up and harvested for precious metals etc

  90. paladro

    soon they’ll need a version of that ocean plastic waste scooper for space debris….

  91. Andy Romaq Smith

    Such a wonderful person! I look forward to your posts. :)

  92. Sergioosh

    Check out Planetes anime. It’s a scifi series about a team of space garbage collectors. Interestingly in that universe it all started with a tragedy when a space airliner was destroyed by debris.

  93. Fred Scribner

    Nice to know that the guy with the smartest channel on YouTube is Canadian. 😊

  94. Roger Wehbe

    All I can think of is the movie gravity. That would effectively block our access to space

  95. Niels Unnerup

    4:05 Antarctica doesn’t exist! I knew it was too good to be true!

  96. Future EMP

    Kessler syndrome scares the crap out of me. time and time again new technologies prove that humanity rushes in and thinks about the consequences only after they’ve caused damage, but with kessler syndrome the option to fix mistakes becomes almost impossible once it reaches a set point.

  97. objBobby

    Canadian arm is the holiest arm in orbit! God save the queen 🇨🇦

  98. Karl V

    When very rich people can no longer launch satellites because they will be destroyed they will finally be willing to fund the clean up.

  99. Derek Hieb

    Sounds like a good job for space force, lol

  100. Earth is a Pyramid

    Worst case scenario we will not have satellites but we will have a protective trash barrier around earth.

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