Is Universe Left Sided? Hints of Symmetry Violation In the CMB

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of something unusual happening in the universe – it seems to have a preference for sides.
Main paper:
Press release:
Wu experiment:

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  1. M Standenberg

    Given the preference (here) of matter to anti-matter, it seems peculiar to have ever believed the universe wasn’t an irregular fundament.

  2. CleanerBen

    We can’t explain it because we have an incomplete picture

  3. Shreyash Naha

    Conclusion : The Universe is Communist :)
    hahaha LOL maybe Anton sir will understand better (as he’s from Rossiya xD)

  4. Bassotronics

    A hint that the universe is actually a hologram or is one huge magnet.

  5. Mr Positive TPR

    We live inside something that prefers laying on its left side.

  6. Zoltan Bozzay


  7. HUFORIC - UFO Investigati

    <--- Aliens say... Humans are to remain on the Earth with the Chimps they sprang from!!

  8. John Johansen

    10:10 Thanks. 👍
    I was waiting for this issue throughout most of the video. 😎

  9. Jay O'Hara

    wu’s on first?

  10. Joan Jones

    anton you always take the most complicated subjects and make it more simple – well – not really simple …but more understandable. thanks for this one.

  11. Chuck Just Chuck

    This might imply a quasi spherical shape to the Universe…

  12. Helder Almeida

    I been saying for years the big bang never happened

  13. Athrun Zala

    Does ‘Dark Pull’ have any bearing on this?

  14. spikeysyco81

    The red, is energy traveling towards us, and the blue is energy traveling away from us, nothing to do with parity I don’t think,

  15. Gisselle Martinez

    I feel out of place when I don’t watch your videos. 👋 Thank you, wonderful person!

  16. Stop the Philosophical Zo

    Are you with me Dr. Wu? Are you just a shadow of the man that I once knew?

  17. JohnFx

    If the CMB is indeed polarized, could we use it as a sort of space compass for navigation?

  18. Sags Galaxia

    Dr. Wu!!! Haaaaaaaan :o

  19. RulesOfImgur

    It can’t be left sided because of RIGHT hand rule. (/s)

  20. Greg J

    Well that just confused the heck out of me. Thanks for another great video.

  21. Soltado

    correction: Gamma rays cannot be reflected due to their incredibly small wavelengths allowing them to bypass any material known to man at the moment.

  22. iamchillydogg

    I tried to wipe my butt with my left hand and it definitely violated my symmetry.

  23. John Johansen

    No! I didn’t get that it was a mirrored version. (Before you mentioned it)
    But, I thought that something was wrong, right from the start.

  24. David Coyote

    …all’s fair in Love and symmetry…

  25. mamatuja

    Maybe this is a result of inaccurate measurement. Or maybe it’s an opposite result of an accurate measurement.🤔

  26. rob bob

    Are we on earth going to have 6 days of darkness form activity on the sun now please???

  27. David Chapman

    Could this be evidence of the universe having spin? Everything in the ‘verse rotates, I don’t see why the universe wouldn’t as well.

  28. Padraig McMahon

    Naver Trying me God’s Haven God picks me Pacterd Hirzoion Sourmstamy humanity Olampas MARS HRECLES what’s Egyptian gaceras Trying matt leo cat 🐈 thught

  29. Matt Bland

    Sheldon and Amy were right! Super Asymmetry.

  30. Kaarli Makela

    Which also proves that Vincent Van Gogh had amazing visions of the polarity of the early universe!

  31. cyberprompt

    actually, in other words: essentially.

  32. primoroy

    So…the universe seems to favor us lefties?

  33. Aween lee

    Im lefthanded and it is a good news om My birthday.we rule this universe.

  34. Jonis 3rd time's a charm

    Yin Yang

  35. Joe Omundson

    P symmetry?
    More like PP symmetry

  36. Jeffrey A. Smith

    This news blows my mind. But, No explosion of matter/energy is ever perfectly symmetrical. Maybe even at the largest scale.

  37. NaN

    The universe is left? That can’t be right!

  38. Grocel Fivetwelve

    Maybe the universe is left sided. **Soviet hymn plays** 😂

  39. Timothy Fair

    A win for left handers everywhere

  40. Jared Maddox

    If the twist was in the CMB from it’s creation, then “weak force” may well be the answer this time too.

  41. xarmanhs h

    damn it i usually understand your videos but that parity concept fly over my head >.<

  42. untouchable360x

    The universe swings that way?

  43. Jason Buchko

    Simple explanation: we (the universe) is a higher plane’s positron.

  44. Nathan Bradforth

    Could this be a gravitational wave at all from inflation or a wave from one side to the other or an inflation point of some kind

  45. country doge

    Awesome video , and handsome person on the screen , perfect combination, ; )

  46. Ace

    Thanos: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
    Astrophysics: Your failure is now complete.

  47. Branko Badrljica

    I knew there is somethign about my left hand be love of my life…

  48. xrm160xqw

    bye bye supersymmetry bye bye super string theory

  49. Devyn_77

    now whenever I think about my face being asymmetrical I can just remind myself of this video

  50. Laiba Gul

    So the universe is a lefty! Aha

  51. Alpha Corlupus

    You’re actually looking at it from the back side, go around to the front.

  52. Native American By Birth

    Why would everything in the universe be symmetrical when EVERYTHING on earth is asymmetrical, even our faces and feet.

  53. Masked

    Antov, you lost me at “left sided”.

  54. Coonfused57

    Well as soon as you can flip the universe let me know I’ll look at it, this sounds like chemical chirality to me.

  55. ClumzorZ

    Huh, the universe sort of looks like a messy/blotchy yin yang.

  56. Mitch E. I. C

    Sick to death of advertising on YouTube its getting worse might have to find a new platform

  57. Dee Ess

    My symmetry must be off, i don’t look identical when I mirror image myself 😝

  58. Filip Tůma

    Title is definitely political statement 😁

  59. Gruntsworth

    A mysterious asymmetrical fuzzball appears in Anton’s hair at 8:54. Could be an alien monitoring device. The humans are learning too much.

  60. exitolaboral

    Is it possible that this discovery change the traditional big bang cosmology model?

  61. Reagan Carney

    The way that sounds feels right you know about being left

  62. Pierce Glisson

    Anton, you’re a wonderful person. Thank you.

  63. MC's Creations

    Every discovery that makes us question our assumptions is a great discovery. 😊

  64. Xspot box

    Sounds like alternative dimensions and time travel.

  65. iGame3D

    Now we all have a 12 minute 39 second explanation anytime someone asks “How’s it hangin’?”

  66. not2tees

    Anton is a tried and true nerd, but magically, he’s kind of likeable. And even potato brains like me are getting smarter with every podcast, I betcha!!

  67. Stealth The Unknown

    Dude I never saw the cmb that way. Made me feel and realize a bunch of stuff

  68. Peter D_law

    Nobell prize is how can I say it .. when I hear someone won a NP I don’t think they ware super smart I think they had connection 😑🤔

  69. Craig S

    Holy shit! These are really exciting findings. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t subscribed to your channel. Thanks for the science update Anton!

  70. Robrt Sparkman

    Last time they measured polarization of cmb and drew conclusion it was retracted due to dust induced polarization effects.
    Other medium.

  71. Jayaraman Ganapathi

    Good discovery, it may be an evidence for multiverse. It has a deeper underlying meaning.

  72. Punky Pinko

    Thank you. This is a wonderful day. I love when assumptions about the universe are proven wrong. I hope for more good news to come.

  73. Mugetsu Rain

    You have a voice that is heard. Cover the Galactic Federation and help prepare people. It’s time to leave The Matrix.

  74. captainTubes

    0:33 Deadpan flexing 💪on his looks and he knows it 🤣 God I live your channel bro you’re amazing

  75. DarkEternal6

    Left-Handed people: “Our time is now.”

  76. Amrit Grewal

    Isn’t left handedness a sign of the Devil?
    Oh my God, we’re all in hell

  77. Has Upe

    Wait, are you telling me Nolan is right? Time can flow backwards?

  78. Van Glorious2020

    Left side is the heart side… And stoners pass it to the left…

  79. Youngg Godd

    The universe is a giant magnet

  80. Ronin Jax

    I’m glad there are imbalances.. Glorious differences

  81. Thedeepseanomad

    Calling it: caused by the energy released at big bang determining the direction of arrow of time and expansion.

  82. Wak Scientist

    I always knew that there was something sinister in the makeup of existence.

  83. TheMrgoodtool

    Aliens looking at our galaxy through their telescope…”We call that one lefty”!

  84. Nostromo

    So… ummm … how come a mirror reverses left and right but not up and down. Hmmmm? answer me that one you beauty :)

  85. DemoGorgonZola

    “I shifted myself left and right (…) most of you had no idea that you were looking at mirror version of me“ – of course we didn’t, you forgot to add the obligatory goatee! :)

  86. Luna Fairbairn

    I appreciate you so much anton

  87. Marco Fuentes

    This is just Anton bragging how his face is symmetrical. We get it buddy, you’re handsome :D

  88. jerry Mcclure

    Am i the only one that can see a Yin Yang in the universe

  89. Rob Thompson

    I said this! About the universe could be left sided! In Anton,s comments about a year ago!
    And I got trolled in the comments, Go figure!

  90. E M

    Yet, we can’t observe more than half of the Universe, still figuring out dark matter and they come with this?

  91. Nate River

    Sinister universe confirmed? Figures. 😆

  92. Jayden Abillar

    I come here every time he posts a video just so I can hear “Hello wonderful person”, also to learn new stuff I guess

  93. Cole Dedhand

    OK, c’mon… The universe is not left-sided. We’re just on the left side of the universe.

  94. Logan Wolv

    Me, a left handed person: I might not allign with the majority of humans but i do allign with the universe, good to know.

  95. jupiter

    “They asked this lady called Dr. Wu”
    “Dr. Who?”
    “No no, Dr. Wu”
    Im sorry

  96. VTC1984

    A lopsided universe sounds pretty awesome ngl. Like a giant weakly interacting particle


    Well, I’m left handed and until now the whole universe seemed righthanded to me so this makes me happy!

  98. xrm160xqw

    humans: how many mysteries do you actually have, universe?
    the universe: yes

  99. Paradox

    Seeing Anton on the left side of the screen makes me uncomfortable.

  100. James Buchanan

    I cant wait to see your “James Webb has discovered Life” video.

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