Interstellar Comet Borisov Broke Apart and Other Comet Updates

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about some of the updates about the interstellar comet Borisov, incoming comet Atlas and the idea of comets and disasters in general.

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    Thanks for your amazing episodes…. help me to remain indoor in this VERY CRITICAL SITUATION… i live in Italy… but at this point, any part of world is not safe… thanks to all doctors, nurses and everyone else.

  2. Pup314

    Any ideas if Borisov’s pieces might stay in solar orbit at all?

  3. Md Device

    The first one was a probe. This one is to cleanse the unnecessary species

  4. Ortherner

    2:47 March 28 was my Birthday!

    And Nobody Cares

  5. Hector Tellez

    Thank you wonderful people!πŸ‘

  6. Matthew Suffidy

    It would be more improbable if it was **NOT** the assassination of Caesar.

  7. OlSkunGun PS4

    This is evidence of militarised nuclear space program to counter space threats to Earth, Moon, Mars or other future objects of mans interest comrad Anton

  8. Napes Weaver

    Hey hallo good sir !!!
    Thanks for the content :) :) :)

  9. workingmans dead44

    Great presentation as usual,wonderful Anton.

  10. Mark Richards

    I saw comet Hale-Bopp. Could see it with the naked eye it was pretty cool

  11. Joseph Smock

    What da Math is a class of 24K and a lifetime long enrollment!

  12. Shay Whelan

    Hey! Just thought id leave a lil comet on this video.. Cya.

  13. Ron Nelson

    Why aren’t all the asteroids in the belt start forming a planet. They have gravity. Shouldn’t they pull together and compress.???

  14. Jay W

    I remember seeing Halley in 1986. ;)

  15. Lalli Hotakainen

    They didn’t want another oumuamua so this time they’re prepared enough to destroy the UFO before it got away.

  16. Wise Snake

    I’m pretty sure Comet ATLAS broke up, too, unfortunately.

  17. I hope You're offended

    Happy Easter. Stay safe! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  18. Just a β€˜Printer’

    Few more years, Haleys Comet will be making its return trip back to earth and should make it back here around 2061.

  19. Northman

    imagine a hub in low earth orbit that could have multiple probes on it that could launch off when necessary to land/circle and investigate close asteroids and comets. whenever one gets close were ready to gather information from it. I think it would be a cool idea

  20. stikowsky

    Thnx for another great video! Hm I have a technical question: may I ask what software you use to cut/overlay yourself on the background video? thnx

  21. Walter 1408

    There must be an enormous number of interstellar comets out there for us to have observed these in such a short period of time.

  22. Sherylin

    I seen hale-bop. I also seen Hailey’s comet as well. They are pretty cool :)

  23. Martin Horowitz

    If the younger dryas comet collision theory is correct, that might the start of comets as the harbingers of disaster.

  24. Aretha Villebrun

    Haha! I love the sub title

  25. BayHarborButcher

    Hey Anton I have a question suppose if light escaped from black hole ….. what would black hole look like.

  26. Troll Trollsen

    I think I prefer dull comets over exciting ones :P And as always, thank you wonderful Anton

  27. 3800Tech

    Comet McNaught was my only time I saw a great comet and boy was it spectacular!

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    Hi, I am not educated but I like astronomy and space since I was a child always cereus about the stars and the beginning of everything , never got a chance to fallow the dreams but still I like to read and watch the videos about the universe I just wanted to say thanks man you are doing a great job and I personally enjoy your videos!! πŸ™

  29. andy low

    So, nothing is a disaster without corresponding object in the sky.
    Thus, close the sky!

  30. Lennel Arnold

    The first comet I ever saw was C/2001 Q4 Neat back on May 2004 and has been rejected out of the solar system. That thing will never be seen again.

  31. Elijah Aitaok

    $5 says one of the comets is actually an arachnid spore cluster, as a declaration of war from Klendathu, a bug planet.

  32. likklej8

    Are any of these fragments going to come near our home or are they going to pass by? If pass. by how close?

  33. Carter Adams

    “if only we had comet sense”

  34. DougWare

    @2:40 “Smaller comets have a lot less likely chance to fall apart” –> I think you meant a lot more chance, but your explanation covered it so I’m only picking the nit to have an excuse to say good job as always.

  35. Philipp Void

    realy astunning how you always have the fitting profecional pictures to show what you are talking about. why hasnt nase or esa contacted you yet???

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    I keep clicking these because you’re the only one who thinks I’m a wonderful person

  37. Abuck70G0AT

    I remember the 97 comet…I was a kid in my neighborhood I remember all the people out watching it go by until it disappeared it was so cool!

  38. Karl Themel

    Comets can only be a disaster when they hit Earth, maybe at some point in prehistory, one actually did.

  39. Lift Pizzas

    People have gone from blaming everything on comets to blaming everything on conspiracies.

  40. Ace

    There is one very obvious way a comet an be an “omen of bad times” or a literal “disaster.”…just ask the Dinosaurs.

  41. Graptopetalum

    Revelation chapter 8 and the first couple of verses of chapter 9 sound suspiciously like a description of a comet impact. It’s a lot like the movie “Deep Impact”. However, it doesn’t use the word “comet”, it reads more like a description written by somebody who’d seen some news report about it in a language they didn’t understand very well and didn’t really know what they were seeing.

  42. frenk san

    When had bin determined that Omuamua was a comet?

  43. Glen Waldrop

    Sorry, I’m still laughing at gas from Uranus.

  44. ransomitis

    Energy from said comet could potentially affect us.

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    something wicked this way come.

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    It’s exciting enough for me to gob down pistachios like popcorn, while thinking a lot :3

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    “Hello wonderful person” with dead serious looking face while saying it made me subscribe to this chanel. :D

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    behold on the beauty that your eyes can see but you never know a sinister being hides on it..

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    Awesome show like always! Thank you Anton; hope you are safe.

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    Thank you, Anton. Be well. :)

  51. what the flying fuck ...

    the beginning of the second big bombardment? xD

  52. Shawn Elliott

    Comets are periodic. Catastrophic events are periodic. Illuminati confirmed.

  53. Sato Yamazaki

    R.I.P Comrade Interstellar Comet Borisov πŸ˜”

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    I am so interested in your commentary. I hope you can calm my fears of this comet.

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    I never understand how anyone can downgrade this channel?????

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    awesome vid,
    by the way guys check Artmesin or Artemisa Annua (plant), stay healthy

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    Coincidence or magic?

    It’s coincidence.

  58. who likes spaghetti?

    “telltale sign” is the new favorite anton’s words

  59. chiron

    Wait……there’s a comet called Borisov ?
    Is there an “Igorov” too ?

  60. B. Carlsen

    As the solar system is passing through the denser galactic plane, these dangerous visitors are likely to be on the increase.

  61. Maciej Bogdan Stepien

    You skipped through the most interesting part. How come?
    *Wasn’t it wonderful?

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    Behold! A marvel in the darkness . . .

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    and they call it Atlas like titan Atlas one of old gods defeated by olympic gods? Where great flood was involved to wipe out humans created by old gods? noice

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    I love to talk abt this thing all the time

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    Hey Anton! Thanks for all the content you create. I really appreciate (*as I’m certain many others) all the time you take to put out informative and always enjoyable videos at a wonderful in-human pace. They have meant alot to me this past year (since discovering your channel) and just wanted to let you know that. Thanks alot man!

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    Awesome! I was trying to explain the orbits of the comet that is now incoming. I just shared this video with her πŸ‘

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    Mariposa California is startlingly dark, only place I’ve seen the milky way

  70. Speak out and remove all doubt!

    Fingers crossed we can move away from silly superstitions. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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    P.s. Your smiles at the end are still funny/ smart. LEGIT.

  72. Osmosis Jones

    This gives use something to compare Omoahmoah to. It should have broke up when coming into our solar system. Heating up as approaching the sun .
    And and as it passes by planets like Jupiter.
    And the side facing away from the sun was the part to leave the trail.
    Seeing actually interstellar asteroid makes mor3 of what to compare Omoahmoah to

  73. Frank Mill2.0

    its a Oman …edit I was in the process of typing “its a Oman” before he said it on this video

  74. Ro Le

    Disaster etymology, history and a kick on astrology. Anton is in good form!

  75. Ray Ceeya

    Reminds me of the days leading up to the Shoemaker/Levy 9 impact on Jupiter. That comet broke up before impact too.

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    “Cap’n, we’re breaking up! She can’t take much more of this”
    “Steady as she goes”

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    I hope you are ok, I have learned so much from you and your platform. So wholsome and so educational, your videos should be shown in schools. I see it now “anton the astro guy”

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    The mother ship has released the invasion fleet! πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Ž

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    It’s large enough to reassemble quickly with some mass loss.

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    I like the beard.

  81. One Sec

    Comets are associated with bad events throughout history. Some have directly impacted events here on earth in the past. But not every comet is that kind of comet. But the trauma from the bad ones makes people very wary whenever another appears. The danger zone is 0.05 Au from us. Atlas is 0.65 at its closest. Relax.

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    Bad stars. We’ve got a lot of those in Hollywood.

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    when’s Anton going to break bad

  84. Shawn Elliott

    Today I learned that Comet Borisov was larger than a tiny galaxy!

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    I remember Kohoutek in ’73, it was quite visible just above the western horizon for a long time, day or night.

  86. RDE Lutherie

    Ouch!!! I just pulled a chunk of Borisov out of my head! Who said we weren’t in any danger? (<:

  87. Crazy Russian Bot

    look up Randall Carlson on youtube…
    you will learn A LOT about comets and ancient history

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    Props go out to our fleet for vaporising this rock.
    Praise the Emperor!

  89. Luis Aldamiz

    1:28 – Can you really say that without ROLFMAO yourself to death? “A tiny galaxy just for comparison”, LOL.

  90. Henchman Twenty1

    8:51 – Don’t forget the death of Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain! It was in the sky when he was born and he predicted his own death when it returned.

  91. StarGate Atlantis11

    I heard that comet Atlas has (2 parts: A and B) broken apart already, but it should be a great show anyway. It’s time to break out the old telescope.

  92. Barry Beaubien

    I remember halebop when I was a kid

  93. Stacy Bamon

    There is some discussion at the moment regarding Comet Atlas 2019 Y4, it may also be breaking up, so we may not see that wonderful show next month.

  94. mpetersen6

    What are the odds that two objects pass through the solar system in just a short period of time. And we just happen to see them. Personally I think that we have interstellar objects falling through the Solar system on a fairly constant basis. Of course fairly close stellar passes may cause an increase in these objects.

  95. LaserFur

    Borisov is a space dragon and is hatching. *grins*

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    That last big smile. He’s such a cutie pie.

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    My wife considers my forays into the kitchen as “(g)astronomical disasters!”

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    This channel is great. It distills important papers into short videos. As a current PhD student who doesn’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with all the new papers, this has actually helped me a lot. Thanks man, you’re great.

  100. Anton Petrov

    So unfortunately the day after I made this, several reports emerged that the comet Atlas may have also fallen apart and may not be visible after all. We still will not know for a few weeks, but looks like this plague will be cometless after all. In other news, the three comets that will very likely be somewhat visible this year are: PanSTARRS (C/2017 T2), 2P/Encke, and 88P/Howell. None will be as bright as Atlas would have been though.

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