Interestingly, Galactic Bulge Was Created During a Single Powerful Burst

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new discoveries in regards to the creation of the huge Galactic bulge that Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies has in the middle.
Paper 1:
Paper 2:

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    Hi Anton.. I have recently read an article which says that researchers have found a fossil galaxy within our milky way galaxy.. I would like to know more about it from you…Thank you

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    To what extent is it the formation of spiral galaxies analogous to the formation of solar systems? Could the giant gas concentrations that may have preceded galaxies closer to the Big Bang then heat up and begin to spin on a macro-cosmic scale — leading to more heat and star formation in their centers? Wouldn’t the existence of the bulge need to somehow be tied to the mechanism that led to the galactic outskirts orbiting its center to begin with?

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