Interesting Effect Is Causing Apophis To Accelerate – Will It Collide?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new discoveries about the somewhat mysterious and possibly dangerous asteroid known as Apophis.
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  1. Gary

    Oh that’s it. Bump it so it can influence heretofore irrelevant, possibly WAY bigger ones.

  2. George Bisson

    Love your content.

  3. Tj Semeniuk

    Its just accelerating cause it doesn’t want to miss 2020

  4. Top Secret

    How appropriate that this asteroid is named Apophis of all names.

  5. kitkat47 Chrysalis

    will it collide with earth? i hope it does.

  6. The Keeper

    Aww, its just a big firecracker. :D
    I mean, if it Airbursts, it’ll barely be worse than the Tunguska event.

  7. Nigel Cockburn

    Why don’t they use vacuum cleaners in space? Just wanted to up your comments for the algorithm!

  8. Sheppardsg1

    But here is an idea capture the damn thing and mine it then blew it up or send some sattelites to change his course away or into sun

  9. tylerx2f01

    lets just hope it misses, and heads strait for Venus. i’d love too see a space squid pop out afterwards and turn into a ring past asteroid belt and Jupiter.

  10. swiftghost 03

    2068 sounds good to me

  11. Gregory Kitchens

    What a great birthday present 🤨

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    I can’t wait it to hit the USA like in the movies

  13. Graeme Lastname

    It’s a shame our “leaders” don’t pay more attention to reality and less to what their feathers look like. Excellent as always. :)

  14. Patrick Parks

    Could they put a solar cell that will push it out and into the away from us


    How about building a huge catchers mit 🙂. Huge cold catchers mit

  16. DevonTheGamer

    Aliens 👽

  17. Will Hooton

    Check out the intro to the Rage game. It has Apophis slamming into earth.

  18. Louis Hansell

    Aten was the Ancient Egyptian Sun god.

  19. Cheech Melon Cougar Camp


  20. David Brandenburg

    a poor mans ion drive, or would you call it a hillbilly thruster!.

  21. MC's Creations

    Well… We’ll see I guess.
    Fingers crossed. 😬

  22. Billiam Billiamson

    Can someone explain why photons are considered to have momentum? I thought they were massless. Any clarification would be great :)

  23. Jin Jin

    if it hits earth, will it be extinction level event ?

  24. Andrew Cannon

    It would be cool if it gets captured by Earths gravity.

  25. Johan Ferreira

    Replay the first second over and over and watch Anton’s eyebrows while saying “Hello wonderful person” – kinda looks like he hates us or we disgust him haha

  26. The Exoplanets Channel

    Time to find *Earth 2.0*

    _just in case_

  27. Eater of Crabs

    Thanks for the great video, keep up the good work!


    Photon’s outnumber every other particle, have momentum and velocity, have energy, and therefore mass. amount of photons based on starlight emitted in the last 13 b years = 4×10^84 photons x photon mass = Dark Matter

  29. Ashley Thompson

    We be dead most of us 🤣

  30. Andrew Hickman

    It actually sounds like an amazing opportunity. I wonder if there is a possibility of landing on the asteroid and maybe adjusting it’s orbit into something more stable like a Earth-Mars / Earth-Venus cycler. It could become a platform to further human exploration of the solar system.

  31. Bastiaan Zoetaert

    Mining the Aten might be an good idea.

  32. Jeff Allen

    Didn’t you get the AOC news update? The world is going to in 10-12 years!

  33. Space Pony

    While you talked about the “key hole” in the video and explained what it does perfectly, you left out the important fact that this keyhole is less that 1km in diameter it has to pass through.

  34. Michael

    An excellent presentation. I was wondering about 2029 as well. I use the Purdue University Impact Earth for asteroid impacts. Very easy to use.

  35. Gregory Smith

    Thanks for your excellent videos, Anton. I’m wondering whether landing GPS-like transmitters on Apophis and some of the other NEOs would be a cost-effective way to track their trajectories, giving us continuous real-time data on their locations and potential for hitting Earth, rather than having to rely on intermittent telescopic observations.

  36. your name

    Well in 2066 if I make it to that year I’ll be 80 so I might dodge this bad boi just in time lol

  37. Santa Clause

    Then you remember all the near misses we have had so far, that we knew nothing about until they had passed. How long till another one we don’t see actually hits. Could be tomorrow could be next year.

  38. Vaul the Creator

    DAMMIT!! Blue-balled AGAIN!! 🤬

  39. Jim Roebuck

    To sum up, we have more chance of destroying earth than an asteroid.

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    Great job scientists causing drama with a name. Yep, that’s your role.

  41. RicardoA BH

    Any idea of the magnitude when it will pass close?

  42. Eternity

    Love your channel! I love everything about space and for some reason I understand your english much better then most of others english channels about space. so it helps me to improve my eng while I’m getting to know interesting things about space=)

  43. Peter Larsson

    I guess that’s why it’s called Apophis 😳

  44. Marko Viitanen

    Is that accurate simulation of 2029? In that simulation it goes very close to moon? What is the size of apophis? Can it have gravitational interraction with the moon, or even hit the moon?

  45. Richard Shane


    Hello Anton

    The question that should be asked is this asteroid from the inner solar system or from the outer solar system

    From the outer solar system there’s no possibility that it could hit planet Earth

    If it was detected in the inner solar system there may be a probability of this rock colliding with our Planet

  46. Atbinix

    Shal Kak Namraan Apophis! T’ealc is here

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    Meh. By then it’ll be my offspring’s problem so I’ve got nothing to worry about.

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    I love your videos :)
    I watch them every morning. The time I am able to spend daily for astronomy news etc. has reduced quite dramatically and your work keeps me up to date.

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    Can you talk about the Geminids! I would like to hear your opinion! THX

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    So if it hits Washington d.c. everything will be fine 👍🤣

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    oh good. only a gigaton explosion.

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    Well done! Thank you. How much doesolar wind affecthe asteroid?
    I ain’takin’o chances. I be donning my tihat.

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    Thank you Anton! This was the most useful and enlightening video from this channel in months. *thumbsup*

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    Great work Anton, our eyes and ears in space.

  56. Pickle P

    How can gravity be a repellent ? Isn’t that more like magnetism? Attract repellent

  57. James Hopper

    Go Russia let’s blow one up

  58. Adam holste

    Hahaha i wldnt take it so lightly, this one is capable of devastating damage. It could easily slap our species.. imagine if it hit the north pole…. lmao

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    To ask something like “Will It Collide?” in 2020 .. might be not the smartest idea :D

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    I believe 2068 would be a Presidential election year. Finally, we can have a GIANT METEOR 2068 campaign that has a chance! lol

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    So, this asteroid has/is a sun-powered ion thruster? 🤨

  67. Inspiración Original

    By the way, how much rare elements could an asteroid have… it is interesting.

  68. Richard Shane


    Looks like a modified fluid dynamics data generated as a computer graphics of a meteor impact

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    Wait, No stargate references in this video… Anton really ;(

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    Gotta visit before another lockdown u know.

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    Even significant solar storms have a lasting effect

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    We’re never safe man! Never! There could be an asteroid we can’t predict, nuclear war, a real plague😉, solar flares, polar shift, a super nova near by, rise of the machines, alien invasion, methane death by cow farts! The future is a roll of the dice man, a roll of the dice!😁

  75. Jake Aurod

    10:34 Should that be “accurate” or _precise_ ?

  76. m

    9:43 , “any culture ” , i like that you care about other cultures unlike globlists. subscribed

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    If I’m still alive, I’ll be ready for it to end.

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    I dare it to hit us.

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    2068 Anton: “Hello wonderful people, Apophis will collide with Earth today and end human civilization.”
    Me: “Thankgod, I feel better now.”

  80. Lucian BUJOR

    As a friend used to say, there are one in 300 million chances to win at lotto and still someone wins monthly.

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    But SG1 destroyed Apophis !

  82. Cole Dedhand

    C’mon Apophis, I’m ready.

  83. Dok Nomis

    I feel for you all alive then.
    Enjoy and have fun for me as I’ll be waiting in the ground to be recycled by then.
    Happy trails.

  84. Mike Harrington

    Surely we can’t be certain that such an impact would be limited to local effects if that area contained a nuclear power plant?

  85. Deepak Marandi

    The Yarkovsky effect is the Magnus effect of space.

  86. Kevin Stewart

    Did a Homer Simpson scream when I heard “Greek mythology” but we can laugh now 😁

  87. Grocel Fivetwelve

    Apophis realized it is late to the 2020 party.

  88. Kholdaimon

    Anton: “The chance of this asteroid causing any serious damage to any culture around the earth is currently not really that big…”
    Also Anton: “impact size of 20 times the strength of Tzar Bomba”

    I think we need to talk about you definition of “any serious damage”…

    Even a normal hydrogen bomb would pretty much wipe out the culture of say Monaco or Malta or Luxembourg… ;-)

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    Spray the thing with reflective or ultra-black pigments.

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    Wow, I just realized Anton doesn’t use ads. I never thought about donating to someone on YouTube, but man, this guys deserves 1000x. Love you Anton. I listen to you every night!

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    That’s impossible! Apophis was killed when his Ha’tak was destroyed by the replicators! Colonel O’ Neil and Colonel Carter were with me and we saw it with our own eyes!

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    You gotta do a April fools version like ” were all going to die ” haha you could scare the sheet out of me

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    I wonder what the aliens think when they come to earth on vacation, and see this floating junk yard around the planet!.

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    “Will It Collide?” seems like the name of a future-themed destruction show.

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    I still think you are a wonderful person anton.

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    1:07 “Does it have any friends?”
    It’s so considerate and scary at the same time!

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    And remember gentlemen, when the astroid approaches, it’s very important that you wear your mask and respect social distancing.

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    My day isn’t complete without hearing Anton tell me about science and space.

  99. TayZonday

    If the asteroid is just out in space anyway — how plausible would it be to land 1,000 solar-powered excavators on it that grind 1,000 cubic feet of the asteroid to dust per day? Over decades, the size of this (and potentially much bigger asteroids like the Chixculub impactor) will shrink to be a less significant threat.

  100. Lee

    Looks like the goa’uld are at it again. Send SG1 to stop that asteroid.

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