In Search of Life on Venus – Explanations and Upcoming Missions

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about some more updates in regards to the discovery of life on Venus
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  1. Kukipett Kelbozob

    Good to see you in HD, now you just need to ajust the sound absorbtion in your studio and it will be perfect!

  2. Mac Swanton

    Terra-forming EARTH might be more feasible

  3. Cernunnos W.

    If there is no life, seed it. I’m sure our life could “make it great again”.

  4. MC's Creations

    Great video, Anton!!!
    Finally, some hope! 😃

  5. Balázs Adorjáni

    Regular ppl: we have to go to Mars and live there!
    Venus fans: we need to go to Venus and establish a cloud city so that we can live in the skies!
    Haters: we are far-far away from that tech it’s impossible to live in the skies!
    Venus bacteria: hold my life cycle

  6. Steve Stevens

    Back to you’re non HD hotel!!!

    Nonetheless, glad you’re at you’re new place and looking good. Just gotta give ya a little crap cause I’ve “been there and done that”.
    Props for how you handled it, and wish ya the best for the future. Just keep up the wonderful videos, no matter where you are.


  7. sorteio master

    our solar system is funny…

    venus has 100 times earth atmosphere and is closer to the sun so it makes it a overhot plannet for us to live…
    mars has 1% earth atmosphere and is further from the sun so it makes it overcold for us to live…

    im not astrophysicist nor but roughtly saying if we could just switch these two plannets placements in the solar system we would have much easier conditions for life to hold there…

  8. Ermé

    HD Anton got me Petrovied. GG on your growth and looking forward to future videos!

  9. Dave Redfern

    need to terraform earth into an ideal place for humans to live first.

  10. Noah Cave-Higgins

    Yes, the camera is in focus~ <3

  11. DarlEng

    Going to Venus has an infinitely better ROI than going back to the Moon or Mars

  12. Majic Lamp

    Brilliant theory… and makes scientific sense. Kudos… can’t wait to see the results. Looking forward to your update….lol

  13. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi yes you will find life on Venus, there little bugs type, I had the same moneys that the two space company have I can do better. I can send a probe to Venus I also want to send a probe to Mars moon of Phobos, but I don’t have that kind of money to do this. If you know someone
    who will let me have this kind of money let me know.

  14. Stephen Walsh

    Hi. Terra forming Venus, being closer to the sun, has no practical long term advantage. To make such a colossal and incredibly expensive project worthwhile, we would need to move away from the sun. In light of the current global crises, we have many far more significant hurdles to jump if we shall survive long enough to afford even a lunar base which, in my view, would be essential for further expansion into space of our species. One thing at a time; I hope life is found elsewhere in our solar system. That might just be the catalyst required for the human race to start doing everything as part of a long term objective to survive.

  15. Mike Sember

    Hey Anton, loving the new camera and glad you found a place to live and work. Thanks for all the great content.

  16. Adisura

    ISRO and JAXA are collaborating on a venus mission probably being launched by 2024

  17. Gvardiecky

    1:00 i Hope they aint gonna cath some jinchiruki

  18. Robert Preda

    I’m actually really excited for the scenario in which there actually are life forms in Venus’ atmosphere. idk what that news would change about what we think about life today

  19. semmering1

    Anton, we love you!!

  20. aranos

    We already polluted wherever we landed. We still don’t know how much of earth life survives in space, we keep discoverring it’s more resilient than we thought. We have no idea how it would develop in different environments.

  21. ReaptheWhirlwind

    Thank you for the update, Anton! the hd looks good ofcourse! glad to hear everything is going good too!

  22. Soviet Shibe

    Hd makes your face pop in a way. Before you looked like a vampire in a way XD

  23. The Harbinger

    Micro-bacterial version of the Integral Trees – cool

  24. Mick Miah

    Anton, follow David Sinclair PhD and still be alive in 100yrs. This is a really exciting vid. Great Stuff mate.

  25. Hakan Yucel

    The Map of Venus can be different, depend how much water you have

  26. Niall Mackenzie

    I love the idea of all these companies launching satellites to probe different planets, however I wish all these companies could come together and create a giant habitable space ship with its own gravity system, so we could launch small manned spacecrafts to actually visit these planets, a bit like star trek but without warp drive.

  27. Kamran Siddiqui

    Is nobody gonna talk about how they actually named the mission “Akatsuki”?

  28. Kleiner Teufel

    OK, now you SERIOUSLY need to change your avatar image.

  29. Konstantin Alexandrov

    Electron’s launch services are not cheaper per kg than SpaceX’, actually, they are x10 times more expensive!

  30. Alex

    HD Anton!!! He is still a wonderful person

  31. Downskated

    Just spitballing an idea here, how do we know we haven’t already contaminated Venus, I’ve looked up several pictures of the Venera landers being built and it doesn’t look like they’re being built in the most clean standard prevent biological contamination. What’s to stop some extremophiles from finding some nook, crack, or crevice of the spacecraft and contaminating Venus?
    There doesn’t seem to be a lot of primary sources in English that would give me information about what safeguards they used to prevent contamination, if only there was somebody that could read Russian oh, and maybe do a nice little video on it as a side, because nobody really talks about it anymore and it’s sad. The first pictures from another planet.

  32. Jeff Broge

    This is so exciting to hear we might have an answer in a few years!

  33. Charles-A Rovira

    You might want to get in touch with the developers of *NASA’s Eyes* because it can no longer run on *MacOS Catalina.*

  34. JAMES T. not kirk

    Your brilliance is only limited by your exsistance, what ever that means!

  35. D'arcy Leland

    Let’s imagine that creatures from Venus are invading earth. What would be the size, weight, “skin”, skeleton, internal organs function, set of senses, of the creature that could live and construct a spaceship. What kind of protection “spacesuit” would they need to be able to land on earth.

  36. Mark Flatt

    Wonder if they will find any signs of life…🤔 strange to imagine life on venus…10/13/2020…🤔

  37. Tomtompro


  38. Owen Nicholson

    I don’t know why, but I get a little kick out of the start of the video when you say “hello wonderful person.” Thanks :]

  39. Brian Boru

    Great stuff as always! Thank you for doing the immense amount of research required for the quality presentations, theories and opinions you post. You da man!

  40. Mimeniia

    Watching this 24hrs into wonderful Anton’s future.

  41. Jake S

    I think life in the Solar System is so unlikely I wouldn’t even bother looking. It may have come from Earth, or the same source as Earth :) but for it to have developed twice here and not be obvious throughout the galaxy has zero chance.

  42. Christmas Snow

    If haze is a result of microbial activity, then it must be a HUGE biomass. Can’t wait to see. Using a catalyst to turn atmospheric CO2 into “mountains of plastic” is equally intriguing. It can recycle CO2 on Earth into fuel and other things!

  43. Matt Hays

    I agree with many posts: The new HD camera makes a big difference!

    One suggestion / constructive feedback:
    Black/dark on and around you is a little too shallow in contrast, because they’re not as black as space is in background pics or video behind you. Fixing it would make your content look like a professionally produced seamless video.
    In some previous episodes, it was very noticeable. In this one, only one or two places had the issue. The rest looked great!

    I’m happy you have a more permanent home now! Thank you for all the work you put into these videos…I love it!

  44. BrianVoid

    Anton” Wonderful and HD” Petrov

  45. Phil Morton

    The only way you could ethically terraform venus, after the discovery of life is to help it evolve back to survive on the surface. We dont even know if we can then live with such life as it may not have our base pairs and dna structure. It could turn proteins and sugars in the opposition direction from ours, and the production of phosphene is not a good sign as it is lethal to life on earth. You certainly don’t want to bring venus life back here to earth!

  46. sorteio master

    i find so fun to a “science” video say ‘some articles propose a very simple and cheap way to remove the co2 from venus atmosphere’….

    only if we knew another plannet with co2 problems in its atmosphere where we could test before “saving” venus atmosphere…
    where will us find such a plannet?

  47. S Singh

    WOW! He is in HD! Screw Venus, this is bigger news!

  48. Sagar Muniratnam

    I honestly can’t wrap my head around life on Venus. Yes I know I’m biased with our own living conditions but I’ve always thought Venus was a complete no show for life. Only thing that makes sense is that life did exist there and over the years led to highly specialised organisms living in the atmosphere. Then again, nothing in this universe is obliged to make sense

  49. SDaniel

    How about planets flowering with so called “starforts”? There are thousands of them, all over planet Earth! It maybe, that these “star(fort)s” are made by planets all over the universe…

  50. Logan Wolv

    I mean we can say we’re almost there.But any animal-like life? yeah unfortunately i don’t think it will be seen during my life time.

  51. Nobody

    Interesting what they’ll find. Anything they will though, it will be surprising.

  52. Grim Maka

    Did you get a new camera? Cause it looks sooo damn good

  53. Phil Morton

    I think it’s more likely that the life on venus works like balloons of less dense gases, they need to have a stable life phase above the clouds, now whether they are using photosynthesis or another method, there would need to be more than one kind of life to create a balanced ecosystem.

  54. Nandine ruiz

    0:57 I can finally enjoy life with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  55. NotAnother Account

    What if this “alien” actually introduced by human activities (venus lander, space probe, etc).

  56. The1RandomFool

    Instead of teraforming Venus, we should teraform Earth first.

  57. leon111125

    What a beautiful and mysterious man just like the planet in HD.

  58. hknuddv

    Take the excess CO2 from Venus and put it on Mars.
    It’s a 2 for 1 terraforming deal

  59. Hadoc Haddockson

    there is so little water on venus that this is not really valid.

  60. Fruit Dealer

    How much space junk is around Earth now?

  61. TotalRookie_LV

    I guess, Venus would be a hellish place no matter what, because of lengths of days and nights there. Where I live, we got almost 20 hour days in midsummer (that’s WHY it’s summer then), and 20 hour dark time in the middle of a winter. On Venus both are MUCH longer.

  62. Carl Hult

    Venus is from an old Latin word meaning friendly, lovable. How ironic that word is now

  63. JRR31984

    10:25. They need to have satellite collision insurance in space.

  64. Stephen Scanlon

    Oh damn yeah, the echo is strong in your new place. Maybe hang up some towels as a short term measure.


    There’s like a little 3D Anton in the corner!

  66. HUFORIC - UFO Investigati

    Aliens have scanned Earth…
    No evidence of Intelligent Life found…

  67. Steven L. Korell

    Finally ordered me a Wonderful Person shirt today. Hope it helps. Whatever motivation keeps you going and so positive, keep it up. It’s rubbing off on me while I happen to be going through a rough patch and I’m grateful. Thank you, Anton.

  68. Frogdealer

    Hey, you look so HD! ;)

  69. Holo姉貴

    I really love your videos covering Venus. It really is lacking in exposure in “popular” science even though there is so much to learn. Your videos are informative and interesting so please keep it up!

  70. Gaël Le Cruel

    Although I love your content and enthusiasm, It think it such a streach to call this potential life that I would call it misleading.
    If I remember correctly the phosphine traces as so low that they could almost just be noise, it was something is the range of 20 part per million. Considering this and the fact that there is almost no water on Venus….
    I mean I’m very excited about every discovery, even just about new rocks on Venus, and I don t think the people that watch these video need the clickbait to be interested anyways.

  71. MicroClases

    HD makes you look like almost a normal person, almost.

  72. Rob Collinge

    Peter Beck needs the same media coverage as Elon Musk. He is every bit the future of space as Elon. Thank you for sharing his incredible vision. He will be remembered for as long as humans exist if he can pull this off.

  73. thuring813

    fun fact: the gas actually came from Uranus

  74. n/a n/a

    What I can see happening is we finding these microbes, humans bringing them back, getting them released accidentally to find that these Venus spores love earth’s atmosphere’s conditions.

  75. M H

    The wonderful person in all his HD glory!

  76. Omu' Vrajitor

    Anton, can you look into the hawking point theory of Roger Penrose, this year Nobel prize winner.

  77. Stephen Syputa

    Suggest reading Derek Künsken’s newest book, HOUSE OF STYX, where he explores human colonies thriving amongst the Venusian life in the atmospheric layers of Venus.

  78. MicroClases

    As much as I like Rocket Launch and Musk and all the entrepreneurs, this is a very difficult mission, it has to be NASA, the telemetry involved needs a lot of experience. Space X sent astronauts to the station and is developing new forms of propulsion, but this missions need some cold war experience.

  79. Razvan Mihaeanu

    Venus is the real native planet of “Alien”!
    Acid, thick, high pressured, low visibility, hot atmosphere!

  80. Happy Fox

    Would be awesome to confirm life outside Earth.

  81. MORGAN 666666

    5 min is extremly little time to search life! And send data!

  82. psionx1

    it may take 100+ years to cool venus to a level where humans can step on the surface but as far as I can tell all the tools needed to terraform venus are already on it. while mars will need tons of imported resources. not to mention venus will gain a magnetosphere as a result of us stripping away it’s atmosphere adding rotation. mars on the other hand will become a death trap if satellites generating a fake magnetosphere ever fail. then again it’s less of an issue if all of mars is encased in one large biodome.

  83. dimitri koletsos

    I’m very skeptical on that paper, the Venusian atmosphere has only 0.002% water. How would droplets form?

  84. mdavid1955

    We’d better start trying to stop “teraforming” the planet we live on so much, or we won’t have to wonder what’s going on on Venus, Mars or anywhere else. :-(

  85. Semchance Semajiin

    Hey Anton, did you see Thunderfoots video on “life on venus” , he made it very clear, that the chemicals found there are in such rare amount plus can be explained with basic chemistry. Anyway what is your thoughts on this?

  86. Saoirse Nelson

    Considering the range in pressure on Venus, is it possible that some lifeform could exist in droplets of CO2? At the right pressure and temperature, which if I’m remembering correctly does exist at some point on Venus, it is possible for liquid CO2 to exist.
    Supercritical CO2 and nitrogen exist there as well, so I’m curious if it’s possible that this is some kind of life that thrives in a supercritical liquid environment?

  87. Random Bytes

    Hello from Argentina, wonderful Anton.

  88. Osiris Rex

    Can’t wait for them to get there and realize Anton was there the entire time pretending to be on earth.

  89. Thomas Chrombly

    Maybe we shouldn’t land on Venus next time.
    May we should deploy a huge parachute to slow down and then deploy a blimp and just float a probe around in the upper atmosphere.

  90. Peter Rasmussen

    There is almost no water in Venus’ atmosphere. Hence no water droplets, almost none anyway.

  91. David Spice

    It really frustrates me that we have such a one sided bias towards Mars and have ignored Venus for so very long by comparison.

  92. Brandon James

    Anton you’re one of the most consistent, prolific channels on YT. Your HD video looks great and i look forward to seeing what you do next. Glad you’re back.

  93. Tenetri

    I never realized Anton Petrov is actually a pretty handsome guy.

  94. FROGGS01

    Anton: have you seen Thunderf00t’s take on the Venus topic? Would be interesting to see a discussion of both of you… Cheers!

  95. Etherial Well

    Mankind for decades: “Damn clouds, cant see if there is any life on that Venus”
    Mankind in 2020: “Damn life, cant see a single rock through the clouds of organisms down there”

  96. Das Daleberger

    “EH . Disco Stu doesn’t advertise.”

  97. Kami sama

    Mars: I’m the best.
    Venus: No, I’m the best
    Enceladus: *Amateurs*

  98. Wayne Shirey

    I am very grateful for what you do, Anton. It is “wonderful” to be updated on a daily basis about these consequential discoveries, and to see it done so very well. Keep up the good work, and thank you. BTW, congratulations on your new abode.

  99. Tyler Harry

    Glad to hear you’re doin better Anton.

  100. Looper Birhinger

    HD made you more realistic. Like coming back to life!

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