Important Mars Mission Updates: Here’s What NASA Has Been Up To!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new exciting updates from the missions on Mars
Mission update:
Chinese mission:

Semetkovsky , CC BY SA 4.0,

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  1. Donald Carey

    I wonder how long Anton can speak without using the word various? :-D

  2. MasterNicholas 05

    30 Kg in Martian atmosphere is absolutely incredible!

  3. Plague Doctor

    “so there are a lot of different sounds”… yeah, the music!

  4. BeingHonestSucks

    This might be a silly question the ideas been rattling around in my head a while but could Oumuamua of be the blast cap of a nova and we could maybe be expecting a pelting of fragments at some point. Would explain the increase in objects entering the atmosphere lately

  5. Keith Chamberlain

    How to retrieve the samples: Send a bloke up there to get them.

  6. Burkhard Stackelberg

    Ingenuity definitely earned its name for being ingenious!

    For those who missed out on the noises of atmosphere and helicopter: First, listening to it through the speaker of my phone, I just heard the music. When I listened again through 30$ headphones, the sound was much above the music.

  7. victims vs victors

    This is probably the tip of the iceberg of information they’ve collected. Plenty we’ll never know about

  8. Nick Shields

    One of the advantages of the thin Martian atmosphere would be that you could play music really loud in your habitat without disturbing your neighbours.

  9. scotty moondog jakubin

    its hard to phantom the crazy math that is going into this mission !

  10. Dennis Harrington

    Thanks. I often visualize myself as astro-geologist, walking along the Antarctic sand (someone else’s dime!), stooping down, picking up a rock, and declaring, “this rock came from Mars!”

  11. Ace Combatter

    Anton, what do the units on C squared mean? I understand that meters per second per second is an acceleration. But I do not understand area (square meters) per second per second. Can you explain how the units on mCC resolve to energy?

  12. Messiah-Akeem Prophit

    Teleportation already is, or going to deal with sound vibration…you can it’ll be a cell phone for physical objects

  13. Elliot Smith

    Strangely, I seem to be hearing music playing. In fact, it continues when Anton is speaking.

  14. Bastiaan Mathot

    Thank you Anton.
    What if China is going to pick up the monsters created in this mission and send them back to China?

  15. MrReadandlearn

    Mars has a Karen friendly atmosphere.

  16. Cody Ewok

    Helicopter is far more sci-fi! I love it!

  17. Brent Keller

    “Obviously this rock was attacked by some kind of silicate vampire!”

  18. Sharonmxg

    It just seems perfectly obvious to use the helicopter to both conduct reconnaissance for the rover as well as take images of places the rover cannot access.

  19. Tim van Aaken

    Those 3d mars pics made it possible for me to walk on Mars (in my VR headset that is) ! Been a while since i had such goosebumps :)

  20. SuperTubeLurker

    I held my phone up tomy ear listening to the atmosphere… I was blown away that mars has background music!

  21. Mark Roberts

    I just really enjoy these videos. I think these videos will help keep the interest and outer space alive

  22. Guy North

    You’re looking well Wonderful Person, you sure keep my head spinning with your videos. I still haven digested the super nova-black hole interaction, not that I probably ever will, but its fun to try.

  23. Milark

    Broooooo, imagine being able to walk through Mars Google maps style due to the pictures this thing takes.

  24. Irish Guy

    Always with your fingers on the pulse😃.
    Many thanks for your videos. 👍🏽😘

  25. Nikolay Tonev

    Why everyone is so fascinated with Titan? There are many more interesting moons, like Ganymede, Europa, Enceladus…

  26. loqk loqkson

    woot! the anaglyph glasses that have been on my desk for 3 years finally have a use!

  27. John McLaine

    Mission Control to Mars : “You’re go to start drilling.”
    Mark Watney : “That’s what she said.”

    – from The Martian by Andy Weir

  28. patriot rising

    So very well explained ,an I so very much appreciate your efforts to provide up to date information on the mission. Well done wonderful person !!!

  29. PanglossDr

    This must be the best toy ever made. Fantastic what they are doing with it.

  30. SDaniel

    Speed of Sound is the best themed boomerang in the world ;-) Relax! Everybody: Stay away from Mars…

  31. Ian Wilkinson

    What about dirigibles with a directional propulsion system, wouldn’t they be an alternative method of exploration? what ever happens in the future is going to be memorable, bloody amazing more like :-) thanks Anton this was remarkable.

  32. Jonon Ulzii-Orshikh

    You are also a wonderful person Anton. I’ve been feeling down for a long time and rediscovering my love for astronomy and science has certainly helped :)

  33. nate0

    I was reading all the Nasa Mars updates last week. Thanks for sharing this in detail. The drone/chopper info was interesting.

  34. Kyle C

    Makes sense “men are from Mars and girls from Venus” deeper voices travel better on Mars of course.

  35. Avery Games

    I took a break from you for about a year, it’s nice to be back.

  36. VulpisFoxfire

    I wonder which would be more cost-effective…collecting samples and somehow carrying them back to Earth, or transporting an automated/remote lab setup *to* Mars and testing the samples there?

  37. Ted Salad

    Never mind the helicopter, there appears to be a Martian playing a synth

  38. Eugene Shaffer

    I think NASA needs to plan their flightiness of the rover like we do here on earth for aerial photogrammetry. The photogrammetrists have software that converts the resulting photos into contour maps and can make 3D imagess of the ground from them. We do it all the time with drones here on earth.

  39. Deborah Anne Hart

    Love the Martian music!

  40. Graeme Brumfitt

    Wonderful update Anton! TFS, GB :)

  41. Analogy Accepted

    What would be really cool – we stumble upon a rock with perfectly circular holes in it… After looking more closely, the holes are worn out and rusty, like they’ve been there for thousands or tens of thousands of years…

  42. stevethul1

    I know that if I get married again, I will move to mars so that when she starts yelling not doing something, I can blame the Mars atmosphere where her voice could not be heard…

  43. Broken Robot

    Thanks for the comprehensive yet concise coverage on this topic. You covered a lot and really got me interested in looking into this mission more.

  44. Nikolai Shriver

    That seems kind of silly to drop the core capsules all over the place and then have to gather them up.

  45. Nikolai Shriver

    I can just imagine the scene, if it could be done without dying, two people screaming at each other at the top of their lungs in deep, slow motion tone voices 🤣 “OPEN THE AIIIR LOOCK!!!!!” *Quietly

  46. General Yellor

    That strained smile at the end of every episode is the most rehearsed I’ve ever seen. Love it.

  47. MrMelgibstein

    Oh God,these missions seem so believable,they could never be scripted or done in a Hollywood studio.

  48. Kurho Oni

    Thank you for every thing you do here :)

  49. Jon Hall

    First time watching through, I heard absolutely nothing of the sounds of Mars, had to turn all way up & put my ear to the speaker, just for it to be nearly covered over by the background music, but I did manage to *barely* hear the blades of the mini-copter.

    Hopefully when you wake up, & see the comments, you edit this to first: Take out the background ambient music, while it is low & soft, it does cover too much of the sound of Mars, & Secondly, not sure if this is possible as I’ve never uploaded to YouTube, but is it possible to amplify the the sound of Mars?

    Either way, we all appreciate the wonderful person that you are Anton, and are grateful for the contributions you give to us! You deserve all the followers, & Patreon contributions you get.

    Stay wonderful, you classy person that you are Anton!

  50. William Byrd

    I’m impressed they can keep the drone flying. considering the temperatures, dust, and lack of any way to do even basic maintenance. And this is after being strapped to a rocket and fired millions of miles through one of the most damaging environments imaginable. That is some fine engineering right there. Give them folks a medal and a pay raise.

  51. Juan Pedro Mariano

    Damn, it’s been six months since that groundbreaking flight, and yet the little chopper still works. NASA really has an excellent record of sending durable objects that far surpass their designated lifespan.

  52. TheGiantburger

    “Ill explain what you’re hearing.”

    All I hear is music.

  53. S D

    The first sample from Mars contains chocolate, nougat, caramel, and almonds. A detailed analysis of the Mars rover drive path indicates obvious intoxication as it is unable to drive a straight line. If you have noticed that Mars is getting less and less red and more Earthlike in color, then remember: “these are not the droids you are looking for.”

  54. colin whitfield

    I just f*!%king LOVE that little helicopter so much.
    Like, genuine wholehearted empathetic LOVE for that marvelous little robot.
    Is it a gateway to supplication before our imminent A.I. overlords?
    Do I care at all about that?

  55. Winnie Gustafson

    I just can’t get excited until they learn something other than rocks

  56. Rocky Power

    I think it’s very exciting just watching Anton light up so much today with such cool timing and great explanation. I like every outfit and hairstyle too.

  57. Scorpio D

    “Raised ridges…” A.K.A. Walls…HIGHLY Compelling. : )

  58. mcburcke

    You da man, Anton…thanks for the update; I was wondering how all that had been going lately, and I really haven’t had time to check up on all the various programs.

  59. Penney Burgess

    Thank you Anton!

  60. M Mickle

    The Martian science news just keeps getting better and better!

  61. Richy's Radio Room

    In order to get lift from a fixed wing on Mars you would need to be rolling very fast. There isn’t a whole lot of flat hard runway to take off and land.

  62. lcarus42

    The moment they successfully bring something back from Mars, will be the moment the first manned trip will be put into full swing.

  63. Flyingpapaya

    I own a Subpac and I can feel the difference in frequency when Ingenuity starts its blades up.

  64. ConqueringFool1

    @5:38 Looks like the scientists are inside the rover… Lol.. Could just be the medicine though!! 😉😉 Lol.. Keep up the awesome updates Anton!!

  65. Greg Gallacci

    With 20-50 detailed photos taken around an object, photogrammetry can produce an accurate 3d model.
    While an anaglyph gives a good sense of depth, that information exists only in the mind of the observer.
    3d models allow for accurate measurement of features, and can chart shifting sand.
    Models from photos taken before and after a storm would reveal how much sand moved and where.
    Fun stuff!

  66. Alain Richardt

    Love your videos, keep making them, very interesting!

  67. perry92964

    so im 56 years old and im getting the feeling these samples wont arrive here on earth till long after im dead along with most of the scientists who came up with the mission

  68. Jean Alton

    I’m assuming helicopters would be limited in size due to the atmosphere so there will always be a need for rovers.

  69. ElectricUrinal

    Your channel has really grown over the last couple of years that I’ve been watching as a subscriber. Great job, man! Keep it up brother. I can count on you for the latest in interesting astronomy research news. Cheers!

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    Amazing work!

  71. Chuck White

    I’m more looking forward to the Europa and Titan missions personally. Hopefully they get them done in my lifetime!

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    Anton, I feel it’s time someone told you that you are a wonderful person!

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    Could they use this heli too get dust off of the rover? That would be extremely usedfull after a dust storm

  75. curseoftheegglady

    Anton: Uploads practically every day

    We live in amazing times :)

  76. ladybabbleon

    I’m good on Martian samples being brought to Earth. I know how that movie ends.

  77. Nick Moore

    A double-rotor RC heli model… man, I haven’t seen one of those in action since my ALA Teen Tech Week Demo in 2009. Tight controls, solid stable flight, stops on a dime, everything today’s dronecopters can’t even come close to doing.

  78. RobJ

    The background musical affect really makes it more difficult to hear Mars sounds

  79. Mary Ann Bittle

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    Stay wonderful, dear Anton! ❤

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    Who’s playing the music on Mars? Curiosity’s satellite radio?

  83. Robert Gotschall

    I have seen a working fixed-wing drone with VTOL capabilities. Given the condition of the Mars surface, I wonder if this might be more viable.

  84. Francisco Pagan

    Greetings Anton! Thank you for explaining the mission of Perseverance and the Ingenuity helicopter to Mars. It is important to know more about the red planet before humans get there. With this mission there is the possibility of finding some kind of extinct life or even that it is present. Thank you wonderful person!👍

  85. Andy Anderson

    When I was a kid, mom always told me the moon was made of Swiss cheese. I believed it 😂😂😂

  86. Tau Ceti

    Helicopter mission is going to be INDEFINITE!
    That’s fantastic news!
    I thought it had only a couple missions left before they were gonna ditch it and explore with the rover!
    Poor rover is really getting the back seat treatment right now haha

  87. vidhan p

    Sounds on Mars dont carry
    nasa: puts loud electro music over jt

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    1:27 “In a nutshell, you would have to scream extremely loud for someone to hear you.”

    Out of a nutshell, you would wake the neighbors. Can’t it wait a few hours?

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    Absolutely love these updates by you! SO MUCH SCIENCE!

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    What process created the raised ridges topography?

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