I Made an Oopsy, Correcting a Mistake in a Polar Drift Video

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Hello and welcome! I made a mistake in the linked video and you wonderful person saw it early on:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxiF8YQju2g This needed to be corrected, thank you!

Paper and images used: https://www.nature.com/articles/nature11571
Main Study: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/2020GL092114
Images: Cavit, CC BY 4.0

Ulamm, CC BY 3.0
Victor C. Tsai, Public Domain

Tags: anton petrov, science, physics, astrophysics, astronomy, universe, whatdamath, what da math, technology, space engine, earth magnetic field, wandering magnetic field, wondering magnetic field, magnetic north, earth magnetic north, geomagnetic north, why magnetic north is drifting, magnetic north drift, poles of earth, earth poles, magnetic field, earth magnetism, mystery of magnetic field, reversal of magnetic field, earth magnetic reversal, Polar Drift, Terrestrial Water Storage

  1. G A Aspros Figueroa

    Another example of why I trust you more than corporate media. You’re such a wonderful person, Anton. 💚💛

  2. marek kora

    We love you anyway. No one does videos every day as you do ! It’s incredible .

  3. Panic At The ISCO

    Mistakes happen. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You do great videos.

    Edit: And a break/vacation is well deserved. Seriously you do good work and have earned a break.

  4. Siddhant

    This video confirms Anton is Canadian 😂😂
    Anton it’s really commendable you made the correction video ❤️❤️

  5. Steven Miller

    My grade school teachers in the sixties, who only had to have associate degrees, would never admit being incorrect.
    Even about old fashion lore from their childhoods. That’s dangerous . Thank you Anton for eating crow with such finesse.

  6. FourKK

    Not only admiting and correcting his mistake, but going out of his way to make a 11 minute video explaining in detail what he got wrong.
    This is why you’re amazing, Anton!

  7. Tommy

    As the Romans said :” Errare humanum est”

  8. bgdexter

    This is going to be one of your most important publications, Anton. Please consider introducing breaks on a regular basis. From one to another: you’re a burnout candidate.

  9. LPIndie - Astronomie und

    :D Anton…thats ok…nobody is perfect…you have made a wonderful job with this channel…so maybe in deed some vacation? You deserve it :)

  10. Aaldrik Bakker

    Can you even a little bit imagine if our leaders would be this humble and admitted their mistakes and learn from them and progress over time. Thank you Anton for being intellectual honest.

  11. Olufi

    Don´t you just f«ckin LOVE this guy?
    Anton: you´re the best!… ♥️

  12. Foil Hat Guy

    I am a man in my 50’s and even I think you’re cute when you apologise…
    I think I speak for most of your audience – we love your work. 🛰

  13. Jashneet Kumar

    You gained a lot of respect. You realized your mistake and came forward to correct it. That needs some crazy amount of courage. You are indeed the most wonderful person. Respect.

  14. Izumi

    He keeps calling me wonderful and i can’t help but blush… it makes me happy.

  15. fordfinfan

    This is why we all love you bro. Take it from me a former addict, we definitely need to take time for self-care and take a break in order to maintain our sanity, health and execution in our lives. Thank you for all of your hard work! I think we all fully support you taking a leave of absence for however long you need! Peace be with you brother and God bless!

  16. OrcCorp

    Well done wonderful Anton! My respect to you just grew by a lot 💪🏽
    One point though, about mistakes: it’s good to be open to mistakes and accept them as part of life, but if someone keeps making the same mistake over and over again, there should be a real consideration of doing something else, or integrating a deeper understanding of the individual / one self. I’m not talking about you obviously, but about mistakes in general. It’s ok to make mistakes, but it’s not ok to have the same mistake repeat itself multiple times, in life in general. Especially at work, or in some other professional capacity. Making a lot of mistakes in life is ok, as far as you learn from them. Repeating the same mistakes is an indication of poor judgment and inability to develop character.

  17. SA

    Science would be nothing without oopsies.
    Learning would be nothing without oopsies.

    We are all VERY lucky to have both you, AND oopsies.

    From one educator to another, thank you for your time, honesty, and dedication to the field.
    I hope you have a lovely (very well earned) break.

  18. Wouter Anthierens

    If I would make only one major mistake every few years I would be a happy man! Enjoy your break. Respect Anton!! Greetings from Brugge

  19. Richard Vaught

    My old band director used to tell us that if we were going make a mistake to make it so big and bad that people thought it was intentional. Thank you for the correction, and more importantly for the good example. To err is human. Congratulations! You’re human!

  20. Cody D

    Man I wish I had a teacher like you in high school, it really is an impactful job

  21. cullidge

    This couldn’t have been a fun video to shoot, edit, and post. Thanks for doing the right thing. Hope you get a break soon!

  22. Enzomus Prime

    We all love an honest creator. Keep staying wonderful, Anton! It’s really cool you dedicated a whole video addressing an _oopsie_ you made in a previous one. I absolutely honor that!

    You deserve a break, you’ve been making this great content for us for so long, so I think it’s best you take some time off to yourself. :DD

  23. Emmanuel Weinman

    I’ve made too many mistakes to count. All that counts is when we accurate recount the truth. Life is an endless correction towards perfection, don’t stress too much on the kinks along the way. much love ❤️

  24. Marc Williamson

    Anton, you are one of the best science educators on YT. Please take a break for as long as you need it but please return. We all love your channel and can see how much work you put into your videos. Thank you Wonderful Person! 🙂

  25. Mandel Braught

    If everyone admitted their mistakes this would be a much, much better world. Keep up the good work, Anton.

  26. chigglywiggly

    I wish our politicians had the same honourable attitude as you Anton!

  27. Joshua Erkman

    What an absolute powerhouse of a man! In our crazy rigorous academic world there is nothing that takes more bravery than publicly admitting you made a blatant mistake. You deserve all of the empathy and understanding we as a community can offer. Thank you for your dedication to education and sharing these wonderful ideas with us. I hope that your break is revitalizing and fills you with new wonder and new curiosity. Upon your return I hope you can re-engage with a more sustainable pace that isn’t so taxing on you. Stay wonderful, bye bye.

  28. m Van_Gogh

    Never learned more in my live , and that’s thanks to you , about science , and this video makes me have more respect for you than ever before! Thanks for your hard work !

  29. Gary Vee

    A very clever man once said to me “He who does the most work, makes the most mistakes”.
    A truer statement I have never heard.

  30. Peer Vermeiren

    You totally deserve a break. Bringing us science daily for years is exceptional.

  31. James Melby

    We Love you Anton. Mistakes are human, and it’s your humanity that makes your videos fun to watch.

  32. Andrew Ramien

    Anton, you provide WAY better quality educational content than channels that have teams and tons of money thrown into them, and you do this every single day! It’s totally okay to make a mistake and as much as I’ll miss the daily video, you deserve a break, and there’s so much content I can watch older videos for however long you need.

  33. The Rocky Butte Guitar Sl

    I visited a watercolorist in their studio some years ago. Thinking to compliment them on their beautiful work, I said, “It’s amazing how you produce so many stunning works of art here!”
    She replied with a smile, “Thank you, but you haven’t seen my waste basket!”

  34. Jennifer M Falknor

    Thank you, Anton! I’m writing this on Mother’s Day, and if I were your mother I would be so proud of you! Keep up the good work

  35. Engineer

    We can’t assume people won’t make mistakes because we absolutely will. We need strategies to deal with mistakes when they happen, like what you did.

    The band “They might be giants” released a whole new song to correct a factual mistake they had made in the lyrics of a previous song. (The Sun is a miasma of incandescent plasma)

  36. Owen MacLeod

    Your videos have taught he a ton about my favorite subject, astronomy. I’m glad to know you’re a respectable guy who can own up to mistakes in order to share knowledge properly.

  37. H. S.

    I love this attitude. I’ve never chastised my children for making a mistake. Always reassured them it’s how we learn. Your channel is always the first one I look for when I’ve bought a new device, or YouTube cancels me because I tend to say what I believe. Thank you Anton, you “wonderful person”. You’re awesome.

  38. KingsBlade 7

    *Me watching Anton’s videos:* ooohhh… oooooooo.. ahhhhhh..sounds about right.

    *Actual Chads & Karens in the comments:* Did he just ACCIDENTLY calculate the end of the world?
    GET EM’!

  39. James McKenzie

    Surfer’s wisdom: If you never wipe out, you’re not really going for it. Enjoying all you do, Anton.

  40. IFearlessINinja

    You put out way too much content for a single person. Nobody can be mad at that! Give yourself whatever you need — we really appreciate what you do!!

  41. death music

    lmao l cracked up looking at Anton’s oopsy face
    tho its not on the level of Antons awkward smile at last of every video lol

  42. Ryan Boone

    Ur sub count jumped 6k from yesterday –maybe the day before. Your sincerity is what drives you and keeps us here. Your desire to educate others. Everyone makes mistakes, that doesn’t make you any less wonderful. :) Thank you Anton.

  43. Hugh Ferry

    Anton, you are the man, I wish more people would take on their mistakes with such integrity. No need to apologize. And never listen to your negative comments. Those people never learn.

  44. Congruent Crib

    Shows a lot of personality to see someone makes a mistake, admits mistakes, correct mistakes, and turns it into a lesson to learn from.

  45. Stefan Buller

    Nothing inspires more confidence in a communicator than a full throated retraction. Thank you.

  46. Alexander Keith

    This is why I love you Anton. Thx for the correction. Take your well deserved break. We’ll all be here when you get back. ❤️

  47. TheHammer

    Thank you for being humble and not just deleting without further commentary and explanation. This is why I will always keep coming back…

  48. the baddest

    “Mistakes are fine 98% of the time, u just want to make sure u learn from it so u don’t make the same one twice. Because making the the same mistake more than once means ur either stupid, carelessness or just plain lazy.” Thats what pops told me and it has stuck w/ me throughout life and served me well.

  49. Allison Fisher

    My goodness, a Youtuber who can take ownership of their mistakes, and publicly correct them??? FINALLY💜💜💜 Thank you, Anton. This is why we watch you🙌🏼

  50. pur3spartan157

    The fact that you’re able to admit that you made a mistake makes me love you even more. Love what you do!

  51. Jack Linde

    “A smart person learns from their own mistakes. A truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others.” Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to become wise people. ;) Also, thank you for not doubling down or getting defensive about said mistakes.

  52. Tom Schwartz

    Nobody is perfect , take a vacation , then just slow down and work at your own pace. It’s all good 🙂

  53. Bill Lail

    Take a vacation man. We’ll be here when you get back.

  54. Darth Fritter

    My dear sweet Anton……you have added to my intelligence SO MUCH over the years, and I appreciate YOU and the hard work you do everyday!!!!! My friend, im sure I can speak for the community when I say: The simplest mistakes are made by the most intelligent people. To us, you have nothing to apologize for!!!!!!

  55. LiNX 4

    Haters gonna hate.

    You are doing great!

  56. ギウサ

    I appreciate the fact you can own up to your mistakes. This is why i watch you, you’re so honest and sincere ☺️

  57. Extreme Chimpout

    Don’t worry Anton. Take a break if you need it but we will miss you

  58. Darren Krivit

    Having been a teacher, your view on mistakes is what we used to call ” a teachable moment” well put👍

  59. Benoit Lemay

    This is both science and humility. Being able to aknowledge our mistakes and readjust our understanding, while being able to accept the comments of those who say that we were wrong.

    You’re a wonderful person, Anton!

  60. Alex McGilvery

    One of the best videos on mistakes and corrections I’ve seen in a while.

  61. Lukasz Szustak

    This is why we watch your videos, you are here for the science! You made a mistake, realized your error, and corrected it. You’re a wonderful person

  62. Adam Brandizzi

    Now I love this channel even more. Thank you for the correction!

    Now, I know you used to work in mining, and now we know you used to be a teacher. I wonder how much more diversity there is in your career now 😆

  63. Melanchanon

    Take that much deserved break and come back when you’re refreshed and ready. Also, if a video isn’t going quite right ya can always drop us a note and take the time it needs. (Or set the camera up at dinner!)

  64. Sharen Donnelly

    Anton, you are an example of the best kind of educator, willing to admit their mistakes, correct them, and then educate about the importance of learning from mistakes. You should take a break, you put in so much time, passion and intensity into your videos that it is easy to become fatigued with that kind of demand on your body. Rest, rejuvenate, and continue to make these wonderfully informative videos for all the wonderful people who enjoy them.

  65. Anonymity

    Thank the universe, I was afraid he realized he’d been calling me a wonderful person on accident this whole time….

  66. H Grace

    Take a break; take care of yourself, I’ll be here still when you get back to it. You’re a wonderful person!

  67. Blazed Gaming KR

    This is why Anton leads the wonderful persons. I have far more respect for Anton then I already had. I already held him in high regard anyways. I mean, even Dr. Becky gave him a shout out. Which brings me to a question. Could we see an Anton and Dr. Becky collab in the future?
    Btw Anton, take any break you need, bub. We will be here when you get back.

  68. smelly dead cat

    I’m very happy to see most everyone is being very gracious. We all make mistakes, no worries… you wonderful person!

  69. Labyrinth

    You’re a good man! Publicly doing what you did in this video takes a big man with a big set of gonads – proud of you dude! Major respect from this viewer. More of us need to be more like you. Thank you for all that you do on the channel, I tune in for every episode you make every day that you make them. Keep it up and two thumbs up from this fan.

  70. Telma Reese

    Look, let’s put it simple: I have learned from you, and today I learned that you are a wonderful person. If you stop making videos I will suffer a loss.

  71. Gary Steele

    A true scientist. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even if you’re not exhausted, you deserve a break. We’ll be here.

  72. Ji Simmons

    This humility and acceptance of responsibility for what truly is a learning experience, means that you, Anton, are a wonderful person.

  73. Mark Lawry

    Thank you for correcting this before I tried to understand it and tell someone else about it. One lesson I learned in Kindergarten was “we learn from our mistakes.”

  74. Per Appelgren

    Anton, Anton you wonderful person ❤️ Your progressive views on learning and tutoring reflect so well in this apology. This and your humbleness makes you a very special wonderful person.

    You wonderful person, take all the breaks you need, but don’t abandon us!

  75. Jeff Mathers

    Watching you do a video admitting to making a mistake just makes me trust you more. This is just another reason why you’re such a great teacher, Anton.
    Also, you’re the only YouTuber I watch who posts 7 day/ week. You definitely deserve a break! 👍

  76. arkbirdarcher19

    You have gained a greater respect from me for lack of a better term “bellying up to the bar”

  77. Tim Smith

    Everyone makes mistakes. You are a brave and honorable man. Be proud.

  78. 676 767

    Anton, don’t apologize. We are all human, it’s bound to happen man

  79. Michael

    Anton… Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone is humble and honest enough to admit it and correct them. Thank you Anton for setting it straight.

  80. Thomas M

    This is a video that a real scientist would make. Well done, Anton.

  81. Ronald Vitagliano

    as a laymen ive learned so much about science from you i look forward to your vidoes every day

  82. Nikko Rocksalot

    Your mindset and approach to this retraction is admirable!

    Thanks for being so prompt and open to the correction and adaptation to a better process going forward

    You’re a wonderful person, Anton!

  83. RurikLoderr

    Dude, mad respect. It takes integrity to go out of your way to ensure a mistake gets corrected.

  84. Andrew Chadbourne

    It is a big man who admits his mistakes. Love you, Anton.

  85. Jerry Ormston

    Einsteins quote is ‘A man who never makes a mistake, never makes anything’ It’s about not making the same mistake again and again, I tell this to my students over and over. You can’t take a break Anton, and dont apologise so much. You’re good my friend. Oh, and SocalKit…444 likes in one hourr? Go bots!

  86. Nerd3Ddotcom

    My high school band teacher once said, “If you play a wrong note. I want to hear it.” In other words don’t hide your mistakes. Own it. Good job Anton.

  87. Jeramfel Cordero

    A wise painter once said, “There are no mistakes just happy accidents.”

  88. Redneck Samurai

    If only everyone treated mistakes like this. A good learning opportunity for many, if not all of us

  89. Newbie Gaming

    This is the sign of a truly wonderful person. Not running from the responsibility of their own mistakes and correcting oneself. A true example. We love you, Anton.

  90. Paul the Audacious Bradfo

    As an old friend of mine once said, “The man who never made a mistake, never made nothing.”

    I just didn’t have the heart to say “anything” to him.

  91. Ratzfourtyfour

    Putting up a science video each day without a writer or editor (I suppose) is just an insane amount of work.

  92. Tom Van Giessen

    One of the only YouTubers that is so honest about his mistakes, motivated for creating new content and caring for his viewers.

    PLEASE take a break Anton! we can definitely do without the daily videos for a while, especially if they improve the quality for future videos and even more importantly if they improve your well-being!

  93. Jon Strauss

    It’s the mark of an intelligent and reasoned person to be big enough to point out and correct their own mistakes. Even more respect for you now than I had before! You deserve a break, but we will miss you!

  94. scottgardener

    This is true science: being willing to retract errors! I wish more people had your commitment to truth and evidence!

  95. Milo Whitley

    You deserve a break, being the most consistent science channel on YouTube must be taxing.

  96. Some Dumb Ozzie

    Don’t worry the is a difference between a reason and an excuse.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein.

  97. sebrassino

    It’s one thing to make a mistake. It’s another thing to admit it and rectify it like Anton did here. Makes you more wonderful!

  98. SocalKit

    The mark of a real man. Corrects his mistakes and admits it. Not covering it up.

  99. ClosestNearUtopia

    Its ok Anton! We never the less respect the content you make:)

    Also, It wasnt even your fault in the first place..

  100. Anton Petrov

    This is the video where I made the mistake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxiF8YQju2g
    It’s unlisted, but you should still be able to watch it.

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