Hypothetical NASA Asteroid Exercise Destroys Europe. Wait, What?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an interesting NASA asteroid exercise that determined we are very vulnerable to a potential strike.
Additional reading: https://www.llnl.gov/news/different-neutron-energies-enhance-asteroid-deflection
Image  Credit:
Phoenix7777  , CC BY-SA 4.0 , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_OK#/media/File:Animation_of_2019_OK_orbit_around_Earth.gif
National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office
NASA/Johns Hopkins APL
Mattcomm  , CC BY-SA 3.0 , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_fission#/media/File:Bucky1.gif
Tomruen  , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_OK#/media/File:2019_OK-orbit.png , CC BY-SA 4.0
Kosmo et al.
Video used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQx3kRR60Qk&t=2s

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  1. EdMcStinko

    It sounds like you might need a crew to excavate the asteroid in order to place the nuke in an ideal location.
    I think I saw that in a movie once.

  2. PK-Grows

    They also forget to mention that during 201 that they lost control of the virus they were using. Well we all know how well that’s going

  3. james corvett

    i think being hit by a bunch of smaller pieces than one big chunk. like a shotgun, the same applies.
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Anton.

  4. Roy Stephens

    That is a truly terrifying thought. Imagine looking into the night sky the night before impact and seeing the asteroid that was coming to smash into you!

  5. Consciousness Vivid

    “In this exercise, and very surprisingly, around the globe people held hands and sang “Heal the World” mere moments before the conjunction.”

  6. Locadio Marcucco

    That was very interesting, thank you wonderful Anton.

  7. Hans Wissmeyer

    Yes Anton, also my first thought was that there has been this Event 201.

  8. ModMassive

    Just saw our boy Anton on PBS Space time, Great Job Anton

  9. The Botman

    PBS spacetime just gave your Omuamuha video a shout out on their latest video about alien life :)

  10. Damon Jay

    Anton, you were just shouted out by Matt on Spacetime!

  11. J /the Scales

    Hello wonderful Anton. Frequency pulsing from a bunch of satellites!

  12. t16205

    Props for mentioning event 201. Most people have a bad memory and thinks its a conspiracy theory by now

  13. keith king

    I live in Ireland.. Look’s like i’ll be OK!! : )

  14. mr. creosote

    absolutely apocalyptic asteroid is rolling down from the sky, everybody’s panicking
    anton walks out of his hide out, takes a deep breath and says..”hello, wonderful all killing asteroid”
    the asteroid: “hello, anton I’m going to ram the earth only because of you because I’ve always wanted to visit yourself, you wonderful person”
    people: “anton ??? wtf???”
    anton petrov: “….ooops, I made an ooopsy”

  15. Thor

    Apophis 2029: Their “near miss” calculations could be off and if they are, then well… 💥

  16. Project DarkWolf

    “Well, the exercise is complete and our team has some good news and some bad news.”
    “Let’s hear the bad news first.”
    “All attempts to avert disaster fail completely. The damage is unimaginable. Countless people die.”
    “…And the good news?”
    “It was a relatively small asteroid.”

  17. Michael Smith

    Are you going to do a video in the recent solar flare eruption that recently happened??

  18. Dan Deeteeyem

    Thumbnail even shows the path of close approach in 2029.. Subtle hint or pure coincidence? Be kind to each other, it’s going to get rough before this decade is out ❤️ 😔

  19. Cy Starkman

    it was good that we discovered our lack of preparedness prior to a pandemic. it let us make sure we were unprepared.

  20. Steven JOHNS

    Looks like it will just miss our pub!

  21. P. Ricard

    “Run crisis drills when all is well. A real calamity is not a good time for training.”
    – Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard

  22. MR intel

    “…where hypothetical asteroids could maybe come from”. Specifically, that’s Antonese. ❤

  23. Dave Brown

    The simulation was of another Tunguska scale meteorite hitting Europe. It may not even be noticed if it fell in a remote area.

  24. 060steve

    2019: scientists announce pandemic study failure
    2020: pandemic
    2021: scientists announce meteor study failure
    2022: ….

  25. zissis p

    Bruce Willis knew that! :) … Great video as always! Thanks

  26. Albus Volt Avern

    Just waiting for wormwoood to hit at this point, or have a ten headed beast ride out of the ocean

  27. Thomas Ewing

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed: It’s nice to know–DO NOTHING!

  28. T K

    awesome video as always thanks.

  29. Christian Barker

    Anton “some lucky scientists” hahah only “hello wonderful person” could possibly dream of being involved in such an “interesting experiment’ all joking aside love the channel :)

  30. Bratislav Metulskie

    The “Pandemic” was a plan. Event 201. “Spars 2025-2028” is now

  31. 295Phoenix

    Hello, Wonderful Anton! This is Person!

  32. Jem Little

    Just so happened ha ha
    After all your videos you still coincidence is a real thing.

  33. A. Westenholz

    I think we in general have a tendency to over-estimate our current level of technology. Sure, compared to the past we have come an amazing long way and can now discover lots things, and we are developing new technology fast- or at least it seems that way to us. I think simulations like these are incredibly helpful because they help us understand the limits of our current technology. They help to keep us humble, if I may say so. And incentivize us even more to be creative in inventing new and different kinds of technology that could totally be transformative.

  34. Metal Galaxy

    If we go through with project Starshot, we can use those very lasers to divert dangerous asteroids. 😁👍

  35. Kyuu

    Who else waits for antons Smile and wave :)

  36. Agent Smith

    …And that was the Dinner Time News read by Anton. Been nice knowing y’all.

  37. waqqashanafi

    The outro is so fast i wonder if it’s at normal speed.

  38. Agent Smith

    2019: Hypothetical Global Pandemic Scenario Exercise (Event 201)
    2020: Actual Global Pandemic
    2021: Hypothetical Asteroid ELE Scenario Exercise.
    2022 …….

    Funnily enough I have always maintained that when an ELE is detected with a few months or years notice, the last people to know will be the general public.

  39. luxembourger

    In my school talking about politics did hardly happen, I think it was avoided, not because it was officially not allowed, but a kind of keeping out of trouble for the teachers.

  40. Mark Holmes

    thank goodness Ireland survived :) love the channel Anton.

  41. TheCubicPlanet

    So…you’re saying that I should go visit Czech Republic and enjoy a nice cold Czech beer now….while I can?

  42. kapich -3

    Calculating the effects of the colosition of a massive object with an asteroid in order to change its orbital perameters, is the most badass mission ever

  43. Greg K

    To deflect an asteroid or stop a pandemic before it starts, the key is early prediction and action while catastrophe is far away. Something that people are really really bad at.

  44. daverjax

    What do you call a GUESSING GAME about an Asteroid hitting EUr Rope? Wishful Thinkng. IF that WAS to happen I think the most common responce would be “THANK YOU ASTEROID.”

  45. Lone Rider

    6 months just is not enough time to build a rocket to deflect an asteroid?

    Elon Musk: hold my doge

  46. LinkaBell GAME

    This is really fascinating.

  47. JoeKingAudits

    Anton, You better tell us if something serious is going to happen. No secrecy act should stop you from telling us please.

  48. immortaljanus

    For once, I don’t feel left out. We’re right in the middle of the carnage *feeling appreciated*…

  49. Schrödinger's cat

    I am continually amazed at how prolific your content is< the depth of the content and how you make it so easy understand for those without a science background. You sir do a brilliant job and keep up the great work, i only wish i could afford to follow you on patrion.

  50. CriticalmaK

    Awesome, cheers.

  51. Deeparth Gupta

    Time to revive project Orion at least for the shaped charge nukes.

  52. Scrooge

    In Footfall novel humans build mountain of steel, Orion class spacecraft and named it Michael after archangel who casted Lucifer down to hell. Nuclear pulse propulsion could easly do the trick. Because those pellets shoot plasma of tungsten. And scaling up is way easier then making it smaller.

  53. DoveArrow

    Good. I’ve had it up to here with the Swiss. 😜

  54. Val’s PTSD

    Your face is so kind, and you make science awesome ✌️

  55. Stephen Thomas

    This is why we shouldn’t stop super-villains from building doomsday devices. They just might come in handy.

  56. Machine Gear

    So this is why they rushing it to mars.
    I bet SpaceX gonna have a lot of volunteers for their mars mission after this…

  57. stephen melton

    Great. Now faucci will want us to wear a damn hard hat everywhere we go.

  58. Relaxing Nature

    Your channel is definitely TOO GOOD ….you do a great job

  59. Spartacus

    After Covid I feel like even an extinction level asteroid hurdling towards earth would become a political issue. And that we’d all just sit around and argue while our species takes its last breath.

  60. Colt45caliber

    If only more people were like this. Thw quest for knowledge is paramount

  61. Warren O.

    This wasn’t just an exercise, it was a 1 in 100 chance we were to be stuck the way I understood it.

  62. Michalzeszen

    Whenever Seeds May Fall.

    Much more exciting than most simulations!

  63. BeissZang

    Es trifft Bayern! kann damit irgendwie leben, ich mach dann zufällig Urlaub in Canada ;)

  64. Sheal Dedmon

    The scientists and experts took about a week to find out what would happen two minutes later Anton says they never did!

  65. Nicco Salonga

    They should try this again regularly until they get a good result. Also, some countries I think should start allocating real budgets for this.

  66. Corvin

    This is it folks. The real asteroid is only a few months out from hitting us. It was nice to know you.

  67. InCrIpTiOn

    Just missed the UK, damn. I’ll get them next time

  68. Denny Regrade

    Thank you, Anton, for your fascinating and informative videos.

  69. Luca Cifera

    They simulated a pandemic which happened a few months later, and now they simulated an asteroid strike. Stay tuned to your local news folks, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

  70. M. Washington

    This is exactly why I HATE that these flybys within a lunar distance away, are never revealed till they actually do miss us.

  71. becky cartel

    “And, as always, buh-bye”
    This cracks me up every time

  72. Mibs

    New Sub! Love this channel even when you speak of DOOM!!!

  73. XRP 747E

    I really enjoyed this video, Anton
    Really teases the mind. Thank you!

  74. Nick Bradshaw

    Sometimes while driving home from work, I run a asteroid strike simulation in my head. Would suck, but would be quite the sight to see right before annihilation.

  75. OrpheusCreativeCo

    Well, it was fun while it lasted ✌️🎶

  76. joe bloggs

    @2:35 “it just so happened, the actual thing happened a few months later” :( :( time to build that bunker I’ve been meaning to get around to !

  77. MissionMob

    Love your videos Anton! Very informative!

  78. Martin Clerked-

    Do the same video as this, but on that plague exercise please

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  84. Skyblaze71325

    So, asteroids are slowly becoming like hurricanes. We can detect them but do nothing about them. So as soon as we spot one, the news goes “Here’s the impact point, get out within x-time or kiss your butt goodbye.”

  85. scotty moondog jakubin

    Big shout out to Jupiter !

  86. Michael Lubin

    This is young Anton:

    “Ooh, teacher, I’ve always wanted to destroy the Earth. Please, pleeeeeeease, let me!”

  87. AppNasty

    What if they knew an asteroid is coming and couldn’t figure it out so they did this role play to see if anyone could figure it out. Lol. Good luck, everyone!

  88. Tori Knorth

    I love the red text on every page “EXERCISE ONLY” “HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO”

  89. ThatSlowTypingGuy

    This hit my recommended right after watching a an Ace Combat video about the Stonehenge anti-asteroid railgun turret complex.

  90. Steve Johnson

    The one that crashed into Siberia a few years ago came from a daylight direction as a special surprise for us.

  91. McKenzie Zobrist

    Alright, next Hayabusa or Osiris rex mission should come with a giant can of white spray paint so we can test how much it’ll change the orbit.

  92. Pik Min

    poor Czechia, Šumava forest is one of my favorite places

  93. CarthagoMike

    Things like this make you appreciate Jupiter even more. It is basically an asteroid-deflecting shield for Earth.

  94. John O'Halloran

    Anton is legit a vital part of my bedtime routine

  95. keep itsteel

    My immediate thought after you said they failed was “why was I not consulted”

  96. Kenny Le

    So…you’re telling me we can’t just send up Bruce Willis and Aerosmith in a space shuttle with a couple nukes to take care of this? Has my whole life been a lie?

  97. A.S.H

    As Carl Sagan once said. It is not the question could we be hit by one. It is when will we be hit by one.

  98. Loki

    Hey Anton, aren’t you suppose to be taking a well earned break ? ! We love your videos but we don’t want you to burn out buddy ! Take some time off and recover ! We’ll still be here when you come back !

  99. iliketrains0pwned

    I’ve bet a couple engineers at NASA watched Greenland last year, and this came from an argument about it

  100. Space Jesus

    Great. It’s like when they had that hypothetical exercise to simulate a pandemic a few years ago and ended up jinxing it 😵

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