Hurricanes Doubled in Strength and Frequency In The Last Few Decades

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new scary discovery that suggests hurricanes doubled in strength in the last few decades.
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  1. Pablo Fernandez

    Im really surprised that no body speaks about geoengeneering since 1960s. Its been 60 years of geoengeneering. Dont you think thats important, its been used all over the world privately.

  2. John Wing-Wessels

    When a disruptive force stops it travels outward until it hits a wall, and then bounces back to its souce point. The time is ticking.
    I dig the p.s.

  3. MrPicoli2

    Weired to cherry pick 1955 as one have a series going back to 1867.

  4. Misty

    Does anyone know if the moving magnetic pole is moving the weather to?

  5. Le Trepidant

    If every typhoon becomes like “Cobra” and the other marras in the 1944 typhoon season… That’s gonna be spicy.

  6. svjness

    Thanks for all the hard work you do to distribute important information. I really do think you are helping the effort to elevate humanity

  7. Sir Rather Splendid

    It’s only in the past few years that we’ve been starting to get highly accurate data on the maximums in a storm. Prior to that, with a much smaller data set due to far smaller satellite coverage, it’s very likely that we completely missed the maximums in many storms. I would be wary of reading too much into this data. When we are comparing like for like in terms of data collection then maybe…

  8. Ralph Tamez

    Great Information. Thanks for sharing

  9. Brooke Watson

    seabird life is being affected in the pacific as fish try to move away into cooler and more southern waters – migratory seabirds are heading toward a population precipice – seabirds are the engines of pacific islands and their fragile biospheres

  10. Giles Jarman

    I dont understand, who exactly dislikes videos like these?

  11. Liam Rappaport

    I didn’t realize you had kids, neat.

  12. JAY Jay

    I’m honestly scared we are destroying the Earth at
    a unprecedented rate.

  13. Dan Ramos

    Seriously? I’ve been through many hurricanes and.. I kinda love them. …But then the house I have in Florida is a recently built one and was made for them.

  14. XRP 747E

    Snap to attention! Excellent video. Thank you, Anton.

  15. Karel Jansens

    So you’ve decided to just post lies now?

  16. George Norkus

    Just a couple thoughts.
    1 – Think about the Polar Shift. 2 – Think about the solar activity. (Could be a combination of both?)

  17. danny obrian

    Due to reduced magnetosphere protection from the sun probably

  18. Drews Metal Detecting

    I guess it’s been peered review by other climate scientist, well then it must be true, Australia has lower than normal , maybe they all went north

  19. Michael Brininstool

    Hurricanes seems to be getting slightly milder to me. I call bull shit when someone says they are getting much stronger. Lost a long-time subscriber.

  20. Vlad Bozak 2.0

    Seasons of 1880s were also high in volume and intensity

  21. TX Gold Bull

    Any idea why it always snows/ freezes during winter after a hurricane hits ?

  22. Therese Assar

    how much of this could be related to the planet switching the magnetic field?

  23. Jay Rad

    The magnetic poles excursion isnt helping. And won’t. Its gonna get worse

  24. trogdor420

    The sun is the driving force of weather patterns on Earth. It will get qorse as the sun goes silent. This is an ice ball planet, with brief warm periods.

  25. theenergizer248

    Things you describe have been going on forever on our planet. The only difference is that since the last 100 years everything is measured .

  26. Dancing Tom

    That’s why the Wizard of Oz is set in 2020.

  27. John Mitchell

    this is an amazing video! Thank you for your contribution to Truth!!!

  28. D 2

    No drop of water ever thinks it is responsible for the flood.

  29. Sharon B.

    Move back to Canada. We are having problems here too but unless we tip the planet into an ice age, Canada might be a good refuge.

  30. ExperienceOfChris

    Yeah it’s all the weather manipulation being used. Look up operation Popeye, it’s just one example of the us military manipulating weather to extend the monsoon season in Vietnam as a tactic to… idk wear down the enemy soldiers? Anyways they were doing it then you really think somebody in the world isn’t doing it now?

  31. Tom Harner

    I appreciate your genuine admission of ignorance. I wish more people would do the same.

  32. Brian J

    I’d take out using dollars as a measurement. Inflation will always make the costs higher.

  33. Piano Shorts

    I have a question, what exactly makes the oceans level rise?

    I’ve heard that the melting ice can’t be a cause because it’s just like ice in a cup full of water, if the ice melts the water level stays the same because the volume of the ice is already present in the water, is that true?

    Edit: 2:24 in the video

  34. Time Nixe

    Underground we go.

  35. Bart Vanderploeg

    Lots of reflective material needs to get shot into orbit around the equator!

  36. xxdo minoxx

    also when it comes to hurricanes the strongest in the world was Patricia and was only five or six years ago

  37. Kind Kender

    I’ve always been curious about Anton in Korea. What madness drove him there?

  38. pedro marrero

    Thank you Anton!

  39. hawaiisunfun

    the places that cooled are due to ice caps melting

  40. The Don

    I would be curious to know how technological advancements during this period have influenced the accuracy of our measurements. Perhaps, these measurements just getting more accurate over time?

  41. Z Stoner

    During those clips that showed the animations of the storms towards the East US, I also saw the smoke from fires in West US & Canada. Serious plumes at times.

  42. Strike One

    oh boy, the rest of the 21st century is gonna be a wild ride fellas…

  43. andrew

    you are a wonderful person.

  44. Kristine Skocpol-Saleh

    Your graphics are some of the best out there I really like your channel

  45. Sindia Mayer

    Don’t know what to do with climate change? Read “The Ecology of Freedom” by Murray Bookchin.

  46. Mr. Ed

    I live in Florida and have experienced some vicious Hurricanes. Not fun.

  47. DELTACX10

    Good thing monolithic domes exist, they are perfect for harsh conditions. You should make a video on the science of them.

  48. Rob Evers

    I remember a study (or several studies) from about 25 years ago where this was already predicted. Mainly based upon the increasing seawater temps near the west coast of Africa.

  49. David Spice

    Difficulty scaling

  50. augustus plebeian

    Has Anyone Always Reconsidered Population?

  51. Hunter Thompson

    Anton! I so appreciate all the various science content. I’m a Anton super fan. I have watched almost everything you have put out. My knowledge and curiosity has grown ♾. I loved the video and look forward to everything else you put out. Namaste.

  52. Martin Olsen


  53. johniwan1

    Well this is just a ray of sunshine! I’m aware that over history there have been dramatic shifts in climate, but you’ve just put it all in perspective here.

    Thanks Anton for all your hard work in putting all these videos together!

  54. Tom

    I am disappointed, I wanted them to quintuple in strength and frequency. 😃

  55. SyD6_7

    Randall carlson has some wonderful thoughts on this weather changes and warming/cooling of the earth too….the data speaks for it self.

  56. martin foss

    Beautiful graphics. I could watch this for hours.

  57. Paul the Audacious Bradfo

    I wonder what the hurricane situation was like 55 million years ago during the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum. Perhaps, at that time, there were hurricanes constantly.

  58. Christopher Kayser

    Thank you wonderful person for these great videos.

  59. Great Shitan

    Amazing how these opinions grew with the ability to see them from above

  60. Stanley Striker

    Storms caused by warm water. Simple solution: get rid of all the water. Problem solved.

  61. artkaboom

    I like your scientific analysis and not playing the blame game, it’s more important to take the high road and look for positive soulutions. Nice video, thank you Anton!

  62. Barry Salter

    I’d recommend watching the difference between temperature & heat video put out by NDGT on Startalk. He gave a really good explanation about why small-seeming increases in temperature in our oceans are so concerning in a really easy to digest form.

  63. ppsayl123

    Any thoughts as to whether solar forcing (which is known to condens the atmosphere) may have something to do with this? Also, oceans absorb more CO2 that man could ever pump out though industry. I wonder if the concentration of CO2 in the oceans is contributing to the change in atmospheric conditions.

  64. Neil Stainton

    Thank you for your brilliant videos. You are a fantastic science communicator and I usually really enjoy talks. Today’s was too scary to enjoy it as such, but is extremely interesting and concerning.

  65. Erixoz

    Coastal real estate values still higher than ever. So someone is full of chit.

  66. Jak

    Wait until the Great Lakes start to heat up more. The return of the Huron-cane! As an Ohioan, please no. I live in a trailer park, the occasional tornado warning is bad enough.

  67. Vcat417 one word

    One of the coolest backgrounds… (Doppler)

  68. Ceniros

    No this is why I want to move away from the coasts

  69. Kemal Abuhan

    Thanks Anton!

  70. vuchaser99

    Anton… according to this paper there is an increase in frequency and intensity is a subset of a small basin. It speaks nothing to the Pacific, Indian Ocean. Intensity and frequency in the Pacific is generally less but stronger. Until this year the Southern Hemisphere has been well below normal. The North Atlantic Ocillation has been in a prolonged active phase… so this should jive. But you know why the study starts at 1955? Because the late 20s, 30s and 40s wreck the dataset….just read newspapers from the Miami Herald for those decades…. this is in the vicinity of this study. Now, the Atlantic has been more active while the Pacific is quieter which matches with a warming troposphere in climate modeling studies. SO, there are some glaring holes in this presentation, particularly in well defined mathematics and physics of Atmospheric science. Corilois is 2 Omega sine (phi) where phi is latitude, so the effect of rotation of the earth to the rotation of the fluid of the atmosphere INCREASES with latitude (this is why tropical cyclones rarly form between 5N and 5S… though they like to form further north in the Northern Hemisphere due to cross equatorial flow as there is lower pressure due to more land/differential heating (think Indian Monsoon). Also many of the sea surface anomaly graphics are weekly or biweekly anomalies they do not really show the longer term decadal trends. Though I have recently seen suggestions of a cooling Gulf Stream due to climate change (weakening temperature gradient with warming to the north). However, you are quiet right, you don’t and I don’t know how to “fix” the climate. For all we know our well thought out plans could make it worse. Still, thank you for your work on bringing science to the masses….maybe more will get interested and solve more mysteries that lay out there to discover (and use math and physics to realize the holes in the scientific statement made in this video). Stay wonderful!

  71. David Bruno

    “Science communicator” I like that!!

  72. John Irby

    The Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 was the most intense hurricane on record, followed by hurricane Camile in 1969.

  73. reXdownham

    Thank you, Anton.

  74. jason morgan

    Hurricanes are a brushless motor in a lot of aspects.

  75. jason morgan

    How many peeps here would like to see this Sir Anton do a meet and greet tour in the United States? 🤔

  76. Ekaterina McGuire

    Thanks Anton – what about tornadoes? Can you talk about their frequency and how they form?

  77. David Long

    Thank you for all you do!!

  78. Dean McCoy


  79. Vampirerockstar

    Hurricane:”And this is to go even further beyond”

  80. First Last

    Please recreate your channel on Odysee – the new YouTube

  81. Roger Wehbe

    There is too much energy in our atmosphere, it’s going to translate into gigantic storms

  82. S.C. U.M.

    I’ve lived through several hurricanes. The most devastating one was in 1989. I’m not sure monetary value is a good scale to measure with since we’ve also doubled the wealth of humanity in the last 50 years. I know for sure southern Asia and the eastern seaboard of the U.S. have a lot more value laying around than they used to. Windspeed is the real problem, unless you live in a place that doesn’t drain well.

  83. Jughead Jones

    Thanks for posting this. More on topics like this would be good to see.

  84. Paula Gandolfo

    How might the water change from Thwaites glacier floating?

  85. Daniel Williams

    8:17 Anton, you have kids? I bet you have the best bedtime stories.

  86. TheBludgutz

    Bring on the Hypercane, has the strength to rip concrete out of the ground and to sourer the earth to bed rock, OH YEAH!

  87. Near Earth Objects

    Anton , tomorrow S.E.T.I. stream is going to talk about the “Nature” of Oumuamua . Let’s go and bite some chunk of Tube

  88. Tony D'Agostino

    We Harvey survivors in Texas were waiting for the system to reach Hurricane Pi last year, which would of course have become the infinite hurricane

  89. Mikey

    Okay now I’m freakin out. I thaught this was a video about Mars.

  90. Beer for the kangaroo

    We just copped like 80mm of rain over the last couple days!!

  91. Rustam K

    Unfortunately the Earth now in ice age, just look at paleo temp graphs, we need green Antarctica with rain forests, just like in good old days after dinosaurs wiped out.

  92. UnkemptPaisano

    Amazing, yet disappointing that, since this has to do with climate change, the dislike count and disagreement will be significantly higher than your other videos, despite being as informative as your other content.

  93. Frank Page

    I say. Let mother nature take its course. She knows what shes doing. All these volcanoes keep blowing off like they are, we are not gonna have a summer.

  94. Who Cares

    2013 – “Lower pollution levels linked to worse hurricanes”

  95. Bildgesmythe

    It’s going to be a mess if the Gulf Stream changes.

  96. MalinaIzEtiopije

    Its kind of scary, in the part of Europe that has a hurricane rarely,in the last 2 months there were 2 hurricanes and in general in the last 3 years the average speed of wind has increased

  97. LeiionReyn

    Let’s cool the ocean lmao

  98. Spoiler Alert

    First the hurricanes, then earthquakes o.O
    Strap in California

  99. Alderwolf

    Beware the Beaufort Gyre

  100. The Tangler

    8:30 West coast is on fire.

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