Huge Swarm of Tiny Black Holes Found Inside a Globular Cluster

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery coming out of a nearby globular cluster that surprised the scientists.
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  1. Kris Kolstad

    Your videos are the best ten minutes of my day!

  2. Jules E

    “The Great Wound”

  3. Nano606606

    Just looking at the clusters to me they look like the remains of an A type star going supernova leaving behind the larger black hole and a bunch of gases with heavier elements around it. These gases then form the second generation of stars which form the smaller black holes and neutron stars when they go boom.

  4. Josh Kidd

    i have to put my wonderful person tshirt on before i can watch these, thanks anton

  5. Solanumtinkr

    The best place to find intelligent life is a radiation soaked hellscape… erm… LOL?

  6. Killkor

    And in its center lies planet Kessel. Their spice is one of the best in galaxy.

  7. Robert Frost

    Anton, M13 is the first cluster I’ve found on my own…this subject is near and dear to my heart…this is my favorite vid of yours so far and I’ve seen a a lot of them…Please keep up the awesome work! You are my favorite Wonderful person!

  8. M W

    Are globular clusters the leftover ancient cores of the first galaxies, and they’re all thats left?

  9. M W

    Looks like VanGoh’s Starry Night

  10. Nol Goodrum

    What ever happened to that introduction of “What the Math” When introduction to those scientific discoveries about the galaxy and universe in different simulations in the “Universe Sandbox?”

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    I report to my service Capitan Nevertheless!

  12. Barnard Rabenold

    Regarding 6:42, I don’t think there would be any night skies. I expect that you’d have relatively permanent day in a globular cluster. It would also probably be very hot.

  13. Nolan murphy

    what if there’s a white hole in the center, and all those stars clustered are ones that were previously eaten by a black hole

  14. Allen Davis

    Hello wonderful person this is Allen! I’m so happy to see more black hole videos!

  15. Alex Yakyma

    Good. I learned something.

  16. Ro

    life in a globular cluster would be very very sunny! haha

  17. Top Secret

    Perhaps globular clusters and galaxies have a direct relationship, like a gas giant has with brown dwarfs in terms of mass difference where at a threshold one element becomes dominant over the other.

  18. zerooskul

    3:59 “All the stars in the sky shone on this world.” ~Gerard Klein; “Starmasters’ Gambit”

  19. Pontus Johansson

    I have always imagined there would be black holes or a swarn of them holding clusters together. It was really apparent to me for some reason but didn’t think about wether it had been discovered or not… Very interesting that this exists and I wouldn’t expect it to be a swarm of them!

  20. mamatuja

    “Black holes everywhere”😁😁😁

  21. A K

    Dark matter = millions and billions of these small black holes

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    In german: Kugelsternhaufen

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    Globular is pronounced Glab as in a glob (a lump of…) not globe

  27. Rik

    The Arecibo message was sent to a globular cluster that is 25,000 light years away. So don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.

  28. TheTokuin

    Didn’t you already make a video about this cluster full of black holes?

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    I’ll tell ya man, I never get tired of the New Science you present to everyone in lay terms that inevitably draws more and more viewers , ty

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    Yes, but how did COD save the Vikings?

  31. Caden Rolland

    So basically a globular cluster of stars around a globular cluster of black holes! That’s a little nuts!

  32. T T

    How can we get in touch with you? I’ve written a paper in my undergrad class that involves time travel, well not in the way we believe it’s possible and I’d love to share it with you!

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    Your blinkin’ a lot Anton, what are you not telling us?

  34. rodgersericv

    This is something that one should expect to have always been happening. Why would they be surprised by the frequency of gravitational wave detections? I always thought this was happening. Is there something different about how their brains work? Do they just look at equations and numbers and never visualize things in their minds? I expect this is happening more often than the gravitational wave detections would suggest. Another thing you never see them talking about is the collisions of planets with planets or stars with stars. It’s always them going into orbit around one another when they get close because of how they interpret the distortion in space time. Usually you see an animation of one star sucking off material from another. I’m waiting for them to start finding more evidence of stars colliding with stars.

  35. AppNasty

    He blinks hundreds of times in this video. I lost count at 250ish.

  36. frin frobis

    there be dragons, err, black holes..

  37. will2see

    Very nice video, Anton! I can see you have done your homework ;-) Globular clusters are fantastic and hide answers to many questions regarding DM and the evolution of (a) galaxy. I’ll check out the paper. Thank you!

  38. Krazyzewski Network

    Thanks for the knowledge good Sir!

  39. Jacob Powell

    Going through some rough stuff. Thanks for making videos. Helps me and helps me escape. Thank you.

  40. Thomas George Castleberry

    I think I have one of those tiny black holes in my wallet! Bright galaxy, lit up like Louie’s Polka Palace. Looks like a Black Hole Conundrum, lots of dinky black holes versus one big black hole.

  41. John Little

    I bet core collapse happens when a gravity interaction steals energy from the stars orbits in the cluster

  42. Jeff Mathers

    It sounds like globular clusters could be the stellar nurseries of black holes.

  43. Nature and Physics

    I must say globular cluster M2 in constellation Aquarius is one of the finest sights I know at a telescope eyepiece.

  44. John Mitchell

    This is an integral part of the original formation of galaxies in the early universe.

  45. Gene Ground Jr

    So beautiful and really make sense there would be clusters of black holes

  46. life’s a bitch

    hey, Anton! i caught a paper the other day researching the possibility of black holes having hair, unlike the paper in the video you showed us one time, and i was curious if you have seen it yet. this team seems to think it’s possible for black holes to have hair, i have no idea, but it would be really cool if you covered this other paper, too!!

  47. Gregorianeg

    Hello Anton, what is real size of Milky Way because i saw few articles it might be 200k ly across but other sources dont confirm

  48. king size86

    i wonder if that is where Abeloth lives?

  49. Jesus Martinez

    Very interesting video on globuler clusters Anton. Considering their shape and star density, it pretty logically follows that they would also have higher densities of black holes as well. Moral of the story, on your next interstellar trip, steer clear of GC! Greetings from home Anton.

  50. James Aron

    Wonderful globular cluster missing intermediate black hole mystery

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    Great videos this whole week


    Right On!!
    Fascinating, as always!

  53. coweatsman

    400,000 stars in a globular cluster 34 light years across. That is a high density. That would be a spherical volume of 20,580 cubic light years. That would be 20 stars per cubic light year. Average distance between stars would be 0.368 light year. Approx. 4 trillion kms, 1/10 the distance to Proxima Centauri.

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    Is it funny that the first time I heard of a cluster, was from Steven Universe?

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    3:55 ideal sky for astronomers.

  57. Reuben Mcmurray

    This makes me think that black holes might attract each other much more than we think.

  58. Russian Bot

    I’m in NGC 1722 at the moment listening to cluster 1 o7

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    Globular clusters are kinda like “galaxy moons” or “moon galaxies”

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    That’s just awesome,such things exist and can be found!!

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    Much love Anton another learning experience Thank you for your hard work.

  62. Jarred Wing

    They are actually wormholes that lead to and from a multitude of galaxies or even universes 🤯

  63. Joe Blythe

    So does this mean, any advanced civilizations out there who might already be communicating between one another, would most likely exist inside globular clusters? We are sort of like, a stranded civilization?

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    Im not saying there are aliens in globular clusters, but..

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    “Trypophobia is an aversion or fear of clusters of small holes, bumps, or patterns.” -Wikipedia

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    Anyone check to see if abaloth is still in containment?

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    So maybe. This is how supper massive black holes come into existence?

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    Hell yes. I have always been fascinated by these particular objects and have long theorized about what could be in the center, holding these things together. Which is why I was extremely excited when I saw that this would be the subject of today’s video. I can’t wait to hear about more future discoveries in relation to this particular topic. Thank you for sharing with us, Anton. Very much appreciated, as always! And please, keep up the amazing work, my friend.

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    Kessel should be on the other side of that cluster

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    It’s been a loooong time since I’ve heard numbers that low in reference to something in space. ~150 of something in space seems ridiculously small lol

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    The first time I saw a documentary about Globular Clusters was in the 80’s, but the film was from the mid 60’s. Most of the info was probebly wrong, (I don’t realy remember it much), But it realy got me interested in them. Thank you Anton for the latest news.

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