How Fast Is The Universe Expanding? New Hubble Constant Value

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new way to calculate the expansion of the universe.
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    If the big bang is an ongoing event that is still creating spacetime in our universe it would explain increasing rate of expansion

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    I don’t like it. Not one bit. If the rate of change to how fast the universe is expanding is changing, do we really know how old the universe is? Or am I just dumb.

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    We are like the proverbial mice describing an elephant.

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    Perhaps the universe isn’t expanding. Just our field of view shrinks due to being pulled closer toward a distant black hole…

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    Would gravity not have an effect on the speed that the universe expands, so areas with more gravity, would slightly slow the acceleration of expansion?

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    FYI, the link to Universe Sandbox 2 goes to an unavailable listing. Considering it’s a digital purchase, I’d guess that it’s not coming back.

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    Fake star light, been laying to us about true nature of universe for thousands of years. But now we know how cosmic smoke and mirrors works and we wont get fooled again.

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    I like the thought of using gravitational waves from black holes/neutron stars collisions as some sort of “Space Sonar” 0.0

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    could the extra gravitational lensing caused by dark matter around the galaxies possibly cause the discrepancy in the measurement?

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    looking good anton

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    As the Universe continues to expand,the filaments in the web would stretch until they parted and the clusters of galaxies would become isolated from each other and then eventually congeal into one Black hole per cluster.

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    I say static they just have not found there error. not tired just slowed by gravity. And we are back in the center of the universe again. WRONG

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    Do the studies take into account earth movement in the universe? Depending upon our velocity in the year, we would be traveling closer or farther away from the other galaxies.

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    Great Video, Thx! Doesn’t the expansion of space increase static energy between objects?

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    Where is it expanding from?

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    Does the red shift expand with the universe? Or would it be the actual speed , including the expansion speed, that is measured?

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    The… Light… Gets… Tired… When was this?

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    Distance of observation alone effects the perception of red shifting. That alone is a reason for the lenses to cause confusion. Great Video!

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    With all these blackholes around the universe im suprised that like 80% isnt overly warped or absorbed lol

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    If there are fewer galaxies farther away, it means that the universe was more sparsely populated/expanded back then and more populated/less expanded now, not the other way around.

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    6 ppl still think light gets tired

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    Other thing we can do is not care. Don’t need to know and can’t do anything about it anyways.

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    Can you align two gravitational lenses to create a gravitational telescope?

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    How far gravitational lenses can see the universe?

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    Just the best antidote to 2020; calm, highly intelligent, curiosity that can’t help but leave a confident hope in our future in its gently bobbing wake.

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    Probably has to do with how much material our host black hole is consuming

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    It would also be nice to have tests that would try to measure the expansion speed in different directions. Is the expansion speed same in every direction… it does not necessary have to be

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    Scientific knowledge is a body of statements of varying-degrees of certainty, some most unsure, some nearly sure, but none absolutely certain. Richard Feynman.

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    Good video, Anton, as always. I read a few years ago that distant light might quantize in steps based on a distance factor Any more research on this? Or is it a smooth transition?

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    That is how we can dectect wormholes gravitational lensing

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    Its accelerating in the same manner as a raft approaching a waterfall, but in all directions!

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    This is just a theory and we have no idea what’s going on….

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    ” accuratly measured ” … by calculations with assumptions based on theory … and reacently we corracted our accurate measurements times two
    privet Anton !

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    Anton, does this have implications on the age of the universe?

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    Anton Petrov how much “empty” the environment of the universe is ???

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    I realize the universe is expanding. WHAT is it expanding into?

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    wait a little bit: 1 trillion years later

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    It expands due to the gravitational pull of the multiverses nearby, and varies according to relationship.

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    Or C: the universe is anysotropic just like the studies about the changing nature constants along an axis observable in the cmb suggests.

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    Could gravitational waves themselves, be a partial or the only thing that could cause the expansion of the universe?

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    Red “shift” can also remain intrinsic color based on structural engineering of the evolving individual star, Anton.

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    The Cosmological Inconstant.

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    Thank you Anton! Do we understand the intergalactic medium well enough to start interpreting the data we collect?

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    Ah good, another informative video on Hubble’s Variable.

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    Is light a transmission or a propagation?

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    We might even notice a gradient that points to a center of the big bang. Unfortunately, it’s probably well outside the horizon of the visible universe.

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