Hottest Planet in the Galaxy Is A Lot Stranger Than We Thought

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about Kelt-9b, the hottest exoplanet discovered so far and the unusual findings that suggests the planet is acting in a very peculiar way.
NASA Report:

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    most planets are integrated with their Star’s behavior and magnetic field

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    Imagine a planet that spun so slowly that life evolved on the cold/warm side before being extinct when their side spins away

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    I enjoyed this, I had no idea planets orbiting close to high-luminosity stars experience effects as radical as mentioned in this video! Really puts into perspective how powerful even more luminous stars, such as class O and Wolf-Rayet stars, really are, if class B stars are already this powerful.

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    The entire time I was thinking about “what if this may be part of the process in which Earth was formed earlier during the formation of the solar system.”
    Low and behold, Anton suggests this also. Great minds think alike my wonderful friend 😉
    I was also pondering what if these planets behave more as a satellite to the star as does our moon to our planet. In other words:
    1.) It’s tidily locked just as our moon is.
    2.) It’s gravitational pull manipulates the surface of the star as our moon has an influence on the tides. In this case, the liquid is not water, but an extremely hot element that behaves like water on the surface of the star. I. E. Causing solar flares and such as you mentioned. It’s true what they say _great minds think alike_ and I like where we’re going with this. This may unlock some key information about the formation of our solar system and bring us closer to the answers of questions that have baffled some of the greatest minds the world over. I’m so glad I found ur channel. It’s hands down the best astrophysics channel on YouTube.

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