Harvard Discovers a Huge Wave Structure in the Milky Way

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Paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-019-1874-z
Map: http://worldwidetelescope.org/webclient/?tourUrl=https%3A%2F%2Ffaun.rc.fas.harvard.edu%2Fczucker%2FPaper_Figures%2FRadWave_AAS_Press.WTT
Other visualizations: https://sites.google.com/cfa.harvard.edu/radcliffewave/visuals?authuser=0

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    Dr. Becky posted a video just yesterday on the same topic. She has even an interview with the authors of the paper.

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    Give up on black holes, dark matter, dark energy. That wave is more than likely going to be exposed as a gigantic Birkeland current.

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    Yeah it’s The Nexus – it’ll be here in 500 years.

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    In 13 million years will we be able to see the great attractor on the other side of the galactic ecliptic?

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    This reminds me of the moon wave harmonics recently discovered. Maybe there is a similar harmonic with other orbiting bodies on a galactic scale?

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    I don’t know what caused this,
    lets just say “dark matter” did it.
    Science is a joke these days

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    why do you call it a wave structure when its traditionally called a waveform?

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    It is most likely a part of the galaxy….
    May find more parts of the galaxy that are the same…

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    Just wondering how far some of these structures move over the increasing number of parsecs in observation. There must be something akin to parallax to compensate for..maybe called parsax? In the map?

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    Best explanation is some sort of stuff we don’t even know enough about to name…
    WTF, man?
    Love the topic, love the presenter, but the conclusions are a real let down.

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    What do you think would happen when we go through a peak or trough? Would there be any electromagnetic effect on our solar system?

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    when I first heard about this wave like structure, I thought “huh, of course it would be a wave since our Sun is thought to oscillate up and down through the Galactic plane”…thanks for sharing

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    My guess is that its a remnant of a collision with a dwarf galaxy. When the dwarf galaxy collided, it could have unrolled creating a sine wave pattern.

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    I think dark matter/energy is just the plasma/gas thats between systems acting as giant filaments that has a greater impact than gravity.

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    Dark matter did it….Anyone else notice whenever astronomers can’t explain something they blame Dark Matter :)

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    Maybe the origin of this wave structure is the same as the galactic spiral structure: The galactic Magnetic Field.

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    Could this Wave be some sort of ElectroMagnetic/Gravitational Resonance “Structure” ?
    I’ve often thought about “Gravity Threads” and now it seems to be a topic.

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    Is this related to the “galactic void” that our solar system is supposed to be entering?

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    per the Word of the Lord. false experiments, omission of data, false math. this guy seems really smart…just mislead

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    Nothing surprising – you can see that the wave follows along a spiral arm – fully consistent with what we see of star forming regions in other galaxies…

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    These kind of ‘molecular waves’ might be a really significant force in the motions we observe in the universe. Hence, rather than supporting ‘dark matter’ theory, these waves may replace dark matter theory.

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