Habitable Planets That Received Our Radio Signals And May Know We’re Here

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about radio signals from Earth and planets that may have detected them already.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/2107/2107.07936.pdf
Lightyear.fm http://www.lightyear.fm/

Adam Grossman / Nick Risinger , https://www.planetary.org/space-images/extent-of-human-radio-broadcasts
ESO/M. Kornmesser  , CC BY 4.0 , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_128#/media/File:Artist’s_impression_of_the_planet_Ross_128_b.jpg

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  1. Infyra

    This is also the guy who invented macaroni, truely a legend.

  2. Pvt Hudson

    There’s something charming about the way Anton smiles.

  3. Ian Elly Ssali Kiggundu

    As an Italian I can assure you Anton that your pronunciation of Guglielmo Marconi was indeed good. Thank you for the excellent content as always, wonderful person!

  4. Coda Highland

    Marconi plays the mambo, listen to the radio, don’t you remember? We built this city on rock and roll!

  5. spiritoftoad

    This is one of my favorite topics so far. Stay wonderful, Anton!

  6. Trevor Taylor

    Guess what the titanic had on it, a Marconi wireless telegraph. Without that everyone would of died. He is so underrated as someone who helped shape the future.

  7. dwagon41

    Thanks to Starship, I will always remember Marconi.

  8. Alexander Martinez

    As soon as you said we’ve sent out radio that consisted of our music, I said, “Oh noo…” Cuz I knew exactly what that meant. Most of our modern music is trash or mediocre. It’s getting better in some areas but I just thought it was funny that you said that xD

  9. Bobby Fhet

    The entire broadcast history of the planet is still all there. Moving away from us. One day we may be able to go fast enough to catch up with the signals

  10. R O C R O C

    It seems to me this should be the focus of SETI. Finding nearby planets that you could actually communicate with on the short term if sentient life were actually found.

  11. Mary Ann Bittle

    Yep, I knew it was Marconi that was the father of radio – mainly because my dad was a radio and TV repairman for decades, and an amateur (ham) radio operator for the last decade+ of his life, too. 😊 ❤❤

  12. Mary Ann Bittle

    I LOVE your channel, Anton! You put out such great videos, every single day, and still manage to keep the quality of information top notch! It’s amazing how you manage to do it! How did you find time to, er, produce a child? 😄

    Anyway, you are _the original_ Wonderful Person! Stay wonderful, dear Anton! You mean so much to so many of us out here!

  13. matthew stover

    If we know how the radio waves change or decay over time and distance you’d think we could reverse the pattern to “decode” received transmissions with the help of computers.

  14. Ian Wilkinson

    Beautifully and accurately explained, I for one will never forget Marconi, without his genius I wouldn’t have radio as a hobby. Thank you Anton.

  15. Account that I'll use to

    Now that you’ve mentioned songs, it would be an intriguing thought to think that we might have rickrolled thousands of star systems.

  16. Raymond Parsley

    Interesting as always… Search, hope and dream until the dream comes true. Thank you Anton.

  17. Colin

    The science fiction writer Iain M Banks had an answer to the Fermi paradox: we’ve been assigned to the control group…

  18. Tyler Armstrong

    Quality and quantity very rare in a YouTube channel! Great stuff Anton

  19. OnePumpMan99

    Just finished listening to Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir on Audible. I loved it and felt the need to recommend it. This seems like an appropriate place.

  20. Mozzy Quodo

    Whenever we talk about how far our various signals may have reached, we are immediately reminded of the fact that our signals have not really travelled very far and so any alien species out there wouldn’t have detected us yet. However when we talk about how we are listening and hearing nothing, it’s a “paradox”.

  21. antwan1357

    If we keep consistently putting out waves , for a long enough time , it could be misinterpreted as simply being part of the natural universe.

  22. Zapp Brannigan

    Hey Anton. You are a wonderful person. Thanks for all the great science news!

  23. ccvcharger

    Imagine being the inventor of the radio on one of these alien worlds, turning on the your device for the first time ever only to find a strange rhythmic pattern in the static that isn’t being generated by any device that you are familiar with. Intrigued, you and your colleagues spend the better part of the next four decades refining your device so that they can pick out this pattern better. You learn that it is strongest when your equipment is facing certain constellations. You find that it is not just one pattern, but multiple different patterns that change with time embedded in different radio frequencies. Astronomers pinpoint the star emitting these strange signals, and indeed these signals are strange to be coming from a yellow main sequence star. Even stranger still is the fact that only this one star appears to be producing the enigmatic signals. As the decades pass, you struggle to understand the cause and meaning of these signals. But alas, you wax old as all things do, and you lament not being able to resolve this mystery before the inevitable end.

    Then, without warning, your granddaughter who followed in your footsteps, bursts into the room with excitement shouting “It sings! The star, it sings!” Bewildered, you demand clarification for these strange ramblings, and she responds, “The radio signals from that star carry encoded messages like our own radio signals. The patterns are rhythmic, like music. Just listen.” She says as she plays back the recording.

    And to your astonishment, you get to hear within in your lifetime a small sampling of alien music from a planet that you do not yet know is called Earth produced by beings that call themselves ‘humans’ in their various languages unaware that an extraterrestrial’s first experience with their culture is: “We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s warranty.”

  24. Leonardo Salvatore

    Your pronunciation of G.Marconi was “relatively speaking” perfect 😃

  25. Sandy Barnes

    No worries, Anton. Here in Canada Marconi isn’t forgotten. We remember him well for what he did near Cabot Tower up on Signal Hill.

  26. Emmet Ray

    “Invisible airwaves crackle with life. Bright antenna bristle with the energy.”
    Imagine being an alien hearing Rush for the first time.

  27. Pokenopoly

    The sheer amount of work Anton put into these videos, doing the research, filming and editing and summarizing these topics is astonishing and its pretty much daily too. Thanks a bunch!

  28. Cosmic Prison

    “There’s a reason why we’ve never found a trace:
    They’ve all gone down the same way…”

  29. evilreddog

    Imagine Alien Anton sitting on one of the planets talking about the same thing

  30. Conker King

    Hopefully they’ll have all the missing Dr Who episodes and beam them back…

  31. T.

    Thanks for including the link to that website in the description Anton, it’s freaking cool. You just know someone saw the beginning of Contact and thought “That’s really cool, I can make that.”

  32. Vladimir Putin on a stick

    Imagine the first thing aliens hear from us is da baby lmao but as always, this was a great video Anton!

  33. Wilms

    I freakin love you Anton

  34. Joe Arnold

    We need to speak d less time on radio and “listen” in other ways.
    SETI focusing on radio was actually a sort of parochial idea.

    Think about it. The phase of our own civilization using radio and unintentionally transmitting those signals is coming to a close, and was very short.

    What are the odds that an alien civilization just happens to be using radio to the extent they can hear our signals at precisely the time our few decades of signals reach them?

    Hell, whose to say that civilization ever used radio waves the way we did, at all?

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep listening for radio. It’s a possibility and leads to all kinds of invention and discovery.

    I just think we should think about ways to discover that on alien planet that’s using lots of fiber optics or whatever to communicate.

    We’ve barely searched for life at all, and it very well may be that we’ve been searching in a less than optimal way.

  35. Hovant

    I’m beginning to seriously doubt there’s _anyone_ out there, given the likelihood of us just being an Ancestor Simulation

  36. Tessmage Tessera

    I remember Jill Tarter giving a demonstration, years ago. She went to the beach, scooped a glass of water out of the ocean and said “Look, there are no fish in my glass. Does that mean there aren’t any fish in the ocean?” She was pointing out the fact that so far, we have only sampled a tiny, tiny, tiny fragment of the universe.

  37. TT OO

    Crew: “Captain, we received a message from space!”, Captain: “Play the Audio!”, Audio: “Hello wonderfull Person, this is Anton”

  38. Erik V

    You sir are without a doubt my favorite youtuber. Thanks for doing what you do!

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    “Hello, wonderful alien, this is Anton.”

    Alien: subscribed!

  40. Arturo Ortega

    We should have sent out Anton’s “ hello wonderful person 👋 “ signal and we would’ve gotten a response in no time 🧐

  41. ThereisnoGodzilla

    I heard the signals get buried with static pretty quickly as the signal deteriorates.

  42. Dillyum

    Thank you so much for these daily videos Anton, you’ve really been making hard times a little bit easier every day and I can’t thank you enough. I’m inspired by your hard work, thank you :)

  43. Something Oranother

    There’s something both chilling and hilarious about the thought of being wholly alone out there, meaningless, silent, and empty, just existing…and then, all of a sudden…”AAAALL THE SINGLE LADIES” but it’s muffled and crackly and you’re still alone

  44. Gerald Meehan

    Thank you, Anton. Here’s hoping we are not alone

  45. Isaac Sybrandy

    I just had an idea/question at the beginning of this video.
    What happens as light spreads out too thin? Will it get too thin, to the point where the photons intensities are so low that they have to turn into individual photons and create gaps in the usually wave-like spread?

  46. SweetSour

    Hello Anton, I just wanted you to know that your videos and positivity bring a little light to my life.

  47. Carmine Gangemi

    “Where is everyone” is only part of the problem. “When” is another. It’s possible that our timing is off regarding our local neighbors that may have become extinct or are yet to be born. Just a thought.

  48. Strike One

    _Things will get really awkward when the 21st century memes begin reaching those planets_

  49. Eri Deimos

    I think in the 1950s, America started the giant TV broadcast towers as well as radio stations going up to 5 MW. I think the first TV episode sent was “I Love Lucy.” Imagine another species construing that as our “Hi, how are you?” signal. I bet the hydrogen-breathers were pretty puzzled :)

  50. Psyberklown

    The sample size of space and time that the Fermi Paradox is based on has always bothered me.

  51. Rob Bleeker

    Any reactions on a radio transmission is obviously depending on the level of technology these beings are in at the point of receiving it. I mean, a radio signal could be to them as what a floppy disk is to us. Also, would they understand the received signal, a bit like the WOW signal for us.

  52. Ian Yeubrey

    When we finally invent whatever comes after radio the sky will then light up with communications. After all we no longer use tomtoms or smoke signals.

  53. jacqueline schael

    Sometimes I wonder how wise is it to send signals out there not knowing who’s receiving it. Even though I believe that there are probably more advanced civilizations than ours, thus more pacifist, there’s also the chance that some are as bellicose as we are.

  54. D A

    I really like how Anton is slowly feeding us disclosure information. Anton, just tell us, we are ready. When did the government tell you lol?

  55. Juan Manuel Grau Lafaurie

    You made a point that I had been wondering many times in the past… The dissipation of the radio waves… This is why I think something like the seti program is not going to produce anything any time soon… If we detect anything it would have to be from a source relatively really close to us in order for us to notice that signal away fron the background noise of the universe…

  56. David Kennerly

    You pronounced “Gugliellmo” perfectly! It was absolutely Italian in pronunciation. “Gool-yel-mo” is correct.

  57. riccardo elbarto

    Excellent pronunciation, greetings from Italy.

  58. d j

    Marconi Beach is one of my favorite beaches on Cape Cod, so I knew that one right away. Thanks, Anton! Dave J

  59. Mark Lyon

    I love watching this guy’s channel. Always a great time watching and listening to him

  60. First Last

    Can you imagine looking up at the stars and hearing another species version of pop music? How incredible. Who cares what song it is. Just the fact that you can confirm you’re not alone is remarkable.

  61. Jon G

    Since around 2007 or so, I stopped answering my home’s front door to strangers. I imagine – if there were anyone out there – they would act the same way. Strangers generally bring problems more than they bring solutions. Amongst those that claim to have solutions, they only bring more problems after you get past their cheap words. There is no damn reason to reach back.

  62. Michael Martin

    Thank you – Very exciting to think that nearby planets could receive earth radio waves

  63. Daniel Jones

    “Marconi plays the rumba,
    Listen to the radio….”
    “We Built this City”, Starship

  64. The Revolution Will Not B

    Marconi: “I reclaim the honour of being the first fascist in the field of radiotelegraphy, the first who acknowledged the utility of joining the electric rays in a bundle, as Mussolini was the first in the political field who acknowledged the necessity of merging all the healthy energies of the country into a bundle, for the greater greatness of Italy”…. interesting.

  65. Mark Fieten

    This will be the ultimate push we needed to really go and discover the universe, now that the music industry has a new source of royalties, I’m positive they’ll stop at nothing to collect it :-)

  66. A Meard

    This guy has got to be one of the Smartest on YouTube

  67. Crimson Halo

    The aliens saw every episode of Lone Ranger and were like, “Big iron on his hip; we’re gonna be a whole lot safer if we don’t make contact.”

  68. Reoh

    I always come to the same couple of conclusions. The CRB drowns it out, and any race communicating between stars would be using a method better suited to the distance than radiowaves.

  69. Mason G.

    It’s good to know for the rest of the universe it’s always going to be the 90’s somewhere.

  70. will2see

    Anton, how do you quantify “extremely extremely low”?

  71. DarkMatter

    “They’re probably hearing Beyonce’s Single Ladies right now.”


  72. Sixth Estate AZ

    I feel we should be hiding. If what’s out there is anything like us, better not taunt them…

  73. Charles Austin

    Is there another earth out there.. ? complete with air, oceans .. the collision that created the moon, tides, tectonic plates, and the seasons.. a highly unique set of life giving circumstances.. taking a cue from one of your videos where you expressed the unlikelihood of there being a duplicate of our amazing planet.. Staying wonderful: thanks to you Anton !!

  74. Troy Goggans

    The possibility of a world having creatures evolved like us that communicate with the same technology as humans would be tiny don’t you think? i would think finding a technology to jump start a planet’s environment to support our life would be a priority. Hoping to find an intelligence greater than ours is what started the whole God concept and where has that got us?

  75. vermasean

    I think the aliens 👽 will appreciate when they hear the signals generated from Anton’s channel. They’ll definitely hit that like and subscribe button 👍🔔📡🌌

  76. Paraskevas Psarrakis

    in the “old times’ they used to call the radio guy on ships “marconis”

  77. No one star

    Reminds me of the beginning of (Carl Sagan’s) ‘Contact”.

    Great film, everyone. You, wonderful people, should watch it. And yes, it was originally created by Carl Sagan. He even based ‘Elenor Arroway’ after a specific friend & fellow scientist. I’ll let you all determine who that might have been. ✨✨✨

  78. ArtistAnthony

    Still going with the idea they’re underground & underwater and/or the technological ones will be like the ones on the Alien World of Dune, have technology but they don’t send anything out and are calm & quiet especially in Desert Worlds like the one I mentioned.

  79. XxThe Awoken OnexX

    If Alien’s are out there they would use signals that we can not detect, and i agree with Stephen Hawkins on this, as humans could make a massive mistake by looking for Aliens, as they would have weapons and technologies that humans can not defend ourselves against. I also think humans are being overly optimistic in thinking that Aliens are peaceful beings lolz.
    Thankyou for another wonderful video Anton.

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    thanks for the I Love Lucy episodes – 🛸👽

  81. Bill

    Man, i can’t wait for the James Webb telescope to peep at these planets.
    Just a huge banner in space that reads “humans, please shut up”

  82. 4YT only

    Marconi was doing radio using Tesla’s patents! Even that Nobel prize was awarded to Marconi and Tesla, but Tesla refused to accept because of Marconi using his patents.

  83. Bret R

    Always a highlight of my day to watch Anton’s videos.
    I think about the number of global changes and circumstances that contributed to the rise of our species and can’t help conclude that we hit the lottery. I image so many worlds out there where the dinosaurs didn’t die out. Worlds that are completely dominated by animals. It’s a miracle that our ancestors weren’t snubbed out by all the predators that roamed the land back then.

  84. Electric Messiah

    I’m sure the first message we get will be “shhhhhhh!”

  85. Busi Xho

    🦹‍♂️ were using radio waves, while the aliens are using entanglement for instant comms across space 👽

  86. Kathleen O'Rourke

    great pics. you’re so wonderful.🌻

  87. giannapple

    Actually your pronounciation of Guglielmo Marconi was quite good; only the “r” sound was a bit too “american”, the rest was very close to the “real deal” 👏🏻

  88. Miles Prower

    The earliest radio signals are both extremely broadband, low power, and reflected back to the ground by the atmosphere. The dawn of VHF transmissions are far more likely, as well, the strongest VHF/UHF signals of 5 MW TV transmitters from about 20 years ago might have a chance of being detectable since even people on earth have picked them up on the other side of the planet via moon bounce


    as an italian id say you nailed it, almost everyone doesnt know how to pronounce GLI

  90. simon says 55

    How far away would we be able to detect ourselves? (How advanced is Seti?)

  91. Ronaldsmuziek

    Im sure we will find life outside our solar system eventually, i’m evenly sure it won’t be advanced enough to be aware of the radiowaves we’ve send.

  92. Tony Perez

    Great video, been looking forward to something like this, how far have the radio signals reached

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    Thank you Anton for your dedication and how often you share great content on a daily basis, you are doing great!

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    Imagine some of them developing radios and the first signal they get from earth is a speech of german lunatic in 1939.

  95. Paradox

    I wish they didn’t call it the “Fermi Paradox”.
    It’s not a paradox, it’s a problem.

  96. The original Reno Rob

    Maybe there’s other forms of signals we don’t know of. And a radio signal to a alien world is like a smoke signal to us today.

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