Habitable Planets Are Super Common According to a New Study

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that tries to estimate the total amount of Earth like planets in our galaxy.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2010.14812.pdf
NASA Release: https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/news/1664/about-half-of-sun-like-stars-could-host-rocky-potentially-habitable-planets/

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  1. ntme9

    We should start taking UFO reports more seriously.

  2. Sandeep Kumar

    Life building things are very common

  3. Mike Harris

    And there is no life out there unless whoever programmed your 4-bit three-dimensional digital code DNA also did it there. Now go back to your dream reality.

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    Nicest comments on youtube, you deserve them. You are welcome.

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    Battletech. Lots of cheap colonies and constant skirmishes involving giant war mechs.

  6. Florence Vallée

    Good to know there are plenty of replacement earths out there. I can now resume throwing my trash out of car window without fear or ruining life

  7. OmegaWolf747

    This is important for the long term survival of our species.

  8. Paul Paulson

    It’s 3. I looked it up with my telescope.

  9. Marcus Boswell

    Great. How are we going to get there?

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  14. Wayne Shirey

    The news from the scientific community about the chances of life in our galaxy takes us on a rollercoaster ride of positive and negative hypotheses. Still, I am grateful that they are seriously searching.

  15. Jukka Y

    Habitable? Maybe. Reachable? Never.

  16. Dan T

    Ive always had a problem with M type stars lasting trillions of years yet be unstable. I would think the instability of losing mass during flares would shorten its life.

  17. dxutube

    3:06 Christmas baubles

  18. Sandeep Kumar

    They can form near baby stars we have seen it in lab simulations

  19. David Gagnon

    How soon they forget da math. Humans: 1 / Aliens: 0

  20. Paul Walsh

    I still love exoplanet searching and I used to love the idea of finding and possibly colonizing those other planets, but now a habitable planet means a planet likely to already have a biome and that means it’s own archaea, fungi, bacteria and viruses and humanity still isn’t resistant to all these vectors that we have co-evolved with us on THIS planet… so how are we going to cope with those on another planet with absolutely no resistance to them ? !
    No, I’d rather a nice terrestrial planet near an asteroid belt that we can set up an O’Neill Cylinder or other such megastructure in orbit of and mine those easily accessible asteroids and maybe the comets of that system for the sterile or easily sterilizable hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and other trace elements and metals to supply our habitats with.

  21. 純ジュン

    All we need now is to solve the issues with the speed of interstellar travel or the human lifespan.

    It would be difficult to explore these other planets with our limited travel speeds and limited lifespan.

    Science fiction loves portraying cryostasis and hyperspace as fictional solutions to these limitations.

  22. Paul Said

    if you want to know anything Anton ask my wife she comes from another planet

  23. gene eric

    the Great Filter theory just got a bit stronger

  24. xrm160xqw

    anton is the eight thoughts of astronomy channels here on youtube
    day 1 : me might be alone in entire universe
    day 2: turns out, proto molecules for life are everywhere
    day 3: we have a super rare sun and solar system so it might be true we are alone, after all
    day 4: turns out, habitable planets are literally everywhere

  25. Arth Denton

    Prediction: first colonial transporter ship will leave Earth for a nearby habitable planet in about 1000 years.

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    I look forward to your videos everyday. Part of my daily routine. Great work Anton

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    I’m not looking for aliens, I want to know where they are coming from.

  28. Panda Wiz

    Love how our star is one of the odd balls. If you notice, most main sequence stars are in binary systems. Is real interest.

  29. Honey Dew

    What’s incredible is that in a distant more advance world, they could be talking about earth facts 😎

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    Make it a good signal this time Meti, only 12 years away.
    We come in peace… or will be in the time it takes to get there.
    You have MacDonald?… we too. hahaha.

  31. Jerry Li

    We should remember that for a planet to be as favorable for life as the Earth is, it would also need axial stability for billions of years and protection from radiation (large core = magnetic field).

  32. SDaniel

    M type stars are much too dangerous, so I like this paper already! 20 Light-years is too far for us to travel to, because we’ll have to pass other more dangerous stars on the way! (Including a lot of cosmic radiation and rubble!)

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    Anton, your videos are so relaxing to watch. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your channel. It’s such a nice escape for a few minutes every now and then. Cheers!

  34. Conspiracy Theory

    One night I was bored and counted every star in the Milky Way and there is exactly 396,659,207 stars incase anyone was wondering.

  35. Sandeep Kumar

    Life building blocks are very common they form near baby stars it happens with sun also

  36. garymun420

    if I was a type 3 civilization I would be like yo let’s go to the star that’s going to die in three years and take everything it’s got

  37. Karla Kirkpatrick

    Hey, what do you know about a piece of the moon floating behind Mars? I have seen it on notice about an hour ago.

  38. mike morris

    Surely all kinds of life is out there. We should hide ourselves for as long as possible, rather than advertise we’re here. We have an extraordinarily beautiful planet that others would love to have for themselves!

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    We’re so close to meeting turians, asari and salarians!

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    Hi Anton, you wonderful person! Perhaps we could take a look at some of our nearest neighbours in a future video? Which of these might be a target for our successors? o7

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    And it might happen that life can be under crust of mars ,Europa ,titan,Ceres,pluto and in clouds of Venus also

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    I was counting the stars and was up to 375 billion and then sneezed…drat

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    And don’t be sad we might found type 5 civilization on kardashev scale too

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    And though the stars were rather small
    they had to count them all.

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    I like “a little bit more, with Anton Petrov” for the (re)title. Any comments?

  50. OldGamerNoob

    If only we knew how often one of these planets has a colision-created large moon (and if that’s really required for a magnetosphere) to narrow the number down further

  51. RD RR

    I have an app on my phone called “exoplanet” that shows a 3 dimensional map of our galaxy. I can’t say enough about the quality and amount of data this app contains. It’s absolutely free unless you want to upgrade to the galaxy map. ✌️🙂👍

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  54. Ash D

    Hmmm, imagine a terrestrial planet, it’s core materials being different from Earth’s, and can maintain a magnetic field much more stronger than it. Could such a planet maintain it’s atmosphere and water in the habitable zone of a red dwarf and go on to develop life?

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    Every time we all look in the mirror we see aliens on a planet floating in space inside of our universe somewhere do you really think we’re the only ones doing that

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    Can you talk about japan’s plan to build a ring of solar panels around the moon?… It’s true, the moon is rich with the necessary raw materials

  66. juipi feaeft

    A system with a “Jupiter” like planet might be another factor to include in their search. Gas giants might act as a protective shield for the inner most planets.

  67. Filip Borch-Solem

    Imagine living with a red sun, like a beautiful sunset as daylight.

  68. Vince Klortho

    Now what’s the age of all the G, K and F type stars we can detect? That should give us some idea of how likely they have had time to produce a civilization.

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    Have you read Stephen Baxter’s “Xeelee Sequence?” Life everywhere, wherever energy gradients exist.

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    I like your posts… the problem with “very earth-like” planets is, that we have presently no way of getting there in an acceptable time-frame! When we look at stars we tend to forget, that we look into the past…🤓 It’s all academic, for the time being!

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    Point of clarification: There is only one type of star that can support our type of biological based life. Pretty sure there are other life forms than carbon based organics out there. Still 300 million in our own galaxy is exciting and comforting at the same time.

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    Thank you wonderful Anton.
    You do get that our chances of actually finding an habital planet that doesn’t require terra-forming are over 10,000 to 1.
    If we physically check 5,000 planets we’ve still only got a 50/50 chance.
    I love your positive attitude, but we will need to get exponentially better at space travel before we start considering this as a possibility.

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    Me: wtf dude that’s false humility or raise your self-esteem bro

  90. Pierre Beaudet

    Wondering what is the impact of double stars on these statistics ? I understand that more than 50% of the stars are double stars and these systems may not be as stable as single star systems, which I believe should impact the stability and hence the probability to find life on the planets orbiting around them.

  91. pawel karpinski

    6:39 Dear Collegues, in the article by Bryson et al., where exactly in the text is that 300 milions habitable planets mentioned?

  92. Jeffrey A. Smith

    Pretty clear that G, K, M – Y size stars have the best lifespans to allow for an evolved genome.

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    Even most of the G type stars may be too active for life. As I understand it, our star is unusually mellow, by a wide factor.

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    It would still take us 200 years to reach a star that is 20 light years away at 1/10c using nuclear pulse propulsion — with no easy way to slow down once there. We’re going to have to send sentient machines to do this exploring. Machines aren’t bothered by a few hundreds or thousands of years in transit.

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