Groundbreaking Image of Planetary Formation Raises Lots of Questions

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about how baby planets form and what forces them to grow larger in size.
Check out the short video from ESO that zooms in onto this system:
Another one:

  1. Spenser Pulleyking

    Hello, World!

  2. Randy Rick

    I wonder how many of these stellar observations are based on mathematical “tuning” of what we observe remotely, ie: self fulfilling observations seeing what they’ve been programmed to see.

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    Don’t know who it is that puts a thumbs down on Anton’s videos, but seriously….. If you don’t like them, why are you here? Your trolling makes no sense. 😂

    Oh… And good job Anton. I’ve enjoyed watching your content for the last few years, you have a knack of making things interesting. So thank you dude. 😉🤘

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    Mostly watching in the dark before sleep and suddenly a dark screen turns to be light like 5:45 and just killing it T_T
    Less bright screens please!!!

  5. Greg Phillips

    Vortex Based Mathematics from Marco Rodin is an interesting study which models fractal nested vortices, much like a galaxy/stellar/proto planetary observations separated by orders of magnitude of scale.

  6. martin burns

    z-pinch and large birkeland currents possibly play a crucial part in these formations

  7. Tom Agsten

    How do you guys think about the ‘parallel universe’ theory over antarctica?

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  9. Philipp Void

    question: how many planets does a typical “solar” system have? are we with our 8-10 planets above or below average?

  10. DyerAtol

    The smile and wave at the end. Anton Petrov is THE wonderful guy.

  11. ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ

    Anton is the only person I know who will explain something perfectly well in a way that anyone can understand, and then say “in other words…” and proceed to give a slightly more convoluted explanation. It’s actually quite endearing : )

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    loved it

  17. bob s

    To observe a growing baby planet, wouldn’t an ultrasound scanner be more suitable than a telescope?

  18. Ralph Blosat

    Waves. Sound or any where for gamma to am waves

  19. El Guiñolo

    Hello wonderful planet !

  20. Etascope

    very cool. big fan of your work^^

  21. R Carmisin

    We humans don’t even know 1% of what’s to be known.

  22. Mark MacDonald

    Most typical galactic animations (including Anton’s) make it appear as though the center of the galaxy is like a rotating sprinkler head spraying out these arms, but it’s really quite opposite. It is fascinating to realize that these various accretion disks are more like whirlpool drains with matter feeding into them. What appears to be arms extending out are more like rivers feeding the center. Within this flow of proto stellar/planetary material, eddies naturally arise and these lead to the creation of planets – at least that’s my take-away theory from this. Great stuff as always Anton! You seemed a bit somber in the intro from this amazing peak into the birth of planets, and I knew this was gonna be special.

  23. Михаил Булычев

    Groundbreaking? You mean groundshaping?

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    so clsoe to 500k subs nice

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    do you really post at 7 AM your time?

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    Is that Ego becoming a new planet??

  27. Hussain Alaithan

    electric universe?

  28. Itachi Uchiha

    What’s this reverse cosmic ray relating to some parallel universe with different direction of time news going on from yesterday?? Would like to hear it from you Anton 😇

  29. Jimmy Lee

    “jerry, you gotta see the baby”

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    fibonacci all over again, dude was a reptilian for sure

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    your entire channel is based on explain how little, the people who know, knows

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    Spin is a natural occurrence with gravity. The act of gravitationally merging causes spin. Ty for video

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    Hello Anton, can you please make a video which explain why scientist think presence of a unknown planet in our solar system which is not discovered yet

  36. Muah Muah

    Great video as always Anton…. P.S if you don’t mind I would like you to a video on the new discoveries made my N.A.S.A about the parallel universe

    Thanx for uploading this video though and bringing us upto date regarding space facts love you as always… Peace✌✌

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    our hypothesis is true never mess with science

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    “Every truth of a situation, is in said situation.”
    True majesty is beyond comprehension truely…

  39. George Weilenmann

    This gives more evidence for the core-collapse model as the starting point for protoplanets followed by the accretion model.


    Hey what’s the name of the music at the end of the video?

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  42. Colin Matthews

    Good video.
    Look at plasma cosmology for more answers

  43. The Memes of Destruction

    Hail Anton! ^.^

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    Yep, 10^^20 kg per year *is* slow.
    That’s only 10^^8 billion tonnes per year.

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    Hi Anton! Could you post a video explaining the recent findings from ANITA? There’s talks of this being related to finding a parallel universe- could you explain this to us?

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    Well… I guess we need huge dippers. 😬

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    Congratulations Mr Petrov, it’s a planetoid.

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    Wow! So much time had passed before we got here.

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    Anton plz make a video about nasa’s discovery of parallel universe. By the way love your videos.

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    I’m a planet, I formed from eating tacos

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    Hey anton do a video on the parallel universe thing

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    Patterns in that disc looks to me like there is at least 2 more planets forming

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    I always watch your videos to fall asleep at night after i get high lol and i don’t mean it in a disrespectful way. Your voice is very calming and the topic is just perfect to drift off in to spacy dreams🌠🚀

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    I can’t wait until US2 is able to simulate the formation of solar systems.

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    Daily one video seems really unproductive to me because it’s too much in a too short amount of time!

    I’m thinking about the one “problem” some time, trying to form ideas/ serious theory(s) often not long before going to sleep, let impressions settle (in it), think about it again the next day in some free space (head) time, sometimes having the feeling to get closer to an idea, to a solution and then suddenly😲…already the next video is uploaded with some new interesting facts/questions in it and I have to think (all) about THAT content then!

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    3:48 that unusual spiral. I bet you 5 bucks it follows the Fibonacci sequence.

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    Very interesting, maybe the rotation starts from the influence of the gravity from the nearest galaxy, pulling the gas into the star with lighter elements colliding first, then rocky planets later. Thanks Anton, keep up the great work.

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    The first time I herd about proto planetary disk was from Spore (great game)

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    Great, thanks ! I wonder how much Lightening goes on in these discs ? Chaotic Magnetic fields ?

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    This makes me SO excited for the JWST to be launched!! I’m sure it will be more able to better observe these planetary discs 😃

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    When I was in college I was super interested in planetary formation.
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    8:22 What is growing in the centre of the galaxy?
    Why ask such thing? Do we suspect other than black hole?!

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    I need to set my GPS to astronomical units so I can start getting a feel for this…

    *”Turn left in zero point zero zero zero…”*


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