Giant Black Holes and Missing Matter Found in Ancient Galaxies

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent study that may have found out where the missing matter is hiding and why some black holes get so massive.
More info here:
Second paper:

  1. proven22x

    Mass converged and pressure increased until it reached its breaking point, without a sound a black hole formed, it’s gravity created a cascade, and particles formed into a great nebula, the heat collected into suns

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  4. Engraved

    How dense was this gas? Was it hot? Warm in some spots? Like maybe as warm as an atmosphere? Dense enough that maybe life could exist?

  5. Cade Whitmore

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  6. vgernyc

    Now we need a Squirrel telecope

  7. Alireza Asgari

    Making a simulation based on uncertain assumptions can not be cited. It will be more misleading to the wrong result

  8. Jeff Hambleton

    Instead of gas forming stars, why not just make black holes?

  9. Costa Liberta

    what would the world be without u. thank you.

  10. lasarith2

    So basically my idea (when I was younger before dark matter and dark energy ) that all the missing mass is in black holes , may be true.

  11. japrogramer

    is this about cold dark matter?

  12. Easy There

    The filaments are ionized/energized…there is matter in between that isn’t…

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    What’s with the title change? just curious. Or am I remembering wrong…

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    Wow … Honestly, I loved the channel since quite a while back but the presentation is now reaching NOVA level. I’m seriously impressed, grats Anton!
    Very interesting, those guys had gobbled up the evidence … hungry hungry black holes. I wonder if black holes are honestly so compact that they become somewhat simple and that would make them essentially identical save size and state of they really have a structure of unimaginable complexity.
    Anyway … I wonder just how much the dynamic duo WEB & W-First will reveal in the coming decades. And am equally interested in the Venus probes… I think that planet has a lot more to it than we give it credit for (not to mention it’s an actually welcoming cloud habitat).

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  21. Russian Bot

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    Can you link your video regarding intergalactic filaments?

  30. RSher

    so MUSE helped us see the Super Massive Black Hole? Sounds familiar

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    I am not wonderful but I do love your vids, thanks for another interesting update

  32. Mike Jons

    Perhaps the black holes ate that missing matter?

  33. yod bod

    Who knows?,Perhaps Space itself (Gravitons)has mass..

  34. Scott West

    Do you think life has evolved and is concsicous on Earth when universe sandbox 2 is on?

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    Might have been the Cultivator making strange stuff in the cosmos that we may not know about

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  45. spawn

    We can’t even see the whole universe yet, every day we see a tiny fraction farther so how can we assume how much mass is truly out there. There are galaxies flying away from us at FTL speed so we have no clue what’s left to discover.

  46. Black Hole Generator

    Makes sense. Early universe means dense huge amounts of mass resulting in huge massive black holes. Thank you Anton for sharing. I always wondered how they grew to this size.

  47. Fotzi Mabuse

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  48. Mario D. Zmaj

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  51. Julian Cate

    More evidence that dark matter is equal to Ptolemy’s epicycles.

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  56. نظرية -إم

    I have a question about the geometric shape of the universe
    Like the flat universe or the closed universe and the open universe like a horse saddle
    The question is, does the geometric shape of the universe explain the origin of the universe before the Big Bang?
    Please send this question to cosmologists

  57. Hlafordlaes

    The age of precision astronomy is only just beginning. 😍

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    Black holes are there to catch anyone who died and is going to hell basically hells doggie door

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  60. Ixian Technocrat

    MUSE really showed us many black holes and revelations.

  61. Falkdr

    so the super massive black holes formed by absorbing a super massive amount of matter. Weird mystery indeed.
    Seems like a good approach.

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    Missing matter. I bet it’s in the last place you look.

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    Anton, you should be on TV. I’ve been watching your videos for a while and as a keen astronomer myself I find these videos very interesting. You present your videos and I formation at a very accessible level and still remain informative for people with prior understanding of subject.
    Well done wonderful person.

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  73. drania76

    Thank you so much Anton.
    And speaking of the ancient galaxies what’s your take on thunderbolts theory or the Saturn Sun theory please?


    its pretty astounding think that cosmologists think they “know” how much matter “should be” in the universe after the big bang. Why should they know the first thing about how much matter there should be when they barely even know how many local phenomena work on our own planet let alone our solar system, like the giant storms on jupiter or neptune — but to hear that they speak with authority on how much matter there “should” be in the universe and that they’ve finished surveying the skies and couldn’t find it — its preposterous. I’m not even sure they’re even able to calculate how much mass they observe. They assume that light brightness is some kind of ultimate measurement on the amount of mass.. we’re no where near close.
    There is no missing matter, just bad math.

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    does it even *matter* ? :P

  79. Rickard Zingmark

    2006 “Muse” released a song called “Ultra Massive Black Hole”.

  80. warp00009

    When I was growing up and in college, “space” was considered as mostly empty, pretty boring “nothing” – with occasional star systems and galaxies to break it up. Now it seems like the more we observe and discover, the more deeply interesting and complex basic “space” becomes. That’s quite a surprise to me at least!
    Thanks for all your excellent videos and discussions Anton – all the best for you and your channel in the new year!

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    Would love to see a video documenting the accelerating pace of innovation in astronomy.

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    Physicist: Oh right, lol

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