Giant Black Hole Failed to Do Its Job In a Distant Galaxy

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an interesting discovery of a distant galactic cluster that demonstrates what happens when giant black holes stop emitting winds.
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  1. The unknown

    Mission failed, we’ll get em next time

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    Black hole wasn’t feeling it that day.

  3. Sean Syron

    Stars made of dark matter. Out of thin air.

  4. Commentator

    Frankly, the less black holes feed, the better for the universe!

  5. silenttoxic707

    Anton seems like a pretty cool dude

  6. Heindrick

    How is detecting colder matter in space more difficult that detecting hotter matter? Couldn’t you use the contrast between the surrounding matter?

    Great video Anton keep it up!

  7. John Quach

    This is fantastic!

  8. ehsnils

    I started to wonder if it was a case of what would happen if a black hole had evaporated and no longer could hold in light. I assume it would be a spectacular event.

  9. dani ortega

    Aliens! I wanted the explanation to be aliens!

  10. Claudio Trajtemberg

    Wonderful Anton, you don’t need the clickbait.

  11. Shaddow

    That new area were the stars form should be called
    Antonio cluster

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    I still can see the hairline 😂

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    Reuploaded, without words such as ‘kill’. Algorithm…

  14. Ordinary Joe

    On behalf of the white race, we select Blackhole for our draft pick.

  15. Ethelred Hardrede

    What happens if a black fails to do its job?

    The universe stops paying them, of course.

    Which leads us to another question. Who assigned the jobs? Anton seems to be the culprit.

  16. DeathsHead Knight

    wait a minute, the intergalactic medium contains so much baryonic matter but it could form a Galaxy’s worth of stars and we just didn’t see it?
    Why are we still wasting time looking for non-baryonic dark matter then?

  17. Christopher Lopez

    How to Black Hole 101

  18. Jayaraman Ganapathi

    Hi Anton,
    Had a query – what happens to the planets around a star when it goes supernova? Is there any credible material on this matter? It is nobody’s guess that closer planets may get consumed by the supernova, but happens to the far away planets, thier satelite objects, galatic cloud etc. Thx

  19. Andrew Brady

    You do great work!!
    Thank you for everything you do!!!

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    Such inctedible findings.
    Thank you Anton for another
    exciting video. ✨

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    LinnDrum modules are gonna double in price on Reverb overnight lol. Roger will be mystified.

  22. Truth N Politics

    Hello WONDERFUL Space!😆

  23. Equales Rex

    Well this might provide an explanation for the existence of bodies like the large megallanic cloud which don’t have central large black holes.

  24. Jimbo Bimbo

    Dammit, Black Hole, you had one, job!!!

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    Just a thought.
    Have you thought about putting out a second shirt design?
    Maybe come up with a logo including “Hello Wonderful Person”, and sticking that on a shirt.

    I did snag a poster just now though. I have a frame with a wood duck print in it… and think it would be interesting to say “there is a wood duck under it”, when someone comments on the poster.

  26. walkabout16

    There ya go, stars forming without a big bang!

  27. Hilmar Zonneveld

    Oh, and one more thing, “nuclei” is plural – so the singular would be “active galactic nucleus”.

  28. Patrice Laborda

    _Giant Black Hole Failed to Do Its Job In a Distant Galaxy_
    This black hole should be fired.

  29. Ricky Singleton

    Thank you wonderful person for this video. I find all your discussions very interesting and entertaining. I don’t know how you can create so many great videos with such good content. Thanks 🙏

  30. Wouter

    Hey Anton! I just wanted to let your know that the word ‘nuclei’ is plural. You repeatedly refer to the center of a specific galaxy, in which case it would be ‘Active Galactic Nucleus’. Only when speaking of multiple active centers of galaxies at once can you use nuclei instead of nucleus. Keep up the good work!

  31. Ryder Scodes

    Anton, so happy your channel is so successful man, you deserve it.

    With love from Canada

  32. espacio hexadimencional s

    Thanx Anton for so much cosmo s things to see and ideas about them. – Thanx for the place to share ideas with the whole world. – My self think that what hapens at the galactive levels also must to hapens to the local levels even down ander the atom and down below. – At time 1: 15 there is a picture of CENTAURUS GALAXIE try to see to the right a kind of an umbrela form or some kind of a car s exaust or intake valve that points to the down right corner try to see in it as it curves down like a mushroom form, in the right side there does not form a complite mushroom form you may see how it brake down to the right bottom curving down as a water fall which to me is the south side of the system which always it brakes more than north side. – See that there is a much lightter same form that goes out from the center to the up left side that then curves up to the right just obout end left up of the picture, the opossite side of this last description goes from the center to the right down picture side and notice that by the end of this flow there is some kind of Medusa head that is still same pattern seen in the systems. – At the center where this 4 corners meet the white sphere is formed at the medle a thing all systems do no matter which you tell me off – As above so is below.

    At time 4:52 Anton says that they dont now how so much gas got there where all the stars form faster than all around the system? my guess on it is that at the meddle part of the clusters a white sphere is formd that is where most explosions hapens so there fore more gas cause of the explosions which by the way are combustin even if they are fussion. . The thing in here is that the center is always HOTTER than the out side so here I need more data maybe there is one missunderstood of mine by the way I see it, it could be an ARCHI EFFECT in the face facing to the camara and so the center is cooler cause of the hole that opens the WHITE LIGHT whene it brake throug the electromagnetism of the system.

  33. Sam

    mom: Aw man 2 am! And did you black holing again? This time you’ve to buy all that stuff yourself again!

    kid: *slightly slower nomming away the fridge stuff but still nomming* but mOOooOoOm, this cheeeese!

  34. Maroš Goč

    I’ve been always wondering how telescopes work. When we look at the stars via our own eyes we see something what happened X years ago. But when I look at the stars via a telescope, is it the same? I mean those photos shows galaxies which are 9,9 billions lightyears away and Anton is speaking about them in the present tense.

  35. Vicky Kaushik

    ‘Blackhole failed to do it’s job’
    Me – “kya gunda bnega re tu”

  36. Dylan Jones

    Science never stops blowing my mind.

  37. Ben Siener

    its great watching these videos anf fis ussing things in other online forums whrn soneone with the 1980s textbook understanding of stuff wants to insult someone’s intelligence.

  38. oiSnowy

    What happens when a black hole fails to do its job? …

    Spaghettification turns into macaronification. Or fusillification. Or raviolification.

  39. Misheard Metal

    Clearly a result of my recent burst of creativity, sating it’s hunger yw.

  40. Jamie Lacourse

    Hello Anton. Do you know if anybody has run any simulations to calculate an approximate date when our expanding star forces our species underground?

  41. extion

    Hey man just wanna say I just found your videos a few days ago and I’m really enjoying them. Even on topics I think aren’t that interesting end up being really entertaining and well delivered. Thanks for your work on this channel!

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    Universe: Black hole, you had _one_ job!

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  44. Sir Snek

    It’s always interesting to think about how long ago these kind of formations happened and how different they’re like now.

  45. Ben Siener

    ithought its job was to kind of anchor the galaxy and keep it spinning around a central point?

  46. Mister Angel

    I watched this one with fascination. Thank you Anton, you have given me a lot to think about. 😎🙏

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    Anton makes me even more excited to earn my PhD in Physics one day! Thank you Anton for being a wonderful person ❤️

  48. abhishek jn

    Physicist is like :If we failed to understand the events, Let’s place collision theory

  49. DarkVoidIII

    It has taken 200M LY for the light from this galaxy to reach Earth. What that means is that what this galaxy is doing right now, or where it is, right now, is impossible to visualize. That is because we have no idea what happened in the intervening time for the light from this galaxy to reach us. It’s not like we can magically travel 200M LY in an eye blink, we don’t know what it’s doing right now. It is a snapshot of events that have happened long ago, and is interesting in trying to figure out what has happened to galaxies that existed 200M LY ago.

  50. OmegaWolf747

    Sleeping and waking gods, givers and takers of life.

  51. I 've eaten a schwarzschi

    this is another proof for susskind being right about black holes how they are entangled with the universe

  52. Intet Mane

    Maybe there’s a maximum space can compress and the black hole sometimes throws mass out to relieve itself.

  53. Henchman Twenty1

    You had one Singularity job…

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    Regardless what happens to this region in the future I’m sure Anton will keep us updated.
    I just hope it’s not prohibitively expensive to stay connected 6 feet under. 0_o

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    Can wait for James web to find out what the great attractor is most likely the most biggest an dense object we’re gunna discover in the future kind of terrifying to imagine it 🤔😨

  56. Scott Perry

    In my generation Black Holes did their jobs, and did them with pride. Now a days this generation of Black Holes don’t understand their responsibilities. They are always going off to find themselves, some want to be artists or do volunteer work. I blame their parents, they should have given these black holes a swift kick in the ass and straightened them out. Now the disaster will be “Old Testament, real wrath of god type stuff, fire and brimstone coming down from the skies – rivers and seas boiling – 40 years of darkness, earthquakes volcanos, – the dead rising from the grave – human sacrifice dogs and cats living together mass hysteria” to quote Ghostbusters………………………………………..Wait what, that wasn’t a movie about science, my life has been a lie.

  57. Scott Taber

    Imagine living on a planet in a solar system that isn’t tied to a galaxy and is just free-roaming through a vast expanse of nothingness. Feels like we are lucky to be in a galaxy.

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    In for the “you had one Job, Black Hole.” Joke.

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    This is the most interesting thing I’ve heard all year. I’m surprised it’s not bigger news.

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    The title had me expecting this to be an allegorical video on mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago. Whoopsie…

  62. ThanksIfYourReadIt

    Or maybe that black hole is now encapsulated to “create” lots of fusion reactors called suns.

  63. Dai Baden

    Even black holes have performance issues.

  64. Chris Griffith

    OMG, this creates a new model for how the universe has evolved.

  65. DomingosCJM

    What could maintain plasma in high temperature? Energy of course!
    If the energy that was focusing in the ‘black hole’ (or plasmoid) moves it will start to ignite another plasma region that then will start to form stars and planets, and one characteristic of double layers is the spinning of matter around it.

  66. Cody

    Awesome! Gonna have to watch this one again.

    Black holes usually bore me bc I’ve heard so much about them, but this is something I had not.

  67. Quite Quiet

    So we just found out how the Milky Way might have formed… 10 billion years ago???? Leading up to our own system much later? Thanks for the Facts Anton! I enjoy pondering the phenomena of our average planet circling our average day star in our average galaxy. LOL if only we could manage to recognize our unusual opportunities and make the most of our beautiful planet. Thanks for being a wonderful person.

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    The material “stars” has already been there its just lighting up when electricity moves through the other material.

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    When the black hole stops becoming active, could the star forming region “nearby” be the output from the black hole in the form of a white hole? When a black hole shuts down the input is suddenly output elsewhere?

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    So when the giant space vacuum gets clogged or shut off the remaining space dust clumps together and forms stars. Got it. Thanks.

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    I used to work with a black hole like that

    why are they always named Kyle

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    I don’t know why but I laughed a bit at that title. Sounded like “the onion” video title.

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    As a first year PhD student I love you content as a way to keep up with developments in areas of physics and astrophysics I don’t regularly study. I would never have heard about all the amazing developments over the past few months without your content. You bring recent developments to a much larger audience than would usually hear about them. Thank you.

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    Black holes are magnificent, they never cease to amaze.

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