Geminga Pulsar Helps NASA Solve an Antimatter Mystery

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery coming out of NASA on the unusual origin of antimatter striking Earth coming from a pulsar known as Geminga.
NASA Article:

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    Two important points: (1) NASA solves antimatter mystery; (2) don’t eat bananas.

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    Radioactivity ( Einstein warns 2020 )

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    What we need to do is find a way to harvest the antimatter out of the magnetosphere before it strikes the planet!

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    Is an option to try to collect anyway the antimatter before atmosphere from Geminga to have it for spacial travelling? I know it is very difficult and risky to do but we could try it!!

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    A true field time lapse

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    Ok, but is antimatter real though?

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    Hullo wonderfull me, this is Troll. So I actually make antimatter inside me ?. That’s a damn creepy thought. I suddenly feel I’m in danger of spontaneous combustion.

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    Lol interstellar exhaust pipe right in our face! Is it ‘the darkness’? The effect of positrons on the magnetosphere does not sound good

  21. Slinkerdeer

    Looking at the picture of it I could instantly tell its trail was due to fast movement through space, its the only way that would be created naturally

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    Fascinating, pulsars are unique space objects on many levels.

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    Been watching for 3 years everyday watch the video seen 3 different intros over them years and this is the first time I disagree with the anti matter explanation it doesn’t fit right its something else another type of fake antimatter but not the same as real anti matter

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    Dear Anton, the sound of Geminga corresponds to a few words from the dialect of Milan, not Sicily ( gh’é minga). Well done, as usual, anyway!

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    This a very high energy pair of stars so close together that they have forned a great star. Wonder what would happen if it came onto contact with a black hole…. Thanks for the thoughts

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    A small correction: “Ghe Minga” [there is not (something)] is not sicilian, but milanese, the dialect of Milan.

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