Galactic Voids Could Be Hiding Exotic Objects Explaining Dark Energy

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a fascinating idea that might explain the reason why the universe is expanding while also solving a few other mysteries as well – the idea of GEODEs – General Objects of Dark Energy.
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  1. sobreaver

    Keep it up sir !!

  2. NetherStrider MC

    In theory, could an antimatter equivalent of a geode be used to destroy a geode?

  3. Lorrie Michael

    It most def is…You are amazing!

  4. Cheng Zhou

    Object Class: Keter

  5. Douglas Williamson

    Much to learn, we still have. Seems so natural, Black Holes are powerful attractive force, There must be an opposite with a powerful repulsive force. Fascinating!

  6. Davy J

    Anton, thanks for very interesting video. What was the background visualizations you used?

  7. phoo4402

    Basically space is bubbling up. So I assume if a bubble is getting big enough, it pops and a new universe is born.

  8. Craig Simpson

    Self-interacting gravitational fields still makes much more sense to me… GR doesn’t need to be modified, it just needs to be computed thoroughly… after all, this all really got started when galactic rotation curves were found to contradict Newtonian predictions (like Mercury, right?) and so, the assumption is that there is a new force or substance at work, instead of recognising that Newtonian mechanics are insufficient for the job at hand… I still maintain that, once a rigorous GR treatment is applied to the dark sector as a whole, all of the need for *darkness* will evaporate, just like *phlogiston*!

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    Hope you found a nice place to live at. Doing a great job. Thank you. 🇨🇦😷👍

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    I am happy that Anton is making short videos again.

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    Great vid! 👍 LOVE ❤️ the soft speaking, Zen music, and moving background.. helped keep my attention

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    Thank you Anton, for this exceptional, most inspirational and captivating theory. Almost blows the big bang away.

  13. Esme Esmeralda

    Aaaaa it’s my birthday and I’m obsessed with voids !!! Luv from Texas

  14. ThanksIfYourReadIt

    So the void is like totally empty or we can see trough them and see some galaxies,behind them?
    If this theory is true we should see the void edges deform and shift as the stuff inside disorts the skrrounding randomly by theire internal pushfest.

  15. Wayne

    Thanks Anton. Keep up the good work.

    I get more interesting astrophysics news from you than almost other general public science media.

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  17. Roger Watts

    Do we know from which direction the Big Bang came from?

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    Cool 😎 the first hotel upload is here 👌 thanks 🙏 Anton

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    Nothing like mythamatics when it comes to space!

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    Hmmm… the voids are populated by something dark and repulsive… OMG… the voids are full of “Cuties”!! :O

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    The sexy science man has hit us up with another great video. Thanks Anton

  22. Clark H

    dude this is fricking awesome <3 the content brother thank you thank you

  23. thought criminal

    I’ve always suspected space expands “faster” in the voids. While expanding “slower” within galaxies because massive objects prevent expansion.

  24. barbarian jk

    To me this is the first time I feel some kind of nightmare fuel from something in the cosmos…
    Perishing in outer space horribly without oxygen: scary, rip.. But can be avoided.
    Meteors that cause extintion events: scary… But nah.
    Black Holes: not there yet
    Gamma Ray Bursts: slightly bit closer.
    Geodes that can disrupt and destroy entire galaxies: Holy Cow!!!

  25. Ruben Manssens

    If they were to exist, wouldn’t they leave signatures like radio waves?

  26. Louis Corprew

    Hope everything is well with you Anton, thanks for another awesome vid!

  27. TrueMG

    I’d be completely fine if the expansion is just a property of empty space. Space reacts to masses with gravity, space reacts to “nothing” with the opposite. Prove me wrong, science!
    No, really, I want to know. Keep on researching, heroes in a lab shell.

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    I love watching your video with my morning coffee, they are inspirational and keep me calm and focused for a big part of my day!

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    You blew my mind like 5 times

  30. hdadech nizar

    the exotic objects are actually your youtube community (btw thanks for the effort you put into the videos, I really learned a lot).

  31. gertbeefrobe

    So…a wandering great annihilator+?

  32. Light Power

    That sounds very integrating.

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    Thanks, Anton – this was one of your best.

  34. Eric Upchurch

    The Universe is Expanding into Dark Matter & Dark Energy… the Void! Gravity Core, Pulse Stars, Light Energy, etc. White Hole… Plasma? Building into a Solar Star! 🌟🌟🌟

  35. Taurev Hamina

    I have a dumb theory about this mystery.

    My theory is that these exotic objects are some sort of “white holes” and that black holes in our universe are connected to these objects like a wormhole’s entrance and exit. But they aren’t totally opposite of blackholes since they are dark and cold, but the difference is that they produce negative gravity, and the reason it’s because the black hole uses it’s “exit” to transform the information of the matter which was absorbed by the black hole into anti-gravity forces, creating white hole, exotic matter like objects or forces like dark energy

  36. Kevin Segrist

    Heeeeeeeey… that quasar at 8:48 was just my desktop background

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    Very interesting, as always! Thanks and welcome back.

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    Awesome, never heard of this before

  40. oiSnowy

    Hello wonderful Anton, glad to see you back!

  41. Elaad Teuerstein

    Amazing stuff. First they find the universe is huge. Then they figure out it’s expanding … at an accelerated pace … but not uniformly.
    Now these hypothetical geodes not only drive the expansion, but grow over time and collide like black holes.
    Cosmology has come a long way over the passed century.

  42. Visual_Vexing

    Anti-gravity bodies that grow in mass through time? Wacky

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  44. engizmo

    Another interesting hypothesis. Thanks for sharing Anton. Will be interesting to see which hypothesis predicts what dark energy is and where it comes from.

  45. Wayne Shirey

    This makes me want to say both Shazam!! AND Golllleee!! Thank you, Anton, and keep up the good work.

  46. AdlockHungry

    So, I’m confused on two points.
    1. If these GEODEs formed from (something) in the early universe, why would they behave, or indeed BE, any different than primordial black holes?
    2. What are these GEODEs supposedly made of? Negative mass?! Exotic matter?

  47. Andy J

    Amazing video Anton. I paused the video on the supercluster image you had in the background and just looked at all the voids out there, I thought about the many geodes that may be affecting matter on such large scales. It was a very similar feeling to learning about black holes for the first time, a big ah ha moment and truly fascinating.

    As a long time fan of many years I always look forward to your content and appreciate your ability to teach us the latest happenings in the cosmos. Thank you for sharing.

  48. James Aron

    Wonderful Generic Object of Dark Energy

  49. Pablo César Méndez

    I was expecting that intro tho…

  50. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting! Thanks a lot, Anton!!!
    It really would explain a LOT!

  51. Justin Fuller

    Dark matter vs dark energy…. you said matter where I think you meant energy

  52. ballom29

    “they gain mass just by existing”
    Can someone tell me why Nernst’s zombie didn’t leaved his grave with a statement like that?

  53. Eric

    I might misunderstand, and that’s fine since I’m here to learn, but my initial reaction is that if the universe is expanding due to these objects, then wouldn’t it lead to the following hypotheses?

    1. Clearly the outer edge of the universe has somewhere to be repelled into, meaning that at least space, if not the universe itself, is infinite.
    2. If these objects only reside within the voids between galactic clusters, then the distances within the galactic clusters should not expand with the expansion of the universe since there is nothing pulling the clusters apart. In fact, they may even be crushed by repelling forces on all sides. If so, could it not also explain the attractors that we see, e.g. Great Attractor?

  54. Jared Maddox

    So, it sounds like GeOODs are candidates for negative energy.

  55. Bestowic Primer

    Hey anyone see me screaming this for about a year?

  56. Spkr4TRUTH

    If this is true, can we correlate the gravitational waves to the location or direction of these voids?

  57. Buck Fisher

    An interesting theory. It would be nice to see something that verifies what, if anything, is in the voids.

  58. FIRE STORM 3692

    I wonder if it would be possible for advanced civilizations to harvest dark matter and dark energy for galaxy terraformin

  59. Andrew Norman

    Could one of these geodes be used to power an Alcubierre drive? Asking for a friend.

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    We need a wonderful Anton Venus phosphine video

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    I want to see a black hole capture a GEODE!

  62. First 2suspect

    Truly amazing and makes sense of so many different observations and theories.

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    That thing on the screen at the start of the clip is a borg cube 🤓

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    so i’ll stick with that

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    I have OCD from that lambda rendering, looks like someone chewed a bit on right leg and a bit on top :D

  66. Je RRY

    I’ve thought that dark energy is actually parallel universe black holes indenting our universe fabric of space without ripping through it. Essentially creating a huge mountain like affect that repels everything unlike a black hole which is like a huge well sucking in anything that comes close to it. But what do I know I’m an engineer and not a physicist 🤣🤣.

  67. SublimeSparo

    Fascinating stuff, seems like a solid idea with solid maths, now some clever sod needs to create an experiment to confirm it

  68. Makise Kurisu

    Dark energy at first were thought to have originated from outside the big bang. So the common consensus changing to it originating from inside the big bang.Fascinating!
    These might just be the kind of exotic matter that will allow us to create a warp drive engine.

  69. Quinn Killen

    Thanks so much for the great upload, Anton! Especially considering your circumstances.
    Much love from Canada!

  70. Dragrath1

    Hope you have solved the whole housing issue interesting hypothetical object. Personally I have been wondering if the anisotropic expansion rate might possibly be a frame dependent effect akin to the Coriolis and centrifugal “forces” on a rotating body(just in 4 spatial dimensions? I have been thinking about this due to the solution to the Kerr black hole with two separate “daughter” universes on the other side. My incomplete thought experiment is what if quantum effects on a collapsing black hole below the size where Einstein’s theory of general relativity breaks down turn into an inflationary field akin to the rebound when a massive star collapses into a neutron star. Assuming the doomed star and the resulting energy is released in the form akin to the “big bang” could such a system account for all or part of the lack of antimatter and thus the survival of baryonic matter?

  71. Ron Maimon

    You made several mistakes: dark matter has no relation to dark energy. Einstein proposed the cosmological constant to stabilize a spherical universe, he renounced it when Hubble discovered the expanding universe. Einstein’s spherical universe doesn’t work theoretically, it is unstable to emptying out into one black hole, which becomes the cosmological horizon., Also it doesn’t work experimentally, the universe is expanding. Your claim about the universe expansion being different at different places is also completely incorrect, the expansion is only different at different times. The geode idea doesn’t work because these are exotic matter that isn’t fit well by modern ideas about physics. This whole video isn’t accurate on the science. It is reporting on a wrong paper though, so overall it might be okay.

  72. Thomas M

    Seems like this concept will have an extremely important bearing on the fate of the universe, and perhaps the cause of the Big Bang as well.

  73. Paolo G

    Galactic voids are where Richard Hell and the Voidoids live.
    Everyone knows that.
    I have gathered more mass since I was younger, too.

  74. Rick Binkley

    So how do parallel universe’s fit into this? Asking for a friend🙄

  75. J'Lord Wimsely

    Us trying to explain the Universe is like an ant explaining their colony about planet earth.

  76. Robert Miller

    One of Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker stories is set within a habitat built around a “radiant”, an object with reverse gravity. Was it, possibly, inspired by this idea?

  77. Nicholas Achterberg

    I wonder if the dark matter is what tries to keep the universe from collapsing but its not uniform everywhere and there are hot spots and cold spots every where. I really love the idea of geodes, such a wonder.

  78. Vi the Piltover Enforcer

    So, uh… anyone remember the Monoliths from 2001: Space Odyssey?

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    Galactic voids could be hiding *erotic* objects.
    _no more internet for me today_

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    it is sweet to hear a dark energy theory that doesnt just say “?”

  81. Ryan Smith

    This dark energy and matter is quite irritating! I really wish we’d figure it out 🙈

  82. Spleef The Dude

    Physics is definitely going to have to be redefined at some point. The question is how

  83. George Reynolds

    Wow…a super weird one. This is the first I’ve heard of Geodes. Thanks Anton.

  84. G.A. C.

    The Universe is a wise old man, the more we discover about him, the more we realize that we know nothing at all.

  85. Iudex Umbra

    This is amazing if true. It also means anti-gav tech could be a thing someday.

  86. PH Piano Cover

    Mind blowing. Feeling like that guy who first heard about a black hole, when they were still hypothetical objects.

  87. Terry Endicott

    So if these exotic objects exist one should
    Avoid the Void

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  89. Grumpy Australian

    Great video Anton.
    I really enjoy thinking about this concept, there are almost certainly extra gravitational forces holding super clusters together that are rather hard to explain without either invisible matter or some kind of exotic (pusher) object in the voids.
    This could help explain atleast some of the (extra mass) that we cannot find, it could be void objects pushing on superclusters leading to the entire web like structure of the known universe, like bubbles suspended in honey.

    We likley should never of assumed gravity only works in one direction, even Einstein tried to tell us it works both ways, albeit in the form of mathematical white holes rather than a new exotic pusher object.

  90. macsporan

    The Universe is getting weirder by the day. So now there’s swarms of perpetually-growing primordial anti-gravity black-holes clearing out monstrous intergalactic voids all around us. Mom, can we go home now? This is scary. 🥺

  91. Nicholas Conundrum

    Have you been keeping up with the Xenon dark matter project? They’re filling it up, maybe they can figure it out !

  92. eb f

    Anton you say Dark matter multiple times in the video beginning, where I’m fairly confident you mean dark energy.

  93. T VG

    hope we can finally find out what is the driving force of the expansion of the universe, and how this could fit in with an oscillating model. How would the big rip lead to another ‘Big Bang’? Maybe our universe is unique compared to theoretical previous universes? Wish we could know the answer to these questions…

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    We are getting closer and closer to finally understanding that we know bugger all about almost everything. :)

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    Wow, I have never heard of geodes before, fascinating.

    Nice vid.

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    0:21 Don’t you mean “Dark Energy” and not “Dark matter”?

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