FRB Just Found In Our Own Galaxy May Explain Origin of These Signals

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a potential solution for what creates mysterious FRBs and the discovery of an FRB in the Milky Way Galaxy.
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  1. Hyperhedron

    Magnetar, I choose you!

  2. Christopher Melvin

    Saint Peter?
    What happened!?
    A Magnetar.

  3. diGritz1

    I’ll take WTF for 600 Alex, “I’m Dense and possesses a lot of power”.
    Who is the US President?
    No I’m sorry we were looking for What is a Neutron St………
    Hang on, they just told we will accept that answer for now.

  4. Earthwatch

    Just subscribed to your videos ang will recommend it for future information.
    Please make a video for strange trumpet sounds in the sky explanation.
    Thank you! Love from Philippines! πŸ’ͺ

  5. Maratha Chatrapati Shivaj

    Hi Anton, recently I saw UFO sighting video declassified by Pentagon. Are these videos real ?

  6. FatalFist

    What if they’re explosions from dying stars near a black hole?

  7. jaspal raina

    At 5:25 he mentioned the magnetar to be 3000 lightyears away whereas at 5:45 in the doc shown on screen it says the magnetar SGR 1935+2154 is located 30,000lightyrs away in the milkyway.😊

  8. Geo Politics watch

    If aliens where communicating anton would be the last to know he only sais what the scientists say and we know they’ll never tell us the truth

  9. David Ben Israel

    Sounds like a cover up to me…πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  10. PropRotor Nut

    Thanks Anton. It’s a really fascinating subject. Have always loved neutron stars. 😊

  11. DrHillbillyShow

    Closed captioning is calling FRBs “affair bees.”

  12. Sergei Garbar

    StarCraft + Quake = StarQuake

  13. who likes spaghetti?

    magnetars are basically troll-stars

  14. Dirka Dirka

    We should blow one up.

  15. atlvquisdi udohiyo

    Ok a stellar magnet strong enough to tear the atoms in your body apart, has mini earth quakes that can be detected 30000 light years away , I may not be first but I did watch the video before I made a comment.

  16. Robert Terrell

    Magnetar schmagnetar! πŸ€—
    Actually I really like this video – I just thought I might never get the chance to say schmagnetar ever again πŸ˜‚

  17. Klaus ATHEIST Bolvig None

    Is it possible that James Webb can solve this phenomenon. Wonderful

  18. Gregory Parker

    Wow, thanks for the thumbs up to our cool Canadian Radio Telescope!!!

  19. matty101yttam

    1:30 the lower part of that graph, would the ramping up in frequency be due to lower frequency travelling faster than the higher frequency?
    If that is the case then would that mean you could measure our distance from the event based on the time difference between the low frequency to the high frequency part of the curve given that all frequencies originated at the same time frame/event?

  20. Sam


  21. Marco Sunt

    How a magnetiv field can be produced by only neutrons?

  22. TheWeeaboo

    I understand the drake equation isn’t exactly hard science so maybe it’s irrelevant and perhaps it still holds up really well today but isn’t it about time someone looks at it again and checks if we should change any data and then run it again?

    Would be quite interesting I believe considered all the discoveries ever since the drake equation was ”invented”. It’s probably still a very similar answer. :)

  23. ira lainhart

    That’s great just let me know when they learn how to make worp drive then we can get away from this Doomd world

  24. Alexandre Mangeot

    4:47 really the radius is in centimeter?! 🀣

  25. Keith Douglass

    πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸŒ discovery of the universe .is still in its infancy. we are on a journey of things unforseen. Keith Australia

  26. John Bordonaro

    ME: So, you’re from Canada, eh?
    CHIME: “Invisible airwaves crackle with life. Bright antenna bristle with the energy. Emotional feedback on a timeless wavelength bearing a gift beyond price, almost free.”

  27. Brian Gioia

    This is pretty obvious stuff guys. Don’t be surprised if this guy comes in with the milk.

  28. jaspal raina

    4:01 Did he say come within a few 100km. Shld’nt it be a few hundred million kms.πŸ€”πŸ€”

  29. Timothy Shook

    GOD created the universe!!!!!!

  30. Gary Davidsinclair

    I wonder what it would look like to see someone too close to a magnetar having their electrons stripped from their atoms, would they just vaporise?

  31. Probably Not my name

    It was virgil messing about with the microwave.

  32. Aaldrik Bakker

    “Elliens” :D

  33. Keith Douglass

    πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸŒ what if things are different as we go thru the universe. like being on a desert. then finding an ocean. a great interest that expands every light year. Keith Australia

  34. rene0

    Just here to be called wonderful person.

  35. pentagramprime

    4:25 What would happen to Magneto?

  36. Tom Crouchman

    Yay Canada!! we sure pull our weight in space advancement..

  37. Mindporn

    You do not know how the universe works! Only God knows! Dont be mad, I love your channel!

  38. Metaldetecting tube world

    ANTON PETROV on fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  39. a Kento

    But some FRBs are repeating, aren’t they? What causes regular, repeating starquakes?

  40. Tyler Jordan

    In the milky way? No chance that this isn’t just some lensing effect of something much further afield?

  41. yoshimansxl

    Neutron stars, blazars, black holes quazars and pulsars, the destroyers of hopes for ”IS IT ALIENS?!!” since ???? (someone insert when we had discovered each of these things).

  42. Maridian Crest

    Its obviously Aliens tricking you by giving us logicial explanations for their activity after we caught on

  43. Henchman Twenty1

    The FRB’s are actually ultra high frequency transmissions from V’ger. “Hello, Carbon Units. Will be there soon.”

  44. george lastrapes

    I’ve always wanted to think that FRB’s are distant aliens firing up their antimatter drives, aimed just so for maximum thrust, and coincidentally, so that we can see them.. But Anton is going to disappoint me, I know.

  45. luckysoupBowl :3

    Damn , space sure is boring sometimes πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

  46. Smeggit7

    0:02 I heard “I don’t wanna say that we dead…”. Certainly made me double take.

  47. BeauBeau Kitty

    That would be awesome if we could find πŸ‘½ aliens within the MilkyWay Galaxy Hay Anton SciShow Covered a video on Water found on Mercury you under my request to make it beat them to it.

  48. Tor B.

    Viewer video request: Star crust/quake and everything therein.

  49. Smart Primates

    Nah FRBs are Still aliens… just aliens within the Milky Way this time

  50. bumboybandit

    hello anton thanks again mate really appreciate it

  51. wolfen244

    Soooo a magnetar ISN’T exotic enough for some astrophysicists ‘eh?

  52. Bush crker

    It’s just a quantum mechanics on the quasar

  53. Upcycle Electronics

    What about the obvious? What happens when a large object collides with a magnetar? What happens when the object has a well established magnetic field?

    If a magnetar is nearly massive enough to be a black hole, what actually escapes during a large collision? I imagine it’s only the high frequency electromagnetic waves. I bet the incoming object is accelerate to a substantial fraction of the speed of light before impact too. If the magnetar can gravitationally take hold of everything except the highest frequencies of the EM spectrum, I think the energies are extremely massive and the entire star remnant would ring like a bell for a brief period during the immediate aftermath, but it would quickly silence as nothing else could escape.
    I think collisions should be quite probable. Every magnetar has blown off it’s outer shell. That is going to disrupt a relatively young system, as it had to be a large star to begin with. Assuming a disk and planets formed, the transition to a stellar remnant could provide the drag to slow objects, while simultaneously stripping their soft bits, and creating an ionizing environment that further induces a magnetic field. If the object is hot enough during the nova, it may even experience an increase in a uniform magnetic flux, then have time to set, while also on an unstable orbit. At some point it gets too close, but instead of a typical Roche limit breakup, magnetism is a more dominant force? It’s probably a matter of the colliding objects orbital eccentricity too. If its on the original stellar orbital plane and the magnetar is also spinning on this plane I can’t imagine the object staying in one piece along the field lines as it approaches the Roche limit. If the magnetar has a substantial gyroscopic procession or the incoming object, an eccentric orbit, I imagine the polar attraction during an otherwise near miss encounter would be enormous. Could the encounter play out like human scale magnetism? Like, two neodymium magnets from the depths of Dante’s Inferno?

  54. george hunter

    so high level magnetic force can turn your cells into tiny compasses and the end

  55. J Woe

    “Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung spent nine months creating the Furby” -solved.

  56. Rudy Flores

    2:43 is that a actual picture of a magnetar?

  57. OrionBlitz256

    Thank you for my daily dose of knowledge.

  58. Galen Thurber

    magna tardigrades live there

  59. Gary Harrison

    White holes? Theory of general relativity says they can exist.

  60. Techman88

    Neutron starquakes are some of the craziest things we know of. Full of unknown exotic matter with a millimeter size crust of iron.

  61. Abstract Concrete

    In my opinion, neutron stars, pulsars and magnetars specifically, are the coolest types of stellar objects. Think about it, somewhere in the universe are these tiny balls of tormented matter, corpses of giants, held together by pure will to avoid a collapse into an unthinkable abyss that is a black hole. This sphere of sheer quantum suffering can spin so fast, that there are relativistc effects on its surface. Himalayas on that surface are a millimeter tall. Whenever a crack occurs on it, it can be felt light-years away. On top of all that some of them emit rays of death and magnetic fields strong enough to bend atoms out of shape. What happens inside of a neutron star is so bizarre and alien that we don’t even begin to comperhand it.

    Black holes are boring in comparison. They are like *poof* our mathematics broke here.

  62. Ken Mabie

    FRB farting rank butts?
    Dude I solved that mystery years ago… They are caused by breakfast burritos

  63. Marc Letourneau

    I can image a Fermi Universe (full of intelligent life) where all kinds of experiments are performed for energy, galaxy clocks (pulsars), communications (including stars moving to make artistic shape), etc., by highly advanced civilizations. Then on earth, using our naturalist assumption (assuming that all we see is naturally formed), are devevoping all type of crazy theories to explain what we see. And we do have the imagination to develope them. But perhaps some ETs out there who are observing us, are laughing their as* off about us. In 15 to 20 years, when we meet officially out first ETs (those who terraformed the earth), we will lauph about this too, especially the very young openminded scientists (ref: rael . org).

  64. james McDonald

    FRB’s are aliens trying to mess with our error correction codes πŸ˜…

  65. EyeDreamMellowDees

    > We May Have Solved The Mystery of…
    When will we be splitting up our Nobel Prize???

  66. Lucifer Mephistophilies

    Now apply einstein’s E=Mc2 and see if this slow moving beam of light can be found through the template equation of reality particle structure

  67. Jimbeaux

    Oh boy! More spinning death rays.

  68. Dirty Mike & The Boys

    β€œYou will just perish before you realize”


    I’ve learnt more from this channel then I ever did at school 😊😊

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    Go Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ I hope you come back to visit us one day, wonderful person.

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    Magnetars are the rascals of the universe.

  72. Pocket Heart

    I never believed they were, but I liked to pretend they were the result of alien warp drives’ death ray effects when they exit warp.

  73. Ethan Reeves

    4th :/ but still best science channel out there and he does a really good job of picking interesting discoveries, keep up the amazing work Anton

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    I love McGill University, since they gave me a young scientist award! :-D Thanks guys!!!

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    Actually, I’m responsible for Fast Radio Bursts.
    They happen when I’m looking for a song I like, while in my car, and I flip through the radio stations too quickly. I’m sorry :(

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    Im disappointed its not aliens.

  78. V Ferox

    I’m becoming more and more filled with existential dread when I watch Anton’s videos.

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    2020 needs more good news like this

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    This is amazing btw. It’s a rather considerable footnote in history.

  81. SpiritualViking

    Yall just tryna deconfirm the fact its aliens.

  82. Sammy Smith

    When he says study FRB I misheard ” telescope to study furbies”

  83. WestOfEarth

    Whenever I see a picture of the CHIME telescope, I see a backyard line to hang your freshly laundered clothes to dry.

  84. Sergei Garbar

    I was restarting this webpage to see Anton’s video “uploaded a minute ago”. missed by 27 minutes )))

  85. Osmosis Jones

    The Kepler system is more like our own solar system then our solar system. Lake materials. One sun . But also only one planet. .
    Our system maybe weird because of its lack of matterials. . Maybe the edge of the Galaxy has more systems like ours

  86. Mick Boisjoli

    Hello Anton ! ….. I heard my “Hello wondurfull person” , now i can go to bed …Lol

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    You: “There’s nothing deadlier than black holes.”
    *Magnetar has entered the chat.*

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    That smile at the end is the smile I had to do when my GF cut her own hair because of lockdown and then asked if I liked it.

  89. The Exoplanets Channel

    It’s never aliens.. *_until it’s aliens_*

  90. SlideRulePirate

    “… a lot of scientists were hoping for something a little bit more exotic.”

    ‘A lot’ of scientists are spoiled. :)

  91. Gonads1259

    Hmmm, Anton, Dr Lorimer gets the credit for finding it but it was actually one of his under graduates that found the first ‘FRB’!

  92. 0pyrophosphate0

    I was literally looking at the wikipedia page on magnetars earlier today, happened to see mention of these bursts detected just last week, and came here to see if you had a video on it.

  93. Mit Seraffej

    4:18 β€œ perish without realising β€œ sounds ok to me. Most people cease realising AFTER they perish.

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    My heart sank for a moment at the beginning when I thought he said β€œI don’t want to say that we dead, but…” 2020 has got me jumpy af! πŸ˜‚

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    Well, maybe the star was eating. Who knows.

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    Drives me nuts that I can’t go to one of these and poke it with a stick. That’s what humans do, right ?

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    “Imagine every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”
    “Total Protonic Reversal”…

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    Sooo… It’s not someone turning on the microwave in the breakroom this time?

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    “A lot of scientists were hoping for something a little bit more exotic”
    rubbing my head
    A bit more exotic than a magnetar? What in the hell would that be? Maybe a magnetar on a tropical island drinking a papaya drink?

  100. Oat lord

    These very common, insanely powerful astronomical events go undetected until a few years ago. Makes you wonder what else has gone unnoticed.

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