First Video of an Actual Time Crystal Produced – But What Are They?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an incredible video of an actual time crystal in action
Video used:,_Tibet.jpg (JJ Harrison)

More about time crystals:
and regular crystals:

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  1. Cilly Honey

    The Time Knife, yeah we’ve all seen the Time Knife.

  2. Morty

    It’s Thanos’ time travel crystal. They found it in real life.

  3. Sat Dan

    The Temporal Integrity Commission might have to step in on this one.

  4. Mr.DreamBot

    “Hold on, I have to go to the computer shop to replace my time crystal for my quantum computer”

  5. Lex Lee

    They’re called chaos emeralds everyone, c’mon

  6. John Grimes

    I love this kind of science: just blasting stuff with microwave radiation to see what sticks. Cave Johnson would be proud.

  7. nowymail

    Every little discovery nowadays: “we will use it in quantum computing”, “it will make better batteries” LOL

  8. Benjamin Reynolds

    Is Anton trying to sell me magical healing crystals? I kid.

  9. Jean Macdobea

    time as an type of string is a weak-belif in my head ..

  10. Nat Cole

    “The world needs Tenet.”

  11. DarkVoidIII

    This would be even more interesting if independent third parties could replicate this and get the same results.

  12. Alec Bruyns

    That looks like a standing wave.

  13. daddy7860

    “Doctor! Doctor, I found time crystal!”
    “Fantastic, bring it ‘ere!”

  14. Amperage

    “I forgot the put in the crystals.”

  15. MaddMely

    It’s all energy, waiting to be harnessed.

  16. U R Phake And Gey

    He named so many crystals but I’ll name what was on all our minds: Meth.

  17. Gopher

    I want that one too. Orange would be perfect for this autumn.

  18. Zuriel

    I’m having a hard time comprehending how this could be used in technology. All I can imagine are metallic 3D shapes constantly changing into themselves over and over.

  19. Daryl Brown

    Looked like domain walls in a frigee magnet, changing poles back and forth.

  20. Lucklord #7

    I remember reading about their initial creation in my senior year of high school, so awesome to get to see them now

  21. Mike Sedik

    Is this phenomenon presenting us with the next chapter in, ‘Flatland?’

  22. Le Trepidant

    Now: Time Crystal. In the future: Time stone.

    “Thanos wants to know your location”

  23. Kirby's Latest victim

    This stuff sounds like it is straight out of a Doctor Who episode

  24. stewart caldwell

    Every time I try this, my microwave melts, and ends up in a different room.

  25. TropicalCoder

    I imagine that thing is oscillating in response to the microwave beam – meaning that without the microwave it is just a bit of metal. There is nothing unusual about something resonating in response to a stimulus, only in this case it is not the material itself but rather “magnons” – whatever the heck they are – doing the resonating. So how big is a “Magnon”? Is it smaller than a henway?

  26. Gary Francis

    I got lost after “Hello wonderful person”.

  27. Deirdre Hebert

    I’m wondering how they ruled out some sort of aliasing or beat frequencies between the camera scan rate and microwave radiation. In any case, it’s still pretty cool!

  28. Dan Manik

    So the ability to have such accurate oscillations due to a magnetic field, sounds like an atomic clock…could this beat cesium???

  29. Fact Checker

    Crystal manufacturing in space vacuum make them perfect

  30. Donovan Piko

    It’s resonating with the microwaves, I’m sure.

  31. Rip Van Winkle

    Looks like a cross section of a fleshlight.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  32. Sassort

    “But what is it?” “I have never seen one before, no one has, but I’m guessing it is a *time crystal*.”

  33. Burt Backattack

    Ok I just assumed a time crystal was something from some JRPG!

  34. Nathaniel Prince Coulter

    I need this reproduced with a separate camera.

  35. newamerikangospel

    I have never said “that’s what she said” so many times in one video before

  36. Killer Cuddles

    “I’m coming to take those crystals.” – Crash Bandicoot

  37. c one

    2:20 “… crystal symmetry has to end at some point or… you don’t have a crystal”. My curiosity is peeked. Can someone please explain in layman terms?

  38. William Price

    The first thing I thought of was the Klingon Time Crystal in Star Trek: Discovery.

  39. Pog Wiggins Prod.

    Uncle Rico just started licking his lips.

  40. Ильдар Бикбаев


  41. tfa p one

    Is it me or is the image the time crystals produced look like the double slit experiment.

  42. Aphrontic Alchemist

    Does the crystal “run out?” That is do the patterns stop changing after some amount of time?

  43. Mr. Jack

    The Future of computers.

  44. Lukas Zieba

    This is possibly the coolest thing imaginable and I want to make this my day job.

  45. Zachary Fingliss

    Much respect to Anton for the grind he’s had as of late 🤝

  46. Paul Brown

    So star trek was right the klingons have got time crystal’s!.

  47. Not Sure

    I smoked some pot and was able to confirm that time is relative and meaningless at the same time.

  48. Flanderstruck

    This totally does sound like an april fools day joke

  49. Resplendent Moron

    I’m going to just throw out a guess here and say that this is going to be useful for solar power generation, or microwave power transmission.

  50. MadLad

    Fun fact: they think time crystals may one day be used as quantum memories.

  51. toolittoquit

    I thought it was a cliff at first lol.

  52. Crab of Chaos

    This breaks a fundamental law of physics: don’t put metal in your microwave

  53. Bassotronics

    Is this like the Bose / Einstein condensate? But instead it’s a Magnetic “Condensate”, where all the atoms move as one?

  54. Jason L

    Amazing! I’m excited to see what comes from this technology

  55. linkin543210

    I already have a time Crystal, my old Casio quartz watch.

  56. Moje Imja

    Christopher Nolan: aha, I’ve told ya!

  57. cylria

    Would two identical time crystals stay in sync if one was accelerated to a faster speed or one removed from the Earth’s gravity? If so this would be a good way to track time on space craft.

  58. Jon Snow-Targaryen

    Don’t understand the whole “time” part of the crystal

  59. Jimmy Wise

    I can see building a quantum clock with these time crystals.

  60. MrFmiller

    The missing component for a time machine.

  61. Jeremy Salinas

    I always wonder about the people who make the tech that makes the groundbreaking discoveries possible.

  62. DontMaskTruth

    My guess is objects that, when perturbed with the correct frequency, can change their shape and other properties. A meta material with this should exhibit interesting effects when resonances are achieved between internal and external components. Crazy times we inhabit.

  63. No Count

    Quartz is used in clocks. It vibrates at a specific frequency when exposed to electrical current, and is also used in the displays of digital clocks.

  64. Prof Papsmear

    Scott Bakula will be the first photographed person on a quantum camera, no matter who it looks like.

  65. Shadowhenge

    Someday there’s gonna be a crystal that actually allows for time travel and they wont be able to use the name. :(

  66. Jason Chiu

    Me: Mom I want infinity stones
    Mom: We have infinity stones at home

    … you know the rest

  67. Daniel Strauss

    Bah, quasiparticles. Call me when I can hold a time crystal particle in my hand. :) Amazing!

  68. Howard maryon-davis

    Thank you for reporting this incredible discovery in such a non sensational way. I am old, but I am thrilled that this was discovered in my lifetime, a solid stepping stone towards practical quantum computing.


    Electron, neutron, proton, Anton !!!!

  70. Mike Corey

    So when components so the crystal undergo quantum effects does it create a Time Tunnel?

  71. Jeremiah

    “Hold on, I forgot to put in the crystals”

  72. Wang Monkey

    “A material that is symmetric in time” How do you visualise a concept like that? Fascinating stuff Anton, even if a bit did go over my head!

  73. NewCreation

    This is premium quality content and quickly becoming one of my favorite channels.

  74. BC

    The Time Machine in H.G. Wells book was powered by crystals.

  75. MotorsportUK2009

    This is like something out of those 80’s Fantasy movies I watched growing up, could be the start of something amazing.

  76. Palindromemordnilap

    Sounds like some science-fantasy bullshit.

    I’ll take a dozen.

  77. Blogsanjay

    I find this extremely interesting, what?

  78. Foxtoned

    “They called me a madman…”

  79. Les Tex

    “Time crystal” It sounds like its from a Marvel movie

  80. MrFusionCube

    *Timesplitters 1, 2 & 3 Intensifies*

  81. Levi Plasma

    Dr. Neo Cortex: Mwahahahahaha!

  82. ZedNinetySix

    Heisenberg: lets cook Time Crystal Meth

  83. Capricious

    ” thousands of tiny time pills “

  84. GiantMidgetFreak

    Hello wonderful person, introducing time crack

  85. TMKsheep03

    We all know this can only lead to a Time Splitters invasion

  86. buck warp

    wonderfull Anton, did you suggest i can make time crystal with a spoon in my microwave? lol

  87. Max Power

    That’s the kind of crystal math I can get behind 😎

  88. Peter Taysum

    Magnons, time crystals, quantum computing and quasi particles, the man speaks fluent Star Trek. Wonderful!

  89. Gisselle Martinez

    Anton, I subscribed to you a year ago today! Happy anniversary, you literally changed my life 🪐, thank you wonderful person💙

  90. Sylvester Ashcroft

    This reminds me a lot of platternite from the time machine, especially it’s use in the sequel time ships, with giant superstructures made of platternite.

  91. Ryan Goutbeck

    The infinity stones don’t exist thanos can’t hurt you
    The new time/space crystals :

  92. mike richards


  93. Moìst Míke

    I tried to independently reproduce this experiment by putting a DVD of “Time Bandits” into my microwave. All it did was stink up my house.

  94. Mark Wallis

    Very interesting, I look forward to seeing how this evolves and how it’s applied.

  95. Phemelo

    Next episode: “Hello wonderful person, we have now discovered Time Fall”

  96. Cheese Waffle

    That just blew my mind haha keep up the great work!

  97. DSAK55

    can it be used in timekeeping

  98. Badru Din

    Ah Crystal! Stay in school kids.

  99. END TIMES PraiseJesus

    You do so much work. Its crazy how much more content you release over most YouTube channels.

  100. Alex

    this sounds so futuristic holy shit

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