First Ever Planet Orbiting Three Stars At Once – Circumtriple Planet of GW Ori

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a potential discovery of the first ever circumtriple planet in the system GW Orionis.

Tomruen, CC BY-SA 4.0
Jiaqing Bi et al. CC BY 3.0 –
ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), ESO/Exeter/Kraus et al.
European Southern Observatory (ESO) ,,
ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), I. Czekala and G. Kennedy; NRAO/AUI/NSF, S. Dagnello -CC BY 4.0
Mengzy CC BY-SA 4.0
Caltech/R. Hurt (Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, or IPAC)
NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle (SSC) –,

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  1. M Mickle

    Loved that simulation showing the orbits and all the dust. Helped me visualize it better.

  2. Zumzifero

    A star or a planet does not matters: it forms in the same way, so if we see triple or quadruple star systems, there is nothing preventing planets being in place of some of this stars

  3. MrConspark

    Awesome looking dust Taurus clouds in this system! It would be a maelstrom to fly into in a star ship 😵‍💫

  4. Harold Kline

    Closing in on a million Anton! Been watching for a couple years now, and love the show, so we’re rooting for you! Woohoo!!

  5. Kicapan Manis

    0:47 When the original Star Wars came out, some astronomers ridiculed the binary star part of the Tatooine scene. So it is funny that we found out later that binary stars are not only possible but pretty common and that scene is now used to name exoplanets exhibiting similar behaviour.

  6. 428CJ70

    This reminds me of a comic strip I saw decades ago of an alien world that, after the 3rd (or more?) sun rises, someone on the planet thinks,, “Today’s going to be a hot one!”

  7. viperswhip

    You can train to be a moisture farmer in California now so when we settle Tatooine you will have a good jumping point to economic insecurity.

  8. Ares Aurelian

    Every ring could be the tell tale of a previous merger with another system. Each planet formed in each of these rings could also indicate that this is a way for multiplanetary systems to form. Our solar system could be the result of 9 previous mergers of proto discs, perhaps even proto stars. It would be interesting to know most of these ways systems can form and evolve.

  9. Ergo Proxy

    @anton Petrov: I just had a question from an older video. You did a vid on the edge of our solar system and the fact it has a plasma field on its leading edge. My question is, Why have we not observed such events in other solar systems?

  10. Blkkilo

    Anton I’m so happy to see you in my feed every day❤️

  11. H3fron

    2 star system probably could work just fine but imagine the climate and day-night cycle of a world within the reach of 5 star’s holy moly

  12. [-Levi-]

    I have a suggestion, you could make a series in Universe Sandbox 2 where you create and manage a solar System?

  13. Rix Mace

    You have to wonder, what life around these stars grow to think of the universe witnessing what they do.

  14. Dylans503

    Fun fact: Anton blinks 4 to 5 times as much as the average person

  15. Mark Furst

    I was imagining what an ancient civilization on such a planet would make of the way “the heavens” looks to them.

  16. Scarlette Stanley

    Anton, that was one of my favorite episodes! Those visuals are stunning, and isn’t it just breathtaking how GW Orionis looks so Organic? …and mind blowingly beautiful…boy, what mysteries still await…?
    Thanks for this one!
    P.s.nice to see you back Anton(although we love your compilations) Hope you’re settling in!

  17. pop up Poypoy

    I’ll just stick to Elite dangerous in VR to see this stuff.

  18. Mike Sedik

    I remember back in the last century, that time when planets in a binary system were completely impossible, as tidal forces would rip apart any planet. It’s good to note, the universe has relented and allowed a ‘super rare,’ few of them. I suppose, long after I’m gone, the universe may allow them, more commonly…
    Good to see science is so far ahead on the questions posed by Galileo – always finding rare items… so many… so common

  19. Hans Wissmeyer

    What a relief to hear that the Trisolarians are 1300 Lightyears away!

  20. Dan Pemic

    Amazing graphics.Need to be able to see the evolution of such systems. Get enough of them at different stages maybe.

  21. nyyotam

    Human imagination: Let’s think of something completely ridiculous. A circumbinary planet. Let’s call it “Tatooine”. The universe: Hold my Tritooine!

  22. Werner

    I always learn ALOD OF new stuff when watching Anton Petrov!

  23. Michael Farmer

    Watching these videos about how the cosmos function, really does make me think, how great God is. And how small we really are. Imagine if a day was as a thousand years, and you could watch a planet form… 🤯 or a star be born! 🙌

  24. Total Guerra

    Anton can you do a hypothetical discussion about the firefly star system.

  25. Full Metal Gusset

    We dont miss things til theyre gone, I usually take you in the bath with me, or to bed lol, youre part of my nightly relax routine. Last few days wasnt the same without you, amazing what we take for granted! Good to have you back Anton 🙂💋

  26. banana rama where's it's

    I watch a lot of astronomy channels and honestly your my go too and the top most others do bs click bait or make major mistakes and not very informative you sir are the top I don’t normally comment we are out there watching silently supportive but you really do deserve the recognition of being one of the greats.

  27. Brent Ritchie

    Quite amazing and we virtually know only what we can see from here it is kind of like looking from an upstairs window and trying to figure out the entire planet. These scientist are amazing.

  28. G JamesBronz Stephens

    The universe never ceases to amaze me, and to know that I am also Universe humbles me every time.

    Thanks for sharing Anton, seriously.

  29. Sunraize Homesteader

    does anyone else wave back to Anton ? I will admit I do and I also say Hello you wonderful person back to him.

  30. Breakfast of Champions

    All the multiple stars are inherently chaotic and bound to crash into one another sooner or later. This is where the heavy elements beyond iron come from. Any planets there are only interesting as reaction mass.
    Oh and Anton, your begging section really needs some work…

  31. Aurelius McNaughton

    Am I the only one noticing that the simulation of GW looks EXACTLY like the theoretical curvature of the space-time continuum around a warp drive? Anton, is it possible that this system is traveling FTL? A natural warp drive maybe?

  32. DarkVoidIII

    I should point out that Anton himself has said that our own star system has different planes of orbits. Could this be suggestive in some way, that our own system might once have had two or more suns in it?

  33. Willy Uhler

    Welcome back Anton hope the move was not to stressful!

  34. QNTKKA

    Can you imagine the view from the surface of that planet?
    It must be spectacular.

  35. Mary Ann Bittle

    I heard about this in the middle of your week off to move, and I KNEW you’d cover it within a few days, and _~voilá~_ here you are! Yay!

    Thanks for what you do, and stay wonderful, Anton!

  36. Glenn Nile

    Can you imagine the view from a planet around a 5 star system? Wow.

  37. memo ps

    So, if a planet with two suns was called Tatooine, can we propose this one with three suns be called Namek?

  38. AKAsubtor

    Welcome back Anton. Hope you managed to get your self sorted out. Thanks for another mind blowing video.

  39. al cubz

    I love to live in a planet where its always daytime

  40. deepak vaidya

    Can two normal mid life stars merge like two neutron stars?? If yes, is there any example ? If not, why not?

  41. Steven Sapir

    May I be among the first to welcome our soon to be Trisolaran overlords

  42. Graeme Brumfitt

    Very interesting indeed Anton! TFS, GB:)

  43. Kevin McCarthy

    Hey Anton! I’m sorry if this is a touchy subject but I’ve been curious, have recent politics had any affect on research or anything of the sort?

  44. Wayne Borean

    Gotta love science. This stuff is just so amazing. We live in a Golden Age for knowledge.

  45. Patrick Regan

    I orbited 12 stars at once myself the other day.

  46. Ali Salehuddin

    Now, I’m waiting for discovery of doughnut shaped planets – another theoretically possible shape besides the regular spherical ones.

  47. Jobin Joseph

    At 09:33 I was like, “watch out! The rock’s gonna hit ya!”

  48. Amateur Astronaut

    Let me ask you this. What about a planet that orbits 2 stars in a figure 8 passing between both stars?

  49. Oshungurl

    I just fell in love. You mentioned Luke Skywalker…. I always learn a ton from your content, but to reference a scene from Star Wars….. just fell in love. 😁 so excited for the James Webb to uncover more amazing stuff.

  50. Ken Dodman

    Anton drinking game, take a shot every time he says “never the less”

  51. MB Taber

    From wiki: It is a triple star system, consisting of the three stars: α Centauri A (officially Rigil Kentaurus),[15] α Centauri B (officially Toliman),[15] and the closest star α Centauri C (officially Proxima Centauri).

  52. Bunny Killer

    the more I watch this channel the more I see similarities to the Elite Dangerous games star/planet orbits maps

  53. Edward Robertson

    My admiration, you explain complex systems to the uninitiated, make it fun and digestible. Better still, this ain’t your first language.Jaded, though I might be, sometimes, I’m still Impressed. Good work, please continue.

  54. Eliot Stewart

    Finally, a planet for my sleep schedule

  55. Luke Shannahan

    Imagine a planet continuously be bathed in light by 3 or more stars, a while back when reaserching, I had seen a video where there could be up to 7 stars in a multi binary system which is just truly fascinating!
    Thanks for the video Anton, love your work! 🙂👍

  56. shitzuation

    Scientist: Makes rule
    Universe: hold my beer

  57. Martin Van Oene

    So frustrating that we cannot see farther . Hopefully someday. Thanks so much.

  58. Judd Niemann

    In the movie K-PAX, Kevin Spacey’s character (supposedly an alien visiting Earth) describes a complex orbital system of his home world, amongst several stars.
    I have often wondered if there can be a complex but stable orbit of a planet atound multiple stars.
    Also, what happens inside a globular cluster ? or are the stars in a glob still quite far apart ?

  59. Capital_STEEZ

    Tatooine: No planet orbits more stars than me!

    Cicrumtriple planet: Hold my water vapor

  60. TheMetallicaman13

    Nothing makes my day more than seeing a new Anton video. Keep up the amazing content/science!

  61. Pengalen

    “When single shines the triple sun, what was sundered and undone, shall be whole, the two made one, by Gelfling hand or else by none!”

  62. Randy Stegemann

    So, who remembers the sci-fi story about the planet orbiting six stars that only had a brief night every once in a long time? Something like hours every year or so.

  63. Stephen Massey

    This is a theory I been hanging to for years.
    Not only that, that is the only planet that can detect. If this little star can hold 9 planets it’s safe to say that two or three stars systems have more electromagnetic and gravitational energy. So more likely to hold more planets than this system.

  64. D B

    The best news to ever look forward to. Learning about our existence. I’m going to take Anton wherever he wants to go once I figure out how to ascend to a higher plane of existence.

  65. Mugwump

    I love how every time mankind says something can’t exist, the universe proves us wrong.

  66. knut hamsun

    anyone recognize the relaxing lead-out music from anywhere else?

  67. White Thumb

    The universe be like “I’ll paint a happy planet hidden behind this third star circling these 2 stars, but shhhhh don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret” Humans be like “Hey universe I can see your underwear”

  68. Earl Freeman

    Isn’t the Universe Amazing.

  69. annakeye

    The graphics on this episode are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for bringing them to us, Anton.

  70. Science Troll

    Still waiting for a planet doing a figure 8 around two stars.

  71. neverlistentome 0325

    A system built by the Ori… I knew it.

  72. NightReaper775

    therapist: Big Anton doesn’t exist, he can’t harm you.
    Big Anton: 0:00

  73. Paul G

    Isaac Asimov’s Nightfall: the planet is almost always lit by a star and never has night.
    An archeologist finds that society collapses every 2000 years – night occurs every 2000 years and the locals are driven insane by something they have never experienced – darkness

  74. james f Barry

    Thank you for your hard work

  75. Larry Jimbob

    Is it stable Anton? The orbits of the stars looked like they could kick one or more of the other stars out at some point in the future and therefore stabilise the system.

  76. Louis Lorenzi-Prince

    Thanks Anton…I hope you like your new place.

  77. Jkdbuçk 76

    And here I thought Luke viewing the two suns of Tatooine setting was wild!

  78. claude major

    Imagine the sunrises and sunsets on that planet.

  79. Alondro77

    Tatooine, to 1970’s astronomers, “Well well well well, Kyle! It seems the odds have shifted in my favor!” *Tatooine sounds like Eric Cartman, in case you didn’t know*

  80. Our Tiny Cosmos

    Very interesting episode! The triple system artwork was very soothing. Thanks too, i dont need to do waste time looking for these types of articles and releases.

    You provide a public service, putting these factual episode’s together.

  81. Bryan Drewry

    Ill wait till winter to visit. Lets go Brandon!!

  82. Wayne Harrison

    Wow… just trying to get my head around, the multiple seasonal changes with these circumtriple planets. 🤯

  83. Lane Dexter

    Fascinating, Anton! So, do you think Asimov’s famous story “Nightfall” could become a reality?

  84. 060steve

    Would be interesting if these systems are found to produce brown dwarfs
    with all the dust available and a gas giant in an unstable orbit perhaps it can grow large enough to become a brown dwarf…

  85. No one star

    Super interesting, Anton!

    I’m going to have to remember this for my continuing series of books/screenplays. 💪😎🤟


    “Before I start, I must see my end.
    Destination known, my mind’s journey now begins.
    Upon my chariot, heart & soul’s fate revealed.
    In Time, all points converge–hope’s strength re-steeled.
    But to earn final peace at the Universe’s endless refrain,
    We must see all in nothingness…
    …before we start again.”
    — Diamond Dragons (book 1)

  86. David Keogh

    I like listening to anton,he makes something I have no understanding of sound interesting.

  87. Penney Burgess

    Thank you Anton! Do you think, considering the multiple different rotations, it was caused by two systems crashing into each other?

  88. Drakijy

    Great video! Just wondering … why is it called a circumtriple planet instead of a cicumtrinary planet?

  89. Chris Kearsley

    3.7k views in 34 minutes…. Doing great Anton!!!

  90. Rennie Allen

    What I’m waiting for is a planet who’s orbit swings between two stars with part of the orbital path around one and then getting captured by the peer star and orbiting that one until it is recaptured by the original stars gravity.

    My orbital mechanics-fu isn’t up to snuff. Is that even possible (as an unstable orbit)?

  91. Shadow Love

    Hope all is well in your orbit, Anton. Much love from Canada 🤩

  92. parajacks4

    I’m so looking forward to the next generation of telescopes.
    Which will be first to see first light?
    Thirty Meter, Giant Magellan, ELT or James Web

  93. Sam D. Jones

    Trying to make sense of the orbit of such a planet makes me remember that one scene from K-Pax.

  94. atheist4thecause

    I think we’re just breaking the surface of what is out there with orbits. I’d be willing to bet that there are intergalactic orbits as well. I don’t know if I’ll go as far to say interdimensional orbits like one episode in The Orville.

  95. Richard Pauli

    When on the beach there, you may see amazing tides.

  96. Alfa Centauri

    The universe is a zoo full of wonderful objects! Thank you Anton for your daily reports.

  97. Misha Mochalkin

    So is “The Three Body Problem” going to be a history book?

  98. FEEL Cool

    I wonder if they can track the movement of this planet and use the data to improve orbital models.

  99. Fenta Null

    Thats my homies at UNLV. Should be some very pretty sunrises and sunsets. Shadows cast a triple image

  100. The great reset of thr hu

    I made something like this in universe sandbox last month. It became totally unstable after a few simulated decades. It’s so cool that this actually happens in real life and be stable

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