First Ever Exposed Core of a Planet And Largest Terrestrial World Found

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a newly detected exoplanet that seems to be an exposed core of an ancient Neptune like object.

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  1. Viorp

    Gasp, core is exposed.

  2. tommy14

    I thought Mercury first exposed core?

  3. Kathleen Sisco

    So………what we are seeing is what is occurring on Uranus at this time? The magnetic plasma ejections of compressed gases?

  4. Aleksandar Pavlović

    Can someone please explain the 40x mass – 3x gravity relation. Why is there not more gravity on this planet?

    Obviously, since the diameter of this planet is greater then Earth, this decreases the surface gravity but what else?

  5. Ray Martin

    So, what happens to the metallic hydrogen the core after the outer layers get stripped away? Does it revert back to a gas or maintain a metallic properties?

  6. Isaac Westawski

    I bet that thing is like 20 times denser than bedrock

  7. Piyaviraj

    It will become the next Mercury 😍😍😊

  8. MC Peko

    Grats on new cam! So much better. 🙂

  9. Eric Chen

    @2:46 1800 K = 2000 C ??

  10. 2fer one

    This is hard core. 😁

  11. Alireza Asgari

    Maybe the relative 20th century ‘s theories about formation of planets are wrong.

  12. Bryan McHugh

    “Ultra earth”? Right on!

  13. 5H4D0W H4ND

    First things that came to mind reading the title were Peragus 2 and Lola Sayu

  14. arno kosterman


    Red is gravwntational🙂
    That means the next iteraction lv of existence becomes bleu later when this starsystem wil enter a less plasmatic danced inviorment to be able to release more plasma💛

  15. Bartholomew Macaluso

    We humans are self validated by mastery through insight.

  16. Nigon Kouk

    Space Out Man”””’

  17. For Comment Purposes

    it’s like taking a peek at a womans skirt!!
    oh mama!!

  18. ghty102

    Hello wonderful Anton! this is person

  19. Stefan Birsan

    Interesting stuff!

  20. rodgersericv

    I see he likes to wear red.

  21. Jesse Rayne

    Doesnt this title sound like a videogame thing? Like minecraft seeds or something?

  22. CrazyWaffle5150

    It’s almost like a proto failed mini star.

  23. boboss top shelf

    Man what if its cooled quark matter or liquid metal core thats cooled… Either way fun to speculate 😆

  24. Broo_sh

    i saw this stuff and posted in earlier videos comments im glad at you made this so fast

  25. championchap

    Is there any suggestion of what the core is made of yet? I guess it is too early still but I would love to know.

  26. John Tavers

    Thank you but I’m not a wonderful person :(

  27. Bad Company.

    Kelvin is an absolute scale, so there’s no degree Kelvin. It’s 293 Kelvin and 20 degrees Celsius.

  28. spaghettarius a

    this planet could be a clue for transition stage between rocky planets and gas dwarfs
    there is very little known about this transition stage

  29. Fadya Nurmidin

    I’ve been obsessed with this channel…

  30. TheCcrack

    exposed core? managements gona love this, rock and stone lads!

  31. Patrick Radcliffe

    Wonder if the will be able to confirm metallic hydrogen.

  32. whynottalklikeapirat

    I like your videos Anton. I often click on them because they have great engaging titles. Half the time I don’t understand one bit of the ensuing physics and shop-talk astro- or cosmological stuff. But hey – it’s SPACE, innit?.

  33. Sandy Bathwater

    Does “39 * Earth mass” have 39 * Earth gravity?

    …a couple wild uninformed ideas why it may be less: more mass is lateral which may cancel out only leaving combined down force (which may make up for the cancel for all I know), and perhaps maaaybe less effect of further parts of the mass on any point on the surface? even 38 would be less than 39, I am just curious how gravity is calculated relative to mass (of a sphere). I could look it up but this is more fun.

  34. Patrice Laborda

    I was not aware about that one, Thanks a lot for this Great video and the PDF you’ve linked (very interesting)
    Thumb up and subscribed (now going to watch your other videos ;) )

  35. Stan Burton

    I thought 16 Psyche was the first exposed core of a planet. It was discovered back in 1852.

  36. Mike Burns

    I believe there is a possibility our moon is an ancient core of an earth like planet, giving its peculiar properties. It is just a rogue that got caught up in our gravitation, but was formed long before our current solar system. The same may be said of Phobos.

  37. Hector Corrales

    thanks Anton, i was waitng you to realese this video to know better about it.

  38. Oliver Clothesoff

    Huh, I didn’t know earth is the most dence planet in our solar system. Very interesting.

  39. Scott Russell

    Am I the only one to think of Larry Niven’s The Integral Trees and The Smoke Ring?

  40. TechnoMageB5

    So, it’s like Mercury? (Recalls earlier video theorizing Mercury used to be a gas giant, explaining Mercury’s density…)

  41. Russ

    3 times the gravity, good luck with that!

  42. Reckless

    Do exposed cores decompress? (Asking for an expanding-Earther friend)

  43. Etascope

    Big fan! I watch every video everyday^^ keep up the good work

  44. Nathaniel Schultz

    Ultra Dense Cores like this are probably a trove of rare heavy elements. Some future civilization would fine a way to mine them.

  45. King Hari

    With that gravity, I can see goku and vegeta going there to train.

  46. Nick77ab2

    Was it maybe spinning so fast and so close to it’s star that the winds literally whipped the atmosphere and gases from the planet, exposing the core? (since it’s a gas giant) edit: ah he already stated this halfway through.

  47. Johnny Mellon

    “.. planet earth is definitly the densest planet in the solar system…” yeah… thanks to social media

  48. Jem Adamson

    The more i watch your videos, the more i appreciate being alive

  49. Special EDy

    Press F to pay respects to intelligent life trapped on a terrestrial Jupiter.

  50. Broo_sh

    i got a feeling at its was so much bigger but when that sun lighted up its been blow away a lot mass on that planet

  51. mike bon

    New title for thisutube channel: What a mess… lol.

  52. DarkVortex 11985

    What’s a ‘mio’?

  53. Isaac Jones

    This should be interesting to study, as long as it really is a planetary core

  54. Paolo G

    It’s swarming with Cybermen ,no doubt.
    “Planet Earth is one of the densest objects in the solar system.”
    – an old joke from Uranus – so old ,the Early Heavy Bombardment hadn’t got going in earnest when it was first told by the ammonia breathing lifeforms on that planet.

  55. stu Art

    That core would be the most expensive desirable object in our known universe.

  56. Duane

    Say it almost every video – Love your lectures!! Been a Patreon/Supporter for years and will continue because of the fantastic info, graphics and how its all explained!

  57. OptimusGnarkill

    I farted 700 years ago and the shockwave from it traveled through space and time, igniting the gas around the planet, leaving behind only its core. My bad.

  58. A Mayjah Music

    Yo Anton, How exactly will it be able to see the core of the planet really use x-raysor microwaves or some other long form or short wave radiation?? That’s interesting

  59. Azmi Raditya

    You’re talking a bit different in this video, just a lil bit slow (in my perspective)

  60. jay Ellzey

    Real estate giant made artificial planets!! We gonna ask the LORD can we have 1 BIGGER

  61. DomingosCJM

    I really appreciate when you start a video saying ‘the scientist believe’…

  62. Reno Cicchi

    Yay, we should make a new classification of Hyper-Earths

  63. theomegared02

    I really enjoy you channel and look forward to every new video. Thank you!

  64. John Morgan

    So, why isn’t Earth a gas giant? It’s had a protective magnetosphere from the beginning, so it should have accreted way more atmosphere than it has, especially given its density.

  65. Marko Viitanen

    Jessica had made huge improvements. I was very impressed. Even worried, while rooting for Rose.

  66. James Levee

    The main problems with studying this: 1. It’s 700 LY away. 2. It’s 2000° F.

  67. Levon Guyumjian

    You know Anton when I saw title of the video clips ” Exposed Core of a Planet” I was shocked man I said to my self, for human being to see live core it will take humans another 500,000 years or more for they see truly live core of the planet. Take look Mercury how far it is from our main star and according to your explanations, that giant planet it takes only 18 hour to make one whole circle. Now when guys you are able to figure out why that planet is so close to the main start perhaps that will be clue to you what exactly guys you are looking at it. You know Anton I thought this was one hilarious joke, no hard feelings Anton.

  68. Dan Hadley

    I like the way Anton presents these programmes makes learning feel easy and I am very grateful cheers ;-)

  69. Jr M

    Sweet! Question though, would we accurately describe this as a ‘core’ if the object itself never fully developed into a gas giant? Why not a different class of object? The core of an existing gas giant would likely have different properties and characteristics in real time than this object would it not? Anyways thanks for the awesome updates and vids!

  70. Raymond Parsley

    Thanks Anton, very interesting as always… You’re the best!

  71. Armuotas

    How far we’ve come! I expect that in the next twenty years we’ll be casually talking about the Earth-like planets. And in a hundred we’ll be watching youtube videos titled “You Must Visit These 19 Exo-Earths Before You Terminate!”.

  72. I’m already Sans Undertal

    Gas giants are just planets with t h i c c atmospheres.

  73. Drogo Baggins

    It’s an amazing time to be alive but I’m stuck spending all my time just trying to scrape by. Still beats most of human history when people struggled and died young and the closest thing to intellectual pursuits were being slaves to superstitions.

  74. Imperial Dovahkiin

    “Gassy planet”


  75. Lightning Rod

    are WE alone in the Universe OR are all those Stars out there yours?

  76. What's Up In Space?

    That’s beautiful.

    …Can you imagine the mining opportunities!
    I bet you it’s windy.

  77. Ethan Clay

    I found the Missing Matter! Those dust clouds following around the planets (:
    But really, dark matter is probably baryonic matter that we have a hard time seeing from here. Space dust!

  78. Brad Dixon

    “A few billion years later”, must’ve happened during lunch break

  79. Sion

    Imagine just detonating a whole hydrogen gas giant planet! :o
    ( assuming the gas giant gets so close to the sun that the atmosphere spontaneously ignites & detonates, planet-wide )

  80. Jimbeaux

    Had fun with the telescope this weekend. An hour after sunset, Jupiter showing off its moons and Saturn showing off its rings.

  81. FrogZ

    Anton: first ever exposed core of a gas giant discovered.
    Mercury: I exist damn it.

  82. lee aymi

    First Ever Exposed Core of a Planet

    Merkur: Am I a joke to you?

  83. Coolcat AMAPro

    We haven’t a clue on what is going on in the Universe

  84. Mr Schmorgus

    9:05 – So we’re heading towards the future of *The Fifth Element* movie?

  85. Stephen Fritz

    Does Anton’s T Shirt say Resistance is Futile if R>1 ?

    Also, institute the Cole protocol. The Covenant sucked up all the gas from that gas giant and are coming here!

  86. Big Chungus

    Anton not wearing his coke shirt? Blasphemy.

  87. Mr. Cub Fan 415

    “FIRST EVER exposed gas giant core”

    Mercury: Am I a joke to you?

  88. Kaarli Makela

    It’s about time we analyzed our Psyche … ;)

  89. Ti

    Regular youtuber: I post a silly vlog per week, I am exhausted.
    Anton: I post a highly researched video everyday

  90. Mark Chippendale

    The density is easily explained – it is populated by flat earthers!

  91. GAC995

    Wonder when these failed gas giants will be added to Elite Dangerous

  92. Janusha

    We have seen 1 or 2 cases of ultra dense rocky planets… That are probably the core remnants of gas giants that has had their gas layers blown away.

  93. james taube

    Dark Helmet came and hoovered the atmosphere away for nefarious purposes.

  94. Nikki Mitchell

    You’re the only YouTuber I watch everyday. Thank you

  95. Niki

    2:39 “The temperatures on the surface are somewhere around 1800 K or about 2000°C.”
    I feel like he accidentally switched those two around since 1800°C = 2073.15 K

  96. 01DOGG01

    I’m always amazed by the concepts shown here.
    It’s like someone looking at a planet with a magnifying glass.
    The fact that people can predict / model conditions based purely on mathematics is astounding!

    We are still infants in terms of the universe and the laws of physics. Yet we understand so much at the same time.
    I always wonder when will humanity be wiped out by a cataclysm, how much will we understand before it happens. What level will we reach before something greater wipes us out….

  97. Jaded Cynic

    In the last 10 years or so we have discovered a lot of planets. For the first time. We have no idea what is normal.

  98. Diditallforthexp

    This planet is a great seed for speed running

  99. The Exoplanets Channel

    Exoplanets: *_best topic ever!_*

    Until we find alien life..

  100. Erik S

    Wonderful Anton is one of the few Youtubers worth watching every day.

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