First Ever Direct Image of Two Planets Around a Sun Like Star

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the first ever direct image of two planets around a sun like star.

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  1. christopher huff

    Is HR 8799 not the first? It was imaged in 1998 and 2008.

  2. Metaldetecting tube world

    Who will say , there no big planets outside the oorth cloud ?

  3. K Mac

    Only 160 AUs? Saweeee Wait. What?

  4. Cheyne Yarrington

    They look really close

  5. Suthseaxa

    What is the dull shell around the central star?

  6. jcoghill2

    My question is are they able to get spectral data from these images? They were taken with an optical telescope so I’m guessing they can. If so, we can tell if there is water and whats in the atmosphere.

  7. Covbadman 79

    You are also a wonderful person Anton!


    Does the Pentagon have Alien craft? What are your views?

  9. derek robo

    Anton’s work is fantastic….how could someone press the dislike button..?

  10. Sagittarius A *

    Can’t wait for the VVVLT…

  11. Jay M

    if lord of the rings and outer space merged you would get this terrifying picture.

  12. Only Fans

    habitable zone ? mannnn that would be epic

  13. Woochinatchika Kokillibol

    bottom line is that “it’s not really a planet”, but we’re getting closer, which is kinda cool.

  14. JSheetz Artwork

    Anton is a living book of space and science

  15. Ari Lehman

    Question! Is it possible that our Solar System DOES have a Brown Dwarf in a very distant orbit similar to what is shown in this video BUT we can not detect it for some reason?

  16. Lisa Velez


  17. Dylan T

    No you are a wonderful person!

  18. Nathan Stuebner

    This kind of stuff puts a huge smile on my face when I see the news and watch it, thank you so much.

  19. The Stuff

    Son we can see planets in Alpha Centauri system directly?

  20. RonPaul Revered

    Stand up! Let’s see that shirt, you sexy beast.

  21. Bambeakz

    Very large telescope :D I like it. But good thing the name giver doesn’t name stars and planets :)

  22. Brian Philpott

    That is so cool. It won’t be long until we are able to map the surfaces of terrestrial exoplanets!!! I just hope the advancements are made in my lifetime, that answers the big questions. Are we alone and if not are there truly earth like planets elsewhere?

  23. Jeffrey A. Smith

    Remember, these direct image planet pictures are in infrared. Not visible light. They show up brightly in IR because their being formed.

  24. jgwinnel

    Hello wonderful people!

  25. Luke McKee

    Hello wonderful people!

  26. Yore History

    Sagan would have been pretty old by now but I do wish he would have lived for all the exo planet discoveries. I know he was aware of them and they had found a few by 1996 before he passed away but the staggering amount we know of know would have fascinated him.

  27. Osmosis Jones

    Do a video on the apace roar

  28. clavo

    Wow Anton! great video! The adaptability of local technology to be enhanced to be able to detect planets around distant stars is amazing stuff. A little summary of the math involved, might tie your channel name to your specialty, in a very relevant way.

  29. Bumblebee Autobots

    Thank you Anton.

  30. Жавланбек Овчинников

    There is a great idea! For the dark side of the Universe – suppose that it consists of short-term interactions in long-lived fractal networks, the smallest quantum operators – Spherical «rosebuds», consisting of a large set; 1 – rolled into a sphere, 2 – half rolled into a sphere and 3 – flat, vibrating quantum membranes relative to their working centers in the sphere.

  31. L0rd_of_Hollows

    omg we can almost see the aliens now!

  32. Cknmonster R


  33. buttafan


  34. Manchac


  35. Cortex

    Seems to me like it’s free real estate. Think they have oil?

  36. ian forde

    Hello wonderful Anton. Interesting content as usual.

  37. malleus maleficarus

    Hello wonderful person lol

  38. Jason Combs

    @4:09 “ the scientist Verne Troyer!?”

  39. Kris Grauel

    This may be a place to look for exomoons as well.

  40. John Dobbs

    Hello wonderful Anton.

  41. Humphrey Reader

    Very impressive! We want more of this from humanity and fewer strutting wannabe dictators. And probably less religion, too – or at least less fanatical fundamentalist religion.

  42. Ancient Alien

    Wouldn’t that be the start of a binary star system? 14x jupiters mass is enough isnt it and its shining too?

  43. geared4 the truth

    Nah man, that’s the mirror on the other side of the ice wall…

    Just kidding, great content.
    I love that our technology keeps getting better and better.
    Long live the hive lol

  44. aaronmeeks


  45. danger ranger

    Thanks Anton 👍

  46. Mike Poulin

    This just in! Husband catches astronomers peeping through the window at his naked wife..travels to Earth and vaporizes all humans…news at six!

  47. SoufianeG

    that is Wonderful!

  48. Bill Demich

    Ha ha ha.
    Good one Anton.

  49. Ul ti

    Keep up the good work

  50. Cody Boe

    That’s niburu. Coming for us.

  51. Derrick Mapp

    these are absolutely massive outer system gas giants – its still a great achievement. i cant wait when we can image the usually smaller rock planets

  52. Scotty J

    I want to eat a BLT at the VLT

  53. J D

    It is interesting how space exploration topics draw intellectually curious types but also seem to garner attention of their defective counterparts aswell. Judging from comment section ofc. Cheers everyone!

  54. Reckless

    Just WOW!

  55. BN Films

    Definitely an exciting time for astronomy.

  56. SovereignSoul

    This is awesome.

  57. Gaemlin Sidoharthi

    Automatic English subtitles provided “weatherman” instead of “what the math” (in itself, inexplicably using the odd American habit of dropping the plural from the abbreviation of mathematics).

  58. chaztech

    keep it going ty

  59. seph

    stil waiting on dat james webb I guess eh….

  60. Stadtpark90

    4:22 I actually like Anton speaking in a lower voice! Often he is exclaiming every single sentence as if each sentence was the most important, leading to a bit of fatigue on my attention. But the casual storytelling voice here was very nice.

  61. Darcy Cardinal

    Confirmation right before your eyes. Pretty mind blowing to know!

  62. mark buonagura

    Extremely well done video in every sense.

  63. Jordyn Budiman

    I love your videos man! Keep up the good work!

  64. Steve Sloan

    Planet 9.101
    Rare.. gets rare”

  65. robinmyman

    Most informative. 👍

  66. RDE Lutherie

    O oh, Gorzon will find out that we found the solar system he is the grand ruler of!! They got quantum galaxy melters!!!

  67. Steve Sloan

    The advertisement’s at the start kill it.

  68. Dr.V

    Thank you for your videos, they are a wonderful source of news and information. Have a wonderful day!

  69. It's Not THAT Complicated

    This kind of stuff is amazingly beautiful. I only wish I could live another 200 years, to see what unimaginable, awe-inspiring discoveries we make in our universe. Extremely emotional.

  70. Daniel Young

    You found planet 9, Yeah!

  71. alan chomor

    very nice presentation, as always… ty…

  72. Philippe Santini

    Awe inspiring.👌


  73. Rascal77s



    Can we see what earths constellations look like in 2D?

  75. DAYBROK3

    first message found and translated, damn do you think they see us?

  76. Lisa Velez

    Question – how come in the image it appears to contain about 7 planets? Or are the other 5 stars?

  77. Mark B

    Yet another outstanding informative video Anton…Thank you for your tireless efforts…Much love to you and your adorable little doggie!

  78. Edysin Simon

    Outstanding news Anton!

  79. Aurinkohirvi

    Nooooooo! Nooooooo!
    I want a space telescope for this! Or a telescope array on the far side of the Moon!

  80. James Aron

    Wonderful directly imaged exoplanets

  81. John Brasher

    wow, just wow

  82. AyeaYe CapTaiiN

    2:30 The star looks like an eye in top corner, gazing back at us.

  83. Fabrice Louis

    Merci Anton !

  84. Mo AlZaben

    Hopefully the first of many 👍😉

  85. Stephen Hammack

    how much information is preserved in the light escaping Earth?

  86. Mo AlZaben

    That is really huge news Anton!

  87. Albert Schultz

    Thanks Anton, really enjoy your feeds. Very interesting and thought provoking!

  88. stillwater builders

    They’re going to have a really hard time, proving any of those are planets, and not just Stars. Especially If the research is based on empiricism rather than rationalism. If they’re lesser Stars, that are orbiting around a larger star, they would produce the same effects as a planet, due to the effects of gravitational lensing.

  89. mike bon

    Capricorn1 1978
    Something funny happened on the way to the moon – Bart Sibrel

  90. Corrin Shapovalov

    One step in the right direction. Hopefully technology continues to improve and we can see smaller terrestrial planets soon.

  91. ObinAtor

    They also suspect that the star PA-99-N2 could have an exo planet. This would be the first extragalactic planet located in the Andromeda Galaxy.

  92. c@mbaz

    But can they find the one who killed epstein ?
    Cause he didnt do it himself…

  93. Brian Levine

    Seems like we’re still a long way off from using this technique to discover Earth-like planets in the habitable zone. But its a good start.

  94. Bigxx Redxx

    It’s amazing how far we’ve come in just the last 30 years that I’ve been interested in astronomy.

  95. Samaghik Samurai

    Scientists : *we have discovered a new exo planet using out specialised VLT*

    Me : Wow how do they come up with such names. What does VLT stand for. It magestic.

    Scientists : Very Large Telescope

  96. JohnFx

    “Hello wonderful person” … immediate upvote.

  97. Bear C137

    2 different axil planets…rose and foley😆🇺🇸

  98. Sven R.C.L

    The biggest mystery in our universe is how you don’t already have over a million subscribers by now.
    Top quality program every single day. Always interesting and informative. This has been my favorite channel for longer then any other. Wonderful human

  99. Life of Nerd

    Title: First Ever Direct Image of Two Planets Around a Sun Like Star

  100. The Exoplanets Channel

    _2020:_ First image of exoplants around Sun-like star
    _2025:_ First image of *Proxima b*
    _2035:_ First image of *Trappist 1-e*

    These are the actual predictions from the people working on the telescopes that will take those images.

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