First Ever Confirmation of Someone Being Killed by a Meteorite

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the first ever confirmation of someone being killed by a meteorite back in 1888.
Image Credit: Comfreak, Pixababy.

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  1. Brexit Refugee

    The Turkish language is related to Finnish oddly enough.

  2. Europa Europa

    Oh my God………..the democrats will now want to ban meteorites.

  3. Calls

    wanna be friends?

  4. Allen Cohen

    I guess you can say, that the person killed by a meteorite was a rock star !!!

  5. xFATMAN192x

    Killed by the Guardians.

  6. Berry Bestfarmer

    Great work. Thanks.

  7. RDE Lutherie

    Kathudka! Ooof! kerplunk!

  8. Bullets ForTeeth

    Roger that!… Adding a Hard Hat to my list of PPE gear.

  9. Sindraug25

    Within about a decade, the next unluckiest person on Earth will be killed by a meteorite.

  10. Baigandine L

    Is that like Touched By an Angel?

  11. Mr.Irish

    Rip wonderful person

  12. Scott Johnstone

    It’s so very unlikely I know – but sometimes I lay awake at night worrying any moment a small meteorite is going to hit me!

    I’m scared to post this incase I end up one of those famous coincidences!

  13. Tim's Witan

    I knew it….There is a God and he has a shotgun pointed directly at us. Dam flood wasn’t enough?

  14. micha McV.

    Official gov dokument from turkey …. goddamn think twice @Anton Petrov
    Turkey is the one country changing more of his history than egypt or china !
    which makes this discovery totally uncertain !

  15. Alex Azazel

    How do you have a Russian accent but you don’t pronounce Chelyabinsk well?

  16. John Walker

    4:05. Earth hit…. Earth????

  17. Stephen Kolostyak

    If only he had done 100 push-ups 100 situps 100 squats and 10 km running every single day for 3 years…

  18. coweatsman

    Life insurance is invalid in the case of a meteorite strike.

  19. 2pac 2knots

    how would it feel to get hit by a 3 gram rock?

  20. Sal Vastola

    That’s one way to cure TDS.

  21. Kugelblitzingularity

    2020 is all coming together

  22. mobilemarshall

    Really interesting story.

  23. Shawn Koss

    Hello wonderful person!

  24. lam delmundo

    So we’re getting meteorite insurance now? 😂🤣

  25. Cydonia2020


    My great uncle Ed Howard was the mayor of Sylacauga, Alabama when Ann Hodges was struck by the meteor there. He ordered the sheriff to take the rock into safekeeping, in part, because there was a question as to who owned the rock, Hodges or her landlady.

    Sylacauga is also famous as the birthplace of Jim ‘Gomer Pyle’ Nabors. My family knew him.

  26. Hunam

    Can somebody tell me the music on what da math transition?

  27. Jacob Allred

    Old manuscripts and documents can sometimes be very informative. Then for some reason? They can also be top secret with the government.

  28. FPL Maestro

    Final destination 6. Getting killed by a meteorite.

  29. Eric Calm

    I wonder if Sodom and Gamora were destroyed by meteors from that biblical description?

  30. Reese Torwad

    Excellent vid!

  31. Joebob Briggs

    Sounding a bit better today, мой друг. 😀

  32. CyborgOctopus

    wasn’t a cow killed by a meteorite once?

  33. ss

    It had a soft landing. 01:53

  34. Terry Schnereger

    I think the aliens flinged it from their slingshot.

  35. The Crimson Rabbit

    Hmm… Makes me think of Appointment in Samarra.

  36. balzonurchin

    That’s how I hope I go.
    So much cooler than age related diseases.

  37. Pat McDonald

    Imagine a group of ancient humans witnessing such an event; “Then a great rock came down, and a noise like “Zoosh” and they died… Must have been a God… Let’s call him Zeus and show respect…” ;)

  38. William Edmondson

    I’ve always wondered about this topic. When I was a boy ,looking at the Moon, my father said that all those craters were caused by meteors. I immediately thought “What about us?” I wonder if we’ll have a KT period type of hit someday. I hope it happens after I’m dead and gone I’d hate to go through that.

  39. Mit Seraffej

    1:58 “ and completely by accident “. Thank goodness no one is aiming at us.

  40. Curioso

    Anton “so called” Petrov

  41. Cthulhu Beatz


  42. AZZAMNO1

    i wonder how many meteorite/space debris have fallen on top of people house

  43. MARCO -

    Yes in the north of iraq
    I’m from baghdad

  44. Cthulhu Beatz

    Your on some sort of prescription stimulant huh. I can tell because you seem like you hate life right now.

  45. Michael G

    Well there’s a first time for everything I suppose. LOL I freak my friend out wile we are surfing saying “one day”. Meaning one day a great white will attack and eat a surfer off the treasure coast, FL. DANA DANA DANA LOL

  46. JSheetz Artwork

    Hello wonderful person, anton, may i make a doodle for you?

  47. Homeopathic Fossil-Fuels

    Link to the map is missing from description, can someone please link it? Can’t find it on google

  48. shkunk1

    That’s how I want to go. Who wants a boring “ordinary” death.

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    Neat way to go out. Billions of years of destiny, aim directly at you.

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    And a new cowlick…

  53. John Doe

    Can’t find the link for the meteor impact map, can someone post it here, please?

  54. Louix Griego

    There are a number of things Russians are great at… Atmosphere exploding astroids seems to be one.

  55. Andy

    Dinosaurs: Am I a joke to you?

  56. Ziusudra

    Good grief, I wonder why Oman in particular seems to be a meteorite magnet in the Arabian peninsula.

  57. bumboybandit

    anton can you please make an in a nutshell t shirt? thanks for the video it was great as usual :)

  58. itallstartsNOW!

    Hey Anton i love your vids! What is the program we see you use in vids commonly? Im trying to purchase one so I can have some fun and would like one I see in your vids all the time.


    Thank you Anton, really good video 👍

  60. Hexa Decimal

    @3:11 What did Oman do to deserve that pounding? ;)

  61. Bubba Kushii

    That’s the same meteorite I found in rdr2

  62. Acid Trip

    Super hilarious……

    Someone gets hit by meteorite and dies

  63. my view

    They found a skull with a hole in it that rattled when shaked.

  64. Andre Gulbis

    Before I watch – oh great – something else to fret over…..!!

  65. Paxton Cargill

    Imagine you are just minding your own business and you die because of a damn space rock.

  66. Stefan Patatu


  67. Alexander House

    I remember a tiny boloid hit just outside our backyard when I was a kid, it left a tiny impact crater. It was mostly metallic so it survived the impact, I think it’s a part of my father’s collection.

  68. Matt Horrocks

    Everytime you make a video it seems the event happens right after. What the wizard?

  69. Alexander Sigal

    It’s funny how Anton says Chelyabinsk with American accent xD

  70. A Dolin

    If you did or have a video on the local standard of rest that would be amazing. Love the visualizations of your topics! Keep up the great work

  71. Sam Anderson

    This is one of mankind’s greatest discoveries.

  72. able adelaide

    you’re so cute anton

  73. Super Cool

    If Earth starts getting this meteorites regularly,we will have to change our day cycle and avoid going out in day.

  74. Joe Porter

    Killed by meteorite, cause of death…. covid-19

  75. DB

    Amazes me that a planet that revolves and orbits actually has concentrated impact patterns opposed to random peppering.

  76. MF Camillus

    The most interesting part is the meteorite killed him a business deal gone wrong.

  77. Declan 6914

    All those poor dinosaurs weeping and saying, “yeah, me too”.
    “And for my final trick,
    watch me make the Yucatan peninsula disappear.

    Hey presto, BOOOOOOM,
    Oh my fu………….”

  78. Richard Alleman

    Literally every time I watch one of Anton’s videos, I say to my laptop, “Hello wonderful Anton!” in response to his greeting.

  79. Hiroshi loves You

    Yes, finally!

  80. Steven L. Korell

    1:48 ??
    “When it went through the roof of a house and injured this wonderful idiot”

  81. Sam Harper

    I look forward to the first person catching a meteorite with a baseball glove.

  82. Jon Steedley

    “Hello, wonderful person!”
    Yeah, YOU!, Anton!
    BTW, looks like you forgot the link to the meteor map.
    Maybe you could add it to the description/”SHOW MORE”?
    Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.
    Have a GREAT day, Neighbor!

  83. Gene Pozniak

    6:53….SPACE MOON! LMAO

  84. Vayne Fox

    If I’m not mistaken today(May 4) there will be a meteor shower event that will be happening. This video is kinda hit the right timing….

  85. highdesertutah

    A few months back we had a meteor explode in the atmosphere above northern Arizona. It sounded like one of my neighbors lit off a small keg of black powder.

  86. UltimateBargains

    I shall smite thee from my heavenly perch.

  87. Perfectspare 300

    Wow..I’m genuinely surprised that Jacksonville, FL is actually labeled on the map xD 3:00

  88. David Burgin

    3:00 Map shows that God prefers to smite Texas with space rocks.

  89. Mauro Pinto

    1:50 that phrasing make it seem like there have been cases of injury that were on purpose

  90. Mustafa Hasan

    Correction: Sulaymaniyah in North East Part of Iraq Close to Iranian border , Not in North West ….

  91. atheia kid

    I used to worry about a meteor hitting me while I sleep… now I have good reason to 😐

  92. The Angry Economist

    given that early Muslims were fascinated with space and the Ottoman’s recorded everything I suspect more interesting things may be uncovered in translating these records

  93. Raptor302

    Getting sniped from halfway across the solar system.

  94. Paul McCloud

    Just to think, the thing that killed you had been travelling for millions maybe billions of years across the cosmos, and it’s final destination was your head.

  95. sgcollins

    1:58 I had to giggle when Anton says Anne Hodges got hurt by the 1954 meteorite ‘completely by accident’. Made me think how challenging it would be, to get hit by a meteorite on purpose. I bet that almost never happens.

  96. primoroy

    Reminds me of the opening scene of “Dead Like Me” where the main character was killed by a discarded toilet seat from an orbiting space craft!

  97. David Broman

    To quote Steve Miller🎵”keep on a rocking me baby”🎶

  98. She's my President

    Back in the 90’s I was working at drive thru at Mcdonald’s and there was rock rain that fell and dented up the Mcondald’s playground and screwed up the ROnald McDondlad statue to where the alcoholic scabies infected shift manager lady (that smelled like rancid moth balls) thought some kids blasted the place with BB GUNS but anybody looking at the damage could tell the impactors came from the sky and it was clear and dry at the time

  99. Elias Graves

    Aliens are messy. I wish they wouldn’t leave their toy rocks floating about.

  100. Big_Tex

    It’s amazing how many asteroids are shaped like potatoes.

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