First Ever Animal That Doesn’t Breathe Found!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new unusual animal that was discovered inside salmon that seems to not breathe or use oxygen at all.

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  1. Clutchyfinger

    It doesnt breathe because that boi straight from the vacuum of space.

  2. lxr

    This sounds like the beginning of an parasitic alien invasion

  3. MisterDoctorE

    Found one some years ago… Eminem. ;)

  4. Jonathan Sakks


  5. Jenna Syde

    Come on, they even LOOK like aliens

  6. Tina King

    Thank you for sharing:)

  7. Perktube1

    Greys: our ancient brethren have devolved. We must avoid this planet.

  8. SilverSage

    Anton teaches us about outer space and inner space!

  9. Isaac Naughton

    Love the sheer diversity of scientific information on the channel.

  10. Max Wattage

    60 Ghz? Hold my beer.

  11. Free Zone

    wonderful world and I love it more and more. :)
    thank you for share

  12. Peter Kraus

    They look like tiny alien-heads :D

  13. Smokey McPot

    wow very interesting :P thank you

  14. Ben Salemi

    Anton, you are, truly, a wonderful person. Glad to have found your channel.

  15. Fred Bloggs

    Fascinating. Thanks Anton. I think I might be devolving too…

  16. Bad Day

    They all kinda remind me of Paul when he was just a little twinkle in his pappa’s eye.

  17. Iain Baker

    FYI the stinging cells nematocysts are pronounced Nee-Mat-Oh-Cysts 🙂

  18. Xeridanus

    I really love these videos. The effort you put into explaining the science in simple terms. You are what every other scientific journalist should aspire to be.

  19. Elektra Elektra

    its a 30 y old cave man living with its parents devolved in 2 small organisam. )))

  20. Daemolitia

    Wow. These parasites are surviving 100% from draining their hosts. They devolved from complex organisms and became politicians! :)

  21. Tom Meyers

    First Ever Animal That Doesn’t Breathe Found!
    ‘The East Oakland Marmot’

  22. Esco Moz

    You said it! You said powerhouse of the cell. I was waiting for that.

  23. Allen Cohen

    As always, watching and listening to your videos is like taking a college class in science and astronomy.  Thank you for uploading for the rest of us to enjoy and to learn !!!

  24. Unknown Origin

    alien – different atmosphere, having trouble breathing

  25. TheUglyJohnnyDepp

    now i know that there are “jellyfish” into Auto-erotic asphyxia, nice one Anton!

  26. John Michael

    I checked the date this was loaded to see if it was 1April!

  27. creative username here

    animal: 👽

  28. J SiN

    …No breakthrough here.
    Simple case of everyday average Alien Head Sperms.
    Last I checked, neither aliens not sperms need to breathe, ergo no real discovery here.

  29. LegoBrickYT

    Damn Anton, old viewer here, you haven’t changed in 5 years! Thanks for the memories.

  30. Vitor Roma

    Maybe the live from the latic acid of the muscle.

  31. Waldemar Rittscher

    This is so interessting. Especially for space science. This shows us that breathing is not even necessary…

  32. Jimmy PK

    So in other words…”Use it, or loose it.”

  33. Dylan Brown

    That truly is beautiful, I wish I had money so I could get one, a pillow probably

  34. Thunder

    *Every video that I play*
    Gaia: I would like to welcome you to divine matrix.
    The comment is too irrelevant.

  35. Curtis Hill

    Thanks for breaking this down! That’s what I love about your channel is your making it understandable💯 Thanks Anton👍👍👀☝

  36. Михаил Асеев

    It’s invasion wake up

  37. Ned

    Myxozoa Henneguya: You’re breathtaking!
    Keanu Reeves: … hmm

  38. jaredvillhelm2002

    I spit out my toothpaste when he casually referred to it’s similarity to human sperm lol.

  39. S.R. Olson

    Never change the way you sign off at the end of these videos, it’s my favorite part and always makes me smile. :)

  40. Nicko Blicko

    “Aliens!” 👽

  41. capie44

    One day later, and I am back watching Anton.
    He just keeps reeling me in….

  42. Monokuma

    inb4 mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell

  43. enzo galvão

    Thank you, Anton.

  44. gopal v

    4:55 that’s exactly what aliens would say about humans.

  45. Lazarus Zoolander

    Those things are actually alien semen.
    I know, I’ve been probed once while I was driving home on a abandoned forest road.

  46. God0fPie

    1:52 **Takes deep breath**

  47. Zzzz oop

    those eyes though…
    I ain’t gonna say it.

  48. bryphi77

    Lol… kinda like government employees and welfare cases. “Became so dependent on its host that it started to devolve”.

  49. Globehead Gardener

    With the wondrous variety in nature this is hardly surprising. Thanks for another great video sir.

  50. thersten

    Coronavirus Stokes South Korea….
    Anton: lemme research some Biology for a change.

  51. Nonya Business

    I evolved to not breathe after spending too much time in my bedroom 🤢

  52. Blue Sap

    Nice a jellyfish that doesn’t need to breathe!

  53. moed al garny

    DARBA: *taking notes and planing to make an army of them to the CIA to sell cocain* 😂

  54. IIGrayfoxII

    @Anton Petrov can you do a video on the reports about the “Largest Explosion in the universe”

  55. Kettenhund31

    Thanks for this information, Anton, I at least am treating it as a serious discovery.

  56. Thiago Lanni

    1:22 The POWERhouse of the cell!!!!!!

  57. Valhallen

    Let’s hope they evolve quickly, at least they won’t have any thots.

  58. Stefan Sarrazin

    They look like grey aliens spermatozoa

  59. Tim Troth

    What do you know.. a lazy parasite that devolved 👊😂

  60. SayaTheJin

    So.. Let’s send them to space and await for grey alienbabies?

  61. Mike B

    “started to rely on its host so much it lost its ability to do anything” sounds a lot like my ex

  62. snarkles

    thank you Anton, you wonderful person, for really top quality vids, i share when i can.

  63. EyeDreamMellowDees

    Before: never thought about aliens
    Now: constantly breathing in microscopic aliens
    causing stomach cramps & bowel movements

  64. Os7 True

    Pfft lmao, you guys haven’t figured out how to live without breathing lol!

  65. Sebastian Bach

    Like most today’s students, living with the parents and doing mostly nothing 🤣

  66. HD 101065


  67. Kurt H

    Was anyone else’s first thought when I they saw the thumbnail: Alien sperm?

  68. The DORUK

    And these ‘animals’ look like little Grey aliens; insert incredibles meme here; Coincidence?! I think Not!

  69. Raymar Football

    I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing

  70. Ozone The Great


  71. Xellos

    Want some sushi?
    The animal that doesn”t breathe:

  72. drunkredninja

    “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”


    watching from my Couch, I better understand devolving “Lazy Evolution”

  74. Games & Entertainment Animator & Fiddler

    This sure sounds like the lectures I got from my mom when she looked in my bedroom and saw that I hadn’t moved all day. I had moved… just returned to my favorite spot. … Hey, the line worked most of the time!

  75. 635574

    Everyone: outsources everything to china
    This thing: outsources breathing to salmon
    Everyone: wait thats illegal.

  76. Samuel Korger

    Anton I appreciate the biology content.

  77. J.J Whitty

    Perhaps these Henneguya salminincola survived Covid-18 700 million years ago and decided that breathing was not a good idea :)

  78. Emraküll

    A scientist in a lab: OH SHIT, I FORGOT TO GIVE THE ANIMAL WE ARE STUDYING OXYGEN. Wait… Jeff, you better take a look at this!…

  79. P2M

    Over a million animal species discovered, and only this one has been found to not breathe. Are we sure this isn’t some alien?

  80. David Ellis Martin

    One of these prank called my phone. They didn’t say anything. Just lots of heavy nothing on the other end.

  81. Flova

    2:36 “kinda stays and does nothing”
    They are kinda like me… I can relate deeply to them :^)

  82. D k

    How to reproduce quicker ?
    Anton: Don’t breathe is that your answer! Lol.

  83. Abdega

    They have little alien heads on them… 👽

  84. Jamie Dawson

    ATP- Adenosene TriPhosphate…. My daughter named her hamster that when she was in junior high lol

  85. Steve Carter

    Keep strong in your lockdown, hope you’re ok wonderful Anton!

  86. Fact Sheet

    6:49 “At some point it just decided to stop breathing altogether and instead just suck everything out of Salmon”

  87. Mykola Dolgalov

    2:36 “Sedentary type that kinda stays and DOES NOTHING” LOL

  88. Hunam

    Protomolecule sperm.

  89. Simon Jochem

    Antov: hello wonderful person
    Subs: no YOU’RE wonderful

  90. Sasha Saffron

    “This is actually a species of animal known as Alien Skeet.”

  91. P. Patrick Tukkers

    0:02 Alien spermcells? lol

  92. ムクホーク

    Think I found my spirit animal.

  93. Venom415

    wow the alienware logo learned to divide its cells!

  94. Mark Walker

    Finally we found where politicians came from. Lol

  95. OMG DUDE

    is it me or they look like every alien character ever?

  96. Misaka Mikoto

    Somewhere out there in the universe: First ever silicon based life that breathes oxygen.

  97. Jeremy Menning

    _Water Bear/tartigrade:_ I can survive in space…for years.
    _Hanneguya:_ That’s cute.

  98. Fun Horus Die

    Q: Why doesn’t it breath, Anton?
    A: It’s incredibly lazy.
    🤣 Thanks Anton 👍

  99. 2nd_place

    “If you don’t breathe, you can do it even quicker.”
    Sounds like a kinky ex.

  100. MC's Creations

    The freaking thing looks like those gray aliens from scifi and so on. 😬

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